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  1. I went to the pool this morning. Having spent too much time away from the pool has left my swimming form at a much lower level than I'd like it to be but exactly where I could reasonably expected it. Tried to see how if I can swim continuously for 40 minutes I was at the pool and how far I'd make it in that time. Since anything other than breaststroke would result in me hanging on the edge of the pool for dear life way before 40 minutes were up my choice was easy. Ended up doing 1600m and it felt great.
  2. The heat is on at Belgrade and I definitely feel it during workouts. I need to move somewhere a bit colder.
  3. I can't speak for everyone, but I know I care about neither Confederations Cup nor U23 Euros that are going on at the moment. Honestly, I can't wait for Premier League to start.
  4. You can trust Serbian national team fans not to miss an opportunity to show themselves as proper assholes. Welsh fans came to Belgrade this weekend, donated some money to several orphanages in Belgrade, some of them even donated blood for the Partizan Belgrade's fan* that was shot in a fight (firefight seems to be the more accurate description, though) with Crvena Zvezda's fans*. Everyone who met Welsh fans in downtown Belgrade this weekend had nothing but kind words for the way they behaved. They basically were the poster boys for properly behaved away fans. What did Serbian national team supporters do to return the favour? Attacked Welsh fans during the game and tried to steal some of their flags and banners. The worst part is that in every photo of the incident I've seen Welsh crowd is mostly made up of middle-aged men and older. Obviously, I had nothing to do with what happened in the stadium last night but felt thoroughly ashamed when I read about it this morning. I know there are some Welsh people on this board, so if anyone on this board has been among those Welsh fans or knows someone who was, I'd like to offer my apologies for what happened. * hooligans would be more fitting description, though
  5. @ljkeane System is definitely part of the problem, but I'm not sure it's primary reason for Liverpool's poor defensive performance. Clyne is a good defender and Matip had a pretty good first season in Premier league, but Lovren is a calamity waiting to happen and there is no way that's solely down to the system. Let's not forget that one of those three getting injured is all it takes to get the likes of Lucas at center back and Moreno anywhere, really. And we've seen it happen in January, when Matip was injured and suspended. Add the fact that starting left back for the season was Milner (he did as good a job as could've been expected), and it's crystal clear that defensive part of the team is in dire need of rebuilding.
  6. Given the state of our back line, he would've been a massive improvement. Still, I imagine that there are other defenders who fit that description at a much lower cost.
  7. I find it hilarious how Serbian public is all "He's coming back, he'll be thrashing everyone like he used to starting now" after every good match Djokovic plays only to switch allegiances to "he needs to start eating meat, stop listening to your wife and/or guru or he'll ruin everything" after he loses.
  8. It's horrible to hear about Tiote. Without having any kind of data to back up this claim, I don't think that's the case. It's more likely that we'd hear about Tiote having a fatal heart attack than about some guy working at some factory. As for the PED abuse, that could bring up an interesting discussion - what are people's takes on PED testing in football? I, for one, think it's laughable. For all the years of watching football, off the top of my head I can remember Maradona and Mutu getting busted for cocaine (with a decade and a half between their cases) and Rio Ferdinand being suspended for 8-9 months for not showing up for testing. There probably are some other cases, but I can't think of any at the moment. Are football players really such an ethical bunch that no one is using anything they shouldn't be using, is testing so poor (next to) no one is ever caught or are there some cover ups like "oh, he was busted for doping so we'll say he's injured for as long as his suspension lasts" (if that's the case, Sturridge must be juicing like crazy )?
  9. I'll be the first one to admit I don't like Ronaldo, that I find some of his behavior (sulking when not getting the ball, not cheering when his teammates score etc.) despicable and all that, but saying he adds little to the team other than "poaching" goals is ridiculous. The guy's been the CL top scorer for 5 seasons straight, has more than a goal per game average in close to 400 matches for Real Madrid and even if he did "add little to the team" other than that, it would be more than enough. EDIT: There seem to have been some problems in Turin, where people were watching the match on one of the town squares, when a stampede started. Serbian media report several hundreds of people injured, mostly light injuries with only a handful of major injuries. Hope everyone gets well soon.
  10. This is one of those finals where I'll watch and hope for both teams to lose. I don't really like either team, though I'd probably consider Juve winning it as a lesser of two evils, mainly because I think it would be great to see Buffon win the one trophy he's missing.
  11. In theory, less crowded pitch would allow players more space to attack but it would also give them more space they'd need to defend. They'd be pretty drained rather quickly. Playing 5 on 5 on the big pitch would be insanely boring. Hell, even 7 on 7 would be. And let's not forget that both teams remaining with 0 players really is an option. What would happen then? I still think NHL playoffs have the best way of dealing with draws. That's the fairest way of all of determining who the better team is. Sure, fatigue plays a part, but everyone can play well in the first period when well rested. It's in overtime that fitness and focus can break, so whoever can maintain it longer and not make those blunders you're talking about is clearly a better team on the night.
  12. The sheer volume of Murph is insane. I agree with you that push-ups will be a nightmare, they always are in that number, no matter how you split them. A couple of weeks ago we did 30 minutes AMRAP of 3 sets of a basic Cindy set (5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats - a set of what you said most people break Murph, minus the runs of course, into) followed by 200m run and it was really hard, even with the rest 200m provides. I managed to do 4 full rounds of that and made it to 3rd round push-ups of Cindy set (a total of 75 pull-ups, 145-150 push-ups and 210 air squats, plus 4 200m runs) when the buzzer went off. Felt completely drained, but some 5-10 minutes after that I felt great!
  13. One of the things I love about crossfit is that very often we're working on improving our joints mobility which helps me a lot. It's hard work and I hated it at first, but once I started seeing improvements, I never complained again.
  14. Trust me, you don't want to live in a heightened terror alert state all the time. In 2003, Serbian prime minister was assassinated and it caused a pretty big shitstorm, as you can imagine. Bottom line is that we saw beat cops on every corner carrying AK-47s they were obviously not trained for, waving those things around like they're cotton candy. I have never felt as unsafe in my life, and I'd lived through my country being bombed to shit for two and a half months. Sure, they arrested lots of criminals but at the price of most law abiding people getting scared shitless by seeing guns wherever they turned. The worst thing was that the problem was not solved, and most of those arrested were freed (sometimes without even seeing court) and pretty soon it was business as usual.
  15. Sorry to hear your family had to go through something like that, @mormont. I'm glad to hear your daughter is safe.