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  1. New SSM at Balticon!

    I haven't transcribed the chapter yet. Blame the whiskeys.
  2. New SSM at Balticon!

    Im working on writing on the Damphair chapter now on my site, too, I can copy/link when I'm done.
  3. New SSM at Balticon!

    Thanks everyone! I appreciate the sentiments. I was first in line at the 1:15 signing today if Ran wants to verify. We asked to see if their were any possible hidden heirs to contest the Sand Snakes. The first question he answered immediately, the second he paused. That made me think Prince Lewyn having a paramour could be important. Maybe not, but I didn't get a "keep reading" answer! Lol
  4. New SSM at Balticon!

    Q: Did Prince Lewyn have a paramour? GRRM: Yes Q: Have we met her? GRRM: Not sure yet. Pics bc it happened below. I can't believe we didn't get a "keep reading" answer! Possible bastard heir of Dorne? Q1 was answered immediately, and thought a bit before answering #2. I was first in line at morning signing today!
  5. Very nice! Are you gonna cross post
  6. Heresy 182

    Lol! You thought of my costume counter argument before I could use it! Checkmate... ETA: unless different seasons maybe? But I can't see the story going that fast. Yeah, I think he'll be under the heart tree for awhile, as well.
  7. Heresy 182

    The thing about the ET cover- I'll try and be vague since I think you spoiler tagged it? Is it spoilerish? Just in case... I'm guessing Bran will be spending a lot more time in that cave in the next book(s), because we kind of need his weirnet visions to plug up some holes in the past, no? I mean the precedent was already kind of set up when he goes and sees Ned praying about hoping they will grow as brothers- assuming he means Jon/Robb, though I've wondered if it was Theon before, too. Also, recall that Arya heard Ned whispering to her in the trees in Clash, right? When she was stuck in Harrenhal? So it gives GRRM some leeway to explain some of the storyline by means of tree visions. For example, mayhaps Howland won't be a POV, but he may be seen by Bran (I'm hoping) in the next installment. Especially if the Jojen paste theory is true- then it would kind of be like Bran would have a creepy connection with the Reeds and maybe start seeing Howland through Jojen's eyes. But my imagination might be going a little too far now...
  8. Angry Got Fan AMA with GRRM.

    That's not really fair now is it? "Let me quote you, but don't respond, ok? I'm going to have the last word because we shouldn't discuss this"     Even more reason not to sell your rights until you're done, then. I didn't say he got rich off anything, books or show, I suggested selling when you finish the story if his stance is that he doesn't want the show to deviate from his book. IF that's the case, and GRRM is unhappy with the show for that reason. Or, don't sell your story rights, because, when you do, you are selling the right to create fan fiction of your work. As Drekinn said, we don't know what he said, or the context. We're going off a random person's Twitter feed. Maybe someone else at the event will show up and post something.
  9. Angry Got Fan AMA with GRRM.

    And that's fine, my point is don't bite the hand that feeds you. It's unprofessional, like the other poster said.
  10. Angry Got Fan AMA with GRRM.

    He could've waited until his story was over to sell to HBO. They don't have much of a choice but to write their own material if it hasn't been released yet.
  11. Angry Got Fan AMA with GRRM.

    "He pictures" characters from the books, not the show. I took that as to mean something visual.
  12. Angry Got Fan AMA with GRRM.

    Exactly. Show Tyrion is too good looking to be book Tyrion. When I was doing my reread, I had forgotten how monstrous Tyrion is described as being. And now missing a nose on top of everything else.
  13. Angry Got Fan AMA with GRRM.

    I made an imgur account just to prove to myself I didn't hallucinate that:
  14. Angry Got Fan AMA with GRRM.

    I think you can read it without having Twitter. It's also linked on reddit, if you want to see screenshots there. Just search angry got fan. Pretty sure GRRM does have a Twitter, though. I just don't think he uses it much.
  15. Angry Got Fan AMA with GRRM.

    On his page he has a tweet that says: @CathalDON1 THERE IS NO ASTRONOMY SYSTEM IN HIS WORLD