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  1. That’s such an Arsenal goal to concede. They’ve been the better side but Mustafi just hands a goal to Agüero on a plate.
  2. I was about to say neither sided looked too concerned with going for the win but United have found a goal. It’s a little surprising to see them coming from behind. ETA: It’s not ideal for Chelsea they’ve just taken Hazard off.
  3. He should definitely heavily rotate, it’s the midweek before the United game. The reserves should be able to avoid losing by five goals.
  4. Sigh. I do think Owens hasn’t had the best game, he was very, very lenient with Scottish hands in the ruck, which definitely isn’t in line with how it’s supposed to be reffed, and calling back Care was ridiculous, but ultimately England were rubbish and didn’t deserve the win. Finn Russell massively improved his performance and the Scottish backrow were excellent so credit to them. From an England point of view, again, they need to pick back rows in the back row and have an 8 on the bench. And just play better really.
  5. Horrendous first half from England. They need to sort their back row out, playing a second row at 6 and a blindside at 7 really isn’t working. ETA: Nigel Owens can fuck right off. He wasn’t calling that then Care gets the interception and he changes his mind.
  6. Not usually, no. If someone considers themselves a fan of a lower league side they don't generally actively support a Premier League team. I have to say I was surprised with how easy it was to watch football when I was in New York a few years ago. I was expecting it to be difficult so I was looking up supporters clubs and stuff so I could watch the Liverpool game and then it turned out it was on in most of the sports bars I went passed.
  7. In fairness loads of them seem to pick Liverpool, Arsenal, United and Chelsea.
  8. Right, the Six Nations is back this weekend and tomorrow's games at least should be good. France vs Italy: I didn't realise this game was on tonight rather than Sunday until I looked at the tv guide after I got in from work, which probably says a lot about my interest level. France have dropped a bunch of players for 'inappropriate behavior' after the Scotland game but I'd expect they'll probably win with home advantage. Ireland vs Wales: This should be an interesting game. Wales have some experience coming back into the side with Halfpenny, Liam Williams and Biggar while Ireland, after starting the Six Nations probably the closest to having a fully fit squad, have lost number of key players. Given the level of preparation Schmidt does I think Ireland will just about manage to get the win at home but it should be tight. Scotland vs England: Another interesting game. If Scotland start as loosely as they have been I think they're in for another big defeat like at Twickenham last year. On the other had if they can stay in the game and get the crowd behind them England's bench has less of an strong look to it than it usually does and they might be in with a chance.
  9. McManaman's probably got a bit of a bias towards wingers who're good at dribbling but don't have a lot of end product but he's got a point that it's a bit odd how reluctant Sevilla seem to be to give the ball to Correa and let him run at Valencia.
  10. De Gea's ridiculous. Still should have scored mind.
  11. Didn't Matuidi play in midfield too? ETA: Heh, having said I can see why Mourinho's dropped Pogba he's still been kind of a dick about it in the pre match interview which doesn't help. He just can't help it I suppose.
  12. Mourinho's a dick but, in fairness, I don't really buy into this argument that Pogba can only be effective if deployed in one specific role in a team playing 4-3-3. He's supposed to be one of the best midfielders in world football, it's not asking a huge amount for him to be half decent playing in a 4-2-3-1. On top of that didn't United play him where everyone's talking about him wanting to play against Newcastle and he was awful. I don't know, if it wasn't for him being bought for huge money I think most people would agree he kind of deserves to be dropped.
  13. That's a rubbish goal to throw their lead away with. I'm not sure it shouldn't have been a penalty a couple of seconds earlier though. ETA: Well it was outside the box anyway.
  14. Eh, again I don't think Aguero's actually done a huge amount and apparently he's considering pressing charges against the guy, so presumably he probably did spit on him since it's a different matter saying that to the police over saying it to get out of an FA charge. It wouldn't really be a great look for the FA to be banning a player for shoving away a fan who ends up getting convicted of assaulting him.
  15. He doesn't really punch the guy in fairness, it's a sort back swing of his arm/shoving him away. He goes after him like he wants to punch him but Arteta and one of the Wigan players do him a favour by dragging him away. He might get banned but it's really not anywhere near the Cantona level.