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  1. Alright I'll throw out a few. Usagi Tsukino: Sailor Moon - Japanese Edward Elric: Full Metal Alchemist -White Yachiru: Bleach - Japanese Natsu: Fairy Tail - Not a fucking clue, name suggests Asian. Goku: Dragon Ball Z - Also not a fucking glue, given the series inspiration probably Asian. Maria from FF2 was female, and FF1 they were so generic any of them could have been. In the official novel the White Mage was female. So really FF has never had an all male cast.
  2. You're reading comprehension is fucking terrible. What I'm saying is you cannot use eye and hair colour as a criteria for ethnicity. Because in the same anime that has blonde haired Usagi Tsukino you have blue haired Ami, purple haired Rei, teal haired Michiru, and pink haired Chibiusa. Anime gives not one shit for realism in eye and hair colour. They are not European, those are not European traits, and those are the only traits that differentiate them. All the other traits they have are so generically anime as to not be real to any human. No one has eyes like that, no one has noses like that, no one has mouths like that. Not without heavy plastic surgery at least. Looking at a girl with blue hair and going "totally a European, let's ignore where she's from and her clearly Japanese name" that's fucking dishonest. If people look at the sailor scouts and think "white girls" it's the same reason someone would look at stick figure and think "white person" because they're white and assume white as a default but if they look at the name Usagi Tsukino and think "white girl" then they aren't thinking at all. Usagi Tsukino is as white as Rei Hino, and if you look at Rei and think European when she has not one European trait I don't know what to tell you. Oh I don't know, it's not like I answered this when talking about Edward Elric. There are little things like their name and the culture they come fro, but that's apparently much less important than hair and eye colour, apparently dye doesn't exist in the anime world. Hence Edward Elric. Clearly European because his name is Edward Fucking Elric, and he lives in a clearly European inspired setting. Mario same deal, his name is Italian and he lives in an area with European style castles. But then that was you ignoring you're own logic. If we base Mario's ethnicity on hair colour than we shouldn't assume he is white, because most people with black hair aren't white. Just like most people with Blonde hair aren't Asian. Guess Mario's Chinese or Indian. Or like I said in my first bloody post, you could look for traits that actually do signify that the character is not Japanese. When actually white people show up in manga and anime (especially Americans) if the artist wants to signify that visually it is blatant. American's do not come out looking good in most Anime.
  3. Which is funnier to me, because I saw in my face book feeds how the "weak" Liberals are never going to have an chance against Trump because "he built his fortune on being a great negotiator" or some such nonsense. Fucking RepublicanLite's so glad O'leary dropped out, we had Bushlite in the form of Harper we don't need a Trumplite.
  4. Are you reading what's being written?
  5. Oh it's got nothing to do with the base game. Japan's fandom is scary and rule 34 is strong here. Then again that's largely true of all fandom.
  6. Did you not pay any attention to what I said at all? What did I say about Edward Elric? Same thing applies here. Base ethnicity on things that can represent ethnicity, like names and culture. Not their hair colour. Cause if I get to choose on hair colour Mario and Luigi are First Nations. Reaching is calling a person with a Japanese name living in Japan white because of their hair colour. That'd be stupid in our world. What is pink haired Yachiru in your mind anyway?
  7. You could if eyeshape was easily changed and there was a precedent of giving people a rainbow of eye shapes. If the person next to her has triangle shaped eyes than yeah she might not be Asian. Especially if the eyeshape didn't look much like actual human eyeshape. No blonde I know has the shade of yellow Sailor Moon has. Look Dunder, you're trying to claim these people are white because of two minor physical traits in universe's that clearly do not follow our universe's conventions on hair and eye colour. The idea that Sailor Moon is white because of her hair and eye colour would be ridiculous knowing that even if blonde hair and blue eyes were exclusive to white people. They're not. Neither is red hair. Don't uh... don't google it with safeseach off.
  8. It's not coincidence it's that hair or eye colour tells us nothing. In universes where pink, teal, blue, purple, or white haired people live why is a ginger or blonde Japanese person weird? Ichigo Kurosaki is Japanese 100% so is Orihime and the Pink haired Yachiru. Edward Elric is probably not, but that has nothing to do with his blonde hair, he has golden eyes like no actual person who has ever lived, it's based on his name being Edward Elric and him living in a society that's clearly inspired by Europe. (Like I said, if a dude's not Japanese you will be told, FMA wasn't subtle about it even before they brought in the obviously Asian Xing.)
  9. Sailor Mercury has blue hair, Sailor Neptune has teal hair, Sailor Mars has purple hair. They all have the same damn face and need something to distinguish them. Hair and eye colour are whatever the artist wants it to be and is not at all a good indicator of ethnicity. Especially when compared to Sailor Moon's name being Usagi Tsukino and her being born in Japan. ... And I am a 24 year old man and know way to much about Sailor Moon.
  10. They don't. Those characters are Japanese, they're supposed to look Japanese, and if you asked a Japanese person they would say they looked Japanese. At least in so far as they can, if you translated what Manga characters looked like into real life you'd get a fucking alien. Much like with almost all animation. When actual white people show up in anime and manga they are pretty serious visual stereotypes associated with them. Square Jaws and big noses mostly. (Think Guile from street fighter) And in the absence of visual stereotypes they will make sure to tell you in almost all cases, in universe or out. (Did you know Luffy from One Piece is Brazilian? And Ussop is African)
  11. I don't see how they could not. Corporation can only exist if people can buy their goods so if they have control over the machines they would need there to be some sort of universal income to keep themselves going, any remotely democratic government is going to have to in order to remain in power, and the people designing and building these machines tend to be doing it to help humanity as a whole. The only way humanity as a whole doesn't end up well off is if the machines somehow get controlled by some evil for the sake of evil people who just refuse to share the wealth. Which I find unlikely would be allowed to happen during the transition time, which I imagine will suck quite a bit as various entities refuse to see where the wind is blowing.
  12. Your just mad cause your going to be obsolete. More seriously I don't have any idea how these issues will be dealt with. Probably something for the lawyers and politicians to handle, maybe after they've already been replaced by our new robot overlords.
  13. Don't forget jobs like cashiers, warehouse employees, and even a lot of white collar jobs. There are robots replacing lawyers.
  14. Right it's synthetic now, after we tested the old herbal remedy version, identified and purified the active ingredient, and started using just that instead of the whole thing. No reason we can't do the same thing with TCM to identify what actually works.
  15. So standardize. This is hardly the first time we've tested herbal remedies mate, plenty of modern medicine used to be herbal medicines. Ever take an aspirin? This isn't anything new.