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  1. $3 a bullet places unfortunate limits on how many fruits, nuts, and vegetables get blasted.
  2. I think it would represent a very great challenge to conceal that beast.
  3. Dogs

    Your goal of offering a calm stable environment for the foster kids is not compatible with the needs of this dog.  It sucks but no choice from here is going to be easy. If you want to try something, your money is best spent on a veterinary behavior specialist.  Your best chance of success is a combination of behavior modifying drugs with advanced behavior modification.  To try to change such an extreme condition takes much time, much dedication, and much diligence.  A veterinary behavioral specialist is the best person to give you both.  This website will give you some information if there are options in your area. As to finding a new home, this is going to be tough.  You're going to probably go through friends and friends of friends to find the right home.  Some rescue groups may be able to help but you'll need to be creative and patient. 
  4. Whenever I get a little bit sad, I imagine RawMilkMike throat punching Louis Pasteur and it makes me happy.
  5. The Buckeye team that came out for the Fiesta bowl was one I've been wanting to see all year (except for Bosa's targeting call, of course).  Off to a strong finish this season.    
  6. California kangaroo import ban

    Can we still have boxing matches with them?
  7. Happy Birthday Lany!

    Happy nameday!  I hope it is a good one!  
  8. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS Strike Back

    Since this is a GRRM board, I'm going to call it:  Rey is Luke and Leia's love child.  Hoth was just the beginning....  
  9. Star Wars Episode VII THE SPOILERS Strike Back

    Two things we know about Skywalkers:  They are strong in the force and they are shit parents.
  10. Amber Beads, WTF?

    As much as I am laughing about the opening post, we should probably turn this thread into "let's expose Peterbound's privilege and hate him for it".  You know what I am talking about.  He gets the opportunity to be the coolest fucking uncle on the face of the earth:  The firefighter uncle.  This is the best kind of uncle, period.  Whenever I visit my family, I take my kids to the firehouse when my brother is working.  And let me tell you, my kids get so hopped up on this experience, it's like they went to Disneyworld or something. They sit in firetrucks, spray the hose, turn on sirens, all that fun and awesome shit.  He even takes the little bastards down the fire pole with him.  They get so into it that there is nothing on earth I can do that comes close.  Last year I took his kid into work with me.  I thought I might be the cool uncle if I could have her do neat stuff.  So I have her help me with a surgery and you know what happened??  She fucking passed out.  I made her drop like a sack of potatoes, big bruise on her head and everything. What else can your sister do to compete with a damned firefighter uncle??  You make up some mystical magical bullshit, that's what you do.  
  11. Inigima Birthday Vanity Thread

     Ini makes this place better and I consider myself fortunate to have another year of reading his posts.  Happy birthday and I hope you have many happy returns
  12. LEFTOVERS .. 2% of threads disappear (SPOILERS)

    The first episode was probably the most out of context and each subsequent episode was stronger.  I think you should give it a few more tries before you abandon the season.  Mrs Ix did not care for the first episode but really enjoyed the progression of the story.  Me?  I liked it and really loved it after the second and third offering.  YMMV, but I think you should go further. This season started off with much ambiguity but as episodes progressed clarified the more mystical themes of the series.  There is a payoff if you stick with it.    
  13. LEFTOVERS .. 2% of threads disappear (SPOILERS)

    Wow!  I was expecting season two to be the last.  Great news.  I'm excited to see if it continues with the same great writing/performances.  
  14. LEFTOVERS .. 2% of threads disappear (SPOILERS)

    The ramifications of losing that piece of population is much more of a first world problem.  Anywhere you would have third world illness, infant mortality, life expectancy, ongoing violence, etc, a sudden loss of a minority of the people would be better tolerated.  I'll bet in the Congo the departure wasn't nearly as big of a deal.  But in the first world this would carry a different emotional toll since it is hundreds of years since any comparable event.  That in and of itself makes some great drama but when they throw in the mystical/spiritual components, this show really is unique.  
  15. LEFTOVERS .. 2% of threads disappear (SPOILERS)

    I took it as more of emotional abuse.  That episode was emotional but the most brutal exchange was Kevin and John:   "Maybe she didn't.  She didn't what?  Maybe she didn't love you."  Damn, that hurt.   For a show that isn't keen on revealing plot elements, the writers really went far with Kevin's story.  It was nice having a character arc that left ambiguity behind.  It would be great seeing a reunion with his father.