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  1. Ads intruding into page space

    Ran, do you know that the ads at the left side of the page are now intruding into the page space?  I'm actually typing half of this message blind because the Galaxy ad is covering the left side of this conversation.  I can't move it, can't close it, it follows me along the page.  I took a screengrab to show you what is happening, but can't seem to copy/paste here for some reason.
  2. He does seem quite shy--I've watched the Crossing Lines series for a few episodes, not my cup of tea. The lead guy there is William Fichtner, from 'Prison Break,' (one of my favorite all time series). Fichtner is very dynamic, always in movement, nearly explosive. http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001209/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_t7%C2'> Meanwhile...Jaqen. Sigh...
  3. Its funny, I'm just remembering some years back, when LeCygne first opened this thread, you and I were going back and forth (jokingly, of course) about whether or not we could/would 'share' Jaqen. Now that Tom is back for the upcoming season, I realize--looking at Tom himself does absolutely nothing for me. Nada. But, Jaqen? Oh, yes! Yes, indeedy! So strange, what exactly one person might find attractive in another person. I love Jaqen's third-person speak, I love his hair, his mannerisms, his laid-back... power. But Tom himself, the actual actor? Meh. I guess it would take a shrink to figure all that out--what's hot, what's not. :dunno:
  4. GoT Youtube vids - Part 2

    Nice job--I really like the singer. But seriously, is he Mr. White? This is his next career after Breaking Bad? Teasing, of course, but he sure looks the part!
  5. GoT Youtube vids - Part 2

    haha, that's great, thanks!
  6. GoT Youtube vids - Part 2

    Cool vid 'The Dragon's Daughter.' A friend of mine said she's more impressed with Dany in this 3 minute video than she has been through 5 books and 3 tv series. I agree! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMvt13PtV5I
  7. GoT Youtube vids - Part 2

    I had never heard of Honest Trailers before, but just watched a bunch--they're great. And, they've got GoT references in all of the first 4 I watched--Walking Dead, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Jurassic Park. Funny stuff!
  8. [book spoilers] Is Sansa that stupid

    I've never warmed to Sansa, either book or show. But I saw a funny bit at Tumblr--'How can you bash Sansa for liking knights and adventures when you're the one reading ASOIAF and watching Got? Credit where credit is due. :P
  9. Dark & Sleek CSS Style for A Forum of Ice and Fire

    I'm not a Mod, but I know that they disable all those little 'extras' on the day leading up to a new episode. They will enable them again a couple days later, when the board traffic has slowed down again.
  10. How would you rate episode 301?

    Well, now, that sets up THE obvious question--who's your first favorite? :)
  11. [Book Spoilers] EP 208 Discussion

    Not a mistake at all, as I see it. He's saying he'd worship even some foreign phony god if only that'd get his sons back.
  12. [No Spoilers] EP206 Discussion

    Bits I totally loved... * I feel 1,000% sure that LittleFinger knows its Ayra. After all, she spent, what? Months? In King's Landing before Ned's death. They probably ran into one another many dozens of times. Toward the end of that scene as Ayra is walking away and Tywin is talking, LF's eyes narrow and follow her across the room. Yup, he knows. The question now is--what's he gonna do with that info? For sure, he'll try to work out his 'knowledge is power' discovery to his own best advantage. To my mind, Tywin does not know. How could he? We heard Tyrion (an episode or two ago) mention that there'd been no ravens back and forth from Tywin for weeks. Tywin's never seen Ayra, and as far as he knows 'the Stark girls' are safely under wraps in KL, to be used in trade for Jaime. * During the KL riot, the Hound tucking dipshit scrawny lunatic little Joffrey under one arm like a sack of potatoes and hauling him up the stairs, while Joff is flailing around helplessly like a toddler in a tantrum. Go, Hound! Die, Dipshit! * Jaqen. Anything Jaqen. ( Note to A Man: A Man must be weary. This girl has a warm, comfortable feather quilt upon which you may rest. It is known.) * Jaqen. ETA: typo
  13. [Book Spoilers] EP 205 Discussion

    Not 'retarded' monks, my friend. Frightened, superstitious men in a frightening, superstitious time--confronted with a terrifying new enemy no one in their world had ever envisioned. Not retarded.
  14. [Book Spoilers] EP 205 Discussion

    Expensive as it most certainly is, still people, where's Rhaegon? Where's Visyerion? Poor little dudes are like the Rickon Stark's of House Targaryen...