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  1. Halloween

    As an optimist I take solace that the OP did not mention black face as a costume option. This is some type of progress, right? Even Satan wouldn't resort to black face, right??
  2. Cats

    This, folks. This is the exact reason why you don't f' with your cat. They will relieve themselves, intentionally, on you whilst you sleep. You bring in a cat? Come correct or get a goldfish. Nothing in between or your arse gets a feline golden shower.
  3. Am I the only person who doesn't like watermelon?

    There is no argument against a good piece of cantaloupe. I wish I had the skills and knowledge to select the best melons but I struggle. If I walked into the local market and was told that a wondrous melon experience awaited me and I could could choose watermelon or cantaloupe, I would go for the watermelon every single time.
  4. Am I the only person who doesn't like watermelon?

    A great watermelon has absolutely no peer in the realm of fruit. To those of you who really hate watermelon: What does it feel like to be dead inside? To have no soul? When you look in the mirror, do you see a pale zombie like apparition or a normal facade? I am truly curious.
  5. Chareerchat II: Production of Means

    One month into my new job and I am loving it. Yeah, yeah, it's too soon to draw long term conclusions, I know. The first week was corporate indoctrination, which came off as a mixed bag. The kool-aid was kinda shoved down everyone's throat and it reminded me of religion. The grand themes were so noble. They do monthly new hire training where everyone goes through the first week together. They had this one exercise where they put us in teams, gave us a big white sheet, and asked us to illustrate the corporate culture. The group I was in was all a twitter, wondering how to proceed. I told them "Hey, just draw a tree. You can make a tree into any metaphor you want." I had 6 people looking at me with blank stares and I had to re-assure them that this was a sound strategy. They drew a tree and when the time came to present our teams result, they handed me the marker and took steps back. I gave this shite, off the cuff, tirade about how a tree needs roots, soil, this leads to leaves, fruit, and eventually the environment uses this tree as a foundation for the community. I regurgitated the buzzwords given throughout the week. Little did I know, the CEO of the company unexpectedly dropped in for this exercise. He gave a presentation after this exercise where he referenced the tree shite I just made up. I had to work to not laugh, since it was invented bullshit on my end. Second week was getting my equipment and training lined up. A lot of time consuming, non productive stuff. Third week was when I really started going. I worked with one of my field sales team and got keys to the kingdom--materials, training resources, and a view into the pipeline of new drugs/research that is around the corner. This week was spent with my peers and I have a roadmap of what I need to bring to this job. It was great. I completely clicked with them and learned incredible amounts of material. I think this is going to be a great crew to work with and I'm so enthusiastic. TL,DR: Very excited about my opportunities despite transition to corporate environment. I can bring value to this team.
  6. Put everything into your carry on before you even get into line. Have your liquids in a bag, ready to roll. When you get up to the metal detector take off your shoes, toss your liquids in the bin and through you go. Laptop does add time. Pick up your stuff and walk away. There are a thousand seats in the airport and you don't have to completely reorganize right at security. That way you can rebuild yourself at your pace, without a press of surly travelers breathing down your back. It's not that big of a deal to walk 50 yards in your socks. It's better than the wall of passive aggressive stress that awaits you otherwise. It means nothing to me since I am a precheck traveler. You get to go to the short line with minimal f'ing around. If you fly more than twice a year, it is seriously worth it, especially if you travel with a laptop.
  7. Mazel tov Inigima!

    If Kay Fury approves, then your partner is truly an awesome person. Nothing but the best of luck and many happy years. Congrats, Ini!
  8. Careerchat

    Thanks everyone! Being honest, the pushing of my comfort envelope is exciting (with nervewracking mixed in). I've been complacent and that hasn't been good for me mentally. The travel is going to be biggest stress but I think I'll handle it well. Especially if I get the chance to visit with some great boarders as a fringe benefit. I thought it was going to be a big issue with Mrs Ix (she's going to get hammered at work until we hire my replacement) but it really wasn't. After going over everything with her, she told me I absolutely have to go for it. She was getting sick of me not content at work and if I turned the offer down she said I would be an absolute bastard to work with. I couldn't ask for a better friend.
  9. Careerchat

    A few weeks ago one of the larger veterinary drug companies unexpectedly approached me about a position they created in my region. For the past 10 years I have worked with many companies, doing consulting and education. The manager is a person I worked with years ago and we got along splendidly. I met with the team, interviewed with the bosses, and explored the culture of the company. They made an offer last week and I accepted. I'm now on this roller coaster ride of great excitement punctuated by wanting to puke my guts out from anxiety. It is the right time for a change. Professionally I'm feeling stagnant in practice. The new position is a combination of things I really enjoy doing and it let's me focus on parts of the profession where I get tremendous satisfaction. I get to be home based, which is like winning the lottery since there are few career alternatives for me in small town Minnesota. I've previously worked with half the team and we get along well, so I think the transition will be good. Working with my spouse has been a great experience but limits life outside of the clinic. It is so hard and costs the business so much for us both to take time off that we limit the time we spend outside work together. Our kids are now old enough that business travel isn't nearly as stressful since they are able to help around the house. And the benefits package knocked my socks off. Being a small business owner for the past 16 years I'm immune to how much sacrifice it is to have insurance, savings, retirement, etc. That handed to me is sobering. A background check is pending and I have to give a drug test this morning (in honor, I grilled a bunch of asparagus last night for dinner). I start the end of this month. I'm not a person who likes change but if I passed on this opportunity I would regret the decision for the rest of my life.
  10. $3 a bullet places unfortunate limits on how many fruits, nuts, and vegetables get blasted.
  11. I think it would represent a very great challenge to conceal that beast.
  12. Dogs

    Your goal of offering a calm stable environment for the foster kids is not compatible with the needs of this dog. It sucks but no choice from here is going to be easy. If you want to try something, your money is best spent on a veterinary behavior specialist. Your best chance of success is a combination of behavior modifying drugs with advanced behavior modification. To try to change such an extreme condition takes much time, much dedication, and much diligence. A veterinary behavioral specialist is the best person to give you both. This website will give you some information if there are options in your area. As to finding a new home, this is going to be tough. You're going to probably go through friends and friends of friends to find the right home. Some rescue groups may be able to help but you'll need to be creative and patient.
  13. Whenever I get a little bit sad, I imagine RawMilkMike throat punching Louis Pasteur and it makes me happy.
  14. The Buckeye team that came out for the Fiesta bowl was one I've been wanting to see all year (except for Bosa's targeting call, of course). Off to a strong finish this season.
  15. California kangaroo import ban

    Can we still have boxing matches with them?