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  1. He will be hindered by an awful coach though.
  2. Its weird that Stellaris is rated higher.
  3. PER only measures offensive impact. It will not measure the impact of great defenders at all.
  4. Triple double in his second game.
  5. Woj reporting Jackson is looking into trading Porzingis
  6. Blake did finish third in MVP voting for 13/14 year behind Durant and LeBron.
  7. Spurs are a one man team really. LMA is garbage.
  8. That is not true. Dwight fell off due to all the injuries he had from his last year in Orlando. His back has been stuffed since.
  9. Porzingis skipped his exit interview and is meant to be pissed at the Knicks.
  10. Jazz will advance.
  11. The worst part is Dolan implying that Oakley has drinking and anger problems. It really is a terrible PR campaign.
  12. Merson and Thompson want famous retired players to get jobs not guys like Rowett.
  13. Cavs are trading Dunleavy.
  14. Please happen. Would love to never see him play for Arsenal again.
  15. MCW still thinks he is good enough to start. He would takeover games instead of deferring to much better players.