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  1. my money is on sansa
  2. in the north: Stannis, Ramsey, Roose, Walda, one of the umbers and maybe Shireen, her mother, melisandre and rickon Vale: Harry (in the tourney) or sweetrobin (somehow) and maybe littlefinger (outsmarted by sansa) KL: Tommen (poisoned), lancel (trial by combat), robert strong High sparrow and faith militant maybe Myrcella (or Rosamund as myrcella), cersei, and some tyrells Stormlands: JonCon. (greyscale) Dorne: Areo hotah, balon swann (both killed by Darkstar and obara) Essos: Hizdhar (killed by victarion)
  3. when sansa should get kidnapped, i hope they run into the hound and the story which brienne tells jaime, that sandor has sansa, is no trick but the truth
  4. i'll combine it with a few plot predictions i have. First i guess we have the Tyrell council, Mace becomes Regent, a new grand maester will be elected, it could be Mace's uncle, a new master of whisperers will be named, lady nym would be a good match, although the tyrells and martells aren't the best friends, and maybe he will replace Harrys Swift and Jaime lannister. I think tommen will die some how, lady nym could poison him for example. in this case the lannister tyrell alliance would break apart and both need a new ally. We know that Mace comes south towars fAegon, but he could come for an alliance instead of a war and marry Margaery to fAegon. in this case some fAegon suppoertes will enter the small council, for example Varys as MoW and illirio mopatis as MoC. JonCon could become Regent or Hand, but i doubt he would take that position, knowing he will die soon. i could see him as new Lord commander of the Kingsguard, or advisor. and the Lannisters could team up with either Euron or the Martells which might try to put Myrcella on the throne again, so Lady nym would leave KL. (i doubt Arianne will ally with fAegon, deep in her heart she's a team Myrcella)
  5. fAegon, margaery, lancel and euron hodor would be funny
  6. Sandor becoming a pacefistic monk
  7. King: Joffrey Hand and Regent: Ramsey MoL: Cersei MoW: Roose MoC: Walder Frey Grand Maester and High septon: Euron Lord Commanderof the KG: Daarion Naharis Commander of the City Guard: Sweet Robin
  8. Sansa calling herself queen in the north (queen of the trident, queen of mountin and vale) and marching with vale and riverland forces towards winterfell. Daenerys dying for her mistakes Mace tyrell becoming regent Myrcella inheriting the throne (and marrying trystane) Euron marrying cersei and killing her Only the Rosby- and Waynwood-Freys surviving
  9. Daenerys taking the throne Jon alive in the end Sansa and arya dying Jaime dying before he marries brienne
  10. i'm pretty sure Roslin will survive, both sides have an interest in her survival and i kind of wish that Walder survives long enough to see how almost his entire house is dying
  11. Best: Rosby-Freys Worst: Walder and lothar
  12. nobody would have a problem with him/her and loras
  13. Pycelle, almost every frey, the boltons and joffrey