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  1. Hey BC totally OT, but don't get mad, ok? Going to Italy in 10 days for 3 months, just wondering if any Italian heretics or RLJ-ers lived over there & wanted to meet up. I'll start in Rome, may spend my first 2 weeks in Prague, then Amalfi Coast and Greece if i can make it thru November. Or I'll just stay there if Trump gets elected, lol! Anyway, thought it would be fun to meet other fans on my trip if they are out there. -Mojito of Dragons
  2. Ok I like this theory, it's interesting, you think there are still dragons in Asshai, or just the remnants? I mean technically W has remnants of dragons, too, right? why would GRRM tell us that we won't see Asshai if it keeps getting brought up?! It pisses me off. Hopefully the mystery reveals itself another way. Except- wasn't Jorah really gunning for Dany to go to Asshai for awhile after Drogo? Makes you wonder if there's an agenda, although that was after he murdered the wine seller. But I can't tell if he loved Dany at that point or if Varys had sent him the msg not to just in time. It seems like the latter, but I wonder why he'd offer to murder her for a pardon, but then take her to Asshai? I mean I would assume Jorah would be included in the men she shouldn't trust, right? Or did I misunderstand and go on a tangent, flea bag (JK, the username is funny).
  3. Lololol!
  4. My bad, you posted transcript links which would infer they were recorded directly, so I thought we were discussing transcripts! Don't recall bragging about recording anything illegally, but thanks for the heads up.
  5. Why not the seven gods? Too obvious?
  6. Nope, but I was first! Yay! & thanks for the qualifier, @wolfmaid7, glad to see you back online. I want to come back to this Aeron chapter and discuss, but I magically got this weekend off, and we're highballing our nads off in the backyard right now roasting a Cochon de Lait (Cajun microwave from my LSU days). Ciao for now!
  7. LololI know! I was wondering who that poor author was later, if it was a double signing.
  8. Recap! I mean recap! No transcriptions! We still need to kind of merge everything so I won't link it openly, but I'll send you the link In a pm if you want it- but I think the material is still good enough to get the gist. Otherwise when the chapter is merged you guys can wait and I'll post it here.
  9. I have a very complete collaborative reading on my site. I'd post it, but we still need to refine it, but I'm happy to send a link to anyone who wants to start reading the recaps. We're just helping each other fill in blanks, but I'm comfortable enough to share what we have. Otherwise I'd just post the whole recap here. ETA: I was at the reading, I'm a primary source.
  10. Almost have a pretty complete transcription compiled on the Forsaken on my site, will let you or anyone else interested the link if you want to read it. Group effort, but everyone did a great job!
  11. I haven't transcribed the chapter yet. Blame the whiskeys.
  12. Im working on writing on the Damphair chapter now on my site, too, I can copy/link when I'm done.
  13. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the sentiments. I was first in line at the 1:15 signing today if Ran wants to verify. We asked to see if their were any possible hidden heirs to contest the Sand Snakes. The first question he answered immediately, the second he paused. That made me think Prince Lewyn having a paramour could be important. Maybe not, but I didn't get a "keep reading" answer! Lol
  14. Q: Did Prince Lewyn have a paramour? GRRM: Yes Q: Have we met her? GRRM: Not sure yet. Pics bc it happened below. I can't believe we didn't get a "keep reading" answer! Possible bastard heir of Dorne? Q1 was answered immediately, and thought a bit before answering #2. I was first in line at morning signing today!
  15. Very nice! Are you gonna cross post