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  1. It would be hard to hide a murder of crows. How does Aegon plan on capturing Storm's End?
  2. sepulcher
  3. I don't think Euron or Victarion plan on wooing Dany and then politely asker for her hand in marriage. I think the plan is to kidnap her and put a knife to her throat to force her to marry. That's kind of what all the talk about salt wives and paying the iron price is all about. I think Dany arriving in Westeros as a prisoner would make for a more interesting story than her arriving at the head of a massive army.
  4. On the issue of secret voting I agree with Fragile Bird. When I vote I try to make a conscious effort to not take into account how I know other people have voted, I'm not sure how successful I am. I agree with Bird that secret voting probably increases the odds of a blowout vote, and if you're in the last round of the game and nursing a lead a blowout vote is a bad thing. So a rules change towards a secret vote in the last round of the game probably hurts the player nursing the lead, but in this case I don't think it mattered 'cause Gabe's entry was elite. Going forward I would prefer if there aren't any rules changes mid-game. As for the next game, the show starts up in less than two weeks and connecting to the site is usually tough while the show is airing, I think a break for the duration of the show would be in order.
  5. The night was dreamless and filled with salmon swimming beneath your crotch. Today you shat on a premise
  6. you
  7. The night was dreamless and filled with
  8. 1) 4 2) 5 3) 6
  9. 1) 4 2) 5 3) 7
  10. 1) 3 2) 8 3) 2
  11. 1) 1 2) 2 3) 4
  12. It would probably depend on the profession of the Bravosi. How many Khalasars are there at any given time?
  13. she screamed as
  14. 1) 2 2) 8 3) 6
  15. 1) 6. Orphan refugee. Ideally am seeking maiden, a childhood sweetheart. Knowledge appreciated! 2) 5. Open Relationship! I'm A: (Somewhat) Married, Alcoholic, Condescending, Smart, Knobby, Auspicious.... 3) 8. Oh reverie, I am seeking my absent crofter spouse. Killer anguish! FYI, I'm happy to consider late entries but I won't give them a first place vote. It wasn't a problem this round.