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  1. re: Dodgers They are totally loveable! They have some great kids, a ginger hobo, a silver fox, and #Puigyourfriend. But also, that losing streak coupled with what Cleveland was doing changed everything. Along with the Dodgers performance against the NL West abd their inevitable collision with the Rockies or D'backs. I posted a WaPo link back a few pages where various writers had LA losing in NLDS for the most part. Of course, they also had Cleveland and Washington in the WS. Basically, it's like the Dodgers are the pleasant surprise of the playoffs. Which is bizarre. And did I mention they are loveable?
  2. It's worth it simply for the interviews with the first killer. The actor nails it so incredibly (and uncomfortably) well.
  3. Talking about Evan Gatiss not wearing batting gloves, I'm more concerned he's wearing his wedding band.
  4. Okok. Second favourite?
  5. So the college post-grad in episode one is the daughter of everyone's favourite television Mountie.
  6. Guys, it's right not there in the Constitution. No one has the right to not get shot. It's right below No one has the right to health care and above Women don't have the right to agency over their bodies. But we can get a free gun with our new roof! This discussion will never ever go anywhere because of a fragile piece of paper locked up in an environmentally controlled room lest it disintegrate, written by men who had real issues about a few things at that point in time, based on what they knew right then and before then, and didn't know about the coming technological improvements in firearms. Or bullets. Or transportation that could get you around quicker than a horse and get you to your targets faster. Or population changes and growth. Or disgruntied employees and estranged spouses/boyfriends who lack the mental capacity to not take down people with guns in moments of crisis. Or road rage. Or malls. If the Bill of Rights was written today could it capture everything required for society 100, 200, 500 years from now? But this document from the late 1700s does?
  7. Work it, Hobo.
  8. Has anyone been checking on Rich Hill's throwing hand?
  9. Fair points. But the Mirror and Liverpool article basically state 'because Indian tv' instead of 'greedy PL'. Not great all around.
  10. So the linked article down below explains but it's disingenuous to blame Indian tv directly or either team. "However, the Liverpool Echo understands the Premier League approached Brighton with a view to moving the fixture to Sunday, initially around the possibility of the game being picked up by an international broadcaster. Star Sports in India were the only broadcasters who bit, the match kicking off at 6pm Indian Summer Time. Once the Premier League learned that Sky Sports and BT Sport were not interested in screening the match, they could have moved the game back to a traditional 3pm Saturday kick-off - but the fact Star Sports want to show it in India means the game will kick off at 1.30pm on Sunday." http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/laughable-reason-brighton-vs-everton-11345626
  11. Caught this at the close of the Everton match: Everton fans with a class banner. "How many Rupees until we take priority" #BHAEVE #AMF Had to go to Twitter because I couldn't make it all out as they panned by. I understand the upset but the fuck? The majority owner was born in Iran and is a British citizen. Rupees are Indian currency. Am I missing something or is this the lamentation of xenophobic dolts?
  12. It would have been more honest for a 30 second spot that simply said 'Please come and spend your money. '
  13. I Googled 'Clayton Kershaw balk' and this thread has more hits for that combination of words than the rest of the internet. But it's a view you and Dusty Baker share (from last year's NLDS) if that helps.
  14. I see what you did there.