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  1. All this free-speech protection talk in the US thread had me looking up hate-monger Ernst Zundel to use as example but alas, my childhood memories forgot the Supreme Court over-ruled his conviction. He died a week ago, and no tears were shed. May he rot. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/08/07/world/europe/ernst-zundel-canada-germany-holocaust-denial.html
  2. It's the summer of 2017 and white people are openly marching with confederate flags, nazis flags, chanting slurs and decades-old slogans. Racism continues to be alive and well in each generation in this country. White supremacy is not condemned at the highest post of government in this country. White people assemble in groups while conjuring up inflammatory and painful images of the past. It hasn't died out. It's not going away under rule of law. Free speech allows and quite frankly accepts it's existence, as if all ideas are equal. Spoiler: they aren't. One group says : this is bullshit, and if it takes force to wipe it out so be it. Another group says: free speech, slippery slope, rule of law. One group says: none of that is working guys, they need to be silenced and stomped out because what they promote is wrong, yeah? It's wrong and needs to be eradicated, right? Right? Another group says : we don't like your solution, it's equally bad to them, free speech, slippery slope, rule of law, here's this MLK meme I found on the internet. Another group, provide a solution(s) to the problem instead of protection for it. All your countering to restricting it is allowing it to keep happening. Somehow eradicating movements with destructive histories, movements becoming normalized on a daily basis, makes you more worried about what might happen instead of what is actually happening. Your desire to cling to words from hundreds of years ago continues to allow the marginalization of, abuse of, and death of fellow citizens. If we can't go to war against Nazis, against white supremacy, then what exactly are we going to do about? The status quo of this country is broken so what are you proposing to fix it?
  3. It's not him. ETA Haircut in that photo has a red coat on. Spencer is in some chambray thing (because of course he was was) and apparently was arrested. This is his I assume GoPro footage or something. I gave up after about 7 minutes. I'm guessing that he was briefly tie-wrapped. I couldn't watch anymore to be sure. His whining was grating. https://youtu.be/MAVmiPyG3BY
  4. Deaths 2 and 3 were State Troopers in a helicopter crash - they had been monitoring the situation from overhead a during the day. ETA I've seen no mention of other deaths directly related to the protests.
  5. One person is now dead post-car ram. And do not forget the politicians around the country introducing bills to make this sort of thing ok.
  6. The video from the other end of the street is absolute. The car sped up the closer it got to the crowd of people.
  7. And when they were present they allowed Nazis to make physical contact with them in their SWAT line without repercussions. ---------- A car plows into crowds in Europe and it's a terrorist attack. Pro Tip : it's also a terrorist attack in Charlottesville VA. NBC is covering it now. They showed the video and among other things it looks like a woman was pinned between the bumper of the ramming car and a stopped car ahead. Along with all the people hit when it came in and then backed out.
  8. @Kalbear are those the injuries reported prior to car driving into the crowd of counter protesters? I've seen tweets with images of the injured but no media coverage to this point.
  9. According to our esteemed college prof, we cannot criminalize it lest we damage their precious impressionable minds and dabblers become lifelong nazis. All that speech freedom everyone appears to be clinging to certainly hasn't wiped it out.
  10. Wait, we should just let these crazy kids (most are adults beyond school and actual UVA students were encircled during their counter protest) work out their mixed up feelings about race and their place in the world? And thoughts and prayers they come out the other side with a full peace, love, and equality world view? The fuck? Worked just great for Richard Spencer and Matthew Heimbach. I read a great line earlier that kinda sums it all up (and is sort of on point as it was discussing HBO and Confederate). It's never going to die until it's put down for good. It's 2017 and yet here we are, debating the rights of torch-wielding white supremacy, and suggesting all ideas get equal time. JFC.
  11. It's been reported that at one point the tiki-tirch marchers surrounded a black church in Charlottesville. Now, it's not violence but it's surely fucked up.
  12. These are not UVA students. These are the fuckwits in town for the Unite the Right rally tomorrow, where they will air their butthurt while wearing their best Fred Perry or Klan dresses. And the anti-fa who will counter. http://wtvr.com/2017/08/11/terry-mcauliffe-charlottesville-rally/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/charlottesville-readies-for-a-white-nationalist-rally-on-saturday/2017/08/10/cff4786e-7c49-11e7-83c7-5bd5460f0d7e_story.html
  13. The fragile white boys gathering in Charlottesville couldn't wait until tomorrow for their scheduled sulk and broke out the tiki torches tonight at UVA. They won't be replaced, you see.
  14. Women who have been pregnant would no doubt tell our hero what he can do with this idea about them:
  15. https://qz.com/1039331/mlms-like-avon-and-lularoe-are-sending-people-into-debt-and-psychological-crisis/