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  1. I'm really interested to see how she'll be written in The Winds Of Winter. It makes me think that Lady Stoneheart will have some POV Chapters in the book. I know George said that he does not intend to add anymore POV Characters to the story, but she was a POV Character before she died and came back. So i think we'll get some kind of POV from Stoneheart in the next book.
  2. I'm getting back into reading after taking a couple of months off reading so i could focus on some personal stuff. But now i'm back into reading again. I'm going to Reread through Rise Of The Governor the prequel to how the Comic version of the Governor became who he is in the comic series. I thought it was an Amazing book to be honest. Then going to continue with Rereading through The Road To Woodbury, Fall Of The Governor and then so on. The reason i want to go back and Reread those books is because i just finished a Reread of the whole Comic series, so yeah.
  3. I'm really hoping we'll see some Gameplay or a release date from Capcom about the Resident Evil 2 Remake. I'm still in that camp where i think the game will have Fixed Angles and all that good stuff. But what i'm hoping we'll see that isn't even confirmed at this point is a new Fallout game, maybe a Spin off like New Vegas or maybe a complete Remake off the first two fallout games. But knowing most of the newer fans wouldn't buy it, since they're RTS games and mostly younger and newer fans would never touch it. But i'm hoping we'll see a "A Game Of Thrones" game set in the world of ASOIAF. I know they passed it down to make Skyrim, but i believe they are working on one. That's the things i hope or expect to see at E3.