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  1. I was also going to mention stuff like this but Kal beat me to it.
  2. If they wanted to tell a compelling story about slavery, they should have worked to pick up Underground to HBO after it was cancelled by WGN. I've never watched it but I've read it was highly regarded.
  3. The Nationals bullpen is so epically bad. 10-0 they were up going into the 8th. It's now 10-7 bottom of the 9th, nobody out. You have to feel for Scherzer. Come on Reds.
  4. https://twitter.com/Dodgers/status/886047625778262017
  5. Toby Stephens, Luke Arnold, Justin Theroux, Carrie Coon, Black Sails and Leftovers deserved better. With television coming from all over the place it might be time to increase nominations in the major categories.
  6. Guys, the HR derby has been fantastic so far.
  7. I was super perplexed about the Nats rain delay last night, given the lack of rain. Never considered gamesmanship, at the cost of paying fans, was at play. What a shit-show, except for the few who stayed or even got out of bed to head to the park for a 10:10 start or whenever it was. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2017/07/07/at-nationals-park-an-embarrassing-fiasco-and-an-absolute-joy/ https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/dc-sports-bog/wp/2017/07/07/this-is-a-travesty-braves-announcers-unload-on-nationals-for-pitiful-embarrassing-rain-delay/
  8. Yeah, his name came up a lot as a terrible umpire as well while I was reading stuff earlier. I was like, ah him. But I couldn't have pulled his name out of the air if needed otherwise.
  9. I would hope I would too. I lived in Pburgh 15 years ago and I have only fuzzy memories of the bridge. I walked over it a couple of times to get to PNC Park and Heinz Field but I don't even know how high over the river it is. Which I guess is irrelevant if someone is in distress. And perhaps can't swim or the current is strong. On my walk to Heinz Field I narrowly missed pushing someone into the Allegheny by accident. I guess we were walking too slow for the person behind us and he cut to my left while I was wildly gesticulating during conversation.
  10. Speaking of umpires, I stumbled across this story from last Wednesday. http://www.post-gazette.com/local/city/2017/06/28/mlb-umpire-john-tumpane-saves-woman-suicide-attempt-pittsburgh-roberto-clemente-bridge-jumper-pirates/stories/201706280194
  11. There's a lot to unpack with this lawsuit. First there's the apparent personal aspect between Hernandez and Torre, and Hernadez's performance reviews. I can't speak to any of it as I don't know any ump's name outside of Jim Joyce, and we all know his crime. Anyways, I found this article from 4 years ago that is pretty damning against Hernandez. http://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/angel-hernandez-was-a-bad-umpire-in-the-minors-20-years-ago-too/ So good luck to him proving that. The other, more general part of the suit is something worth paying attention to. I'm trying to find some data on MLB umpires. That was from a Deadspin article about the suit.
  12. Universal Standard is a newish company (2 years old?) specializing in functional wardrobe pieces for plus-size women. I've been on their email list for a while and always miss when their Seine Jean is back in stock. Curses. There's a few other pieces I've been eyeing but they have been out of my budget for the most part. Last week I received an email offering to send out a free t-shirt while supplies last. A free $50 t-shirt. I received it Friday and it's one of the softest and most flattering crew neck shirts I've ever worn. I need to consider budgeting for their pieces. They also have an exchange program for some of the pirces that's impressive. https://www.universalstandard.net/pages/ufl-universal-fit-liberty
  13. From the old thread: @Angalin Asked :Has anyone tried Bite Beauty lipsticks, out of Toronto? I heard good things about their Amuse Bouche lipsticks. I have the Kimchi colour and it's outrageous and I love it. It's exclusive to Sephora I think. I found it creamy enough and didn't bleed (thankfully) but I layer moisturizing lip balm on first so that might be why. The colour didn't make it past dinner but again, could be lip balm related.
  14. I've never used this particular mascara but it comes highly rated and is specific to sweat and swim activities. http://www.eyeko.com/eyeko-sport-waterproof-mascara Cargo has a line of 'swimmable' cosmetics. The eye pencil is so-so http://www.cargocosmetics.com/palettes-collections/swimmable.html And these 'beauty'sites have some suggestions http://www.elle.com/beauty/makeup-skin-care/tips/g8164/best-sweat-proof-beauty-products/ http://www.cosmopolitan.com/style-beauty/beauty/advice/g2032/sweat-proof-makeup/
  15. Sephora understands that I'm highly interested in samples and minis and lured me in with a new set of things I don't need - a dry shampoo favourites set. And as it's my birthday month I scooped up my gift, which was a choice between Tarte cosmetics and Caudalie skin care. I went Tarte, which included the Amazonian clay blush in Paaarty and matte liquid lipstick in Birthday Suit which I totally love! I claimed a free Kat Von D eye liner with an email code that will be amusing to try seeing as I can't see enough without my glasses to manage beyond applying shadow with the pad of my finger. I also snagged a Bite Beauty mini in Beetroot. Hurray for free stuff! Aaaaand I booked my Balayage appointment for the day before vacation at the end of July. Rose Gold hair, here I come!
  16. http://deadspin.com/rockies-reliever-adam-ottavino-really-crapped-it-up-yes-1796417951 Yup.
  17. It's my understanding that Yedlin and Pulisic weren't going to be named for call-up. They are on rest then return to their clubs for training. http://www.cbssports.com/soccer/news/usa-will-likely-be-without-pulisic-and-many-other-key-players-for-the-gold-cup/ Glad to see Bill Hamid made the cut.
  18. This game tho. MC made me turn it off in the second inning and we watched the CFL (like you do) until I saw on Twitter that Bellinger brought our heroes to within one run. And then so much holy shit and a inconsistent umpire. FIVE RUNS on FOUR WILD PITCHES and the Rockies never made a move to pull Ottavino out until after Bellinger hit another homer in the 8th. And then some hot closer on closer action with Kenley's RBI double.
  19. Wild thing, you make my heart sing.
  20. I'm only part-way through, but this is impactful. I could have written some of this myself. Anyone reading/read this?
  21. I've never heard of Rodan + Fields but Arbonne and Isagenix are two that I've encountered through social media. Thankfully no one has pitched anything to me directly beyond FB group invites ignore. It's the adult version of wrapping paper and magazine subscriptions except instead of sponsoring Mrs. Smiley's third grade class, you're trying to sponsor your resort vacation or pay off your car. In all cases it involves hitting up family and friends first, which is the worst part to me. I know someone who has three or four of these 'side' projects on the go and it all seems exhausting, extra money or not. Facebook filters have generally made me unaware though.
  22. for Bonesy. for C&C Bat Factory.
  23. Stupid new thread without locking the old thread. ..I'll re-post here.
  24. Hillary needs to stay out of the public eye and Nancy Pelosi needs to step down/away. So if I understand correctly, it's the old white ladies that are holding the Democratic Party back and not all the old white men.... Someone better get talking to Elizabeth Warren I reckon.
  25. And now this: http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-40322960 <sigh> Hoping for no fatalities.