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  1. The God of Death = Money. many different faces on coins, all with the same purpose. Enough of it will be able to send an assassin after you.
  2. The Enfields "Im for things you do," kept popping into my mind for the ADWD plotlines in the north. (Jon, Bran, Stannis, Theon, Mel)
  3. Thank you. let's not forget Hoster razed an entire village/holdfast because their lessor lord chose to remain loyal to the Targs, their own kings. and for all we know, if Edmure Tully hadn't driven Tywin and the Mountain back, that would have been his lands and people that were destroyed. Edmure was just defending his people. And then Blackfish undoes all of that, sending the serfs out from behind riverruns walls, into their burned towns, outlaw territory, and to be at the mercy of the lannisters and freys. plus he was willing to let Riverrun be under siege, which, as jamie said, would have been all of his own river folk dying first.
  4. I know this is a forum about the books, but one thing I really liked about the show in season 6 and 7 was that it seemed like Sansa was in position to be the next Dany. Here's someone with many things taken from her, but still prevailing and having people rally behind her. Let's say Martin plugs Sansa in the upcoming book into a role similar to the one Dany was in in the first. This is crazy shot in the dark speculation that won't come close to happening anyway, but fuck it, it's on my mind. Sansa is an innocent girl who probably cares little for power and just wants a safe life after running from one problem to another like Dany was. She's getting married off to a stranger with no idea what the outcome will be at the whim of someone else (LF). The Vale knights are like the dothraki. Sure, at the end of FFC, LF is talking of knights and lords rallying behind a Stark to conquer her homeland. What if their (and LF) idea of war is not glorious battle, but just sacking poorly defended cities and razing villages of the north while a lot of their inhabitants are off fighting for either Bolton or Stannis. Suddenly Sansa is turned off by this and does not want anymore, no matter what it is for. Maybe Harry falls and the Vale men abandon her. Eventually she'll find out LF has been the cause of everything. all will be lost to her. but, just like Dany at the end of GoT and throughout CoK, through luck and cunning, she gets fighters to rally behind her. Not to destroy kingdoms or reclaim lands, but to fight the Others. I would love to see Sansa become an inspiration or significant hero in the long night to come. Who will rally behind her though? maybe Nymeria recognizes her and leads her army of wolves against the others. Why not?
  5. Who knows, but the Jamie/Brienne arc is in my top 5 most looking forward to saga of Winds of Winter!
  6. I got one about Melisandre, Stannis, and his army in ADWD. throughout that book, old northerners deciding to announce that they are "going hunting," during long winters and never coming back pops up, particularly in one of Arya's chapters. Also, Davos notices how much unnaturally older Stannis looks after not seeing him for a while before. What if Stannis and his northmen have all turned old through some kind of sorcery mishap on Melisandre's part. For most of them, this was probably going to be their winter hunt of no return anyway. for any younger ones, the oldness could have somehow infected them and soon it may be revealed how doomed they are. Stannis as well. Melisandre's chapter made it quite clear how unsure of herself and maybe her powers she is, and she mentioned something about the Wildlings being destined for extinction as a people; maybe those northern mountain clansmen are too.
  7. I have 2 things that not everyone might agree with. The first is that Varys and Illyreio are exactly who they tell Tyrion they are. There are a lot of theories about them being other people or of some house, but I'd like to believe that Varys really is a former slave and the Magistar was once a brash bravo who formed an alliance with each other. It's a cool story that I found really interesting and wouldn't mind hearing more of. I can't even imagine what their motives and endgame is though. The second is that in the time of Dunk and Egg, the Bloodraven has no sorcery. like varys, he just a a huge network of spies and the ignorant peasants and most lords are just superstitious. If he does get into magic, it's not until much later when he's at the wall and beyond.
  8. This is just crazy speculation, but when reading and imagining what could happen, I like to try to get into the head of the characters. Rickon's a tough one, because we haven't seen him since Clash of Kings. He was 3 in Game of Thrones, I want to say next time we see him he'll be 6 or 7. A lot can change. The concept of death and consequences are probably much easier to grasp for him. He might understand that his father died by being a Stark and going south. Rob died when he tried being king and ended up getting most of the people who followed him killed too. Pretty soon word that Jon is dead when he was trying to lead people will get to him. Rickon might not want anything to do with great houses and his name and people rallying behind him. He's just a kid, he might figure that on skagos, he's safe(ish) and alive. Going through with Wyman Maderly's and Davos' plan could get him killed just like those people he knew and loved. There was something Jamie said in Feast for Crows about Sansa. Not the exact quote but it was something like: "Hoepefully she will find a nice boy to marry, have some kids, live a simple life, and forget all about being a Stark and all the great houses and they're struggles." Maybe Rickon now just wants to live a semi normal life away from all the proud lords. Plus, being a boy, he probably enjoys roughing it on Skagos with Osha and playing with Sahggydog over the pampered life of a lordling.
  9. First time posting on this site. I don't like to speculate on what will happen in the future books, because only Martin knows, but if he does, I don't see it being anything like how it happened in the show. Not that that was bad, but reading the books, I get the feeling that anyone brought back to life by the Lord of Light is a shadow of their former self and on borrowed time. Catelyn, Dondorian. I don't want to see Jon be like that. I think his connection with ghost will come into play. This is a shot in the dark, but I could see a Lady Stoneheart last kiss being how it goes down, and not until much later than when he came back in the show.