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  1. Political power and arms

    I'm First Nations, I have reason to think North America not being colonized or the US Revolution failing would be good things. Hence wanting gun control.
  2. Political power and arms

    Someone missed the joke.
  3. Political power and arms

    I have never wished for gun control more that I have in this moment.
  4. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    Well of course they're going to disagree with Trump, they got where they are by being competent.
  5. US politics: Donny, you're out of your element

    ? ephebophilia is attraction to 15-19 year olds. Given the the AOC varies from 12 to 19 there's apparently a lot of debate to be had.
  6. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Well you know, except a very good piece of evidence that doesn't count for reasons.
  7. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    Is English not your first language? Yes obviously when people say gun violence they don't mean the gun doing things on it's own. The fuck even is this? ... Why'd you capitalize gun violence btw? Ah I see, it's obviously more of a critical thinking issue. City aren't islands, so putting in gun control is going to be stymied by the fact that people can get guns from outside Chicago and bring them in. This make Chicago gun control really more of a symbolic gesture.
  8. US Politics: Opening Pandora's Box

    Avoiding WW3 is touchy feely in your world?
  9. US Politics: Opening Pandora's Box

    Meh, he did alright. Can only imagine what Harper would have done, not that he'd be willing to give money to scientists.
  10. US Politics: Opening Pandora's Box

    You mean when it was expanding via conquest as all empires did. It's funny, I never see the British empire described as a time when Christian armies where waging a vast war of conquest against pagans. And yet people have this odd need to act like the Caliphates were special somehow. Also they totally forget that the majority of what the Islamic caliphate conquered wasn't at all Christian.
  11. U.S. Politics: Courting Trump

    Those are utility markers mate.

    Then go ahead with that, but that's not what people who challenge climate change do. They don't demand falsification, they demand we ignore the facts. And yes that includes people who go "well we don't know the exact effect humans are having." The scientific method is to go where the data points, it is not to disagree for the sake of disagreeing. Beyond that, climate theory is not fucking spontaneous generation. It is not going to be proven wrong. CO2 causes warming, that's physics a fourth grader can prove. At most we will, like with Newtonian physics, find some areas to be filled in. But it is still an accurate working model that we can us. Waiting until we find something better is like waiting until the new bomb shelter is complete instead of heading for the older one even as the bomb is falling. The term you are looking for is anthropogenic climate change. And scientists regularly use it. Then climate "skeptics" cry conspiracy as using a more accurate term is somehow proof of something, just like the supposed change from global warming to climate change.

    It is more that Newtonian mechanics where shown to be incomplete, not incorrect. That's why we can, and do, still use Newtonian physics in many applications. There is no "Newtonian climate change" though. ETA: And if a similar event between current climate theory and a future theory does happen, almost nothing in current climate theory will be shown to be wrong, it will just have more added to it.

    I mean it exactly in the way I posted. Have you not seen the video of the people doing the Nazi salute while punchface says "hail trump"?

    I acknowledge most Trump supporters aren't Nazis. Some of them are. As for Trump, while I doubt he would have been a card carrying member I have no doubt he would have had very little issue working with them.