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  1. Edgar Allen Poe and Robert Frost. Does this lady understand she's not in high school anymore? Any college or university level course covering those done to death authors would raise major red flags to me.
  2. You could do better in a lot of ways, unfortunately you have the Republican Party, who's idea of healthcare is "fuck you".
  3. Well yeah, it the exception. It's also why healthcare insurance exists, at least in places that don't just cover healthcare automatically. So that if you are one of the unlucky people who get hit with millions in healthcare costs you aren't fucked. So that fact that you aren't, hopefully ever, spending that kind of money on healthcare is irrelevant. I'm 24, people my age dying is the exception no the norm, I still have a life insurance policy. (admittedly this is a mandated one as per my occupation but still, good idea to have it)
  4. I must say I'm confused about claims that taking down these monuments are attempts to whitewash history. Isn't that what these statues were in the first place? Removing them is in fact getting rid of that whitewashing. And they aren't even being destroyed, even though there would be plenty of justification to do so, they may very well end up as exhibits in a museum. Which would be IMO the best place for these types of things. Preferably one about attempts to whitewash history.
  5. Is there anyway of showing disagreement with some position you would find acceptable or do you just expect total submission? Because this is pretty much as polite as it gets.
  6. Windows XP is no longer supported because it's obsolete. While I'm sure Microsoft sees the benefit of people buying a new OS there's only so long you can keep patching an old OS to try and keep up with new hardware and software. Fact is supporting an OS for 13 years after it's release is more than enough and they still released a patch to deal with the ransomware issue. Most copies of Windows XP aren't even 64-bit. Wasting money and people to support it would be stupid.
  7. I was referring to the women arrested for laughing and the reporter arrested for asking questions. Since those things are a big fuck you to the first amendment.
  8. Hey second amendment supporters? This is type of tyranny that the second amendment was put into place to prevent.
  9. And you think those are advantages of Bitcoin? Those sound like terrible things for a currency.
  10. I mean they ultimately didn't make a reality TV star businessman their candidate for PM so they're not entirely following the Republicans. Just mostly.
  11. Let's not forget increased automation will see a decrease in costs for damn near everything. A basic income that only pays for food shelter and medical aid now will pay for a lot more in the future. And a lot of entertainment stuff will become damn near free. Personally the day basic income becomes a thing I'm probably fucking off back to the ocean side with a guitar and some scuba gear in summer and to the mountain with a snowboard in winter. If other people have a problem with that, well fuck'em it's their problem. If they feel they need to work to have fulfilling lives than that's a problem they have to sort out for themselves. Don't fuck the rest of us over.
  12. Time to up the research on hydroponics and vertical farms methinks. Which would cut down on transportation costs by having the farms in the cities, allow growth cycles for constant fresh veggies with no long shipping, no picking veggies and fruit early to keep them from rotting before hitting store shelves, herbicide and pesticide use could be cut to almost nothing, and automation means this could be down with little human involvement. Now if only we could figure out the power issue we have a huge quality and quantity increase. On the basic income discussion, why would it be only artists? In Star Trek Captain Sisko's father is a chef, he runs a restaurant, in a civilization with no money and replicators, because he enjoys it and so do his patrons. I don't see how that wouldn't happen in a basic income society. Sometimes you want the machine to do it for you, and sometimes you want the human touch.
  13. Yeah I ain't worshiping you either. Which seems to be what dictatorships put in place in lieu of a religion. Scot I'm Canadian so I'm not talking about the 1st amendment as there are some differences between my freedom of religion and yours. Like I don't have to worry about a strict reading that would limit freedom of religion only binding parliament.
  14. Freedom of religion includes freedom from religion so that's very much something I'm not giving up.