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  1. Donald Trump is worse than Joffrey

    No, he did not. He said, paraphrasing: "Mexico doesn't send their best here,they send drug dealers and rapists". That's quite different compared to "All Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists". He never attacked whole Mexican "race", just their illegal immigrants to US. And the fact is Mexican govt supports emigration of their poor and less educated citizens to US.
  2. Donald Trump is worse than Joffrey

    On the other hand Trump doesn't want to lock up anybody without trial or confiscate their property like FDR did. He just wants to ban them coming to US (and that only until "we figure out what is going one", and while that might damage US image in muslim countries it is hardly horrible thing to these immigrants - they will either go somewhere else or remain in their home countries. Jimmy fucking Carter banned immigration of ALL Iranians during hostage crisis, does anyone call him Hitler because of that? link
  3. Donald Trump is worse than Joffrey

    That's just complete nonsense. Trump is one of the least hawkish GOP candidates. Only Rand Paul would be less aggressive president than him. Hell, he's certainly less hawkish than Hillary Clinton. He believes in strong military, but not interventionism all around globe for questionable reasons.
  4. Refugee Crisis 2 - a warm welcome in Germany

          Reaping benefits, indeed. :thumbsup:
  5. Refugee Crisis 2 - a warm welcome in Germany

      Well, there are certainly not refugees in legal meaning of the word. Genuine refugees must stay in first safe country, where they arrive. If they don't they should automatically lose their refugee status. And the fact that these people make that difficult and costly voyage all the way up north to Germany and Sweden proves that they are more interested in economical benefits than safety. Even Kurds who might feel persecuted in Turkey should demand asylum in Greece or Bulgaria. Once you are safe from war but you continue to seek better life you are no longer refugee.     Syria was relatively secular, because of Asad oppression. In reality many Syrians are likely far more fundamentalist as experiences from Iran, Egypt, Libya etc. show us. Also you ask why should Islamist go from their ideal state (ISIS) to EU? Poverty and ongoing war are simple answers. Just because someone is fundementalist doesn't man he also wants to live in poverty or that he has the courage to fight or be bombed.     Like link where it's written down? Sorry,  I forgot where exactly I've read it, but it was in multiple sources, and not some antimuslim propaganda articles more like in depth analysis of roots islamist terrorism in Europe. It was long time ago, like 5 years at least. I don't remember, but it dealt with Hama massacre, it's aftermath and Mulsim brotherhood.  
  6. Middle East and North Africa 19

      Alternative to Kims would likely be a democracy. Alternative to Assad? Most likely ISIS or chaos. You don't even need to go too far to see the results of victory by Western backed rebels over secular autocracy - Libya is a good recent example.
  7. Refugee Crisis 2 - a warm welcome in Germany

      Why do you automatically assume the refugees are fleeing from ISIS? Some of them are simply fleeing the war and even more are economic migrants. Many of them are likely almost as radical as ISIS. It already happened once in 80ties when Assad's father crushed the rebellion of muslim bortherhood. The "refugees" were promptly accepted by some European countries and now they create the hard core of islamic radicals in EU. History likes to repeat itself, but this time it will be millions instead of tens of thousands.
  8. Refugee Crisis 2 - a warm welcome in Germany

      Few thousands - that's just the beginning. The same proposals to mandatory redistribute 160 000 refugees across EU countries also include permanent redistribution mechanism for all future refugees arriving into EU. Hell, few months ago they were talking just about 40 000. It's really carte blanche for EU, that will permanently abolish state sovereignty in all immigration matters. If it passes EU will be able to dictate every member state how many migrants to accept. You don't like it? Repealing such agreement will be almost impossible (you need 2/3 or unanimous decision in some cases to pass all important legislation on EU level), so if any country changes their mind after seeing the effects, they can't do shit, except leaving EU entirely.  Every one should oppose it, not just few countries.
  9. Refugee Crisis 2 - a warm welcome in Germany

      And then they voted for extremely restrictive immigration laws, without doubt because of all good experiences.   40 000 is just the beginning. Now the talk is about 160 000 and it will go much higher. It doesn't matter though, eastern european countries won't accept it and if Germany and co. try to push it down their throat it will destroy EU.   Hardly. I expect 10% to return, at most. In fact they will have difficulties to deport even those people who won't be eligible for asylum. Once they are in, they'll stay in.
  10.   Are we still talking about Europa league? The competition English clubs won once in last decade and twice since the end of Cold War?
  11. Refugee Crisis 2 - a warm welcome in Germany

    The hilarious thing is that those countries praising economic benefits brought by new immigrants were closing their labor markets to workforce from eastern Europe just few years ago aka Polish plumbers scare. :lol:
  12.   Not that you should have confidence in any English team in Europe. PL teams record in european competitions in last years is pretty abysmal. So Liverpool might have 2nd best EL team on paper, but they will still lose to some continental competitor they should on paper beat easily. :)
  13. Refugee Crisis 2 - a warm welcome in Germany

      There are no real climate refugees and there won't be any in next centuries. Climate change IS REAL, but is so slow and insignificant that even 3rd world countries will be able to adapt. OVERPOPULATION is the real problem. Just look the the population of Africa and Middle East 30 years ago, now and projected population in 2050. Even if global warming turns out to be complete bogus and temperatures stop to climb, they won't be able to cope with such demographic time bomb.
  14. Refugee Crisis 2 - a warm welcome in Germany

      There's no doubt some of them really have valuable skills. But as whole, based on immigrants from the same demographic group that already are in Europe, they become net drain on welfare systems and EU economies.
  15. Netflix's new epic drama - 'Marco Polo'

    At first I was like Marco Polo! Great! Some historical series with potential. Then I read about "astonishing martial arts" and puked. Please not another kung-fu movie!