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  1. Makeup V: Inspired by a Diva

    My email tells me Ulta has Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette on sale today for $27.00 I don't need it but one of you lovelies might!
  2. Civil Unrest in Baltimore and the Freddie Gray Trial

    3 trials, no convictions, charges dropped against remaining 3 awaiting trial. http://www.baltimoresun.com/news/maryland/freddie-gray/bs-md-ci-miller-pretrial-motions-20160727-story.html
  3. MLB 2016: Chia Pet Un-Safe Zone

    Things are getting classy in LA, and nobody wants that.
  4. Welcome back to Canada, kair.
  5. Alton Sterling shooting.

    It would also be great if fear and paranoia were dialed down some. Perhaps then people calling in for emergency services/police would be less clouded in vision over what is and isn't a gun. And some sort of crisis? (I can't think of a proper term) training for police forces to help recognize a situation involving a special needs adult or special needs populations as a whole.
  6. I got it on sale. Take the day off, paid.
  7. MLB 2016: Chia Pet Un-Safe Zone

    Let's go Dodgers! No Utley. No Pederson. But we do have one Ginger Hobo. Chia pet powers, activate!
  8. [SPOILERS] Black Sails - Season 4 on the Horizon.

    So season 4 will be the last. http://deadline.com/2016/07/starz-black-sails-to-end-season-4-treasure-island-prequel-1201789425/
  9. MLB 2016: Chia Pet Un-Safe Zone

    Guys, we unclassily failed to mention the 4 year prison term awarded to the former Cards dude who hacked the Astros.
  10. MLB 2016: Chia Pet Un-Safe Zone

    Chris Hatcher is the new Juan Uribe.
  11. MLB 2016: Chia Pet Un-Safe Zone

    Speaking of the Dodgers, hi from Nats Park. Old man Utley is working it! Feel for this rookie Nats pitcher.
  12. Football - Aftermath of the Euros

    Demba Ba's leg break is horrific. While I have not and will not watch the replay, I have seen the xray and it's all the heebie jeebies. Poor guy. This could be it for him professionally. Really awful.
  13. Police killed at Dallas protest

    Reports of more than one officer shot in Baton Rouge. I don't know if this tags on here or Alton Sterling for discussion but I've just seen breaking tweets and headlines. Not sure the situation here. http://www.cnn.com/2016/07/17/us/baton-route-police-shooting/index.html CNN now reporting 3 police officers dead, seven shot in Baton Rouge
  14. Emmy Awards 2016: Nominations

    Toby Stephens really deserves a nomination. But it's not like that list is full of hacks.
  15. The final! France - Portugal

    That wasn't his handball. Weak.