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  1. The Magicians - SyFy

    I don't get the hedge witches. Well, I get they're all Dark Willow, but what do they do all day? Aside from Julia robbing an ATM and she and Marina KOing Quentin and breaking into Brakebills, what exactly do they do? And yes, totally lame that a school that has already been attacked wasn't prepared for secondary measures after taking down the wards. I get they had to act fast but still, poor writing. I didn't mind that much of the episode took place inside Quentin's dreamscape, as it were. Don't actually like any of the characters to this point. *L* But I'm ok with that.
  2. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

    And then this happened from that great adult Bill Romanowski: You will never last in the NFL with that attitude. The world doesn't revolve around you, boy! #CamNewton
  3. NFL Post-Superbowl L : Wheeling Off Into the Sunset

  4. NFL 2016: Super Bowl in Memory of John Fox

    And while this game dragged one, Beastmode retired.   http://www.sbnation.com/nfl/2016/2/7/10934536/marshawn-lynch-retirement-seahawks-nfl  
  5. NFL 2016: Super Bowl in Memory of John Fox

    They'd still be Super Bowl babies though. Just not Champion Babies.
  6. NFL 2016: Super Bowl in Memory of John Fox

    These Super Bowl Baby commercials are just....really?
  7. NFL 2016: Super Bowl in Memory of John Fox

    I'm more concerned about the Super Bowl baby commercials than I am about opioid-induced constipation.
  8. NFL 2016: Super Bowl in Memory of John Fox

    So this MVP thing is nice. I guess. The booing is kinda sad. 
  9. NHL 2015-16 - Because we still don't need a new thread!

    Have a great time Bonesy!
  10. Football: gegenposting

    Guys, I'm sure Leicester will reveal themselves to be the fluke they are.....Just wait. It's a long way until May....   No but really, I hope they win the whole thing.
  11. Football: gegenposting

    When the biggest signing is next year's manager...yeah. 
  12. NHL 2015-16 - Because we still don't need a new thread!

    That was great. 
  13. Underrated Actors and Actresses

    From an awards perspective, I'd like to see Toby Stephens get some love. I find his Flint to be extremely well-played and I'm hard-pressed in the post Breaking Bad/Mad Men/first season True Detective to find a finer lead actor on television. I also think Bob Odenkirk needs more love. In general, I find a lot of the names mentioned in this thread to have had their time in the spotlight, who were media and/or indy darlings. Like Sam Rockwell, for example. But, when I think of underrated, I think of journeymen actors who seem ever present but never noted in a big way like a Brian Cox who really is quite fine in most everything he does (in particular Deadwood) or a Margo Martindale (who has seen some love for her roles).    
  14. The Revenant: Spoilers Tagged For Now

    All of this. I too am surprised how much I loved this. Off the bat, I'm not a huge LDiC fan, but at the same time I can't think of bad performance he's given in the handful of his movies I've seen. (The last time I paid to see him in the theatre was Titanic....) But he's just incredibly expressive in this film. Do I think great suffering during a shoot makes him an Oscar contender? No. But his performance stands (and crawls) on it's own. I hope he wins. I'm also not a great fan of Tom Hardy as I've never really felt his thespian side. But he also impressed me with his performance. And the filming. Gah. It's been a while since I've felt totally immersed in a story. I wasn't even this tense/edge of my seat watching Everest in IMAX 3D. And the bear scene. Holy hell, I felt put through the wringer just watching.
  15. [SPOILERS] Black Sails - Season 3 on the Horizon.

    The Woods Rogers fleet stands out as some of the more obvious CGI. Having said that, obvious nowadays isn't that obvious, you know? And after watching how they constructed the storm scene I just have such an appreciation for how they bring the show together. They budget and build sets wisely, to me at least. And that's why the CGI just doesn't seem egregious or glaring.