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  1. Person of Interest - Only 13 Episodes Left [SPOILERS]

    Regarding Shaw's episode...things struck me as not real when she was in that drug store, blacked out and then had those solid red hands with no blood anywhere else on her which made no sense. But I think I realized it was a simulation when Reese was shot. Major characters might die in this last season but I couldn't imagine it would be that early. And it reminded me of the last time we saw him *die* on the show. It was interesting to have Elias return. Although I had seen his name listed as appearing in a couple of upcoming episodes I was thinking it was going to be flashbacks. So it was a surprise to find him alive. Wonder what his purpose will be.
  2. Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Having developed an allergy to alcohol many moons ago I tend to avoid cocktail type places as they make me sad about all the things I can't have. But some friends from out of town were visiting and wanted cocktails so we went to Green River which is a newish cocktail place by the guys who have The Dead Rabbit in NYC. For a person who likes history and stories, the menu of drinks alone was worth the visit as it contained both of those in addition tomany lovely ingredients. But then I was inheaven as they made me some mocktails that were so delicious I didn't care that they didn't have alcohol in them and I didn't feel left out of the drinking.
  3. Person of Interest - Only 13 Episodes Left [SPOILERS]

    Just a reminder that we will be flying through this season with a new episode tonight (Monday) and a new episode tomorrow night.
  4. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    MMMmmm, I've got to say I just finished A Court of Mist and Fury and its not at all what I expected. Yes, we did call one aspect of it but it absolutely was not the story I was expecting to read. I was surprised. The beginning of the book was a bit redundant and boring but then it sort of fits with the heroine's own state of mind. Then what we sort of predicted happens butI was disappointed that what I was really looking forward to happening did not end up happening. But somewhere around the middle it all came together and worked for me. As to these books being rapey? Yeah, not at all.There are relationships andsex in them but its consensual. And itdoesn't go on for pages on end, in fact there is more flirting and sexual tension in the second book than the actual act.Andwhile these books are marketed and sold as YA, that is the publisher's decision, not the author's. Maas has stated these books wereintended for a more mature audience, not YA. Can teenagers read and enjoy then? Absolutely. But these books are not about teenagers. One aspect of Maas's books that seems to enrage some is that the heroine doesn't always stay with the person the reader expects or wants. With YA and romance novels there has been thisbuilt in expectation createdthat the first person the heroine kisses has to be *the one and only* person the heroine will ever kiss and they will be her ONE TRUE LOVE. But that isn't the way the world works. Very few people end up or want to end up with the first person they have a relationship with. People grow and change. What works for you at 20 doesn't necessarily work for you at 25. Maas's books reflect that.
  5. Person of Interest - Only 13 Episodes Left [SPOILERS]

    The POI writers live tweet when the show airs and its fun to see what real life inspiration there are in each episode for various things like the playstations being used to create a supercomputer. This was their inspiration for that: That flashback scene with Harold and the machine was fantastic. I was really sad for it as he pushed the button and it all went away and then when Harold immediately changed his mind but it was too late... Btw, [spoilers] has been added to the thread title so spoil away.
  6. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    Ugh. Hate the bait and switch. Have to process that. (But *sidebar* ME TOO! I preordered and it downloaded earlier in the evening on Monday night. I was so excited! RHYSAND!)
  7. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    ARTEMUS! How did I forget...oh I guess that is because he WAS HARDLY IN THE BOOK! What the hell was up with that?!??! Awesome long slumbering sleepers at last awoken only to hang out in an attic and a tree?!?!?! That was a letdown. And yeah, how did they survive but Glendower died? There was that comment about how maybe Artemus screwed it up but that was about it. So Artemus experimented on Glendower first, screwed up, and then put himself to sleep? And now what are they going to do? And Mr. Grey...where did you go?!?!?! Hmmm not sure about Matthew. I guess my initial impression without rereading and paying more attention is that Gansey died soon enough to prevent his unmaking? And that he is still in DC. At least that is what I am going to choose to believe. Interesting observation. And would explain why I lost interest in this series. I was interested in Gansey and his quest. Ronan and his dreams always felt like interlopers to the story set up by the first book. But the things that seemed instrumental to Glendower and the quest such as Cabeswater turned out to be all around Ronan. Also, what is with the title - The Raven King....its not until about 70% through the book that the phrase is finally used. And he isn't even in it. I can't wait for X-Ray to finish. X-Ray if you are enjoying the first few chapters of the book, I suspect you are going to have a vastly different reaction to this book
  8. Person of Interest - Only 13 Episodes Left [SPOILERS]

    Ha ha! Bear will be facing some competition tonight. Apparently Carrie Preston and Michael Emerson's real life dog, Chumley, will be making an appearance in the episode. Along with Carrie herself. Curious to see if its another flashback with her or if we get to see her in the present. Man after so many years of Michael Emerson being awesome on television with Lost and POI, I hope he gets something new and fabulous soon.
  9. Person of Interest - Only 13 Episodes Left [SPOILERS]

