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  1. Your Top 10 aSoIaF Moments (Spoilers)

    We do?? ;) Anyway Jaime's never claiming CR. All the (us?) Jaime/Brienne shippers want them to both be in the KG/QG/NW and secretly carry on a love affair for the rest of their lives. Or retire anonymously to the Sapphire Isle. Course knowing GRRM it's far more likely one will kill the other. le sigh...
  2. Your Top 10 aSoIaF Moments (Spoilers)

    Okay I'm obviously a Dany fangirl so there's a lot of that, but I liked other parts of the books too! Also... looking at the list after the fact, I apparently enjoy having my heart torn out. :dunno: 1) The Dragons' Birth and the entire Pyre scene... GRRM covered everything in this chapter with a thick layer of awesomesauce. 2) Sansa building snow Winterfell, I still cry every time I read it (until creeper Littlefinger comes along and creeps everything up with his creepy face and creepy kissing). 3) Drogon and Dany's flight - after all that frustration in Meereen this was pure euphoria. 4) STANNIS! STANNIS! STANNIS!! (When the Night's Watch is saved by Stannis! I fell in love with the grumpy bastard right then!) 5) Dracarys - most badass moment in the series, wherever you stand on it's moral acceptability. 6) Bran's last chapter in a dance with dragons where he sees his father and ancestors, and realizes he will never see Winterfell or his family again in any other way. :crying: 7) Jaime telling Brienne the story of Aerys in the bathhouse, fainting, her catching him and calling him Jaime... 8) The Red Wedding. I mean, not that I don't wish it hadn't happened, but holy crap this was intense. Catelyn's perspective at the end - it was so sad watching her go mad right in front of us. 9) Daenerys banishing Ser Jorah, I cry every time. :crying: 10) Quentyn freeing the other dragons! I was so very hopeful he would succeed and so upset when he... um failed. I know no one else cares about Quentyn, but I actually do. Also, dragons are badass.
  3. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    LOL Clash you just won the thread. Well freaking done. Also iamthedave I salute your earlier attempts. I gave up days ago out of pure frustration...
  4. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    Mr. Fred, you might want to consider that your theory is pretty fringe and you're basically the only one who believes it in all its detail. You're certainly the only one who seems to have gleaned this theory from the books directly (a few people have congratulated you on your creativity and think it's an interesting possibility, myself included). But it's okay to be fringe! And it's certainly no reason to go about acting as if we are stupid for not believing it, and systematically ignoring all the arguments made against it. But feel free to rub it in all our faces in 5 years once we find out what happened! Could Brienne be undead? Possibly. But there's no direct evidence for this. Could Jaime be killed offscreen? It would be a first as this has not yet happened to a PoV character in aSoIaF. Would Brienne kill Jaime unless she absolutely had to? This seems out of character and would require some explanation, hence why another Jaime or Brienne PoV seems likely. Could Bran's prophecy of the golden man and the giant refer to unBrienne and unJaime? Of course it could, but the giant is much better fit for Gregor/Robert Strong, and there's nothing to say that the golden man (if Jaime at all) must be a R'hllor zombie. As I said, I think Brienne killing Jaime is one of many possible outcomes. The many possibilities that GRRM is trying to keep us guessing between by not giving us a Brienne PoV. Hence, there is a good reason for why there is no Brienne or Jaime PoV other than that they are both undead. I don't happen to think it's the most likely one. But unlike you, I'm willing to believe that there are other possible outcomes besides the one I happen to believe is most likely.
  5. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    Um, who are "your opponents"? And when did anyone say she can't possibly be planning to kill him? I'm reading a lot here about conflicting vows, and several of us have proposed possible outcomes. My preferred outcome given my reading of Brienne's character is that she would bring Jaime to Cat, but then champion him in a trial. But that's just me. And yes, a Brienne PoV would give away her motives, unless GRRM used some really contrived means. We don't know whether she plans to bring him to Cat's justice, to tell him what really happened and plan their escape, or to kill him in the woods alone. We honestly don't know. As for why no more Jaime chapters? Again, it's because GRRM likes to keep us in suspense. In fact I think Jaime's disappearance is noted in the epilogue by Kevan - so there's literally no room for another Jaime chapter after that (it's the epilogue). It's like all those chapters in aCoK when everyone is hearing about Bran and Rickon's deaths, and we don't know either! Eeek! Same here with Jaime. No resolution in this case, but this book wasn't really about Jaime.
  6. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    Don't worry, it's not just you! In fact the only one posting that seems to be Fearsome Fred... he just posts a lot. :huh: Exactly. A Brienne PoV would give away too much at this point. Also Jaime not having another PoV chapter is totally consistent with what GRRM does - news about characters which we later find out is false (see Davos in affc). You might as well say that Bran and Davos must be undead because their chapters left off in the middle of the book, too. Sillyness!
  7. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    sorry doublepost
  8. [ADWD] Brienne Collecting Jaime

