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  1. In fairness Huddersfield were the better side anyway.
  2. Patrick Stewart in the crowd. This is going to penalties.
  3. I just came in and saw the England score. This is a bit of a downer after an encouraging first couple of games.
  4. Trump's stupid way of shaking hands is becoming international news and is apparently something world leaders are preparing for. This is a bizarre world we're living in.
  5. Damn. Rest in peace Lord of Bones.
  6. A couple of entertaining finals today. The Premiership final was a really good tight game. Exeter were deserved winners, and it's good to see a club like them win it, but Wasps really made them work for it. The Pro 12 final wasn't a good game but it featured a fantastic performance from the Scarlets. Good to see a really entertaining side win it again. I've got no idea how James Davies doesn't make the Welsh squad with four Welsh backrows going on the Lions tour. Also I wasn't the biggest fan of Jonathan Davies making the Lions tour but, in fairness, with two ball players in Patchell and Williams playing in side him he's been excellent for the Scarlets in the last few games.
  7. Early controversy.
  8. Asking entirely appropriate questions of political candidates is not 'constant harassment', it's the press doing exactly what they're supposed to be doing. I really don't know what point you're trying to make here but it's fairly bizarre.
  9. There's some large human beings playing in the La Rochelle Toulon game. Even Rickie Januarie looks like a prop.
  10. They're doing this kind of thing because they're weak. There's absolutely no chance they're going to defeat Western militaries or culture, they can't even pull off attacks on significant government or military facilities or maintain a sustained and organised campaign like the IRA did. IS wasn't overly interested in things like this when they were conquering territory on the Middle East. Now they're in retreat they're desperate to claim responsibility for every terrorist attack to try and appear powerful.
  11. He didn't actually confirm it but he also was careful not to deny it either.
  12. I've never been to the MEN but Victoria station is right next to it.
  13. Yes, glad to hear your daughter is ok Mormont. It must have been terrifying.