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  1. I would be up for that on another date if its offered again. But I think that day/time is when Peadar has his solo panel.
  2. It really varies. Professionals/aspiring professionals, etc. will most likely have their first and last name on their badge. But if you are from this board and just attending to hang with other people from the board you might only have your board name on your badge. Or a combination of board name with your first name. Or just your first's really whatever you are comfortable with and what name you want people to identify you by.
  3. @Fragile Bird Great! I see the con schedule is now posted so let's see what day/time works best and doesn't conflict with anything else we want to do. @Adz of CCAA looking forward to seeing you too! Btw anyone who can't make the Wednesday morning Suomenlinna tour, I heard back from them and they might add a Friday tour if they get enough people.
  4. Thanks for the information Samantha. That's too early for me that day because of my schedule. I'd be interested in going later that day or Thursday or Friday if anyone else is interested. I think it's easy enough to do on our own if the con doesn't arrange another tour for a different day. Also, this is quite specific but on the off chance anyone else is an architecture nerd...I'm planning on visiting Alvar Aalto's house and studio at some point that week. Your have to book the tours in advance as they only do small guided tours. If anyone else is interested in going with me, let me know.
  5. For those of you booked on the tour of Suomenlinna, what time does it leave Wednesday morning?
  6. If you both like hiking/walking holidays, I'd rent a holiday cottage out in the Ring of Kerry area and explore there. Depending on the weather go out to Skellig Michael one day for some history/hiking/Star Wars.
  7. Well sadly I get no such image. I was rather looking forward to seeing that. But I just get plain images of eye masks. How strange. Hmm seems they only make silky eye masks or wool beanie caps. I must continue in my quest...
  8. Isis, what is the brand of the one you got? Perhaps they make a non silky one. Lyanna, totally agree. I got some under eye concealer last year and it did cover the purple but brought to light lines I never knew I had!
  9. This is so devastating. I read about it last night as it was happening and now more details this morning. As a person who lives in a high rise building...and an unsprinkled one at that...this is one of my greatest fears. I can't imagine what that was like for the people on the upper floors who couldn't get out. And so appalling about the stair being blocked. It is standard procedure to only evacuate certain floors around a fire. This is because typically fires can be contained and then it keeps the stairwells free for firefighters and limits residences chances of smoke inhalation if they stay by their windows. But after 9/11 I've thought its perhaps best to ignore that and just get the hell out of the building. This fire makes you question that as well. The recent high rise fires in Dubai where no one has died are the exception.
  10. Lisa Eldridge's videos are super helpful for all things makeup. She has a video on brushes and you will find an assortment of videos that cover blushes. I have a question that isn't really makeup but borders the territory and isn't a topic for its own post...does anyone have any recommendations for a eye sleep mask? I don't want a silky one, I'd prefer something in cotton. And I have a larger head so would prefer something that was adjustable and not completely reliant on an elastic band for staying on. I've looked in some stores but seen absolutely nothing so it looks like I will be looking online but there are so many and its hard to wade through the sea of choices.
  11. Good luck Bill! *fingers crossed for 2021*
  12. Not that I'm aware of. And I just looked at Google maps on my office computer and all the toll roads I'm aware of are labeled as such on the map so I'm not sure why it didn't show up that way on theirs. It isn't a different color just (toll road) after the highway name.
  13. I'm not on facebook and I've had several awful experiences with paypal so I tend to be a paper check donation sort of person. If you wouldn't mind, I'd like to just send a check direct to the VA in Palo Alto from myself but reference that it comes from the same group and is in LoB's honor. Would that be okay? Also, I was looking at their website and I noticed under donations they list accepting paperback books. If people thought it was appropriate I was thinking of sending a set of the GOT paperbacks with my check. We wouldn't have known LoB but for these books.
  14. I am so incredibly sorry to hear this. I never knew or interacted with LoB outside this board but he was one of the first boarders who stood out with his posts on this board when I first discovered this board and one of the first people to make me feel welcome by responding to my posts. I was new to the book series and I remember trying to figure out what character in the books his name came from! I used to look for his posts to read and missed them when they stopped being so regular. I always hoped he would come to a Worldcon so I could meet him in person. I'm sorry that will never happen now. We will raise a glass in his honor at Helsinki this summer.
  15. You were completely not what I expected and at the same time like Zabzie said about your core truth, you are what I expect you to be. But I basically don't ever cross paths with you here on the board with the posts we post in but whenever we are at Worldcons I spend a lot of time talking with you and hanging out and I wouldn't have expected that. You talk in longer sentences in person than you post on the board...of course its easier to talk in person than type on a phone.