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  1. Tim Paine's looking annoyingly solid.
  2. Last time I looked, although it was a couple of years ago, the US was also behind the UK. The UK tends to be the worst of the European countries though.
  3. You measure economic mobility, what else would you do? The US generally scores worse than most European countries. ETA: I imagine it’s probably most EU countries rather than most European countries in fairness.
  4. You might say Australia slightly edged it in terms of the match situation with taking Root's wicket at the end of the day but in terms of the series I think that was a pretty encouraging start. I was fairly worried England's batting was going to collapse in a heap so getting decent contributions from Stoneman and Vince is a real boost. If England have 4 test quality batsmen in their top four all of a sudden they look a lot more solid. As an added bonus they've made Cummins bowl for two days in a row so he's almost guaranteed to tear his hamstring getting out of bed on Saturday.
  5. I really didn't like the Inheritance Trilogy, well the first book anyway as that's as far as I got, but her Broken Earth books are really good. It was a while ago so I can't really remember too much of the details of why I didn't like The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, I think it was quite romance-y in a bad way.
  6. Well this wasn't what I was expecting to wake up to. A century partnership from Stoneman and Vince is definitely a bit of a bonus. Strange to hear they've got a slow pitch at the Gabba too. ETA: Well shit. ETA2: There might not be too much in it for the seamers but there's certainly something for Lyon.
  7. England have gone with Jake Ball as their 4th seamer so they've still got a good lower middle order in Ali, Bairstow and Woakes but they don't really have that short of a tail anymore. It's hard to see England getting a win at the Gabba but if they can make the somewhat fragile looking 3 Australian seamers do a lot of bowling that may pay dividends later in the series. I'm not sure how confident I am of England's batting pulling that off though, it'll probably need a big contribution from Cook.
  8. At least we got three goals in the first half this time before capitulating in the second half against Sevilla.
  9. We’ve got the best defence in the league at home, of course we got a clean sheet. Never in doubt. On the downside we’ve got the 19th best defence in the league away from home.
  10. Good effort from Scotland today, I thought Hogg was in at the end there. When you consider the number of players they’re missing I don’t think Townsend will be too unhappy with that. England weren’t great again, although in fairness conditions looked pretty miserable, the score certainly didn’t really reflect the game. Still they keep winning though which isn’t a bad habit to have.
  11. Yeah, good start to this season. I was a bit underwhelmed with the last season so good to see it getting back to more of a gangster focus. I also quite enjoyed the ‘oh, and he wants an OBE too’ but at the start as well.
  12. Steady on, I’m generally pretty down on England’s batting lineup but you think Australia easily have three better batsmen than Root? That’s a little harsh.
  13. I’m not sure I really agree with that in terms of club football. Yeah, there the odd defensively focused teams, and they’re sometimes successful, but I’d say overall it’s probably about as attacking as it’s been for a while. If you look at the Premier League only one of the top six sides are primarily defensive (United), and City and Liverpool are very attacking oriented. It’s only really Atletico in Spain and while I don’t watch any other European leagues I believe Napoli are top of Serie A playing good football and the criticism I’ve heard of German sides in Europe is they’ve been too naively attacking. I think it is a bit of a trend in international football but that’s probably a function of limited time to train and play together. It’s unfortunately a lot easier to put together a solid side playing with limited ambition in a short space of time.
  14. I think there's just a lot of pessimism amongst England fans about their chances which has been exacerbated by the Stokes situation. That's not unusual playing in Australia of course but at least in the past England fans could console themselves with Australia being so good when it wasn't competitive. It doesn't help my enthusiasm that it's, rather irritatingly, going to be on BT Sport which I don't have. I'm a bit torn about whether to get it for the Ashes if England are just going to get battered anyway and I might not be able to watch too much of it. On the other hand if I miss a surprise good performance that'll annoy me too. Anyway, Stoneman hasn't played much test cricket because I think the selectors haven't rated his ability as being up to test cricket but with the failure of all the other options he's getting his chance. It'd be a bit of a bonus for England if he does well.
  15. Yeah, wasn’t great even if they never really looked like losing. Underhill looked ok basically playing as a linebacker. Good game in the Rugby League World Cup this morning with Tonga beating New Zealand. Having a side capable of beating one of the big three makes it a much better tournament.