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  1. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    Charlie Culberson and I were in the cub scouts together. I always told him he would do something great.
  2. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    Corey motherfucking seager
  3. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    Hey, guys .... We own playoff tickets. Viva Los doyers!
  4. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    Terrible news. A loss to his family and to baseball.
  5. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    DO NO OVERCOOK IT, FOR FUCK'S SAKE!!!! personally i am allergic to lobster, but i know fucked up lobster vs. nonfucked up lobster. here is what i would do... make a nice bechamel (roux, milk), add the cheeses of your choice. make sure not to fuck it up. grainy cheese sauce is something i would slap you for. cook your pasta in salted water until tender, 8 minutes will do. your bugs should be dispatched viciously. sorry. but there is no other way. tear off their fucking tails and their claws. sure, they are live. yes, you are an asshole. do it anyway. so, now that you have those still twitching pieces they need cooked. in rapidly boiling water give the tails about three minutes, and the claws about two minutes. chill them in ice water and pull the meats from their shells. mix your mac and cheese, add your pieces of lobster (chopped or as is). let the lobster finish in the mac and cheese and eat. fucking gross, dude. you just dismembered a couple animals and ate them.
  6. Beards

    Here too. I went down to a van dyke (stache and chin beard) a few months ago. It was nice for a bit. Now it is time for the full beard again and I am finding that my cheeks are sprouting grey.
  7. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Sunderland are pathetic. #moyesout
  8. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    City will win the title. Count on it.
  9. Restaurants that don't do reservations can fu(k off.

    Truly for me a place like alinea (where I would love to eat) would actually be a better experience if I could just eat, be entertained and leave without having to pay at the end. It would be a more seamless experience.
  10. Restaurants that don't do reservations can fu(k off.

    after 14 hours at work i should not be so excited to talk about reservations, but i am! some things: taking reservations through online means costs a restaurant money. we write a check every month to open table. the more we are booked the more they make. a place like alinea asking to be paid before hand is sensible for them. the food and show that is provided there needs to be prepared well in advance. waiting in line is something i will do only once unless it is outstanding. as the wife mentioned above we waited 3 hours to eat once. i would never do it again. the food and experience were quite good, but my time is more valuable than that and there are so many other places to eat. routinely i will wait an hour for a bowl of ramen. the place is always packed and the ramen is awesome. it is worth the wait each and every single time. not being sat on time. we overbook every single seat. almost every restaurant does. we all have an idea on how long it takes to get you in and out the door, but things happen. sometimes it is the greatest american chef taking up your table, sometimes it is something not so cool. where i work we usually spot you a cocktail or something to help make up for the wait. empty tables are making no money. places not taking reservations: i generally don't have the time for it. when we travel i almost always have a reservation in my back pocket i can use (or simply cancel) if a place we want to eat is no reservation policy and we don't get a table. having too many reservations: sometimes i am that guy. that guy is a dick. he usually shows himself during valentine's day or new year's eve. he grabs four or five reservations and then just shows up where he really wants to eat at the moment. but that is ok. we as restaurant operators know he exists and have overbooked the tables anyways. just friday night i had three reservations on the go as i was waiting to find out where the wife and our dining companions wanted to eat. i totally get where our op is coming from. sometimes you just want to show up to a place when you agreed to, have a nice meal and be on your way. and there are loads and loads of places to do that. but, there are also those places that are for whatever reason not taking reservations. i just always hope that the wait in line is worth it. but, hey. don't the british really like a nice queue?
  11. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Newcastle is going to win the cup, guys.
  12. No Apples please: allergies and the (almost) adult

    I have a very serious shellfish allergy. It makes cooking hard as I cannot touch raw shellfish and obviously cannot taste my own dishes. This all makes me very sensitive on the subject of allergies. But as sensitive as I am to allergies I think unless contact is absolutely life threatening these concessions are kind of over the top to me.
  13. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Whoa. Are stoke bad. I feel terrible for Newcastle legend shay given. On the other side of the coin we have rampant city who have been whipped into a truly pretty side to watch under pep's guidance. I am sad to have united fans turning so quick on mou. He needs to stand up and do the right thing which is bench rooney. Let pogba play beneath zlatan and see what that does. Shore up the defensive coverage of theach back line and they are in business. It is too early for so much teeth gnashing.
  14. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Man United is just collapsing.
  15. Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    Hopefully the wife won't get frozen out of founders Canadian breakfast stout Saturday. Maple bourbon barrel!