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  1. US Politics- Stay Gold, Pony Boy

    And concerning healthcare reform - all reform on federal level are just doomed and would only lead to partisan fights for years, if not decades, while nothing substantial will be done. America is simply too ideologically diverse to adopt "one size fits all" approach. The best way would be for federal government to simply provide block grants to states based on their population size and say "here are the money, you must use them for healthcare, but you can choose any system you want". End of debate, the issue is of (federal) table and government can concentrate on true federal issues like trade, foreign policy and overall economy.
  2. US Politics- Stay Gold, Pony Boy

    Well, he might have some contacts in Russian govt, but those contacts don't typically just give info, especially such sensitive info to private entity. Espionage simply doesn't work that way... If it did many countries would be hiring private orgs to conduct espionage, had they been so effective. Public state espionage agencies are gorillas in the room, private orgs have to satisfy themselves just with scraps, or investigating banks or FIFA. Putin is hugely overrated as "dictator" or some kind of menace generally. US had and still has allies who are far worse. It is funny to see somebody like McGraham calling Putin tyrant, while being BFFs with kings of Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Hell even Egypt and Turkey, our allies are more repressive than Russia. Also Russia and US have in reality almost no real conflict of interests. Putin's threat to Baltic states and eastern EU is hugely overrated, there's no economic rivalry like vs China and before revolution in Ukraine US and Russia actually cooperated in Middle East (Iranian embargo, Libya). Long time allies Germany - well that has to be some kind of joke, because after Cold War the alliance was basically 1way affair - US helping in Yugoslavia and providing security and Germany and EU generally undermining US on every turn. Europe offered zero help vs China (south China sea), Iraq (not counting UK as part of EU), stabbed US in the back when they pulled out of Iranian embargo, nothing against North Korea, are trading with Cuba, fined US tech companies for ridiculous reasons, subsidized Airbus etc. What was the benefit of this alliance for USA in last 20 years? Few peacekeepers in relatively safe areas of Afghanistan? So Trump will likely not fight for Ukraine to become part of EU. That's good, because it is not in American interest anyway and EU offered nothing for compensation. Russia was american enemy during Cold War, Cold War is over US won 25 years ago and Russia is now just a shadow of former USSR. The priority is Islamist word and especially China. US can't engage Russia, islamists, North Korea and China all together, that would be stupid. There's need to set up priorities and Russia should be pretty low. That's pragmatism, if Trump sees it this way he's just smart. Ideal new world order? Crimea recognized as part of Russia (they will never give it back anyway), Ukraine should remain politically and economically neutral (no NATO membership, equal trade with both Russia and EU), maybe Russians can purchase Crimea from them, ala Alaska, to make it all legal; ISIS crushed militarily (they are weak), new "moderate" sunni state created from eastern Syria and western Iraq to stop sectarian conflict and somewhat weaken Syria/Iraq (Iranian allies). That would free US hands to deal with Iran, NK and China either politically, economically or militarily. Frankly NK getting nuclear ICBM is far bigger threat for US than Russians in Crimea.
  3. US Politics- Stay Gold, Pony Boy

    There's no real shit out there on Trump. If it was it would have been leaked by someone long time ago, I'm talking about real thing not some dossier fairytales without ounce of proof. And the whole thing about some secret british agent hero somehow finding out all this from russians - that's a complete joke. private persons/organizations don't have that kind of intelligence capability. They can find out some stuff about private organizations like FIFA, or some 3rd world countries without budget for counterespionage, but there's no chance any private entity would be able to spy so easily on so formidable opponent as Russian secret services are. I never understood the worry about the effect of strong currency on exports. Weakening your own currency is extremely easy and very profitable for government. Basically money printing without hyperinflation (if done primarily to stabilize exchange rate, not to get a lot of revenue as is the reason for this practice in many 3rd world countries). Strengthening your currency is much more complicated and often very painful process for population.
  4. US Politics- Stay Gold, Pony Boy

