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  1. So I should give Blades a second chance because Miracles is really good? I loved Stairs a lot.
  2. Not helpful. There are a bunch of people who put a lot of work into this. And a lot more who are avid YA SFF fans. And yet it seems (I am a complete outsider to Hugos/Worldcon) that some people who have no genuine interest in YA or in awarding it want to their say because old guard. So I get YA isn't for everyone but for the ones who it is for it deserves something reflective of the work *they* have put in.
  3. Because the award and name were voted on last year, but sour grapes prevail. http://katsudon.net/?p=5646. 1224: Mr Peterson from the committee for; since MidAmeriCon, the primary issue has been the name. They’ve spent a lot of time debating and vetting. It doesn’t violate any other award names or copyrights. 1225: Dr Laurie against because the vast majority wanted Madeline L’Engle, wants to strike Lodestar and substitute that name instead. 1227: Ms Rask against this change. The question about whether to name the award after a person is very contentious. For example, L’Engle has been criticized for her depiction of LGBT characters and promotion of an Evangelical mission. Also, she’s mostly really promoted by people of a certain age group. 1229: Yalow for the change – if we want public recognition for the award; using the name of an author is more likely to get public attention and will have more credibility. 1230: Motion to extend debate by 5 minutes by PRK. Debate is not extended. 1231: Motion to call the question. Seconded. Okay, question is called. 1231: Negative has it, amendment fails. We’re keeping Lodestar rather than going with L’Engel. 1232: Ms Hayes calls the question on the underlying amendment too. Seconded. 1232: PoI from Dr Laurie – if we vote to use Lodestar, can next year’s business meeting change the name prior to ratification? The chair rules that this kind of change would be major and require an additional year for ratification. 1233: Ms Rudolph with a PoI – is there anything in the rules that would prevent the WorldCon from using the name that will be up for ratification? The chair rules that the con would not be allowed to use the name. Dr Adams asks that the chair recuse himself and hands off to Mr Eastlake. 1234: Mr Eastlake rules next year’s convention could use weasel wording to mostly get around this. 1235: Mr Lee comes to support Mr Eastlake, who says he does not need support but thanks anyway. 1236: Mr Kovalcek asks if we are voting on the ruling. Mr Eastlake: the ruling hasn’t been appealed, do you want to appeal it? Mr Kovalcek: No. In that case, can next year’s WorldCon choose to have their special Hugo Category and call it the Lodestar? 1238: We are down a definitional rabbit hole, y’all, and it’s getting very silly. 1243: We are now voting on the appeal of the ruling of the chair. Which is that next year’s WorldCon can create a special Hugo and call it the Lodestar award for this purpose. Ruling is sustained. 1244: Now the question is if we are calling the question for D.4 1245: Okay, question is called. We’re getting there. Now will we adopt the name? 1245: The affirmative has it. The name motion passes. The YA Award is named Lodestar, subject to ratification.
  4. http://file770.com/?p=41112 I'm angry on the behalf of everyone who did the work to get this award in play and give it a name. A name that is not a person.
  5. @lady narcissa The two main characters *really* annoyed me and the currently side-character V'lane and his super powers had me rolling my eyes so much. BUT the final introduction of the bad guy towards the end coupled with some Googling about Jericho has me interested enough to carry on to book two. I don't know how much more pink nail polish I can take though. I can totally see Maas loving this and liberally borrowing from it. Rowan especially.
  6. The makeup artist used that on the bridal party I was in a few years ago and it was awful. My face was tomato red from the arsenal of foundation daggers being launched into my skin. Once it calmed down it looked pretty nice for the photos but I'd never do it again. I decided to treat myself to this lipstick sampler and the Huda Strobe is like unicorn glitter for my lips and I love it. And the Smashbox metallic. https://www.sephora.com/product/give-me-some-new-lip-kit-P426843
  7. Thank you for the suggestions! I will hit up ULTA at lunch Friday (hopefully) and try to get some samples. My Mohs surgery is scheduled for next Friday.
  8. I'm trying to get out of a YA fantasy reading rut this year. I branched out to Tessa Dare/Courtney Milan which were fun reads in historical romance. Now I'm taking a stab at this UF/PR stuff. I'm about 2/3 through Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning. It's a multi-book series and I'm on the fence about continuing pastb this first book. I think I would have enjoyed it more when it first came out 12 years ago. Anyways, it's good to try new things.
  9. Thank you for the suggestions! I forgot I had a sample of the tinted La Roche-Posay which I will take for a spin on the weekend. I tried out the Neutrogena sample over some serum and everything was great for about 10 minutes. Ever since I've been going through phases of redness and itching. Ugh. And it smells like sunscreen which I accept for outdoors but not in my office. @Xray the Enforcer do you use a moisturizer underneath the Shiseido? I have a sample of it but I think it's old enough that I have to toss it. Everything about this has me annoyed, frustrated, and maybe a little scared. But I'll sort it out. I need some fashionable hats now as well because baseball caps will no longer cut it.
  10. Let's talk moisturizer with SPF. I found out last week that I have a touch of basal cell carcinoma on my nose which is not awesome and kind of frustrating because I spend not even 10% of my time outdoors during the day. This is most likely related to all the sun and burns of my youth. I'm also now 33% more likely to get it again. I'm waiting on my referral for Mohs Surgery because some of the cell types were infiltrative and cutting them out is the only way to ensure they are gone. Anyways I've been not great wearing moisturizer with SPF because I find the ones I've used thick and heavy and some irritate my skin and I drive to and from work and seldom emerge from the building. BUT i always wear sunscreen (and a hat on sunny days) when i plan to be outside. I bought some Origins SPF 40 A Perfect World again because i know it won't irritate my face even if it feels a little slick by late afternoon. I'm looking for recommendations for something that feels light and good for sensitive skin. My dermatologist recommends SPF 30-50 for basic everyday going to work wear. She likes Neutrogena and Aveeno products which I use for sunscreen and body wash/body lotion but not for everyday facial care. I have a sample of Neutrogena moisturizer to try out.
  11. I read The Cruel Prince last night, and I loved it. I quite literally start to finished it over the span of 12 hours because I wanted to know how it ended. Also it's a popular new release from the library and I ended up sitting on this for a bit and wanted to get it to the next person. Anyways, faeries are awful. Looking forward to the next installment. Also patiently waiting on The Hazel Wood to become available.
  12. I need to step into Sephora so I can ogle Fenty up close. And Bite Beauty. Thanks to @Angalin I follow them on IG and I want everything. Anyone familiar with The Ordinary skin products?
  13. Ugh.
  14. Son and the heir of a shyness that is criminally vulgar. See, I've already waited too long.
  15. When exactly do you mean?