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  1. 1) 2. Brain preservation duty obstructs play: finding sticks, nosing, going digging. 2) 3. Bipedal patron's demise opens possibility for some nasty, gory deaths. 3) 8. Guardian guts Marsh, silently crying: “Jon’s killed???!!!” Blissfully, discovers vitality. 4) 7. By-passing death: obvious purpose for Snow's noble Ghost 'dog'.
  2. Bran had a vision of the sea rising over the walls of Winterfell and drowning several men. That vision was a metaphor for the Ironborn climbing the walls of Winterfell and killing those men. Melisandre has a vision: "Then the towers by the sea, crumbling as the dark tide came sweeping over them, rising from the depths. " Stannis asks her if it was Eastwatch, she thought the tower in her vision was different. A rising tide in a vision has already been used to represent the Ironborn, and the High Tower and House Hightower are both located in Old Town, and the Ironborn are attacking ships near Old Town. From that it's not unreasonable to suspect that the Ironborn will either raid Old Town or kill some important Hightowers.
  3. boy
  4. The last time Cat had Jaime as a prisoner she was prepared to exchange him for her family members even after learning that he had thrown Bran out the window. As far as LSH knows she only has two remaining living family members and one of them, Edmure, is a prisoner at Casterly Rock. If Cat's still more human than vengeance zombie I think there's a very good chance she'd be interested in trading Jaime for her brother and his pregnant wife.
  5. 1) 1. Barring lady's lenience, denouement blatantly imminent. 2) 6, Battling lefty, loses duel. Brienne intervenes. 3) 3. Brienne's longing looks definitely beat incest! 4) 7. Unexpected confession: “Revengeful undead waits there".
  6. 1) 7. Merciful justice repeatedly taken under aliases. 2) 2. Beyond Mercy, Faceless Assassin Invites Infamy! 3) 4. Bravoosi methods “facefully” applied in iceland. 4) 3. Mellows. Joins R'hllorians. Takes up acupuncture.
  7. 1) 7. Ongoing spouse selection: Hizdahr, Daario, Victarion… 2) 4. "Opportunely" shows slavers "handy" Dragonbinder...Victory!!!!!!! 3) 2. Gets kinslayed grievously betraying villainous eye. 4) 3. Outlasts Second Siege, Heralding Dragon's Victory!
  8. Robb Stark was "comforted" by Jeyne Westerling the night that he learned that Bran and Rickon had been killed. If Theon never takes Winterfell it's unlikely that Robb would have broken his word with the Freys. When Cat learned that Rickon and Bran had been killed the released Jaime. This is what caused Rickard Karstark to murder Willem Lannister and Tion Frey. If Theon never takes Winterfell it's unlikely that Cat frees Jaime. If the Freys and the Karstarks had no reason to betray Robb then it's unlikely the Boltons would have risked betraying him on their own. If Balon sides with the Starks then there would have been no Red Wedding. And if Balon had launched the same sort of attacks that Eurone did; taking The Shields, raiding up the Mander, taking the Arbor and threatening Oldtown; the Tyrells would have reacted the same way they did against Euron, taking their fleet back west and sending a large portion of their troops home to defend their homelands against the Ironborn. From there it's a completely different story, who knows what would have happened.
  9. Garlan Tyrell
  10. If it's someone from the 2011 The Three Musketeers movie my money's on Ray Stevenson. His career's littered with period pieces including playing Titus in Rome. GRRM still lists Rome as one of the shows he watching on his website: I think GRRM would be excited to have Ray in one of the spinoff projects.
  11. Choose: Comprehensive healthcare options often seem ephemeral.
  12. OR = Outrageous reaver. OR = Ostentatious reaver OR = Opportunistic raper or would have been much easier than the other two sets of letters.
  13. Nevermind. Acrophelia is too much work.
  14. Sunflowers, but I'd try to limit myself to the seeds.
  15. If Robb had declared for Stannis then Stannis would have had the authority to order Roose to have his army at Harrenhal meet up with Stannis at King's Landing. Having that army north of the river would have completely changed the battle of Blackwater Bay.