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  1. Urban Decay Heavy Metals Palette is on sale. Pretty colours. It's veeeeeeerrrrrrrry sparkly! Has anyone seen/tried anything from Fenty Beauty?
  2. Write-ins. The new Jill Stein, but working against Rs?
  3. Ah. So I missed the Aaron Boone news. But it does give some explanation to the 'apology' portion of this gem. Particularly after the 'I do not represent my brother' in the screen captures. https://deadspin.com/bret-boone-will-slide-into-your-dms-to-mock-sexual-hara-1820854876
  4. I think we should all be a little amazed at All The Money In The World, Christopher Plummer in particular. The re-shooting only ended what, 3 weeks ago? THFP had time to view and nominate it? And Plummer was that amazing on such short notice? That's kinda crazy. One wonders how much of the Scott/Plummer nominations were a reward or affirmation of Scott's decision.
  5. OMFG. 90 minutes and the big reveal is both lame and happens off-screen. Fuck this show. Carl is super relevant to the post AOW stories in the comic. But, also fuck this show if he doesn't die. I expect that's the reason it happens off-screen. It's not a walker bite. Either way, fuck this show.
  6. Working in cleanroom environments I've fantasized about running through the fab with an open sack of flour on my last day at most of my jobs.
  7. I finished Warcross. It was an OK intro to however long this series will be. Much preferred the Young Elites but this story has potential. One Dark Throne was better than Three Dark Crowns. It still feels like superficial storytelling but I'm curious enough to see how it all ends. I hope to read a few more books between now and the new year. Started on Flame in the Mist.
  8. Drunken (me) card games with the fam. Not entirely awful.
  9. Trains in England for example may be more reasonably-priced but I see so many folks I know on social media complaining about lateness and cancellation. Doesn't seem Utopian to me. Dynamic fares are based on demand and it kind of makes sense. 5-9am trains and 3-7pm trains are high demand in the NE corridor during the week because of the insane number of people who commute between NY and DC and probably to a lesser extent Boston each day. There's also the international factor such a conferences and tourism and the sheer number of people traveling this corridor by all available transit each and everyday.
  10. I see. @Dr. Pepper Not at all. He and I have discussed the need for basic prep supplies in our spare knapsacks - water, flashlight, batteries, first aid kit and extra clothes, cash etc but we've never actually gotten around to it. And we don't own any firearms to this point.
  11. http://cellar.org/2010/karate1.jpg X-ray vs all comers
  12. There's a Sansa/Lysa aspect to Thomasin and her mother (who of course, is Lysa/Kate Dickie). Jealousy of youth/beauty. Equating youth/beauty with wickedness to the point of if becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy. I think it's a cautionary tale of being too pious/fanatical, and that no matter what you do mere man/mortals can fall prey to the wiles of heathen/wicked people. And that can be freeing for some and damning for others. Beyond that, I love this movie.
  13. I often have lunch with male coworkers and colleagues because I work in a male-dominated sector. And amazingly lunch has never ended with tears or a trip to HR. I traveled to Asia with a Ops Director on a business trip this winter and nothing untowards happened the entire time. It's possible. Pence's position is awful because it suggests 1) the problem is womens are nasty and unwholesome except Mother and 2) some level of victimhood on his part if he didn't have this strict policy. God forbid he places value in women as people.
  14. So you admired her like a piece of art, or like a piece of meat? No matter what you did it's clear you didn't consider her as a person.
  15. But it makes sense that someone like me would? It's not about how famous, powerful, or hot someone is in their day job but instead it's the predator reading a moment and taking advantage in a moment of vulnerability in their victim. And women are often as vulnerable in a magnified spotlight as they are when out of sight.