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  1. This is very cool, thank you for posting.
  2. i was just about to post the pics, now thats really GREAT SPOILER, lol. Didnt expect that at all
  3. First let me tell you that I DO NOT see Dany was a villain and more as a tragic character that wants to do whats good and also brings a lot of destruction wherever she goes. Dany still have one fire to burn according to the prophecy and now I believe that she will burn down Kings Landing. What if Dany burns down Kings Landing when the army of the dead is there? we saw it that during season 7 she wanted to use the dragons but was stopped by Tyrion and Jon, what happens when she gets tired of their advices? I can see her trying to save the city with her dragons. Remember KL has tons of wildfire in the underneath of the city, if Dragon fire hit the place then it can all got up flames. Maybe thats the only way to destroy the army of the dead.
  4. I read a comment in another forum that expressed the idea that Jaime is going North and pledge himself to fight for House Stark since he promised Catelyn to return her daughters Sansa and Arya safe to winterfell after he was released by her and later he sent Brienne with Oathkeeper to look for them and keep them safe. In the books he exclaims that "Sansa Stark is my last hope of Honour". If indeed he does that, we will have in season 8 both Oathkeeper and Widow's Wail protecting the Stark children. Both swords made of Ice. I dont know how Bran will react to Jaime, but their interaction is for sure one of the moments I mostly am excited about it.
  5. For some characters? sure, for the main? no. George has an arc for all of them. Sansa arc is the political game. There is a reason they made sure to show us her rulling Winterfell so well and having all the Lords in the North loving her, this will be played out in season 8. She isnt dying and I will be chocked if she is not queen or warden of the North
  6. But all her education in politics would be a waste of time. Thats what I am talking about it, not really if would be sympathetic or not. No one in the books spent more time than Sansa learning the Game of Thrones and now she is actually putting in practice. In a writing point of view I just cant see her dying. Not to mention Maisie Williams happy interview where she stated that she really like it the end "depending on what side you pick you will either have all your dreams come true, or you will be disappointed." I dont see any of the Starks kids dying to be honest, like they said in the finale "The pack survives"
  7. Thank you!!! PS I do have to admit that I am surprised by the level of secrecy of this season. They are doing a very good job at keeping everything hidden, at least what can be hidden. By this time last season we knew it everything!!!
  8. BTW, It seems that gwendoline christie posted a very unsubtle #hearmeroar hashtag on twitter a few days after the s08 scripts came out. If she and Jaime ended up togheter that would make me reallly happy. Does anyone have more spoilers aout them?
  9. I am always baffled when people tell me that Sansa will die based on he first outline from 1945. IF we are taking that outline seriously, then I could see her and Jon Snow getting married in the end. Sansa entire arc in the books is about learning the political game of Westeros and becoming a great player herself. She grew up in the North, went to Kings Landing, later spends time in the Vale. Thats 3 very important regions of the Kingdom that she personal living experience and she still has personal connections with Riverland from her Tully family. Show me a character in the whole series that has that many political connection. In Kings Landing she was able to watch closely people like Tywin, Cersei, Jofreey, Varys and she was able to see how to act and more important, how not to act as a ruler. While there she even became great frinds with The Tyrells. Her chapters in the Vale are also very good and Littlefinger is teaching her to be political savy and how to use diplomacy (you know, that little art on politics that makes wars and carnage avoidable) yes the show is crap about showing that side of her, but in the books she charms all the High Lords in the Vale as a bastard girl. In season 7 they made sure to show her rulling the North, preparing the country for winter, caring for food and provisions. She was able to calm all the Lords that were angry at Jon Snow, she listen to what they have to say, respect their opinions but assures them that in the end they must be loyal to their King Jon Snow and follow his command. They liked her so much they wanted to make her Queen. She is clever, polite, charming, diplomatic and respectful. Not everybody will have magic powers or be warriors but the realm still needs people who can be diplomatic and resolve conflicts without going to war. Thats Sansa Stark role in the future. How is she a less character than Arya or Daenerys I just dont know. Sansa could actually rule the fucking country. Now, do I believe she will sit on the Iron Throne? no, but I am pretty sure she will be queen. And she will make the people love her, just like she said in the books.
