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  1. What would be the point of that? There seems to be some truth to the story that Keita would like to go to Liverpool so they'd just be unsettling their own player. The story of it possibly happening seems to be that some elements in the commercial hierarchy at Leipzig are inclined to take the money and it's being reported in slightly more reputable places than fan forums. I have to say I don't really care too much though. I don't watch any German football so perhaps he is amazing but I'm pretty dubious he's worth the sums being mooted. I'm sure there are plenty of very good midfielders who'd be available for £30-40 million.
  2. Good goal from Jay Rodriguez in Hong Kong. It'd be good to see him get a real run of games this year.
  3. It's pretty bizarre. With police shootings, even if they're not justified, you can usually see why they did it; because they overreacted or misinterpreted a situation or whatever. Shooting a women in her pyjamas, who called the police and was apparently talking to his partner, through the door of a police car is hard to understand.
  4. Well that was a pretty abject capitulation. They were always going to lose but it'd be nice if they put up something resembling a fight. I've pretty much had enough with the way England bat under Bayliss. I know he wants them to go out and be positive but there needs to be some application at some point. Anyway there pretty clearly needs to be changes. England can't carry on with only two, maybe three, actual test quality batsmen. We still need to find an opener. I don't think Ballance is up to test cricket but he's definitely can't play at 3, Root may not like it but he just needs to suck it up and play there. Stokes and Ali are both very talented but they need to knuckle down and actually become good test batsmen rather than just occasionally dangerous, I think playing Ali down at 7/8 gives him the excuse to continue to play loosely and they should promote him up the order.
  5. So for all the pessimism it looks like, barring a Root double hundred in the second innings, South Africa are getting a win here.
  6. So it looks like Spurs are going to sell Walker to City and maybe sell Dier to United. That strikes me as a little bit odd. Ok Spurs don't exactly need them but they're at least somewhat weakening their squad while not appearing to show too much interest in making signings plus strengthening two rivals. Seems a bit lacking in ambition. On the Liverpool front I'm a little concerned with the lack of signings beyond Salah. I'm not too fussed about whether they spend a hundred and whatever million on Keita and Van Dijk but the big problem last year was the lack of squad depth and there's more games to worry about this year. Salah's an improvement on that front but some mid level squad player type signings in time for a full preseason with Klopp would have been nice.
  7. I think they're somewhat linked issues. I think a lot of the players who're leaving South African cricket have been told their chances of being consistently selected are fairly slim. South Africa win the toss and bat.
  8. I don't know. I suppose you could argue it's the same thing but presumably the point is to prevent elected officials from being susceptible to being influenced by foreign nationals by virtue of the debt they owe them from their donations (financial or otherwise) to their election. Being handed information freely by the Russian government seems to me to have the potential to result in an expectation of quid pro quo while if you pay someone to do something for you it's clear what they're getting in return; the money you paid them.
  9. I'm not sure that's clearly the case. I suppose it depends how you interpret soliciting a contribution to campaign from a foreign national but paying a non US citizen to perform a service seems like a different kettle of fish from receiving donations etc which seems like the main thrust of the statute. I'd be very surprised if it's not exceedingly common for foreign nationals to be paid to perform various services for electoral campaigns in the US.
  10. This is obviously very embarrassing for Trump Jr but is it not potentially a pretty serious legal issue for Kushner? Lying about/not mentioning a meeting with someone associated with the Russian government offering to do favours for you when applying for a security clearance seems like a big deal to me.
  11. The BBC article says it was a phrase used by a number of 'leading novelists' in the 20th century so presumably it's been picked up from their books. Can't say I've ever heard anyone use the term before though nor can I believe any politician was stupid enough to use the n word.
  12. I think it's fairly unlikely. The Lords pitch was pretty unusual. Given more traditional English conditions at Trent Bridge or Old Trafford you'd back Philander, Morkel and Morris/Rabada to cause significant issues especially given the question marks over two of England's top 3. Added to that Stokes is very hit and miss at 6 as well and England's bowling attack is rather precariously reliant upon a nearly 35 year Anderson and Broad who seems to be suffering more and more fitness issues. There are some issues with South African cricket, notably transformation quotas and the lack of an allrounder or alternatively a top class spinner, but you just won a series away against Australia so it's hardly all doom and gloom.
  13. It was potentially going to be pretty nervy for England if Philander had taken the catch to get rid of Bairstow cheaply. I think they're fairly comfortable on this pitch now.
  14. Er, England can't lose this, can they?
  15. Don't get me wrong, a lot of guys spend a fair bit of time in the gym. I'm just lazy, plus I'm 6'1" and naturally about 15.5/16 stone so I can get away with it, at least at the level I'm currently playing at.