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  1. for a loser like me who watches newcastle thid is sad news.
  2. i hear great things!
  3. whoa. hold on. he is still our close personal friend and he needs us to be supportive of him during this trying time. oh. 10 in a row!
  4. you mean the best closer in baseball and a very close friend of mine.
  5. cody is such a good kid! kenley with a rbi double! dodgers are rolling!!!
  6. as i am feeling fancy as fuck a heirloom tomato bisque with 10 year balsamic and grilled cheese featuring fresh mozzarella, pleasant ridge reserve (nutty cow's milk cheese from Wisconsin) and french black truffle preserves.
  7. as much as i adored that combative bastard i would be doing nothing in his honor if i didn't say FUCK THE GIANTS!!! now. how about the Dodgers and the nl west? three teams over .600! an obvious rookie of the year in cody 'raised by myshkin' bellinger!
  8. who are you again?
  9. really how fucking good is bellinger?
  10. Myshkin (who my love knows no bounds), would you want him one day on the dodgers rotation?
  11. if it isnt good enough to drink with it is not good enough to cook with.
  12. so this story broke a couple days. we have this phenom pitcher who is playing for the best team in the nation. he has a 11-1 record with an era of 0.73. he really is a fine athlete. he is almost assured to become a pro baseball player making millions of dollars. oh, and he is a child molester. he committed crimes against a family member for 2 years while he was a teenager. he received two years of counseling and was made to register as a sex offender. in april he failed to re-register. his admitted crimes were only discovered via a routine search by an oregonian reporter. the editor had this to say about their discovery it really just came down to the world deserving to know what had been hidden. oregon state did not know of his crimes. they do not check for violent or sexual crimes during admissions as some colleges do. but now you have this player on your team who is obviously a distraction at the least and a pariah at the most. his coach had this to say when he magnanimously pulled himself from the starting rotation for the super regional tourney baseball was clearly more important to this coach than a now emotionally damaged child. and it is still unclear if he will also sit out the rest of the college world series. sports trump victims too many times in our society. this is just another of those instances. thoughts? has he done his time and should be free to pursue athletics? or are his crimes great enough that he has no place in college and eventually pro athletics. already four teams in the mlb have said they would not draft him.
  13. no. bacon has the amount of fat it is supposed to have! take it from me. i make 300 pounds a week. don't freeze wine. drink it or cook with it.
  14. me too! rafa is already at work. seems we got tammy Abraham on loan from chelsea. he is a great target man. should lock down a pair of defenders really soon. he is doing great things with the toon!
  15. that goal. but how about that game vs man united where he made rooney look like a school boy? he owned Wayne that day. he was the man of the match. reminisce with me. tiote never met a tackle he didn't like. what a loss.