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  1. U.S. Politics: 2016 Election Goes To Overtime

    The problem is that you believe that only Hillary's turnout was depressed. It is very likely many moderate and even conservative republicans stayed at home too.
  2. US Elections: Groper in Chief

    Yes. So in reality his support from minorities was likely even higher.
  3. Donald Trump is worse than Joffrey

    No, he did not. He said, paraphrasing: "Mexico doesn't send their best here,they send drug dealers and rapists". That's quite different compared to "All Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists". He never attacked whole Mexican "race", just their illegal immigrants to US. And the fact is Mexican govt supports emigration of their poor and less educated citizens to US.
  4. Donald Trump is worse than Joffrey

    On the other hand Trump doesn't want to lock up anybody without trial or confiscate their property like FDR did. He just wants to ban them coming to US (and that only until "we figure out what is going one", and while that might damage US image in muslim countries it is hardly horrible thing to these immigrants - they will either go somewhere else or remain in their home countries. Jimmy fucking Carter banned immigration of ALL Iranians during hostage crisis, does anyone call him Hitler because of that? link
  5. Donald Trump is worse than Joffrey

    That's just complete nonsense. Trump is one of the least hawkish GOP candidates. Only Rand Paul would be less aggressive president than him. Hell, he's certainly less hawkish than Hillary Clinton. He believes in strong military, but not interventionism all around globe for questionable reasons.
  6. Netflix's new epic drama - 'Marco Polo'

    At first I was like Marco Polo! Great! Some historical series with potential. Then I read about "astonishing martial arts" and puked. Please not another kung-fu movie!
  7. Andrzej Sapkowski II

    First book (Narrenturm or what was the name?) is good, but the quality goes down in sequels. Also I think the book would be better without the fantasy elements, as purely historical novels.
  8. Andrzej Sapkowski II

    You mean 2nd short story collection? Because I've read novels before reading Sword of Destiny and it wasn't that bad... True at the beginning you don't know who is Ciri etc., but you'll find out everything when reading novels, just later.
  9. Deadwood

    Sorry, but I just don't see it how could that be plausible. It's not like Deadwood was the first "wild" mining town in America - what about SF for example? How much gold was taken from John Sutter property and he couldn't do shit about it. Small prospectors had huge power in Wild West, so it's questionable US govt, Hearst, Pinkertons or any big guys would be able to do anything about it.
  10. Deadwood

    I really don't think it would be that difficult to kill Hearst, of course not openly in "Wild West style", but if he was shot by covertly like Elsworth or even killed by someone like Trixi, I don't think there would be full scale invasion by outsiders like you said... He would be just another rich man who was killed in lawless town. Also Bullock and All were not dealing the enemy more subtly, they were not dealing with him at all. That was a problem with 3rd season - a lot of talk about what to o with Hearst and then - rolling over and doing nothing. Well, some people complain about it, but does it really matter? I didn't even realize they were played by the same actor so he pulled it very well. Really? Those guys were the worst part of show IMO, I always fastforward every scene they are in, all of them were incredibly boring.