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  1. I'm sending mead with Peadar and Jo, and Jon is bringing some tasty tasty Durian sweets from Thailand.
  2. God pebble anyone would think you work there or something
  3. I've been giving away Westvleteren 12 because I haven't had time to drink it
  4. Wolfgang started the thread so is responsible for the attendance list. I have a full membership and will be there barring calamity.
  5. Proud to have been part of the voting, but also we were just a number attached to the end of a monumental amount of effort on the part of many people. Grats to all involved.
  6. While I'm in town I'll be visiting as many of these as possible. If anyone's up for some brewery trips, give me a shout. https://www.ratebeer.com/Places/FindPlacesByCity.asp?CountryID=71&StateID=0&City=Helsinki&Show=1
  7. Seeing as Wert has set up an FB event for this he's accepted responsibility for feeding his headcount into Toft's
  8. I'd potentially be available one of those days (probably the earlier the date, the better). I don't check here often - Wert, poke me if a date's fixed please
  9. Down with this sort of thing.
  10. I'm afraid I can't make it anymore. Sorry guys, hope we can sort out another one before Titancon - at least you can talk spoilers though!
  11. Let's just hope that a lot of those are Glastonbury attendees.
  12. I'm setting up a chat group it might be nice to try out. If it works we can use it for other cons too, perhaps. Requires an app, which I'm sure won't be to everyone's taste. (Edit: actually seems to work in browser too) Click here to join: https://app.groupme.com/join_group/20488711/Ie4g90