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  1. indeed, it will be good to get the Raina and Mace showdown. we have been waiting a long time.
  2. Finished Artemis by Andy Weir, enjoyed it despite the lead character not being very sympathetic, Persepolis Rising was as expected excellent, i have not read anything by Daniel Abraham that is not of a very high standard, i also think that the 30 year gap was not handled as well as could be, but the story arc is developing nicely and i cant wait to see where it ends. started Orphan X on a recommendation by a board member and is enjoying it so far, kind of a generic tale of young boy trained to be govt assassin, but still interesting.
  3. +2 this was beyond great..
  4. Co signed, great rec, and i just found out that a book two has been published
  5. Add me to the posters who bounced off Grace of King and Jonathan strange, i initially tried to read the original Long Price novel when it was just released and could not get past the first couple chapters, this state of affairs continued for a decade or more because it kept being recced by posters who i noticed had similar taste to mine, then i was on a flight from the UK to Jamaica and being a captive audience so to speak i read this book,the rest is history, i regularly read this series straight through, probably on a yearly basis, i would encourage anyone who has had difficulty getting through it to give it one last shot... Crown for Cold Silver made me ill, had to stop..
  6. Thanks for this Windies, long time coming.. Has taken the bitter taste of Arsenal out of my mouth..
  7. I would also recommend Jemisin's recent book which is the conclusion of the Broken Earth trilogy, extremely well written and satisfactorily concluded .. But seriously, The Long Price Quartet is waiting to be discovered by any who has not read it, I certainly can't praise it enough. It is surpassed in my opinion only by the best efforts of Grrm Hobb and probably Bakker ..
  8. Have to endorse all the positive reviews of this book, really thought provoking and emotional and a fitting conclusion.. I can't help but think that essun will be there waiting on nassun to make her transition, future SE will be more humanesque with more memory retention? Really good trilogy ..
  9. I burned through The Stone Sky and will have to reread through slowly to try and gain more understanding of some of the finer details, but i really enjoyed this book, i bounced off Jemisins hundred thousand kingdoms and was initially reluctant to try TFS , am glad i did, great trilogy, delivered on time and solid all the way through, on the origins of the guardians, when the iron sphere that was taken from the earth exploded during the firing up of the plutonic engine hoa described iron shards working its way up veins and arteries of the conductors, i am wondering if this is how the first guardians were created? Father earth gained control of the conductors and it progressed from there. It used the corestone fragments to take direct control of these most dangerous vermin – but this did not work as it intended. Human will is harder to anticipate than human flesh.
  10. Hmmm..self cintained ass-to-ass action, this could also double as an "atrocity" which would be beneficial in remembering Heather, two problems solved... I am convinced.. You may proceed Ser
  11. These urges fades with time, these persons but needs to wait a while, or a couple centuries..problem solved?
  12. Is this... connor, i feel that the normal mourning period applies, times immortal years After all the cumulative two years for a human is what? like 2 weeks to these immortal fellas? right?
  13. "There Can Be Only One." can be applied in various scenarios
  14. Great news, i googled JV just last week after rereading Watcher of The Dead, hopefully she gets back on track soon..
  15. Next for polo's great quality from my experience