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  1. I don't know, a VS sword justified the first Blackfyre rebellion. It would give some legitimacy to Stannis's claim, The Lannisters are still traumatized over the loss of brightroar, and Ice was part of the terms of peace that Robb sent to Kingslanding. And part of the value of Renly's sword was in fact that it was VS. I'd say that Valyrian Steel is fairly important and more so to a family that just recently came into power and that still needs to justify their legitimacy.
  2. Probably a Harlaw killed a Greyjoy and took the sword.
  3. here's the thing tho, Houses Martell, Arryn, Tyrell and Greyjoy aren't known to have Valyrian Steel Weapons either, even if they are great houses. But House Baratheon is of Valyrian descent...House Celtigar has a Valyrian Steel Axe, and they aren't that great of a house. And there ARE Valyrian steel weapons outside of westeros, if I remember correctly Khal Drogo had a Valyrian Steel Akhr, I do think that House Baratheon would have a Valyrian Steel something.
  4. thank you
  5. I was just visiting Blood Of Dragons and I thought it would be fun to join, But I really don't know how. If any of you guys could help me, that would be great. Thanks.
  6. Isn't Robert's hammer made of Valyrian Steel?, It doesn't have to be a sword.
  7. Yeah, sorry about that.
  8. Well, the difference is that Rhaenerys was actually in the line of succession, for Cersei to even be considered she would have to be of Targaryen or Baratheon descent or related by blood to King Robert. So it would be like this Robert-Joffrey-Tommen-Stannis-Renly-Myrcella-Shireen-False Aegon (if proven to be a Targ)-Viserys-Daenerys- False Aegon if he's a Blackfyre- Prince Doran on the basis of being descendant in some form of house Targaryen-Arianne-Quentyn-Trystayne-Oberyn and Monterys Velaryon, by the law of succession Cersei wouldn't be anywhere near it. Cersei wasn't ruling officially, Tommen was. She was just suggesting things he can do, and temporary regents could be appointed if the king in question is considered too young, that's what Robert wanted Ned to do. Be the temporary Regent until Joffrey came of age, and thus that is what Cersei is doing with Tommen (unofficially) but she would not be able to hold court or sit in the throne even if the Dance of The Dragons had never happened and the line of succession wasn't patrilineal, she simply doesn't have the lineage. So no, Rhaeneyra actually held court, she ruled (for a little while) through her own and not through her children, she was IN the line of succession.