  10. I am now certain that they used season 7 pretty much to deceive us, everyone is expecting Jon and Dany army get togheter, destroy the NK, get married and rules the 7 Kingdoms (ughhh) but since the cast started doing interviews about season 8 I realize that this is not how its going to play out. First of all Daenerys wont save anything, not that I hate her, but this has not being her character the entire book, Daenerys brings more chaos and destruction, never solutions. She pretty much destroyed all the cities from Essos that she conquered. Bran will have a VERY important role and I am betting on him saving the day. I am predicting that the Unsullied will have a very hard time fighting in the snow and cold of the winter of Westeros, thats why George made sure to point out taht Stannis army was suffering in the North, he wanted the reader to know that its hard for a foregeing army to fight in climate situations that they are not used to. And I also believe now that Dany will lose control of her Dragons. This is a song of Ice AND Fire, its ice and fire that will tear apart Westeros, and a Dream of Spring will be the period where they rebuild a destroyed Kingdom.
  11. is Sansa Stark, I have no doubts anymore. I have tons of new theories about the last season that I will post later but first let me explain why now I have no doubt that the Queen is Sansa. Forget season 7, the whole season was a red herring to make us not think about the real end. The prophecy said that "it comes another, more beautiful, younger, to cast you down and take all that you hold dear. We can summarize all Cersei holds dear in 4 points: her kids, her father, her lover and her power and crown. I think we can agree that Cersei's kids, Jaime and Tywin are the most important things in her life. Its literally impossible to Daenerys to be the queen in the prophecy, because she had nothing to do with Cersei's children death or Tywin and she also had nothing to do with Jaime leaving Cersei, this happens in the books wayyyy before Daenerys arrives in Westeros. Unless we are now pretending that Jofrey, Myrcella, Tommen and Tywin and Jaime are not things that Cersei holds dear and I cant do that, that would be ignore everything that the books have been telling us, or even the tv show. It was Sansa who was brave enought to tell Olenna Tyrell that Jofrey was a monster, after that Olenna organized for him to be murdered because she didnt wanted Margeary to be married to him, that unleashed a chain reaction causing Cersei to lose all her children and her father. Jofrey trial caused Oberyn Martell to be killed in the Trial by combat fight against the Montain, which will eventually lead to Myrcella death, the trial also causes Tywin to be murdered by his own son Tyrion (after he was wrongly accused of killing Joffrey). Later Tommen marries Margeary (because Jofrey was killed) making Cersei very worried and paranoid, which will bring down the Tyrells and Tommen himself. All because Joffrey was poisened. Cersei is also going to lose Jaime to Sansa, remember that was because he made a promise to Catelyn Stark to return her daughters safe and alive to Winterfell that he met Brienne, and that relationship changed Jaime forever and made his affair with Cersei even more strained. In the books they are already separated way before what happens in season 7 and he mentions in one of his chapters in the books “Sansa Stark is my last chance for Honor” . I now believe that he will ride North alone in season 8 and pledge himself to Sansa, offering his services to her. Sansa will marry her cousin Aegon Targaryen (I will talk more about this later) and in the end she and Arya will take the North, Vale and Riverland armies down south to get back the Iron Throne defeating Cersei and taking finally all the things she holds dear. Cersei belongs to Sansa and Arya, she has no connection to Daenerys what so ever, Dany bringing down Cersei and the Lannisters would had no emotion payout for the audience, But the Starks girls? after all Cersei had done to them? After killing Lady? Killing Ned Stark? torturing Sansa? plotting and celebrating the Red Wedding? After trying to destroy House Stark for years??? That would be amazing story telling. Sansa Stark is the Queen, more beautiful, younger, who will cast Cersei down taking EVERYTHING she holds dear. BTW in the pilot in season 1, the very first thing Cersei says to Sansa after meeting her? "What a beauty"