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  1. Makeup V: Inspired by a Diva

    MAC is pretty good about not discontinuing colors. I've been using their Oh Baby lip gloss everyday for20+ years now. Every time I go in to buy a new stash I always get this panicked feeling that this time it won't be there. But they always assure me it isn't going anywhere as its one of their best sellers. I have a tube of O as well from many moons ago.
  2. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    Yeah I am not a Ronan fan. I didn't mind him in Book One as he was just one of a cast ofcharacters. But then when he took over and completely dominated Book Two, that is when he began to annoy me. I liked Book Three because it moved back to the assortment of characters with less focus on Ronan. Right now with Book Four I find myself lingering over the chapters with everyone else but Ronan and then sort of fast forwarding over his dreams. Characters like Gansey typically interest me more than characters like Ronan.
  3. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    I am reading it but it's slow going as I have a lot going on and have been only able to read a few chapters a night. I'm probably about the same place you are with my reading. My gut feeling with no spoilers is I'm not going to love it. I absolutely loved loved the first book, hated the second and felt the third brought it back to some middle ground. I suspect this last book will bring back some book two stuff I didn't like. But at this point I'm determined to see this series out.
  4. Person of Interest - Only 13 Episodes Left

    Yeah, while I am still incredibly pissed off about its cancellation, I've made some peace with it. Other than POI my absolute favorite tv shows have been Alias, Lost, and Fringe. Both Alias and Fringe were cancelled and got short last seasons and their finales were satisfying for me...Fringe especially. Lost on the other hand (if I am remember this correctly) was allowed to decide when to end on its own and they had a pretty full season of episodes with which to end things and it pretty much sucked. So I am going to take comfort with that and remind myself a full season of episodes doesn't make for better television.Hopefully at least this way we get an incredibly tight and fabulous blowout of 14 episodes with POI. But I'm going to need something to fill the void after this.
  5. Rogue One: 2 Rebellious 2 Fail

    Amovie abouta group of people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s is justlike a YAnovel. Suuuure. Anyway, I think it looks very promising. Very excited for it. With this and Fantastic Beasts coming out later this year its looking to be an enjoyable end of the year for movies.
  6. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Since you have doubts about the red blazer, I think its best to wear the black blazer. You know it won't be an issue if you wear the black blazer but it possibly could be if you wear the red. Best to play it safe with this job interview, I think. Good luck with the interview! At the wedding I went to a few years ago inItaly, the bride had one of those dresses where it appeared all conservative and covered up with lace shoulders and sleeves for the church and then the sleeves and shoulder piece came off for the reception so it was strapless.
  7. Fashion thread: updating classics

    You can absolutely wear sneakers and not stand out as an American in Italy. Just don't wear white running shoes with white socks and blue jeans! But plenty of Italian men wear sneakers. Those Adidas ones you posted on the other page would be fine. Any Puma/Adidas/Nike dark color type sneaker would be fine and not stand out. That being said, I don't know what part of Italy you will be going to and the weather of course can be varied. I spent a month in Rome in May one year and it rained about half of the days I was there and it was quite drenching rain. And in Venice, of course, you can get flooding and wet shoes. So something like Ecco's Track GTX black leather shoes that have Gore-Tex and a thicker sole and are good for walking on a range of surfaces might be useful for keeping your feet dry but being pretty discrete looking shoes that won't stand out if you are wearing long dark pants.
  8. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Angalin, Wellother petite ladies I know like Nordstrom's for full length dresses as I gather online they have a larger selection than most. If you see anything you like there but can't order it due to your current location, I am happy to assist. As for this one of those college balls that lasts until dawn where they have a breakfast for the survivors? If so, I've been to oneand I say forget the shoes because I lost mine at the one I went to at Cambridge.Sometime around 3 AM my feet were killing me (right around after the reels ended)and I took them off and tucked them in a corner and never saw them again. So my advice is wear shoes that blend in with your full length dress that won't stand out but will be comfortable and be able to stay on your feet for 12 hours straight. Hell, I'd even say wear sneakers. Bedazzle them with glitter or sequins if you feel the need to dress them up. Or I saw a pair of Converse that had spikes on them - BATTLE SHOES! But honestly I can't remember an evening where my feet ever hurt so much the next morning and my feet were much younger back then. So take care ofyour feet!
  9. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Oh I am curious to hear which quirks these are. There are certainly things that keep these from being perfect for in my own personal preferences...such as I'm not a huge wolf fan and obviously they play a big role. But I love all the other "Others" so that more than makes up for it. Most especially theVampires, the Elementals and their ponies, and the Harvester. I'm re-reading the whole series now, which I haven't done before, and I'm just impressed with how she had everything all plotted out and set upfrom the very first book. It canonly be appreciated now with these later books out but everything was right back there from thevery beginning. Even locations we don't get to until the 4th books are laid out in the list of locations in the first.
  10. Star Wars Novels/Graphic Novels