    No more Zombies please. IMO, Brienne only had a PoV in Feast because Jaime was off doing other things, and GRRM thought that her part of the story needed being told. Now that they are both together I see no need for a Brienne PoV. What will happen next? I'm not sure. But I don't think Brienne is unBrienne. What we are seeing is her dealing with conflicting Oaths, as Jaime has said "they make you swear and swear until its impossible to keep them all". She swore to find Sansa Stark and return her to Catelyn. She swore to keep Jaime safe. Now, to save Pod, she swore to Catelyn that she would bring Jaime Lannister to justice. The last two appear to be in conflict... unless! Unless... Brienne champions Jaime in a trial by combat. So that's what I think will happen.
  9. High Valyrian

    I don't think they'll have to speak Valyrian all season long. They can use the Common Tongue in Qarth, and Valyrian in Astapor for the two scenes there. Then go back to Common after that. They don't have to keep the rules for who speaks what exactly the same as in the book, just use it when it's needed.
  10. High Valyrian

    I don't agree - I think it's important that Valyrian be spoken in at least some of Dany's scenes. For example, To be honest, I wouldn't mind if they just decide to literally have Valyrian = Latin. But I bet they will do another Conlang that sounds "Latin-ish" - I don't see why not?
  11. How Would You Rate Episode 110

    My final count: 6 > 9 > 10 > 7 > 5 > 8 > 2 > 4 > 1 > 3 Taken as a whole episodes 5-10 were all phenomenal. I went back to 1-4 recently and they came across much better on second viewing. I think it helped that I was just less worried about the show sucking on rewatch!
  12. How Would You Rate Episode 108?

    It was good, but didn't blow me away: 6>5>7>2>8>4>3>1
  13. List of death

    Impressive! Bravo, sir. :bowdown:
  14. What should be Jon's new Targaryen name?

    I'm thinking that Robb's legitimization is a legal document specifically saying something like "Jon Snow, the bastard of Eddard Stark, will now be known as Jon Stark, son and heir to Winterfell and all her holdings..." etc. So no, I don't think there's some kind of blanket legitimization that would allow Jon to take the Targ name instead of the Stark name (if he is in fact the bastard of Lyanna and Rhaegar). In fact the only consequence of the discovery that L+R=J would be that Robb's legitimization of Jon would be nullified since the "Bastard of Eddard Stark" part would no longer be true. Of course the sticky situation you bring up could still happen if Jon is actually the trueborn son of a married Rhaegar and Lyanna. I'd prefer a rivalry/uneasy alliance between Dany and Jon to the kind of sappy love story Jon Blackfyre proposes :stillsick: so it's an interesting idea.
  15. What should be Jon's new Targaryen name?

    Jonarion The Oathbreaker :P Oathbreaker because IN MY OPINION his Night's Watch oaths are lifelong so he would have to break them to lay claim to any of his Targ birthright) BTW I'm aware that "Jonarion" is a really really stupid name, because IMO it's a really bad idea for Jon to be king anyway. I'm really really hoping that he'll never become king.