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  1. they have to do the whisperers storyline. it is just that good.
  2. I like the Chelsea Barcelona matchup. it could be a very fun one. if real Madrid fails to pass Paris zidane will be sacked. how about the upcoming clasico? in the eastern side of the states it is on at 7am. they are really trying to make some solid moves to the Asian market with this kickoff time.
  3. as bad as united are city were just as brilliant. they owned the ball, the took on counters calmly and coolly. I suspect they not only handsomely win the league but end up playing in a cl final.
  4. so season ticket holders could not have their regular seats? that is fucked. I hate mls for so many things. Garber sucks.
  5. congratulations! the crowd looked well into it! loved all the flares and smoke at the end! the play was mostly unconvincing by both teams, but I never doubted that Toronto would find the goals. regardless, Toronto had a special season. this truly might be the best single season any team in mls has ever had.
  6. *sigh* i suppose i will weigh in. on a personal level i have really tried to dig into who i am as a person and what my own masculinity means and how i show it to the world and what effects it has on me and on those around me. nobody is trying to devalue men here. we are only trying to actually get at what the true issues men possess, try to process them and try to build something from it. why do i do what i do and feel what i feel? how much of it is tied to who i am as a human being and how much of it is tied to how i feel a man should be? any man who wants to instead of simply accepting that women have a worse time in our society and instead try to point to our own issues needs to really open up their own mind and get some clarity. women are paid less than us for the same job. almost every single woman has experienced some sort of harassment based on their gender. women are told their entire lives by media on what they should be and how they should look to a degree that often ends in a really horrible inner image of who they are. they are abused and murdered by their spouses and partners at an alarming rate. we are not experiencing any of those things to such a degree. even an 'average man' has a lot more power than an 'average woman.' we all bow to the wealthy and powerful, but among them the men still hold the upper hand. take some time and think about your own ideas of what masculinity means to you. think about what you do and what you say and how it affects other men who you are influencing. figure out those issues that you feel men are facing and how to tackle them on a personal level. accept the observations of women of the world on how they see you and your gender. this like so many threads over the years i have read have been more about arguing and trying to win the argument than actually having a meaningful conversation. we can either use this forum as a debate club or we can use it to learn. now, back to our regularly scheduled chat of safe wank spaces!
  7. not super optimistic about toon v Leicester today. we have to sign a legit goal scorer in January.
  8. so after reading the last few pages of this thread this morning I took care of myself before I went to work. not only did I not rape, assault or harass anyone which I don't do anyway, but I did find myself a bit more calm when dealing with my usual work adversity. I am not ready to graduate to midwork self stress release but I intend to offer up my plans for including it as a need in next weeks budget meeting.
  9. I am in the same boat. I have bought so few games and finished even fewer. the last game I finished was the last of us. it might have been the best game I have ever played in my whole life. currently I am slowly slogging through ghost recon wildlands. I love a tactical shooter. this game hasn't disappointed though I play so infrequently that I have trouble getting in the groove when playing. I did snipe a soldier in a moving vehicle from 724 meters the other day which was pretty awesome.
  10. are you fucking kidding?
  11. I have recently gone full 1990s 2000s with a lot of cannibal corpse, deicide, hate eternal and morbid angel myself. those were glory days for me in music. I was young, drunk, stupid and loved the death metal scene.
  12. a brilliant and well put post. thank you.
  13. I think maiden is pretty cool. Uploads/FB_IMG_1511916709379_zpsgsvrtzyp.jpg
  14. obviously i was kidding with my post about rifles and gallons of water. but I find prepper types deeply fascinating. they are an interesting bunch. these people are actually hoping for an end of days scenario be it, zombies, Russians, Chinese, disease or a government run a mock. they function from a place of fear and selfishness that is almost purely an American trait. back on subject, we live in a large city close to the downtown core. should we have a short term breakdown we would simply walk the 15 minutes to my hotel and hold up there. we have gas, generators, ample food and water and are directly next to a fire station for immediate medical care.
  15. i am an adamant atheist. when i was younger i was quite combative regarding my lack of beliefs and when pressed by people would get very aggressive. i have mellowed a good deal on it, but still have no place in my world for the hyper religious. i cringe when i am told that people pray for me. when i hear things like 'god works in mysterious ways' i want to throw up. i totally get it. i understand that there are a lot of people who get great solace 'knowing' that there is this fantastic afterlife for them and god is looking out for them or whatnot. but, to me it is a weakness. the sheer hypocrisy that so many who are proponents of the teachings of christ piss me off. however, i have met some pretty cool folks who are religious. they keep it to themselves. it is the pushy types, it is the people who excuse mass shootings and other bullshit as tests of god, the religious followers who use their religion to excuse bigotry, the people who can't fucking grasp science, they can all fuck off. and goodness knows at least the united states is littered with them.