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  1. Stannis and Davos forever, 'tis the love that cannot die!

    1. Alexia


      I'm just seeing this now. I love Stannis and Davos together so much... the sexual tension just oozes off the page whenever they are together!

      And, hugs. I always do love reading your posts.

  2. The most Useless character in ASoIaF

    Barristan should have let them out! He could have found out that Hizdahr was planning to kill them, and let them out to save them. Quentyn ended up serving as unnecessary filler, IMHO.
  3. Your avatar is amazing ;)

  4. Unofficial Stark and Targaryen Skins for Westeros

    I love having the Stark skin again (and the stripped avatars) on my work computer. It is so much more discreet. Thanks so much for doing this. :grouphug:
  5. [twow Spoilers] Arianne II, Part 2

    Quick comment: shouldn't the topic now be titled Arianne II rather than I post-lord-Goat's clarification? [yes - typo. Thanks for pointing it out. Ang]
  6. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    Matarreyes, you cannot be genuinely arguing this, can you? Aegon is heir to the throne after Aerys! And you think that Rhaegar is such a POS that he would not leave his wife, a Crown Princess, and his children (including an heir-in-waiting) a KG? I mean, I think poorly of Rhaegar after the whole mess with Lyanna but even I could never think that the one KG left in her vicinity was not instructed to guard her and her two children, even if the king was his primary responsibility.
  7. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    Brienne already knows that Arya is supposedly in Wintefell, because Jaime clued her in on the false Arya before she left KL.
  8. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    I couldn't possibly agree more; it would be absolutely horrible for any of the children to see Catelyn like that. But with her on the hunt for Sansa, believing that every single one of her children died, and wreaking death and destruction to get revenge for them...I expect it somehow. :crying: One of the things I noticed while reading Tyrion's chapers is that he thinks to himself that he misses Jaime and Shae. Once again, total agreement. Do you think that they will ever reconcile? I tend to think that the relationship is shot now but it is really sad. I have a hard time thinking of how things could change between them after Tyrion shot Tywin and told Jaime that he killed Joffrey.
  9. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    Also, doesn't it feel like one of Catelyn's children should end up meeting her? And Sansa seems like the only one who could potentially do this at all -- and Jaime and Brienne could potentially be the vehicle to make this happen.
  10. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    My basic point is that while I could see it happening, I personally would be displeased if it happened without resolution of at least some of the things that I pointed out -- Cersei, Tyrion, Sansa. Also, I feel somehow certain that Daenerys will never have the opportunity to face him. But, I hope unCat doesn't kill him yet! ;) In general, I haven't yet formed a theory of how this will go; I could see it happening either way. I think that Cersei and Tyrion will both survive until the last book, both of them are all but twirling mustachios by now and out for blood. Jaime...I just don't know, TBH. If Brienne is taking him to Catelyn, I am sure that he will die. So my question is, where is Brienne taking him? Also, count me in as someone who completely hates Cersei's silly prophecy and hopes it isn't true. I don't really want to know how a character will die thousands of pages in advance of that death. We don't really need Jaime and Cersei to leave this world together either, although I found Tyrion's decision to put their heads on spikes next to each other because "no one should ever come between my brother and sister" darkly amusing. *sorry if all my musings don't make any sense as of right now...
  11. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    I think it is quite possible that Jaime is done for. GRRM seems intent on devastating House Lannister, and it is the second to last book that he would die in. POVs need to be trimmed back on now. Jaime started out in the story a man renowned for his lack of honor, throwing a child from a window to cover up his crime, and had a nice little redemption arc in which he broke apart from Cersei and made some efforts at atoning for his wrongs. Killing Jaime eliminates yet another person who might "save" the Lannisters from the dust up that is coming -- and leaves Daenerys with only the children of the rebels to wreak her vengeance on. The problem is that it feels like Jaime has so many loose ends left in his story. It wouldn't be the first time a character with loose ends bit the dust, but still it feels like he should have some sort of confrontation with Cersei and perhaps one of the Stark girls. There is also Tyrion to consider; shouldn't Jaime and Tyrion meet again? I'm not sure that I would feel very satisfied from a literary perspective if Jaime died just yet, and it would be nice if he really could achieve atonement through saving Sansa Stark. I would actually really like it if the final showdown with Cersei came about because of Sansa.
  12. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    People, if the BwB captures Jaime why would they give him a trial by battle? They didn't give Brienne a trial by battle. They didn't give that Frey a trial by battle. They just hanged them. Now, perhaps Stoneheart will send Jaime out after Sansa (doubtful, but possible) but no way in hell is she going to offer the Kingslayer a trial by battle. What did the BwB tell Merrett Frey when he tried to demand a trial again?
  13. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    I'm surprised that we're even debating whether these visions were prophecies or not. Dragons were stirring, for one, long before they were ever hatched. Also, these are visions that Bloodraven forced into Bran's mind and we know perfectly well that he has the capacity to see the past, at the least.
  14. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    According to this, only Arianne, Damphair, and Sansa have been confirmed so far.
  15. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    The problem is that we don't know how it works. It is apparently living in KG quarters, and spooks out the other men -- understandably so, given that it doesn't speak, eat, or have normal bodily functions, and it is eerily reminiscent of a dead man. But it met Cersei at the gates with the lords and lifted her off the ground, it has some functionality. Its possible Qyburn remote controls it somehow, or that he gives it an order and it obeys. The wights retain some memory function, it is pointed out, enough to know where the LC sleeps and try to eliminate him, enough to pass for dead until they are carried into the castle. Is this creature wight-like? What is it? What did Qyburn do?