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  1. 1) 6. Orphan refugee. Ideally am seeking maiden, a childhood sweetheart. Knowledge appreciated! 2) 5. Open Relationship! I'm A: (Somewhat) Married, Alcoholic, Condescending, Smart, Knobby, Auspicious.... 3) 8. Oh reverie, I am seeking my absent crofter spouse. Killer anguish! FYI, I'm happy to consider late entries but I won't give them a first place vote. It wasn't a problem this round.
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  4. I don't think pirates would hesitate to steal my movie, so why shouldn't I feel free to steal theirs? What makes Qarth the greatest city that ever was or ever will be?
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  6. If you're looking for a theme, I think how a character would describe themselves in an online dating app would be a pretty good theme.
  7. All of his dittys are on-topic under the sea. What would have happened if Torrhen Stark had resisted the Targaryens.
  8. I'm ready to play again.
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  11. This raises a lot of questions. Would Brandon have taken over the army from Eddard after he was freed. Ned was in charge of Robert's army (because Robert was injured at the Trident) and Brandon was Ned's older brother. Brandon would have wanted to take charge, Howland Reed described him as "the Wild Wolf" so he would have wanted to get into the fight if he was physically able. If Brandon had been treated as a noble captive he would have been healthy and would have tried to take charge of the army from Eddard, and Ned probably would have let him. If Brandon had been consigned to the black cells, like the OP assumes, Brandon's health would have been poor and he would have been unable to take control of the army from Ned. Brandon probably would have been treated like a noble prisoner, but the OP's hypothetical assumes he's in the black cells so that's what I'll assume for this hypothetical. Ned would still have liberated Storm's End and then traveled on to the Tower of Joy to rescue Lyanna. Lyanna would have died and Ned would have, presumably, made the same promise to Lyanna. In the original story line Ned then traveled to Starfall with Jon and the sword Dawn. That might still happen. It's not at all clear what happened between Ashara and Ned at Starfall. We do know that the Daynes respected Ned enough to name Edrick Dayne after him. Ashara presumably committed suicide after Ned talked to her in the original version, but the evidence that she died was pretty weak and her motivation was never explained. We know Ned had feelings for Ashara and we know that Ashara sought out a Stark after she was dishonored at Harrenhal (at least Selmy thinks so), but we don't really know what the relationship, if any, between Ned and Ashara was. It's possible that Ashara doesn't kill herself and she and Ned Marry, but, while it's clear Ned liked Ashara, it's not clear she felt the same. Ned did a good job of hiding Jon's parentage in the original story, but I think his devotion to duty would have forced him to let Brandon know that Jon was Lyanna and Rhaegar's son. While Ned was cautious and wanted to avoid conflict with his friend, Robert, I think the Wild Wolf, Brandon, might have sought to ensure that his nephew received his birthright. Brandon may very well have acknowledged Jon as Rhaegar's heir and named him king. It's not clear how Robert, Jon Arryn, and Tywin would have reacted to this. But Brandon + the Tully's naming an infant the king would probably have started a second civil war.
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