    Actually what CNN did was IMO far worse - they didn't publish full dossier, but they interpreted the info contained in it in such way that the allegations sounded more serious and substantiated. Buzzfeed actually did DT a favor, by showing that whole dossier was just a bunch of unverifiable rumors and plain factual errors.
  5. Ah people have short memory... Obama was totally itching to get involved in Syria. He was just afraid a coalition of tea party and liberal doves won't give him authorization and after UK parliament refused to approve war, he backed out. Thank god, I say. Assads victory, while not ideal outcome is preferable to islamist opposition.
  6. I fail to see the fundamental difference between those two posts, besides including EU too in second one... It's all speculation why Obama/USA did it, but there's no no reason to doubt that he did. And that it significantly damaged US interest and his own priorities everywhere. It was like pretty big domino effect - pissed off Russians pulled out of Iranian embargo, EU who should have been thankful US supported their viewpoint in Ukraine promptly stabbed Obama to the back and pulled out too - whole embargo fell apart. Russians after seeing that US doesn't really give a fuck about them (despite Russians after reset supporting US in Iran and Lybia), decided to pursue their interests unilaterally in Ukraine and Syria. But you won't find any such analysis in western media - Putin is making Obama's life miserable simply because he's bad evil thug, rebels in Syria are good guys despite 50% of them being ISIS, 30% other less known islamists; and Obama/Kerry are good diplomats. What a colossal BS. He is liked in Europe, true. But successful diplomacy is not about being liked - it is about achieving your goals through diplomatic means. And current admin at the end achieved pretty much nothing, even their small victories were dismantled post Ukrainian revolution. The fact is (and Trump seems to understand it pretty well), that whole "conflict with Russia" that consumed US foreign policy attention in last few years was completely pointless. Even victorious, US would have won nothing, and it was sure as hell no victory.
  7. The government was recognized as democratically elected by Obama's govt too. It is questionable how "internal" the whole revolution was... It is questionable US would tolerate such "internal revolution" on borders... Hell, we have one historic example - Cuba. Yes, the Ukraine is a divided country. No one disputes that. And EU, US and Sorosians used that division to help overthrow pro eastern govt that had narrow but stable majority for some time... EU wanted Ukraine in EU, not in CIS; Soros always opposed Russian influence and nationalists in Eastern Europe. Only god knows why Obama went with the scheme. Probably because he is simply an idiot and wanted to make EU and Soros happy. Protesting and overthrowing govt are 2 diff things. The issue about Ukraine is that capital is located in western pro EU part of country, so it was easier to get critical mass of anti govt people on streets, but that doesn't mean people in other areas were supportive.
  8. Putin invaded Georgia, but he wasn't going to invade Ukraine, because he was getting it for "free". I say it again - democratically elected prorussian Ukrainian government refused to sign EU accession treaty, because conditions were too harsh and Russia offered better deal. Said government was then simply overthrown and it is proven EU and US ambassadors played a big part by providing at least international support for new regime. Those are facts, not paranoid fantasies. And Soros involvement in similar revolutions in eastern Europe is fact too so I don't know why are you talking about nutbar trifecta. In fact I believe, it was only because of Soros (big dem supporter) Obama got involved.That last part is just my conspiracy theory, I admit, but plausible. (US wasn't going to gain real any benefits from revolution except pissing off Russians whose support was needed in Iran and Syria).
  9. Russian economy still has sever problems and in few years they might not have power to do these thengs anymore... Putin has absolutely no reson to go to Baltic. and US is getting absolutely nothing at all from whole current situation anyway - if prowestern forces in Ukraine prevail, Ukraine will join EU and US won't benefit in any way. Had anti Assad rebel forces won in Syria against Assad and Russians the result would have been islamist state (or at best fractured country like Lebanon) not favorable to US anyway - again no gain. The whole fucking conflict with Russians has been pointless detour, with little potential for US to gain anything either economically or politically. US should concentrate on real problems/threats - China, North Korea, islamic terrorism and Iran.
  10. It is just purely political action aimed to restrict new presidents freedom of action in international affairs... If he was really concerned about hacking he would have retaliated long time ago.
  11. I fail to see how this is different from parts of ACA taking effect few years after the enactment and Obama himself illegally blocking some unpopular parts of it through executive actions...
  12. US did the same in last few years and not just to our enemies (Israel). The "funding of parties throughout" Europe is just leftist propaganda. Those parties are popular because of actions of european politicians, not because of Russian involvement. Putin never ordered Merkel to invite whole ME to Europe, he never ordered EU to force member countries to accept refugees against their will. The UKraine should have been handled by not starting the whole situation at all! People now think it was Putin who started this whole crisis. BS. It was started by EU, Obama and George Soros who overthrew (or helped) democratically elected prorussian government of Ukraine. Yanukovich wanted to bring Ukraine closer to Russia and was elected to do that. After he tried to sign economical treaty that would have tied Ukraine to East, the pro EU minority supported by Obama and EU revolted. How was Putin supposed to react? How would US react if Russian conspired to overthrow Canadian government and tried to replace it with pro Russian one? If Obama wasn't prepared to defend new Ukraine government, he made a mistake to involve US. It also created pretty serious domino effect - the Russians pulling out of Iranian sanctions and their direct involvement in Syria postdate Ukrainian crisis. Somehow no one seems to make the obvious conclusion... Despite "reset" retorics Obama admin treated Russia like crap for the last 4 years at least.
  13. U.S. Politics: 2016 Election Goes To Overtime

    The problem is that you believe that only Hillary's turnout was depressed. It is very likely many moderate and even conservative republicans stayed at home too.
  14. US Elections: Groper in Chief

    Yes. So in reality his support from minorities was likely even higher.
  15. Donald Trump is worse than Joffrey

    No, he did not. He said, paraphrasing: "Mexico doesn't send their best here,they send drug dealers and rapists". That's quite different compared to "All Mexicans are drug dealers and rapists". He never attacked whole Mexican "race", just their illegal immigrants to US. And the fact is Mexican govt supports emigration of their poor and less educated citizens to US.