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  1. The UK signed off on EU budgets and agreed to make a contribution while the intention was for the UK to remain in the EU and benefit from those expenditures. That the UK would continue to pay into the EU budget while not receiving any benefit from it really isn't a given. What other points are they going to concede on? If the EU and UK are just going to trade under WTO guidelines then what points are there? Of course the UK could continue some contributions as a quid pro quo but then of course you're negotiating the future relations alongside the divorce bill. Well it is the EU, in the form of Macron and Barnier, bringing it up. Notably Barnier publicly expressing skepticism about an open border which really isn't useful.
  2. Well, for a start there's really no point in the UK paying a 'divorce bill' if there's not going to be any kind of trade deal and without any sort of arrangement with the EU for future relationships non British citizens right of abode in the UK really isn't something they have any say in. So basically having the things the EU wants solved as a prerequisite for negotiations on future relations isn't exactly a neutral position. Obviously the Northern Ireland border is something the UK needs to resolve but the EU sticking it's oar in isn't helping the situation. It's really not something any side wants to get swept into acrimonious UK/EU negotiations which clearly seem to be very confrontational and is better left to bilateral negotiations between the UK and Ireland. The EU clearly has a rational incentive to be punitive with the UK leaving but lets not pretend that isn't what they're doing.
  3. I'm not a particularly big fan of brexit or the Tories but, in fairness, the EU's not exactly being conciliatory either.
  4. I know they've done it before. I'd just say, considering they've played this way for a few games in a row and seem to have signed players for the system, it looks like it might be a permanent change rather than a change up for the odd game.
  5. Looks like Spurs are switching to playing 3 at the back with their new signings. Lovren's apparently unlikely to play for Liverpool and Matip's a doubt. Great.
  6. Those Atlanta crowd numbers are pretty impressive for a mid table team who've only been around for a few years.
  7. Yeah, not fight scenes, battles. Sanderson writes cartoony fight sequences in an amusing fashion. Jordan was a decorated soldier who'd actually experienced combat and I think it shows with one his real strengths being depicting how confused and chaotic the battlefield often can be. ETA: In fairness to Sanderson I remember him acknowledging it was a problem at the time. I believe he sought out advice from Bernard Cornwell to try and improve as much as he could.
  8. I find it quite hard to be entirely objective about the Wheel of Time books really. I can see why some people don't like them but having started reading them in the early to mid 90s and spent so much time reading them throughout school I'm quite emotionally invested in them. It's probably why I don't particularly like the last three too much, 12, and too an extent, 13 were reasonable books but they just felt a bit off. Shit, I might have to do a bit of a reread. I'm not sure my paperback copies of the first few books are up to it.
  9. The 'action' was really bad in the last book. Notably because Sanderson's significantly worse at writing battle scenes than Jordan was. I think that's what irritated me most about A Memory of Light, it wasn't good but on top of that it wasn't good in a way that made it very clear it was a Sanderson book rather than a Jordan book. You can't really blame Sanderson for that I suppose but after being reasonably positive after reading The Gathering Storm it was a disappointment.
  10. Everton don't look great but they really should have scored. United really seem to be missing the drive of Pogba in midfield. Pickford almost helped them out there though.
  11. Everton have just got no pace in this team. Rooney's been a bit better for them than I thought he'd be when they signed him but he can't play as a lone striker anymore.
  12. I feel a bit sorry for Luiz with that red card, he's being knocked off balance by Sanchez and he's more stretching for the ball than launching himself in with force. Still, it's the kind of contact that's going to get you sent off.
  13. In fairness Kolasinac at left wingback and Bellerin right looks a far better balance for the system. Xhaka and Ramsey is still a bit of a concern but Chelsea don't play with a real advanced front three like Liverpool do so they're probably not quite as well placed to really get after the back three as soon as they steal the ball. Anyway, not a bad first 20 minutes for Arsenal.
  14. This is a little bit of a morbid subject but I'm not sure that's necessarily the case. Making a bomb isn't that easy, as shown by the relative failure of this device and the guys in Spain blowing themselves up, and, while it clearly doesn't always work, you'd think buying things you could use to make a bomb could raise some red flags with the security services unlike just hiring a van.
  15. It looks like someone tried to set off some sort of explosive device on a tube train. Fortunately it doesn't seem to have been that effective.