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  1. I read it. I got an arc of it so I had it early and it took me about two months to read it. I just kept putting it down and then having to force myself to pick it up again and continue. So essentially I didn't like it. I liked Wonder Woman herself and the parts of the book that were on the island and about the other Amazons. But most of the book she is off the island with other people helping out this one girl and that part just was not very interesting. It read more like a treatment for a possible movie which given that its a DC book, well that is probably not far off. I think Bardugo had to work within a lot of constraints by DC and probably had to stick to a certain set formula and include certain types of scenes. It was disappointing.
  2. I might prefer to walk the block or two to the convention center during the day so as to be in the party hotel and not have to go outside at night.
  3. They've added that since I last looked at the consite. They only had the Fairmont listed as the party hotel, not as one having rooms for the con.
  4. I was curious so I looked. The standard room seems to be in the $400 - $600 range. I can't imagine what the suites would go for. Seems odd to have the parties in such a high end hotel. And even odder since it isn't one of the hotels that is listed as being one with room blocks.
  5. I am actually not a Chaol fan so I am on the fence about this one. If it gets a good number of good reviews...or perhaps even entertaining ones...I might check it out. Are you reading it? If so, let me know how it goes.
  6. I've been looking forward to this. Now I'll be able to picture someone other than the actor who played Hagrid for Strike! Anyone have any idea when HBO will be airing it in the US? I couldn't find any dates when I searched.
  7. I really hope I can attend this but I won't know for sure until 2019.
  8. The next Worldcon is in San Jose, California from August 16 - 20, 2018. Who is attending? Start your planning now!
  9. The fortress/island? If so I would be interested.
  10. Thanks for posting here. I would like to join too.
  11. Ack thanks for the reminder! I'm leaving tomorrow and was positive I had everything out except I had completely forgotten about my passport until this! As for meetups, until something official is announced might I suggest we unofficially arrange something before or after GRRM's panel on Wednesday? I think it's from 4 - 5:30 pm. I imagine a few of us are planning to attend this? As for those who won't be here until Thursday perhaps meeting up prior to Ran and Linda's panel in the evening? Assuming of course none of these panel times get changed.
  12. I would be up for that on another date if its offered again. But I think that day/time is when Peadar has his solo panel.
  13. It really varies. Professionals/aspiring professionals, etc. will most likely have their first and last name on their badge. But if you are from this board and just attending to hang with other people from the board you might only have your board name on your badge. Or a combination of board name with your first name. Or just your first's really whatever you are comfortable with and what name you want people to identify you by.
  14. @Fragile Bird Great! I see the con schedule is now posted so let's see what day/time works best and doesn't conflict with anything else we want to do. @Adz of CCAA looking forward to seeing you too! Btw anyone who can't make the Wednesday morning Suomenlinna tour, I heard back from them and they might add a Friday tour if they get enough people.
  15. Thanks for the information Samantha. That's too early for me that day because of my schedule. I'd be interested in going later that day or Thursday or Friday if anyone else is interested. I think it's easy enough to do on our own if the con doesn't arrange another tour for a different day. Also, this is quite specific but on the off chance anyone else is an architecture nerd...I'm planning on visiting Alvar Aalto's house and studio at some point that week. Your have to book the tours in advance as they only do small guided tours. If anyone else is interested in going with me, let me know.