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  1. You were completely not what I expected and at the same time like Zabzie said about your core truth, you are what I expect you to be. But I basically don't ever cross paths with you here on the board with the posts we post in but whenever we are at Worldcons I spend a lot of time talking with you and hanging out and I wouldn't have expected that. You talk in longer sentences in person than you post on the board...of course its easier to talk in person than type on a phone.
  2. I'm not sure I can ever read the first book again - at least big chunks of it - knowing what we know now.
  3. @kairparavel Did you see? Are you ready? I think I need to reread the last book this weekend.
  4. @Starkess Congratulations! Looking forward to welcoming you to Chicago! You will soon be living near one of my favorite bookstores. @Datepalm You could come to Chicago too. University of Illinois at Chicago has an Urban Planning school
  5. I still have yet to finish last year's Mercy Thompson...I could not get past the troll/bridge scene at the beginning and ended up putting it down and never picking it back up. This year's sounds like a stronger entry in the series, maybe I will just skip ahead to that one. The 5th and supposed conclusion to Anne Bishop's The Others series came out earlier this month...supposed as in it concludes the arc the previous books set up but probably not over in the sense I suspect she has a lot more stories to tell in this world. I felt it was the weakest book of the whole series. It does bring things to a conclusion and wrap them up with a bow but it just wasn't the story I wanted to read. The prior 4 books in the series make the series well worth reading, however. A book I read and enjoyed a few months ago was "The Immortals" by Jordanna Max Brodsky. Has anyone read this? It has a not so original premise - Greek gods in modern day NYC. But I liked the way it was done and it made good use of NYC and its locations and history. The main character is Artemis and I liked how she was depicted.
  6. I've purchased my plane tickets and my hotels are booked so I guess I am official. Or at least somewhat official as I have actually not yet purchased my Worldcon membership! Luckily there are direct flights between Helsinki and Chicago in the summer so that makes everything that much easier. I am making a proper vacation of this and plan to see Helsinki and other parts of Finland so I will be there from the 4th to the 14th of August. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  7. I agree with The Dark is Rising series by Susan Cooper suggestion. But start with the first book "Over Sea, Under Stone" which skews slightly younger than the second book "The Dark is Rising". I'd also recommend the Green Knowe series by L.M. Boston. Its perfect for this age. The first one is "The Children of Green Knowe". Also the Magic series by Edward Eager starting with "Half Magic".
  8. Looking forward to this. I quite enjoyed the trilogy as it was published and remember waiting anxiously for the second and third books to be released. I was probably as excited for The Amber Spyglass being released in 2000 as I was The Goblet of Fire. It was such a disappointment when The Golden Compass movie didn't live up to expectations. My only concern about the new trilogy, specifically with the books that take place 20 years after of my favorite parts of The Amber Spyglass is Will and Lyra being separated at the end but their promise to one another that every year on Midsummer Day at midday they will both go sit on the park bench in their own Oxfords for an hour and be together, although separated. Yes, that is incredibly depressing but I just love it in the context of the story. And I hope Pullman sticks to that. I hope we see Lyra at one point in one of the new books going to the park bench and sitting there and thinking of Will but that she then goes on and has these new adventures with new people in her world and that it doesn't become about Lyra and Will finding a way to be together. Nothing I have read so far indicates that this will happen. And if it does, that's certainly Pullman's choice. But just that was my first thought upon hearing about the new books and their time frame.
  9. I haven't seen the Foreo Lunas before. Those I have a Clarisonic which I like. I don't use it regularly. More like once every couple of weeks. I sort of treat it like a facial or mask...something to be done once in a while to clean things up but not use regularly. I think if I used it everyday my face would get pretty irritated. Because I use it infrequently there is plenty of time for the brush to thoroughly dry between uses. And I haven't replaced it yet but might do so at some point in the future.
  10. @kairparavel You are the second person I know who has put Carve the Mark down and not finished it. I decided to not even start it after reading a few reviews. A book set in space that has no sense of place and could take place anywhere doesn't sound too appealing. I haven't been reading any YA recently as I've been on a mystery and historical fiction kick. But I am looking forward to A Cfirourt of Wings and Ruin...although I had to lol when I found out the Feyre's dress on the cover is copied (with permission) from a fanart piece a fan did. I hope they paid her something. Still haven't read Victoria Aveyard yet but I have the first book sitting here waiting to be read.
