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  1. Heh, Roy out obstructing the field, rightfully so for me, in the T20 against South Africa. England are making hard work of what should be a straight forward chase at Taunton. In other news the Australian players union have rejected the latest offer from Cricket Australia.
  2. Mahrez is definitely the most talented. I'm not sure he's the best though, he's rubbish a bit too often when he's not in the mood. That's probably why he hasn't attracted more interest from bigger clubs. Vardy's better than Zaha for me. Richarlison looks pretty good too. There are probably plenty of defensive players who are better at their jobs than Zaha too, it just doesn't tend to attract too much attention.
  3. Thinking about it a bit more I like a lot of the elements of the film but I'm not a fan of how it came together. I like Rose but she spends most of her time tied into the irritating casino plot line. I like Ren killing Snope and taking over but don't build Snope up as a mysterious figure if there's not going to be any pay off. I like the idea of tension building throughout the film with the Imperial, er, First Order Fleet chasing the Resistance Fleet but don't have Finn just wander off midway through it (sidenote stop introducing bigger ships to try and up the stakes, Star Destroyers are cool; just leave it alone). I like the idea of conflict within the resistance leadership because Leia's injured but Laura Dern not telling Poe, who appears to be the most senior officer left other than her, the plan is a stupid pretext for that (also have Leia get injured in a less stupid way). I quite liked Luke force projecting himself to save the day, it's pretty Jedi to win without actually fighting, and I even think his death was well done but couldn't we have had more than one film with Luke Skywalker in it?
  4. Yeah, I’ve read Gates of Fire, which most people seem to recommend, and The Afghan Campaign, which I enjoyed. I have seen some people say some of his books aren’t great though but since I haven’t read any others I couldn’t say. A quick google search reveals he wrote The Legend of Bagger Vance though so there’s that.
  5. If you liked the Last Kingdom books The Warlord Chronicles are similar but better, the best thing Bernard Cornwell has written for me. Miles Cameron, who seems to be quite popular here, is a pen name for Christian Cameron who has written quite a few historical novels, most of them on the Greeks. They're generally pretty decent but they can get a bit samey. Given how often he churns them out perhaps it's not too surprising. I've quite liked the Steven Pressfield books I've read but I understand he can be a bit hit and miss. And, yeah, Conn Iggulden's terrible. Sorry.
  6. Plus he died in this film when the bridge gets blown up.
  7. Lando's still alive! Maybe.
  8. It's hard to judge when I'm not really watching too much of the cricket but a bit disappointing again from England. It's been a bit of a weird series really, England have been poor but not really in the ways you'd expect. Stoneman and Malan have done well, which augurs well for the future, and Vince, while he hasn't been great, has probably overall done better than might have been expected. On the other hand Cook and Root haven't contributed much and when England do get themselves to 368 for 5 with a well set batsman Ali, Woakes and Overton, which should be a pretty strong lower order, don't turn up.
  9. He's been pretty consistent at Liverpool in fairness. He's looked a bit rusty since he came back from his injury and ban, he also seems to be trying to force it a bit, but he's still getting into good positions and it's not like 7 goals and 4 assists is a terrible return at this point in the season. He's probably earned a bit of patience.
  10. I assumed it was because he heard Leia's cry for help but there was no way he could physically get there in time so he astral projects himself or whatever. Anyway, I just got back from seeing it and I've got mixed feelings. I liked that it wasn't as derivative as TFA, all of the bits with Luke were really good, it was pretty visually stunning at times and I quite liked Rose humanising the sacrifice of all the Resistance pilots Poe gets killed. On the downside, as pretty much everyone's said, the jaunt to the casino was pointless and you could have cut Finn out of the movie and it wouldn't have made too much difference. Also, although his death was good, I not sure about Luke dying; he wasn't really in TFA and now he's not really going to be in Episode IX, it feels a bit like we've been a bit short changed to get a new Star Wars Trilogy but only one film with Luke Skywalker in.
  11. The Premier League do their own international broadcast which tends to get shown by any channels which don't have their own commentary team so that was probably it. All the UK channels have their own coverage so it doesn't get shown in the UK.
  12. In fairness, despite being a Murdoch owned, Sky News is fine. It's not like Fox News in the US or anything.
  13. That’s pretty cool LoON.
  14. I've given up on Tai-Pan for now as it wasn't really capturing my attention and consequently it was taking ages for me to get through. I whipped through Adrian Tchaikovsky's Dogs of War pretty quickly but I did find it a little disappointing. It's not terrible but I've generally really enjoyed his books but with this one it feels like he's come up with an interesting idea but there isn't really a cohesive storyline to hold the book together. At the moment I've just started reading Bernard Cornwell's Fools and Mortals.
  15. He’s not really the player he used to be, he’s just a goal scorer now rather than the more rounded threat he was, and he hasn’t looked great this season. Having said that, like Consigliere says, he was always going to win off the back of being the top scorer in a league and Champions League double winning side.
  16. Chelsea aren’t looking too flash/West Ham are looking half decent. The Moyes revolution is kicking in!
  17. They pretty much played their reserves, Foden from the U17s got a game, so I doubt they were too fussed.
  18. In fairness they haven't been bad before this game, they battered Sevilla at home and got a draw against Liverpool. Going behind early and having to come out and give Liverpool space wasn't the position they wanted to be in though.
  19. Cracking finish from Mane. There's no way we can let a 4 goal lead slip, right?
  20. What do you care? I’ve decided to make the effort not to like City, with their owners being evil despots and all, but it’s not like Liverpool would be the ones to catch them if they slipped up. The alternative’s United, maybe Chelsea, winning the title.
  21. Watching Match of the Day this morning Arsenal’s expected goals was 5.01, bloody hell that’s a tough way to lose.
  22. I’m watching a bit a bit of the Real game and I’ve just spent a good five minutes thinking ‘bloody hell I don’t recognise a single one of these Atletico players’. That’ll be because they’re playing Athletic Bilbao.
  23. Wahey, we got Smith out. This isn't really a great result overall for inserting the Australians but how much weight do you give getting rid of Smith relatively cheaply? We'll have to see I suppose.
  24. I doubt they’re that fussed. I’m sure they’re both going to get moves to teams the Champions League. If they want to leave now I doubt just getting into the top 4 is going to change their minds.
  25. I'd say shipping 4 goals against Southampton, about the same number as Saints have scored in every other game combined I believe, is a fairly sound basis for concern.