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  1. Mancunicon - EasterCon 2016

    I'm setting up a chat group it might be nice to try out. If it works we can use it for other cons too, perhaps. Requires an app, which I'm sure won't be to everyone's taste. (Edit: actually seems to work in browser too) Click here to join:https://app.groupme.com/join_group/20488711/Ie4g90
  2. My recs for that areawould be either the Craft Beer Co on High Holborn, or the new Brewdog Soho just south of Oxford street. With the caveat that I probably won't be in attendance... though maybe I will.
  3. Mancunicon - EasterCon 2016

    Anyone up for a trip to Cloudwater Brewing on the saturday? Guessing not, but you never know...
  4. The Xs won't be in Helsinki then? Noes!
  5. I'm in NYC 9-11 Feb

    I neglected to mention the company, which was also excellent! I'm now back home, and sad. I shall return.
  6. I'm in NYC 9-11 Feb

    Cheers guys, was a great evening. Excellent beer and pizza.
  7. I'm in NYC 9-11 Feb

    Arrived. Have table in corner furthest from door. (I have a beard and an anthrax shirt)
  8. I'm in NYC 9-11 Feb

    Friday, but only available today
  9. I'm in NYC 9-11 Feb

    Indeed! We're on for 5, see you all there.
  10. I'm in NYC 9-11 Feb

    Works for us! We'll aim for 5. Will update here if the time changes.
  11. I'm in NYC 9-11 Feb

    Flagship's probably a little out of our way for the time we have. If anyone's available in the evening on one of those days, let me know what sort of area's best and which date, and I'll work it into our plans!
  12. I wasn't at any American con either. I signed up to vote in site selection by mail.
  13. I'm going to be in New York from the 3rd, but have somehow entirely booked myself up until the 9th. If anyone's around, the plan for those days is to visit the LIC breweries, Barrier Brewing and probably a couple of others. I can be persuaded to other options, too. It'd be great to see whoever's around!