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  1. It's all new for this season at SyFy:
  2. Oh my gosh I am so excited for Virgil Williams on his nomination! (I went to grade school and high school with him - I am totally biased on this!) Random movie trivia - he was one of the orphans in The Blues Brothers back when he was a little boy. I love when people follow their dreams like this and succeed.
  3. Thanks! Guess I will read through them before nominations are due. I actually read very little that qualifies or I would consider nomination worthy for this years nominations. My nomination list will be very short I fear. Anyone have any idea how many words "The Furthest Station" by Ben Aaronovitch is? I just remember it was pretty short but I don't know if its Novella short or Novelette short.
  4. So very sad. "A Wizard of Earthsea" was required reading for my 10th grade English class. I'm so thankful to my teacher for including that book on our reading list and introducing me to her books. A friend of mine lent me that book and the sequels (out at the time) and I read them all quickly in sequence. Still have my now yellow with age old copies. I'm somewhat grateful I haven't read all her books and that I still have ones to discover and enjoy.
  5. I think even if The Bear & The Nightingale was out in some bookstores in December 2016 it still counts as 2017 as the publication date for it listed in the book on the copyright page is January 2017. Just as a point of clarification, how is something like Leigh Bardugo's book of short stories handled for nomination purposes? If I remember correctly, it contains 3 short stories she published in prior years along with some new ones. So can the book as a whole be nominated for something or is it excluded because of the previously published short stories? In which case, can the new stories be nominated individually for the Best Short Story award? (I actually have not read them yet so I have no idea if I would nominate them but might read them nowish if they could be nominated to see if I want to nominate them or not.)
  6. Yeah, I just double checked my kindle purchase record and I purchased it on December 18th.
  7. The Thrawn ebook was on sale over the holidays for $1.99 so I picked that up. Also one of the Claudia Grey Leia novels. I haven't read them yet. I find it very odd that The Last Jedi novelization isn't being released until March. Is this the first time they've delayed like that? I know The Force Awakens came out at the same time as the movie. The prequel novels were all released in time with the movies - I know this because I can remember skimming through The Attack of the Clones in the bookstore for spoilers right before seeing the movie on the day it was released.
  8. I had to give up watching because of this. Is anyone who really loves the books able to watch the tv series and enjoy it? Or is it just people who haven't read the books or didn't like the books that enjoy the tv version? I wish I could enjoy it.
  9. It's definitely the day a member got the most "likes" in a day. Apparently I won 1 day. Due to my very infrequent posting I can't even imagine a day when I posted enough to get enough likes to qualify. It must have been an extremely slow posting day or a really winning post.
  10. This was one of the few YA stories I enjoyed last year. I really did not think I would like it as I've had such limited success with her novels. But I guess both The Raven Boys and Scorpio Races were written back to back and both were stories she struggled to write over and over again since she was a teen. So I guess that is why I love both these books so much. I did not expect to like it because...horses. I'm not an animal book reader. But I loved it because it was really about the island and racing and the horses just happened to be the vehicle. And they are killer horses, so awesome! But I loved the island. And I could just visualize it and I wanted to be there watching the killer horses race.
  11. I feel like all in all its been a pretty dry run with no YA read in a while that has really called to me. Well "The Bear and the Nightingale" by Katherine Arden ended that dry run. YA Fantasy. 14th century rural countryside somewhere far outside Moscow. New religion vs. old religion. About the only thing I don't like about it is the title...which sounds cool but isn't really what the story is about as they are two side characters. Its follow up "The Girl in the Tower" was not as good but still pretty good. And then Holly Black's "The Cruel Prince". Wow, I hated just about everyone in this book and it was very fairy and perfect in that. Lots of shades of grey, there are no good characters in this story. It's nice to have awful fairies.
  12. Lev Grossman absolutely loves Harry Potter. I've seen him at numerous Harry Potter related conferences in the past speak about this. His oldest daughter is named Lily. Time article about J.K. Rowling: Blog posts/apology: I'm really looking forward to his new novel.
  13. Nothing like hotel reservations opening up to get me to finally register for the con. So officially registered. Will go for the Fairmont.
  14. I had this issue with my navy and black socks. Now I use safety pins. I just pin the pair together after I take them off and it keeps them together through the washing and drying. Then I just remove the safety pin after they are dry and I roll them up and put them in the drawer.
  15. I read it. I got an arc of it so I had it early and it took me about two months to read it. I just kept putting it down and then having to force myself to pick it up again and continue. So essentially I didn't like it. I liked Wonder Woman herself and the parts of the book that were on the island and about the other Amazons. But most of the book she is off the island with other people helping out this one girl and that part just was not very interesting. It read more like a treatment for a possible movie which given that its a DC book, well that is probably not far off. I think Bardugo had to work within a lot of constraints by DC and probably had to stick to a certain set formula and include certain types of scenes. It was disappointing.