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  1. Trump doesn't like to be reminded that he's eating like crap when he eats like crap.
  2. I was actually about to post about that cause I happened to see news about the most recent one and realized no one had mentioned it. Multiple bombs have gone off in Texas and nothing. What the fuck world are we living in?
  3. Again, cigarettes and alcohol.
  4. Or Biblo and the Proudfoots. (Proudfeet!)
  5. Same punishment that's given to people that sell alcohol and cigarettes.
  6. Seal hunting is a seasonal job anyway, I'm against those bloody lazy American's coming and taking jobs from hardworking Newfie fishermen and then going on welfare for the rest of the year.
  7. They do, just not nearly as much as the victims. Let's try a thought experiment. We'll go full cartoon villain here for dramatic effect. Guy's committed a crime, killed a bunch of people, and now he's got a whole bunch other people hostage, with immediate death coming for them that you can stop. But If you don't get him right now he's going to get away, period. Do you save the people and let him escape? Or capture him and let the people die? I choose the former, from your posts it seem like you would choose the latter. Well, for one because we're trying to save live, not kill a bunch more in a war. I'm no compromising my principals at all, I'm compromising yours that says the criminal is more important than the victim. Whereas my principals say the victim(s) comes first. I assume you mean did, and the answer is because they didn't think they had another option. They did not at the time think the war weary armies of France and England could have stood up. This wasn't a matter of expediency. Expediency in this case would have been England allying with Germany. So no not expediency, a pretty cold calculus that may have ended with things going better, or may have made things worse but there's really no way to know. Basically having to choose one of a whole lot of shitty options and no good ones. But then none of these things are remotely comparable to the hypothetical situation brought up anyway. There's a lot of considerations to make when it comes to bombing those rail lines, let's not pretend it was just a matter of bombing them being only a good and having no negative potential repercussions for all sorts of reasons.
  8. Why should millions continue to suffer because we are unable to deal with someone by your standard of justice? Why is it better to keep an injustice happening then stop the injustice even if it means not being able to punish the person responsible? Basically why does the criminal matter more to you than the victims?
  9. Who are these experts that think Bigfoot is real? I imagine they're the same as the creationism experts. Meaning if their degrees are real they're in completely different subjects, but probably made up.
  10. Why are your ideals more important than the suffering of 25 million people? Kim not getting what he deserves would be imo a small price to pay to prevent another child from starving to death.
  11. I don't really either, because the Republicans are nuts, but since they definitely won't rethink their tactics if there is no retaliation I don't really see any other option.
  12. So you can do nothing, in which case they take if further because there's nothing to stop them and you're screwed. Or you can respond in kind, maybe the other side will do the sane thing and not escalate or maybe they will, but at least in this case you have a chance. You can't worry about causing escalation when this is the one option that might stop escalation and you weren't the one who escalated in the first place. ETA: Not responding in turn is like watching another country ready their army to invade you but not getting your own army ready because you're worried it might escalate the situation. Shit already escalated that's not on you.
  13. Except how are you going to get the other side to stop? And how are you going prevent the other side from going even farther? In an event like this not only is it okay to respond in kind, but it's a must. To do anything else is to signal to the other side you will roll over and they can do whatever they like. So it's not about payback necessarily, but showing that you will react to what the other side does.
  14. Bitcoin is a cancer.
  15. Fuck, and I have to live in Ontario for school. This kind of shit was funnier when I lived in BC.
  16. There's three answers to the question, depending on exactly what you mean. If you mean eggs in general it is indeed the egg. If you mean the chicken egg, it is once again the egg. Though you will have to put an arbitrary distinction between chicken and non-chicken. And if you mean the modern chicken egg, then it's the chicken. Because the modern chicken egg has a specific protein that didn't exist in more primitive chickens. So there would have been a chicken born from a non-modern chicken egg that had the mutation to create the protein in it's own eggs.
  17. I mean sure, in so far as he gave the bad guys the occasional moment of acting like a human being. But to put it bluntly Hitler is not a good guy just because he liked animals. As Stannis pointed out, and I imagine is going to bite him in the ass, one good deed does not wash away the bad. So yeah, the worlds not black and white and most people are shades of grey, but some people are a pretty fucking dark grey and they seem to congregate on the Republican side of things. Your interpretation of grey and grey morality seems to be "therefore everyone's the same" mines decidedly not.
  18. That is an issue, one's sides demonization is another pointing out the facts.
  19. Read Newfoundland and was deeply concerned for a moment.
  20. If it's so good he shouldn't have much of a issue getting his findings tested and published in actual scientific journals as scientific papers. Oh wait, a group he helped fund did do studies and they don't support his hypothesis. Also, a calorie is a calorie. Where's my cheque?
  21. Or because the US isn't likely to put up with FIFA's bullshit. Regardless of who's president FIFA can't push the US around like it does other countries.
  22. Well I've known that since they started using the fact that the AR-15 isn't technically an assault rifle because it doesn't have a selective fire mechanism as an argument. One of the first things to come up when I was getting qualified on the C7 (which is virtually identical to the AR-15) was that switching to full auto was fun, but pretty much pointless. 90% of the time it's just a waste of ammo. But the AR-15 isn't an assault rifle therefore it's perfectly okay to let civilians use it.
  23. That too, but I was talking about Ed.
  24. Just goes to show you all the bitching about younger people is bollocks. Also that despite all the technological advancement we really haven't changed much in the past 2000 years.