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  1. Master of Whisperers: Varys (he used the position to set the realm up to be invaded by two Targaryen armies) Master of Coin: Littlefinger (he probably used the position to embezzle from the treasury, he used the position to start a civil war, and he left the Crown 6,000,000 dragons in debt) Master of Ships: Aurane Waters (he used the position to steal the Royal Fleet) Master of Laws: The Tickler (he'll always get a confession whether you're guilty or not) Grand Maester: Ramsay Bolton (I almost went with Qyburn but I think Ramsay's experiments on live subjects would be a little more pointless) Lord Commander of the Kingsguard: Jaime Lannister (he killed a king he was supposed to be guarding) Hand of the King: Euron Greyjoy (for obvious reasons)
  2. Curling is my favorite sport!
  3. Here's what I hope happens: ICE: The battle starts with some combination of Preston Jacob's ice holes theory and the Grand Northern Conspiracy theory. But, just when the reader is convinced that the good guys are going to win, everyone involved in the battle is attacked by an army of wights. The only way for any of them to survive is for them to work together against the army of the dead. I would love to see Stannis forced to cooperate with Roose and Ramsay, those scenes would be epic. FIRE: Barristan leads an attack against the siege lines shattering them completely but while he is fighting the battle against the slavers Victarion's fleet sails into the bay and takes a relatively undefended Meereen. Victarion doesn't find Dany in the city but there are two dragons that he can capture and try to tame. Barristan is trapped outside the city gates. BLOOD: Release the Kraken!!! STEEL: Anything as long as it's clever and Jon/Aegon succeed.
  4. 1) Dancing On 2) Ice Will Strengthen Pack 3) In Winter She Prospers 4) Invoking Winter's Sacred Power
  5. Does this cape make me look fat?
  6. should have said 21 hours.
  7. I think it was 72 hours from Sunday midday EST so I think you have another 9 hours.
  8. Why don't you think Doran knows R+L=J? The Daynes named the heir to their house Edrick. Given that Ned had killed Arthur Dayne and Ashara Dayne killed herself (supposedly) after talking to Ned why on earth would they have named the heir to their house after Ned? And why would Edrick have thought it was important that he let Arya know that he and Jon were milk brothers? That only makes sense if the Daynes knew R+L=J and if they knew that it's likely that Doran did too.
  9. The best theory that I've seen is that he was Arthur Dayne's squire at the Tower of Joy (which means he knows R+L=J). But that doesn't explain why his physical description was important.
  10. His physical description in AFFC is nearly two thirds of a page long which I think makes it the longest initial description of any character in ASOIAF. Silver hair, black where it parts. Purple eyes that look black in the dark. An aqueline nose. GRRM uses unusual physical descriptions to hint at unexpected ancestry. And Doran calling Gerold the most dangerous man in Dorne almost certainly has a double meaning. He'll be back and I expect some conspiracies to surround him.
  11. 1) 7 2) 6 3) 3 4) 5
  12. This round's vivacious vixen has a very vexing vocabulary,
  13. Yes, here's one way: Sansa marries Harry the Heir and then reveals her true identity. Harry rides off to retake the North in Sansa's name leaving a pregnant Sansa behind. Shortly after Sansa give's birth (preferably to a son) Harry suffers an "accident" while on campaign and dies. Baelish comforts the grieving widowed Sansa and eventually marries her. Not long after that poor sickly Sweetrobin dies of an overdose of sweetmilk. Maester Coleman blames himself for the overdose, he knew the sweetmilk was dangerous and he should have rationed it more. At this point Sansa's son with Harry would be the lord of the Vale and (unless Rickon or Bran returns) also, arguably, Lord of the North. Petyr, as his step father, would rule in the boys place. Then if anything were to happen (*wink* *wink*) to Edmure, his child with Roslin, and the Blackfish Sansa's son would also, arguably, become the Lord of the Riverlands. This would give Peryr more than a decade with the right to rule three of the Seven Kingdoms. In the wake of a brutal civil war, invasions by two Targaryan armies, and an invasion by an army of the dead it isn't at all unlikely that a Great Council would be held to select a new king. The obvious choice would be Sansa's son which would put Littlefinger on the throne as regent until the boy comes of age.
  14. As soon as The Winds of Winter comes out I'll let you know. Why does Varys shave his head?
  15. 1) 4 2) 3 3) 8 4) 5