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  1. Young Adult Books: Discuss!

    The ebook of And I Darken is $1.99 on amazon today so I picked that up.
  2. Young Adult Books: Discuss!

    I have tried to read this book two times and have given up halfway through both times. I don't know why it doesn't work for me as it would seem to be the sort of book I would normally love.
  3. Young Adult Books: Discuss!

    Looking back at the YA books I read in 2016... Legend by Marie Lu - ($1.99 Kindle deal) Absolutely hated it and trudged through it. This made me all kinds of sad because I really like Lu on social media and would think I would like her books but apparently whatever I like of her being herself is not in her books. The Call by our own Peadar - (Free from author and from Bookcon but purchased the ebook at full price!) Really loved this book! I'm always slightly terrified when faced with a book by someone I know but nothing to fear with this one as it is wonderful. One of my favorites in 2016. The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater - (Full price ebook) So disappointed. I must face the reality that the only book by Stiefvater I am destined to actually like is The Raven Boys. From that first perfect book, the series has been downhill for me. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas - (Full price ebook) (Kair, no I don't think it's YA at all but include it here because everyone else in the publishing world feels the need to publish it and sell it as YA. This is the sort of book my mythical 13 year old daughter would have to hide from me and read in secret even though I would know it's really under her bed I could never knowingly admit I knew she was reading it. I was slightly traumatized seeing an 11 year old girl at Bookcon in line ahead of me waiting to get it autographed even though I know I would have so been reading it at 11.) I enjoyed it a lot although its overly long in the middle and in need of editing. Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynn Jones. (Full price paperback) I guess a YA classic by today's standards. Hadn't read anything by Jones before but kept seeing her name bantered about so started with this one since it was another retelling of the Tamlin. I didn't end up loving it but it was interesting and I do think it's worth reading for anyone interested in YA history. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake - (Free at Bookcon) I went into this one with great trepidation as I absolutely hated Blake's previous book which everyone else seemed to love. But I met Blake at Worldcon and had such a great chat with her that I wanted to like this one. It was okay. There are some interesting bits to it but there was a whole lot when you really thought about it that absolutely made no sense at all. There are these three sisters who must battle each other to the death to become queen and when it starts it sounds like they are battling to be queen of some vast kingdom but then it ends up being an island that sounds so small you can get from one part to the other in a few hours. So not so fast? Why so much killing for so tiny a kingdom? How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather - (Free at C2E2) Another one I hated. Do not read this book. Mean girls meets The Craft and the Secret Circle with all sorts of nonsensical nonsense. Winter by Marissa Meyer - ($1.99 Kindle deal) - Hated it. Too long and too painful to read. (I did enjoy the first three Lunar Chronicles previously, however.) Julia Vanishes by Catherine Egan - (Free at C2E2) - Loved it. One of my favorite reads last year. Very slow moving but richly detailed fantasy. Empire of the Storms by Sarah J. Maas - (Full price Kindle) - Enjoyed it. The series started off as YA but with this book its officially no longer YA but will continue to be shelved and marketed as YA. The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee - (Free at Bookcon) - Surprised that I enjoyed it as I read a horrible review of it prior to reading it but ended up liking it. Sort of Gossip Girl meets Melrose Place in a 1,000 story building in the future. The Young Elites by Marie Lu - (borrowed) - Hated it. I must face the sad reality that Lu is not an author for me. Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige - (free at Bookcon) - It went downhill after the first few chapters and I didn't end up finishing it. My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand - ($1.99 Kindle deal) - Heard so many fabulous things about this book. Heard it was an alternative Lady Jane Grey telling in the way of The Princess Bride. But its way too alternative for this Tudor history fan. I didn't end up finishing it. Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson - (free at C2E2) - Not for me. Didn't finish it. Well that it a bit more than I expected to write! But those were the YA (or marketed as YA) books I read in 2016. Mostly not so great but then most of those I got for free or nearly free so not a big loss on my part except for some time wasted reading.
  4. Amazing Book Deals V.2

    The Open Road Media "sale" lasts till midnight. 5,000 of their title are currently free. I just downloaded 20 of them.
  5. Wrinkle in Time Series

    Well he only appears in three of the books. The last we see of him in the third book he is 15 years old and he travels through time to stop a nuclear attack. In later books with the Murry family he is only referred to and I think the last we hear of him is in A House Like a Lotus where it is said he is off on a secret mission but no one knows where that is.
  6. Fashion thread: updating classics

    Xray take a look at and Both have waterproof ankle boots/ booties in addition to a range of heights. They are my go to nice looking winter boots brands. Trust the Canadiens to do winter right.
  7. [SPOILERS] Fantastic Beast and Why to Avoid Them

