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  1. she knows that roslin is married to her brother, so no.
  2. when margaery is executed by the faith
  3. lady Nym or Tyene will kill him imo. or he commit suicide
  4. R+L=J&D It was a nice read and for anyone who says it wouldn't add something to the story... well, Daenerys' whole life would have been a lie, there is almost nothing that would add more to the story.
  5. i think this will be twisted, i doubt stannis will win easily. maybe his forces win but he dies. I hope this will be won daenerys and her forces, and every one should survive imo. a discussion between Barristan, Victarion and Tyrion would be so great. Here is Preston Jacobs propably right, Euron will kraken the shit out of the redwynes i doubt there will even be a battle tho.
  6. Look how often Cat changed her position in a year and we don't have the exact time of jaime and cerseis fathering. it needs more to convince me they are no targs. Tyrion as a targaryen is nonsense to me, so either cersei and Jaime are or noone, imo. in the end only grrm knows. Edit: most dates around her and aerys position are fro Woaiaf, written by maester Yandel, for a "baratheon" king with a Lannister family, he could simply change the dates to prevent rumores, maybe even tywin forced him to do this back when he was alive Edit#2: sry, i thought you meant the Wiki of ice and fire at first, thats why i asked for the link
  7. Link? Tyrion makes no sense in my eyes, he is nothing like aerys and almost exactly like tywin without the cruelty, and storywise it would be boring af. Cersei and Jaime have many targaryen traids and as Tywin's favorite children, it would be a nice twist that they are not his children. also Jaime had a dream of joanna saying tywin's children are neither a knight nor a queen, while cersei and jaime are exactly that, and at the time they were fathered joanna was around aerys, other than the time when tyrion was fathered.
  8. 1. I like the idea that several main characters are Aerys' bastards, like Cersei, Jaime and Euron, but not Tyrion, he has to be a Lannister. 2. Sansa is the best character after all. 3. Prophecies suck, and are hopefully just lies 4. i hate the idea of a war with the others 5. i hate it that the others are portraied as overall evil. 6. R+L=J&D
  9. don't think so, Cersei an Jaime as Targaryens would be much more martinesque imo.
  10. i doubt, he is reckless, but not stupid, he will try to sleep with her in a more romantic way, and will fail all over.
  11. where tf did you take the show from?
  12. 0,75 Littlefingers
  13. i think King's blood is a misinterpretation, it is Valyrian blood, so no, a khal and mance have no kings blood imo
  14. i think R+L=J is too easy and obvious for some people. i would prefer R+L=J&D for the books
  15. Luckily we have two Myrcellas at the moment, one to crown and one to kill