  11. Well the quote function won't work so @Elder Sister this is in response to your last question...Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Oil Free.
  12. The ebook of And I Darken is $1.99 on amazon today so I picked that up.
  13. I have tried to read this book two times and have given up halfway through both times. I don't know why it doesn't work for me as it would seem to be the sort of book I would normally love.
  14. Looking back at the YA books I read in 2016... Legend by Marie Lu - ($1.99 Kindle deal) Absolutely hated it and trudged through it. This made me all kinds of sad because I really like Lu on social media and would think I would like her books but apparently whatever I like of her being herself is not in her books. The Call by our own Peadar - (Free from author and from Bookcon but purchased the ebook at full price!) Really loved this book! I'm always slightly terrified when faced with a book by someone I know but nothing to fear with this one as it is wonderful. One of my favorites in 2016. The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater - (Full price ebook) So disappointed. I must face the reality that the only book by Stiefvater I am destined to actually like is The Raven Boys. From that first perfect book, the series has been downhill for me. A Court of Mist and Fury by Sarah J. Maas - (Full price ebook) (Kair, no I don't think it's YA at all but include it here because everyone else in the publishing world feels the need to publish it and sell it as YA. This is the sort of book my mythical 13 year old daughter would have to hide from me and read in secret even though I would know it's really under her bed I could never knowingly admit I knew she was reading it. I was slightly traumatized seeing an 11 year old girl at Bookcon in line ahead of me waiting to get it autographed even though I know I would have so been reading it at 11.) I enjoyed it a lot although its overly long in the middle and in need of editing. Fire and Hemlock by Diana Wynn Jones. (Full price paperback) I guess a YA classic by today's standards. Hadn't read anything by Jones before but kept seeing her name bantered about so started with this one since it was another retelling of the Tamlin. I didn't end up loving it but it was interesting and I do think it's worth reading for anyone interested in YA history. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake - (Free at Bookcon) I went into this one with great trepidation as I absolutely hated Blake's previous book which everyone else seemed to love. But I met Blake at Worldcon and had such a great chat with her that I wanted to like this one. It was okay. There are some interesting bits to it but there was a whole lot when you really thought about it that absolutely made no sense at all. There are these three sisters who must battle each other to the death to become queen and when it starts it sounds like they are battling to be queen of some vast kingdom but then it ends up being an island that sounds so small you can get from one part to the other in a few hours. So not so fast? Why so much killing for so tiny a kingdom? How to Hang a Witch by Adriana Mather - (Free at C2E2) Another one I hated. Do not read this book. Mean girls meets The Craft and the Secret Circle with all sorts of nonsensical nonsense. Winter by Marissa Meyer - ($1.99 Kindle deal) - Hated it. Too long and too painful to read. (I did enjoy the first three Lunar Chronicles previously, however.) Julia Vanishes by Catherine Egan - (Free at C2E2) - Loved it. One of my favorite reads last year. Very slow moving but richly detailed fantasy. Empire of the Storms by Sarah J. Maas - (Full price Kindle) - Enjoyed it. The series started off as YA but with this book its officially no longer YA but will continue to be shelved and marketed as YA. The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee - (Free at Bookcon) - Surprised that I enjoyed it as I read a horrible review of it prior to reading it but ended up liking it. Sort of Gossip Girl meets Melrose Place in a 1,000 story building in the future. The Young Elites by Marie Lu - (borrowed) - Hated it. I must face the sad reality that Lu is not an author for me. Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige - (free at Bookcon) - It went downhill after the first few chapters and I didn't end up finishing it. My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand - ($1.99 Kindle deal) - Heard so many fabulous things about this book. Heard it was an alternative Lady Jane Grey telling in the way of The Princess Bride. But its way too alternative for this Tudor history fan. I didn't end up finishing it. Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson - (free at C2E2) - Not for me. Didn't finish it. Well that it a bit more than I expected to write! But those were the YA (or marketed as YA) books I read in 2016. Mostly not so great but then most of those I got for free or nearly free so not a big loss on my part except for some time wasted reading.
  15. The Open Road Media "sale" lasts till midnight. 5,000 of their title are currently free. I just downloaded 20 of them.