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  1. By Mino Raiola. I’m not sure that’s necessarily the same thing as United trying to sell him.
  2. Well Unai Emery hasn't officially left yet so they said they haven't 'signed' a deal with a new coach but it seems to be almost universally being reported that Tuchel's going to be the next PSG coach. It's hard to see Arsenal gazumping PSG.
  3. So whether or not England can pick Brad Shields for the South Africa tour seems to have stirred up a bit of a hornets nest. It appears New Zealand have been having dual qualified players who don't already have international caps for other countries sign contracts which say they're only available for New Zealand while they play for Kiwi Super Rugby sides which seems a little dubious to me. On top of that Steve Tew came out and said England couldn't pick him despite the fact that he's clearly not going to play for New Zealand at this stage and it really doesn't make a massive difference since there's no competitive Hurricanes games during the international window and he's moving to Wasps next season anyway. It all seems a bit petty. Anyway, Shields has asked for special dispensation from the NZRU to be available for selection for England.
  4. Tuchel's going to PSG anyway isn't he? I think Nagelsmann's staying with Hoffenheim next year too otherwise wouldn't he be going to Bayern? Allegri would obviously be a good choice but Arsenal being in the Champions League next year might help with that, you wouldn't think Allegri would lack for options if he wants to leave Juve.
  5. I just came here to post that. Damn it, too slow apparently. It’s definitely the right call though.
  6. Philip May apparently isn't involved in investment decisions or research, it's not clear how much he'd personally benefit and it's clearly ridiculous to suggest that the decision to take military action had anything to do with him. So what exactly is the angle of questioning other than the idiotic it allows?
  7. I actually don't know but I think the salary cap's about £2 million so you're certainly not talking IPL money and it probably depends on what formats you play in. Still, Surray are the richest county by a decent margin so I wouldn't be surprised if they do something like setting up their overseas players with somewhere to live in London to supplement their wages.
  8. In fairness Otamendi looked really good for large parts of the season, the games when he looked poor probably came after a lot of votes had been cast. Centre back isn't a particularly strong position. I haven't been that impressed with Vertonghen this year either, Spurs' defence hasn't actually been as good as you'd expect. United have got a good defensive record but I don't think the defenders have been particularly outstanding, Van Dijk's been good at Liverpool but you're talking half a season and Chelsea haven't been great. I think you could make a strong case for Tarkowski or maybe Lascelles.
  9. Bancroft did have a deal to come to Somerset over the summer before all the ball tampering stuff but it's already been cancelled. He's been replaced with Renshaw.
  10. Of course everyone in this thread is extremely shit compared to the top level of football, that's the point I was making. And, yes, they almost certainly have spent thousands of hours to achieve that level. I'm sure honing their skills with top level coaches would have been more effective but spending a huge amount of time playing a sport is practicing. What other sport has almost everyone spent thousands of hours working on? I sorry, but that's absolute nonsense. You think the sport with a tiny fraction of the player base, which is at best the third or fourth biggest sport most of the places it's played (so if you're good at multiple sports almost everywhere you're going to play the bigger sport), has bigger barriers to entry with all the equipment and facilities required to play it, and has far less money in it is being played to a higher relative standard? I'm sorry that's just a complete fantasy. We get it, you like ice hockey. Look, I prefer rugby to football, if you want me to expound on the virtues of rugby I can go on for a while but it's a far, far smaller sport than football, it's not being played to a higher relative standard. That's just reality. The same is very much true of ice hockey.
  11. I've ignored this up to this point because, honestly, I don't care which sport people prefer, it's subjective, but you're talking some absolute rubbish here. Firstly, performing complex skills with your feet rather than your hands most definitely is more difficult. I haven't played ice hockey, and I'm sure the skating adds a degree of difficulty, but I have played hockey; it's easier than football. Secondly, people assume a base level of skill for football which they don't for other sports because it's so ubiquitous but, without thinking about it, a lot of work has been done to achieve that level of skill. You know all your friends you play football with who're pretty shit (very,very shit relative to the to the top level)? They've probably spent thousands, if not tens of thousands, of hours practising to achieve that level. Everyone or at least every boy plays football a huge amount as they're growing up (at least in Europe and probably in many other places). Thirdly, there's no way ice hockey or volleyball are being played to a higher relative skill level than football, probably not basketball either. Billions of people play football and billions of pounds is spent identifying and developing talent. The Champions League knockout stages is made up of players who're probably in the top couple of hundred out of those billions who start out. The talent pool in ice hockey what 100 million maybe, volleyball considerably less than that and there's vastly less money involved? Come on.
  12. That’s a really good goal for Newcastle. I doubt Southgate will do it but there’s a decent argument for Shelvey taking Shelvey to the World Cup when he’s playing like this.
  13. Bloody hell how’s Sterling not scored there. Ok, now he has. Not a great second half from City again but it looks like they’re going to pull off the win this time. 4 losses on the bounce would have posed some real questions.
  14. Spurs should have had 2 red cards though. I think City are a little irritated with all the bad press they’ve had recently.
  15. Ring fencing seems like it’s almost certainly coming in in the next few years. You should treasure these promotion/relegation battles while you can lads.