    As I suspected...very very VERY limited in spoilers regarding Bloodlines. As in none, basically. There was much joking about ninjas descending from the ceiling to eliminate Grey if she accidentally revealed anything during the panel. So all we learned specifically was... Bloodlines takes place "some years" before TFA. Fundamentally, Bloodlinesis about Leia as a leader. Grey seemed to imply that it isn't about what happened to Ben and how that impactedher and Han. That information is being saved for the movies...or at least until after the next movie or two comes out. Bloodlines publication date was pushed back to May because Grey requested that she and the people involved in editingthe book be able to see TFA and then do final edits on the book. Amazingly the publisher and the movie people thought this was a good idea. (You know unlike the guy who wrote TFA book who did not get to see the movie or any select scenes from it.) She specifically told the movie people she didn't want to know anything more than she needed to know to write the story. Grey signed Bloodlines posters that were being given away for free: Oh and for Mad Max Fury Road fans...apparently after Lost Stars, Grey ran out of friends names to "borrow" for characters in Bloodlines and apparently she turned to Fury Road for inspiration so bonus points if you are able to find every reference. She will most likely have a contest for this. One character from Lost Stars is in Bloodlines. This wasn't planned. She just got to a point in the story where a certain kind of character was needed and she realized she had such a character in Lost Stars and got to use said person. No clue was given as to which one. There is no planned sequel for Lost Stars...i.e. she has no contract to write one or word from the publisher that they want her to write one. She would very much like to write one, however,and urged us to let the publisher know we want one...if we do. One Lost Stars tidbit...thetwo main characters were gender switched at her request...i.e. in who supports the Empire and who sides with the Rebels.She had a lot of freedom with that story other than beingtold it was supposed to be like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead in Star Wars. One of the only things she was told she couldn't do after she turned in her first draft was have a certain ship at a certain place in a certain time.
  11. Star Wars Novels/Graphic Novels

    Del Ray is going to be doing a big push this weekend of Claudia Grey and Bloodlines at C2E2 this weekend in Chicago. Some panels and promotional material for it along with some other SWs books. Will try to go to the panel to hear what she has to say about it although I suspect it will be limited in spoilers.
  12. Fashion thread: updating classics

    You can custom order Adidas through their website and get the color combinations you want and have the stripes blend in or stand out as you like. I did that the other year with Pumaand got a solid pair of navy suede blue sneakers which blend in perfectly with a navy suit for walking to and from work purposes. I would have gotten more and done some fun color combinations but sadly Puma seems to have discontinued the service. Adidas are normally too narrow for my feet or I would do it through them. Regarding colored cotton socks...this is not a helpful recommendation but it reminds me that last year when I was in Berlin in Galeries Lafayette in the men's department, they had this whole wall filled with socks by Falke. There were all sorts of amazing colors and fabrics. I got a couple of pairs as a treat and now I really wish I had purchased some more because I absolutely love them and how they have kept their shape and color and how they stay up when you are wearing them. And how they are shaped and labeled for right and left feet! But they are way overpriced on this side of the ocean and not readily available and sadly they don't have a USA website. But they do have all sorts of fabulous colors *sigh*
  13. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    Still haven't gotten around to the newest Mercy Thompson yet. Finished reading the 4th Others book by Anne Bishop - Marked in Flesh - and it was fantastic. Such a great urban fantasy series...although this one was more world fantasyI guess. The first book in the series started by focusing on a small neighborhood in a city. The second book expanded to encompass the city. The third book then reached out into the greater region. And now with this fourth book we are getting glimpses around the world. I love the world building andthe characters in this series. After I finished I went back and immediately started re-reading the first book in the series. I suspect I'll run through them all again and then hopefully finally get to the Mercy Thompson one. Both books were edited by Anne Sowards who is also Ilona Andrews,and Jim Butcher's editor.
  14. Well they've done it. Person of Interest will be canceled after this final season. I'm really pissed off about this as it was my absolute favorite tv show these days and I think it could have had a solid run for a few more years. But I guess 9-10 millions viewers an episode isn't sufficient for CBS so bye bye. Whatever. I'm just glad that they planned for this and we will get an actually ending to the series instead of a cliff hanger. Anyway it begins May 3rd and then will run through the episodes as quickly as possible with two a week. At least they aren't burying it on Friday nights.
  15. (Spoilers) The Americans season 4

    It's beginning right now...