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  1. No, if I do not like Nazis because I know that if they are in power they will kill me that is in no way unreasonable, and as such not bigoted
  2. Yep, the logic Jo is using is the exact same logic that has people screaming about vaccines causing Autism. Autism rates are almost certainly higher due to better diagnosis (and it changing to a spectrum), rather than just calling the autistic kid "retarded" and moving on.
  3. IMO all books spontaneously self-immolating is about as likely as all the infrastructure for the internet suddenly stopping working.
  4. Thing is, while attempting appeasement Chamberlain was also working to rearm the military in case appeasement failed. For the most part I'm not seeing that kind of preparation from those arguing for rule of law.
  5. You do remember that he's the guy in charge of the branch of government responsible for enforcing and executing law right?
  6. Nothing sinister there.
  7. I like Nickelback... Don't care one way or the other about Guy Fieri. (That's the restaurant guy with the weird hair right?)
  8. Right fair enough, though I would then say nothing is self-evidently wrong.
  9. Sure, but at that point who George Washington Carver was is even more irrelevant because some serious shit has gone down. The only thing that could cause google, the internet and phones to all just suddenly stop is a civilization ending catastrophe. And if that happens and you're focusing on who was deposed by Cromwell or who wrote a book than you're going die. Me? I've got useful skills and the ability to think critically. I'm gonna be fine.
  10. Who gives a shit? Aside from maybe the Magna Carta when is any of this going to be useful? If you want to learn about any of this that's great, but let's not act like not knowing who Alexanders Graham Bell's rival was is a bad thing. That's just trivia. Besides I have a phone and access to google, so I can find any of these out in an instant. Why would I then waste time learning and memorizing who the author of a book I never even heard of was when I could be doing something I enjoy. And why would I want teachers to waste their time making kids memorize trivia when they could be teaching those kids the value of being able to think critically. What they learn is much less important than how they learn.
  11. Yeah I'd like to think that, but as the continued existence of creationism, flat earthers, anti-vaxxers, and climate change deniers show being self evidently wrong rarely seems to stop people.
  12. I don't think he was, and I don't think it's a good idea to act like the threat isn't as large as it is because this guy is somehow different from all the other guys shouting Nazi slogans and waving Nazi flags.
  13. Was this their tactics? Cause my understanding a lot of the Nazis success came from people trying to avoid one side or the other. Remember? "First they came ..."
  14. Personally I prefer this one.
  15. You seem to be under the odd impression that people can't find shit to do. People who are unemployed currently have nothing to do because they don't have money to afford to do shit. And I'm sure a whole bunch of people would be totally fine being forced to pick up trash or do roadwork. That's not going to cause problems at all.