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  1. negan and rape... so my thought is he is in fact aware that what he is doing traditionally would be considered rape. but he sees it as the rest of what he has going on as a lot less worse than what the world has become. he considers himself the lesser and necessary evil.
  2. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    newcastle is being connected to a move for Daniel Sturridge in the summer. could be the next Michael Owen if we buy him.
  3. people get fired all the time in the hospitality business. this is not rare or special. the Internet fascination and entertainment out of this is pretty lame.
  4. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    wenger does need to go. his presence is a distraction from progress. but, he is not the failure that the whiny gunners fans say he is. the man is really doing the best he can with what he has. arsenal have failed to get with the times. they are a smartly run business but supporters want more than that, and rightly so. to compete not only for the title in england but be a real player on the champions league scene (which they will likely not be part of next year) they need to spend. the money is there. who takes over the club though? that is the real question.
  5. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    watching my El Salvadoran fish cook who named his son Messi running around our kitchen twirling his chef coat over his head was the highlight of my day.
  6. Football - Leicester's Shakespearean Tragedy

    Wenger needs to step down. go and relax for the rest of the year. his time is over. and bayern will win the champions league.
  7. Football: fixture congestion

    I agree! not a team that survives in the premiership. but still, fuck it. winning is fun! and in local football news: first game of the final season at rfk stadium for dc united! it will be a fun send off for this stadium!
  8. Football: fixture congestion

    no shit? tell me more! I am always interested in the fan experience of other leagues and nations. I have only seen in person various American leagues, international teams and newcastle united.
  9. Football: fixture congestion

    watching your home team score five from the stands is an awesome experience...I hear. never saw one myself.
  10. Football: fixture congestion

    this team looks like the champion of last year. and man have Liverpool sank into shit. they were so fun to watch for the first part of the season and now they look so...ordinary.
  11. Football: fixture congestion

    second goal was awfully well orchestrated. those who felt zlatan couldn't make it in England were clearly wrong. he had just continued to be one of the best forwards ever.
  12. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    I have so much for fish pie. for me I like a nice veloute made from cod bones accented with saffron, lemon, creme fraiche and tarragon. add the large chunks of cod meat and fennel, leek and celery all poached in clarified butter. top with piped potatoes and bronzed under the broiler and you have a lovely and amazing meal!
  13. Careerchat II

    ok, persons. i am undergoing a bit of an internal crisis as of late. as i make abundantly clear i am a chef. hell, i am even a pretty decent one. but as of late i have been offered not one, not two, but three different positions in other parts of the country. currently relocating isn't even in the cards for me and kair. however, it is the types of positions offered. each one of them are operations of larger companies. one even would have me heading up four properties between canada and the states. the issue is they are all just operations and systems. 20 years into my career i expected to have my own restaurant right now. though in hindsight it is clear why i do not. i have no less than five chef friends, younger than me and some even better than me who have cast aside the life of a chef for a similar path. some of them are even the ones recruiting me. i am dearly in love with what i do. having a knife in my hand is so much more enjoyable than a clipboard. i know my way around a stove better than a spreadsheet. but, despite my passion for cooking and abilities i have never really made it. i am just one more guy making nice food in a sea of them. i have a nice job. my food is good. but, i am getting older. there are clearly offers around me to 'sell out.' not a single one doesn't best my current salary by 50%. my fear is these opportunities will not be around when i am that 50 year old chef who never really made his mark. at 40 i am still working for someone else but doing the food i want and having a blast. i get this for what three or four more years? i can never afford my own place and nobody is writing me a check. forgive my ramblings.
  14. Football: fixture congestion

    clattenberg has even said he made the wrong call. I often really enjoy watching arsenal play. I have for years and years. but the 'woe is me, oh poor us, we are so injured, Wenger never buys, hard done by' constant and consistent whinging from a large amount of their fans (this forum tends to not be too bad) is tiresome.
  15. Football: fixture congestion

    it would be really sad to see them drop after such an amazing and unlikely title win last year.