    I am beyond ready for this. I can't believe it's been a whole year since Season 4 ended. I just did a fast tracked rewatch of Season 4 today. Some really phenomenal episodes. I'm curious to see what recurring characters they manage to squeeze into this last season. Is Control gone or is she still lingering in a hole somewhere?
  10. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    Well I finally finished and.....meh. As an individual book I think it was a mess. As a conclusion to a series...well it does cover and end most things. But only the last 30% of the book. The first 70% was just all over the place and completely unnecessary. I don't even know how to discuss this. I guess I'll just start with some basic topics. HERE BE SPOILERS All the new people. WTF. Here is a series already bloated with characters. So I guess let's just add a bunch of new ones? I'll give her some credit, I had no problem keeping track of everyone. But they were completely unnecessary. Piper's father and the other two...what point did they serve? Orphan Girl was also just pointless. Henry was fun but his role could have gone to someone else and if he was going to be here in the end, bring him more in the beginning of the series. It's seemed like some kind of pandering to the tumblr crowd who had been complaining about how white washed the series was. Gansey's death. Of course he was going to die and be resurrected. But after all that buildup about it, it was completely dull. And what is the price he pays for it? What are the consequences of coming back? I guess we will have to wait for Gansey/Blue/Henry The GAP Year. The Demon. It looked like A WASP? What the hell? That was beyond ridiculous and completelydiminished it. One of the inspirations for this series was Susan Cooper's The Dark is Rising - the most evil character in that series looks like Jason Isaacs (okay completely my interpretation but that is how he looks when I read it!) The most scary evil is the seductively beautiful evil. (Think the Darkling in Leigh Bardugo's series.) It would have worked so much better if the Demon had manifested a human form instead of that silly insect form. Would have made the scenes with Piper and Neeve so much more interesting. And it just dies and disappears when Gansey dies? Adam and Ronan. This felt like complete pandering to the tumblr crowd as well. Gansey and Blue...I felt like Blue and Henry had more chemistry. I see some interesting times ahead on that Gap year. Adam and his parents. What was the point of that scene at the end????? Completely unnecessary. Instead of giving us some more details about what happens to Noah who was one of the main characters and important to everyone from book one, let's get a few pointless pages. Glendower. This was a hugely disappointing aspect to the story.On the one hand itwas almost comical that he was dead and didn't come back. (But absolutely completely ridiculous that he is in a cave beneath a house in I guess suburban DC somewhere.) But on the other hand, it was the biggest letdown. I think it is at the heart of my disappointment with this series in general. There was something in the first book for me that just disappeared from the series and was never to be seen again. When I read the first book I just loved it so much I wanted tohug it and share it with everyone I knew who loved books.I loved the characters. I loved the details. I loved the promise of magic and adventures and friendship/love. The books that are cited as inspiration for thisseries are all ones that I love in totality and have all those ingredients and maintain them throughout. I didn't expect this series to completely replicate them in execution but did expect it to do so in spirit. But instead of making me feel sad and yet delighted as those other series did when I came to the end and ever likely to reread and revisit them frequently, this one just made me feel relieved that the series was over and I could just let it go and move on from it. Did I like anything about it? I liked that most things were resolved even though I wasn't too keen on how they were. Glad that Neeve was seen again before being finished off. I found theidea of the Unmaking and Cabeswater coming apart interesting. I still find Gansey an interesting character. And I still love that first book. I'm just going to have to find some way to reconcile it with the rest of the series.
  11. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    I got to about that point last night too. I agree about the new characters, it was okay adding them through Book 3 but by Book 4 it should be streamlining and eliminating them, not adding more. It's already a fairly large cast. As for your we need to use [sss] in a marked Spoiler thread? None the less I'm not sure what to think about that just yet. I'll see what more of it we see in these next few chapters. Interview with Maggie about the series. Nothing spoilery.
  12. Makeup V: Inspired by a Diva

    MAC is pretty good about not discontinuing colors. I've been using their Oh Baby lip gloss everyday for20+ years now. Every time I go in to buy a new stash I always get this panicked feeling that this time it won't be there. But they always assure me it isn't going anywhere as its one of their best sellers. I have a tube of O as well from many moons ago.
  13. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    Yeah I am not a Ronan fan. I didn't mind him in Book One as he was just one of a cast ofcharacters. But then when he took over and completely dominated Book Two, that is when he began to annoy me. I liked Book Three because it moved back to the assortment of characters with less focus on Ronan. Right now with Book Four I find myself lingering over the chapters with everyone else but Ronan and then sort of fast forwarding over his dreams. Characters like Gansey typically interest me more than characters like Ronan.
  14. [SPOILERS] The Raven Cycle - The Raven King is out

    I am reading it but it's slow going as I have a lot going on and have been only able to read a few chapters a night. I'm probably about the same place you are with my reading. My gut feeling with no spoilers is I'm not going to love it. I absolutely loved loved the first book, hated the second and felt the third brought it back to some middle ground. I suspect this last book will bring back some book two stuff I didn't like. But at this point I'm determined to see this series out.
  15. Person of Interest - Only 13 Episodes Left [SPOILERS]

    Yeah, while I am still incredibly pissed off about its cancellation, I've made some peace with it. Other than POI my absolute favorite tv shows have been Alias, Lost, and Fringe. Both Alias and Fringe were cancelled and got short last seasons and their finales were satisfying for me...Fringe especially. Lost on the other hand (if I am remember this correctly) was allowed to decide when to end on its own and they had a pretty full season of episodes with which to end things and it pretty much sucked. So I am going to take comfort with that and remind myself a full season of episodes doesn't make for better television.Hopefully at least this way we get an incredibly tight and fabulous blowout of 14 episodes with POI. But I'm going to need something to fill the void after this.