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  1. Heresy 176

      well it wouldnt be the way that ice appears on an asphalt surface from a motor vehicle.   probably ice that is black
  2. Heresy 176

      i don't think such a modern term would be in the story at all. unless jon is made of asphalt     some of the stuff she has certainly urged along, but her marriage to robert? how did she arrange that?
  3. Heresy 176

      very possible. we dont know how long a singer greenseer lasts. but the phrasing still suggests that the lack of robustness is a problem for singer greenseers, strongly implying that said problem is the reason that they have human greenseers.   we also don't know how long the weirwood network lengthens the life span of human greenseers. bloodraven was 77 when he got there. it turned hie remaining 3-15 into another 60. would bran be able to serve as greenseer for far more than that?
  4. Heresy 176

      they live beyond their time because of the apparatus they are hooked up to. either ice preserves type thing or basically they aren't using up much phsyical energy, essentially hoked up to life support.   but definitely the connotation of the singer green seers not being robust is that they want greenseers who are robust, thus blood raven and bran
  5. Heresy 176

      fair enough. but i'm not sure if the concept of born with greenseer abilities implying born destined to lose a body part feels right.   to me, the point of the singer greenseers being not robust is what leads them to use human greenseers. the singer greenseers don't last long, bloodraven has served as the greenseer for fifty years because he was robust. and he was old when he got there. bran was a robust child who lost the use of his legs,(not needed for this job anyways) the singers are probably thinking, "we are going to get 200 years out of this kid" 
  6. Heresy 176

    it says that the singers that are born to be greenseers are not robust. among singers. that does not mean that humans who have the gift are not physically whole. bloodraven is almost 130 but he was a whole and hearty adult.
  7. Heresy 176

      i mean there could be but that is pretty speculative. what makes you think that that particular event isn't as seems
  8. Heresy 175

      i thought about mentioning that. but it is as if the stannis/renly conflict was all there was to westeros. 
  9. Heresy 175

      it's really not that similar. you could purposefully create synopsis for a lot of books to make them sound similar.   i've read ms &t and grrm didnt take any more from that than he did from lotr and he took a lot less than he did from real history.     affc detractors (i'm not one)might say that he stole the idea of having a completely boring middle book but.....seriously. the entirety of book 2 of ms&t could have been replaced by about two chapters at the beginning of book 3.(the first half of which was almost equally as boring.)   yeah, there are some similarities, but it is very surface level. and calling anything that happens in osten ard a political power struggle is very very generous
  10. a book would be unnecessary. the show is about recreating great scenes from the books though. and some of those are flashbacks or stories about robert's rebellion. it would work.
  11. Heresy 175

      this is what i would assume. jon doesn't have a third eye, he isn't a green seer. bran is telling jon to open his ghost eyes
  12. Heresy 175

    not saying they are but couldn't they have been human greenseers
  13. Heresy 175

      yeah. rarely was any people thought of as evil and exterminated for such reasons. typically in any event that we now refer to as a genocide, they were characterized as evil or other, or subhuman, because doing so served as a rationalization for disregarding them in pursuit of such objectives.    and it's not a european thing. we just happen to have better written records from longer ago, from the area around the mediterranean/west asia. 
  14. The Tully's claim on the Riverlands

    the problem is the quote that you started from.    "The Tullys of Riverrun were never kings, though the books of lineages will show any number of connections to the dynasties of the past. It may have been these old connections that started House Tully on its path to becoming Lords Paramount of the Trident under Aegon I."   is from the world of ice and fire. which is specifically written by an unreliable narrator that is sucking up to the current powers, essentially those that had a part of the rebellion.   yes, the tully's likely had ancestral connections to previous ruling houses. but it is likely that every noble family in the riverlands had the same. just as in the reach. look in thaqt same world in fire at the lannister tree over the past 100 years and how many families that interchanged with. now expand that tree back a few thousand years. the line that you start from is just a nicety to make the tullys seem less upjumped.
  15. Heresy 175

    there was no word in english either until the 20th century.