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  1. yes. rich hill is the boss. go and stock some shelves, son.
  2. it is important because everyone who is pro concealed carry thinks they are that proverbial good guy with a gun who is gonna save everyone. and if you haven't noticed this thread is to debate the right to bear arms protected by the government. so it may not be up to me but I am allowed my thoughts.
  3. furthermore completely fuck your concealed carry. I as another citizen do not have faith in or have authorized your desire to carry a gun and pull it out in times of danger. naturally all concealed carry advocates and practitioners are expert marksmen who would put deadpool and dirty Harry to shame.
  4. no. carrying a gun openly say 'look what a tough fucker i think I am, when in fact i am a cowardly weakling.' concealed carry says 'i am scared shitless about stuff but think I can be a hero.' no thanks to both, please.
  5. I am a huge knife guy. I own a couple thousand dollars worth if handforged cutlery...for work. but, I also have a lot of regular knives. my dad is of a time and place that he had a folding knife on his belt for like forever, though a multitool has become more useful and he wears it now. I used to carry a knife. first time it was called a weapon when searched by a cop i reevaluated whether i needed it. I am with stego a bit though. when I see an obvious one handed open knife clipped on a pocket it doesn't say to me 'let me open that box for you' it instead says 'i think I am tough.' and don't get me started on open carry firearms. those people are really cowardly and ultimately dangerous. seeing a dude with a pistol on his belt in my hometown of like 1000 people in a pizza shop was both pathetic and comical.
  6. ok, we get it, cocanuts. you are all about statistics and mathematical likelihood. how are you for social responsibility and human empathy? could you talk to the families devastated by vegas and Sandy hook about the sheer number that their family members are dead because of a poor roll of the dice?
  7. had a two hour meeting with the recruiter. he is sure I will be easy to place. two offerings were restaurants I like a lot operated by restauranteurs I really respect. both places have the size and cuisine styles my own food would integrate well with. I feel the current employer thinks I may want to leave because if the current turmoil. both hotel gm and director of hr met with me offering support and suggesting we will get past everything and just generally buttering me up. more and more I am ready for a new chapter in my career.
  8. so if we go entirely on math and statistics every home should have a gun and the chance of anyone ever being killed by them is statistically low. gotcha.
  9. Cody is one my favorite nephews. he really is a good kid.
  10. I am stressed out. playoff baseball isn't fun to watch.
  11. bill is legit. i have been watching him for 5 years at dcu. he is smart, excellent in positioning and very athletic. rumor is he is off for europe. he is out of contract at dc and hasn't suggested he wants to sign a new one. and dc signed another keeper saying they don't want him either.
  12. yesterday i had 5 beers, 2 mezcal cocktails and 4 manhattans. today i have a broken phone, rolling insides and an aggressive headache. but, boy did we have fun!
  13. have i told you recently how much i love you?
  14. last year more people attended mls games than nba or nhl games. how is that for fringe?
  15. seriously this is a talk in dc right now. everyone's buttocks are burning over the nats and they are talking about doom in dc sports but unwilling to acknowledge dc united and mls.