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  1. @fionwe1987 Great suggestions! If I worked for Sony I'd hire you to manage the pacing of this show
  2. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    Progressives have had victory after victory in the culture, and Trump can do precious little to reverse that. At best Trump is the last gasp of a dying generation, and ethos. The people who voted for him often cite that they can't recognize their country anymore and the reason they can't is progressives have won, in the cities at least and with the youth. The youth are the future and they are more liberal both socially and economically then any generation before them. And yet after one just one major setback, which is demographically doomed to fail. You want through our the system and institute a tyranny, no thanks.
  3. U.S. Politics: High Nunes or Russian to Judgement

    But they make the trains run on time! Seriously Singapore is a scary place, it's a positive dystopia , everything is watched everything is cataloged everything is perfect, and do one thing to mess up that perfection and so help you God, you will wish you didn't.
  4. There is no "Right to Drive" in the United States

    Dude language only functions based on shared meanings, without that we're all just gibbering at each other madly. Your kind of arguing against the whole basis of language here. We as a society have agreed that words mean certain things and part of speaking languages is using those meanings, you don't just get to make shit up. You've had multiple people cite multiple sources, from multiple countries that the words entitlement and right don't mean what you think they mean. It's not the end of the world just let it go. Part of being a rational person is being able to way evidence against your opinion. So far I see a lot of evidence on one side and your opinion on the other. English is not what DM thinks it is, English is what we as a collective society understand it to be, if you want to make your own language there are clubs for that.
  5. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    I don't know quite a few conservatives that aren't politicians are blaming Trump and/or the house. http://www.dailywire.com/news/14774/ryan-weve-got-obamacare-foreseeable-future-4-ben-shapiro That's from Ben Shapiro, and then this open letter from Mark Levin, Those are both from pretty deep inside the conservative media bubble, and I believe Glenn Beck has denounced the law and Breitbart earlier was pretty critical of it as well. I don't think Democrats will take the blame for this. I think the most likely scapegoat is Ryan. This bill was his idea from the beginning, it was his job to get the votes, and as we've seen with Boehner, a house speaker can always be replaced by a True Conservativetm
  6. I agree with you that he really hasn't done anything worthy of being arrested by the US. And for it's part the US has not charged Assange with any crime, nor requested his extradition. He is not hiding from America, he's hiding from sexual assault allegations. Sure he claims he's scared Sweden will extradite him, but he lived openly in the UK for months and was not extradited. He's using being scared of the US as a smokescreen for weaseling out of his crimes committed in Sweden.
  7. Masculinity

    True, but I'm a few years away from that now, and things still aren't all that gendered. I guess a big part is most of my friends are middle class college graduates with white collar jobs, so there is not much cause for things to be gender. Because the physical differences matter less. Whatever the reason the girls drink and swear the same as the guys and we don't treat them as delicate flowers. And the guys are more subdued the idea of one of my friends getting in a fight or hitting someone in anger would be shocking, I don't think I know a guy whose hit someone. Some of my guy friends being super nerds are into medieval clothing and are quite good at stitching and sewing. Again this is in a super liberal city so it's not truly representative of the whole. But we're a few years removed from the college bubble. I live in China now and living in another culture has shown me how arbitrary some of our stereotypes are. For example here "everyone" know that girls are better at studying languages and thus the foreign language classes are filled with girls. Boys are notably worse than girls on average. Just an example of how culture effects our abilities and perceptions.
  8. Masculinity

    I would say though that depending on where you live this board is really not so far out of the mainstream in large parts of the US. I mean going to college now there is quite a spectrum and while their are more traditional people gender roles are certainly muted. My own group of friends is pretty mixed between girls and guys as we mainly, play board games, go hiking and drink. Things are pretty gender neutral overall, I think the key is letting people find their own path, there is nothing wrong with liking traditionally masculine things the problem is having the freedom to choose or not.
  9. Survivor: MvGX

    I thought this was a really strong season with a well balanced cast. Towards the end I would have been happy with any of them taking it. For me at least this has been one of the better seasons.
  10. Taiwan also claims Mongolia, parts of Russia, half of Tajikistan and all of the South China Sea. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taiwan#/media/File:ROC_Administrative_and_Claims.svg
  11. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    So I really think Deloros might be Wyatt, we see the Wyatt narrative keep changing and the hosts keep mentioning they are waiting for Wyatt to come back. Also Deloros memories of killing everyone in the town are basically the same as Teddy's.
  12. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    Or the other way Logan is MiB, William and Dolores are king and queen of the damned. Also this series has some nice parallels to the Prince of Nothing, the residents of the world are just playthings to the gods and the hosts need trauma to remember.
  13. HBO's Westworld(v4)- What door? [spoilers]

    This is a very clever catch. That bit of dialogue seems to be saying he can't kill him yet and the trauma is "help," Also looking at Wyatt's men I wonder if these are rogue hosts they use a lot of melee weapons which makes sense since guns and hurt guests, and they don't seem to die form bullets. We've seen from the milkman bandit dude that hosts can take quite a bit of damage. I wonder if they attack other hosts to get parts? and stitch themselves back together which is why they seem like zombies. The only hole in this is Ford making them into a narrative, but that could be a ruse maybe he's just using the MIB to clear out these rogues. Also Dolores could totally be Wyatt assuming timeline trickery. Teddy's memories look a lot like Dolores' memories and we know Teddy's aren't reliable we've seen to versions one where only Wyatt kills people and one where Teddy and Wyatt kill people together, there's no reason the next one couldn't be Dolores. Finally whether any of that is true or not there is something up with Wyatt's men those weird moans make them seem supernatural, and definitely more then just cultists.
  14. US Politics: Hindsight on 2020

    Yeah I actually think Glenn Beck is really trying to do the right thing. He actually believed in the principles of limited government and respect. I think this campaign had been quite a shock for him, but he's slowly been breaking with the audience for a while. I think the first big break was when he had his charity go help the central american kinds on the border and give them food and toys. Glenn pointed out that opposing immigration didn't mean losing compassion and that these where just kids. His audience still freaked out and if you read the comments on the blaze people still mention it Glenn Beck is still very conservative, but he believes in the stated goals of mainstream conservatism way to much to be happy with Trump. he may have been crazy in the past but unlike so many of the conservative commentators he's not a hypocrite. Which I feel deserves some respect.