    I saw this movie on Thursday night and enjoyed it. I thought it was charming. I really liked Newt and his "fantastic beasts" were adorable. If I have one criticism its in how 1926 NYC was portrayed - way too clean and the streets were much too wide. It is a movie someone who hasn't read the HP books could see and not be at too much of a disadvantage. But lots of fun things for those who have with the Lestrange references and the Deathly Hollows symbol. And now let the speculation begin about if Ariana Dumbledore was a Obscurus like Credence! I've never been a fan of Depp so I was never going to be excited about him being in a movie I wanted to see so I was less than thrilled to hear about his casting. But I am hoping as with Voldemort's character, Grindelwald is talked about more than seen in the upcoming movies.
  8. Fashion thread: updating classics

    @HelenaExMachina Yes, you can wear heels with pants. I see women wearing all heights of heels with pants. I think it really depends on the pants length and width and what looks best with the style you are wearing. Personally I wear flat loafers or monk strap shoes that match whatever color pants I am wearing. I cannot wear heels. @Buckwheat I saw lots of shrugs when I was in the stores last night and thought of you. Hopefully you find one you like!
  9. Cooking 5: This Time, It's Personal (Pan Pizzas)

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a meat thermometer? I have some very basic serviceable ones. They work fine but I am somewhat tempted by the electronic ones with the probes that go in the oven and tell you what the temperature is while the meat is cooking. I realize I don't really need this but they seem somewhat fun. Reviews on these items seem to vary so I am looking for some more opinions.
  10. Fashion thread: updating classics

    I agree with Xray, you have no limitations with black. I tend to pair black with colors like emerald green, royal blue, or turquoise but those are my own personal preferences and work best with my skin tones. But I also pair it with red, pink, yellow, white, grey, etc.
  11. Fashion thread: updating classics

    @Buckwheat such things exist. I am on my phone otherwise I would provide some exact links. Are you in the United States? Just as some examples go to the Talbots website and search on "shrug" and it comes in 5 colors. Go to Macy's website and search on "shrug" or "bolero" and you will see a few options. Go to the Kohl's website as well, they have a few options as well.
  12. JK Rowling announces Five 'Fantastic Beasts' films

    Just purchased my ticket to the first movie next month so I am looking forward to it. As for a total of 5 movies...well I'll wait and see how the first one goes but JKR says she has an arc in mind so it sounds like they have been outlined and plotted. Since I've seen comments that indicate Dumbledore and Grindewald have cameos in this first one I wonder if the 5 movies will play out over Grindewald's rise to power.
  13. Lev Grossman: 'Magicians' trilogy, Post-Camelot Novel 'The Bright Sword'

    I will absolutely read this. I have to say I was happy to hear he was doing this instead of continuing with the Magicians world. Some comments he made after the last book came out made it sound like he was exploring continuing with another aspect of that world. This sounds much more interesting.
  14. Stornoway travails

    Very sorry to hear about your mother. Sounds like she is getting good care, however, so that is good. I hope you were able to see some of Lewis before her accident. There must be something about Lewis and mislaid travel plans, however. I had the opposite problem when I was there I had to cut my vacation short and get back to the mainland early due to winds on the island shutting down most of the roads and grounding the ferry in order to not miss my flight home. Really gorgeous landscape there, I was sad not being able to see everything I wanted. If you are having to pass time hanging out in the hospital, find yourself a bookstore and get a copy of the first book in Peter May's fabulous Lewis trilogy - "The Black House".
  15. Olympic Peninsula, Vancouver, Portland, Seattle

    I will third or fourth the recommendation to go to Powells when in Portland. Even if you don't want to buy any books to carry back, go there and weep, and despair that it is not located in your own city. And third or fourth the recommendation to go to the Chihuly Garden and Glass in Seattle. I spent only the smallest amount of time in Olympic National Park and it really is gorgeous. The map on this page is helpful. There are quite a number of hikes you can do such as around Sol Duc and Hoh Rain Forest. (Just beware of sparkly vampires because you are in Twilight vampire hunting territory!) But what I really loved most of all was walking along some of the beaches on the Pacific coast. I went to Rialto Beach an it was a rocky beach with bleached dead trees and dense fog. The tide was coming in and you had to be careful not to get cut off but it was fantastic scenery and atmosphere. Could have spent all day just wandering along the beach and picking up rocks. Also went to Ruby Beach a little further to the south which was equally gorgeous but had a completely different experience. The tide was out and you could walk for miles on these pristine wide sandy shores. There were rock stacks dripping with starfish. Not a cloud in the sky and a brilliant blue sky. Highly recommend visiting any of the beaches on the coast for walking. And then just to enhance your enjoyment of the geology of the area... Oh and I just have to one ever told me how hilly Seattle is. I was not prepared. Everyone who goes to San Francisco talks about the hills. No one I talked to about Seattle before I went said, oh yeah, there are hills. So, there are hills! So steep in some places there are benches at the top so you can rest when you get to the top of the block. After being there a few days I did figure some streets were less hilly than others that would get you to the same place so you could avoid the really steep ones. But quite a few tourists are caught unaware and there is lots of fun people watching in sitting on one of those benches watching people haul their suitcases up the hill.