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  1. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    There are 4 years and many international competitions and world championships before the next Olympics. We will know well before Tokyo how they measure up against newcomers. I would be surprised if either come back as major players. I expect they will at the least pare down the number of individual events, Phelps in particular. Bolt may just run a relay leg. Who knows.
  2. The Tragically Hip - A National Celebration in Canada

    That was a lot, last night. Gord seemed like he was struggling early on, but the break and suit change brought a renewal of sorts. They played for Canada, and they played for their hometown and they played for themselves. And Gord used his potentially last time in the spotlight to both endorse the Prime Minister and hold his feet to the fire. I was commiserating with Sis Who Swears on Facebook, and a lot of my friends back in Ottawa. When Grace, Too started I was under some kind of panic that this was it - it was all over. Then they came back for the third set. I was glad it ended on Ahead by a Century. I'm still processing it all. Was a little teary when I woke up to messages from Angalin showing Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam giving a shout out to The Hip during their show in Chicago. All I know is that we citizens of a nation were probably the most together we've ever been, no matter where in the world we were, and that's a pretty amazing gift Gord and Rob and Johnny and Paul and Gord have given us.
  3. Anyone in Kingston at the show? Anyone at a viewing party? I couldn't find one here in DC so MC and I are going to watch the stream on YouTube hooked up to the tv. I'm in my Hip tshirt and I'm going to do my best to celebrate and not cry. Courage for Gord.
  4. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    Where can I find individual runner times for the relay? (that must exist? or no?) I'm just curious what the final leg times were.
  5. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    Sorry for the confusion. The US was DQ'd for baton exchange. I was comparing Canada's lane violation from London, against a Japanese runner on the line tonight. Only the US lost a medal due to DQ. Trinidad and Tobago was also DQ'd.
  6. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    Ah ok, so that explains the Canada DQ in London vs Japan tonight. Still, happyish for Canada but actually kind of bummed for the US.
  7. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    Jamaica Japan Canada
  8. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    I hate winning/losing on technicalities. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CqRG7dgXgAA8kOc.jpg:large https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CqRHkmtXgAQHJJn.jpg:large I don't buy the baton exchange thing. The lane thing I do, in which case Japan should be DQ'd too. This is what got Canada DQ'd in 2012 https://cdnolympic.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/gavinline.jpg?quality=100
  9. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    The 4x100 is just so amazing to watch. DeGrasse is going to be a force. ------ Why was the US DQ'd?
  10. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    There's got to be more to it, no? Drugs and/or prostitutes? All this lying and embellishing over a gas station encounter still seems odd. But Lochte comes off as an attention -seeking douchebro, so maybe it all makes sense to him.
  11. Makeup VI : SPFantastic

    You can go to Sephora and they can work with you to get the look you want. I had it done once, and they used a lot of Bare Minerals products because I wanted something super natural looking. And then I went home with the starter kit and a few samples.
  12. I'm starting to think this *is* the fantasy story : posts about the fantasy of writing a hard fantasy story, which is apparently a hard story to write.
  13. 2016 Olympics - Opening Ceremony and beyond....

    24 years since Canada's last swimming gold, and the drought is broken by a 16 year old who ties with American swimmer Simone Manuel, sets a Canadian record, Olympic record and a World Junior record all in one swim. So proud of our swimmers. So proud of our women competing thus far.
  14. Careerchat II

    I've had periphery experience with Six Sigma and I've had some introductory lean manufacturing training. I've also had Kaizen training through one of my former employers. It's not the most interesting stuff but I also don't hate it and do find some of it meaningful. I'm just trying to find a few options for vendors who offer these courses and reviews on the experience. Like, was there online support or a Blackboard like situation with chatboards/discussion groups, or were there online classes with live instructors etc. I have a defined time frame for achieving the Green Belt. The Black Belt would be more negotiable.