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  1. Asia of course!
  2. when I lived in The Worst City in North America aka Stockton, CA in the late 90s we were forever under a red level threat of hooning. rampant hooning by bands of hooligans had our streets and parking lots places of terror.
  3. you were every bit the gentle and attentive lover I expected. wait, we haven't met yet.
  4. Boro have been down for months and just couldn't accept it. Brad Guzan relegated two seasons in a row in goal. I imagine his services won't be highly sought next year. now will it be swansea or hull? last month I met the swans u23 coach as he was staying in my hotel for a week and we chatted a good bit. can't help but pull for his boys to stay up.
  5. and in important football news NEWCASTLE ARE CHAMPIONS! now let us hope they can keep rafa and spend the cash needed to get players to keep them up next year!
  6. English teams have sucked in the cl and their fans have tried to convince themselves that if they can't win something it is unimportant like the world cup and the euro.
  7. someone answer the question. someone quit being a cowardly shit and stand up to protect the current crop of hate speech that is a reality in the USA. otherwise just shut the fuck up.
  8. newcastle promoted without winning the championship. kind of a letdown. as i felt they had the quality to win the league comfortably. now they are embroiled in some tax related shenanigans. i haven't been able to learn much about it much less learn what potential penalties they may incur. rafa will need to almost completely remake that squad to play and compete in the premiership. we only have a handful of players who are actually epl qualified. today could see sunderland dropped officially though it has been a certainty for months. watching the premier league all season without my club involved has actually been a joy. no weekends of trepidation and letdown. just sitting down and watching teams i may or may not care about playing. it has been fun. next year i will return to the angry pacing and occasional jubilant screams. oh, football
  9. can we stop with the laziness of 'a slippery slope?' it is a weak bit of reasoning and logic. gay marriage didn't lead to the slippery slope of marrying animals. not letting people have rocket launchers isn't leading to the slippery slope of all your guns being taken away. now having excised the slippery slope from the argument can any of you truly express what harm is done to our society if we do not allow hate speech to be protected? to clarify and identify hate speech let's call it speech which attacks a person or group on the basis of attributes such as gender, ethnic origin, religion, race, disability, or sexual orientation. what is truly gained as a society by allowing this to be protected?
  10. neighbors Canada don't protect hate speech and they haven't sunk into a black hole of government censorship. sorry, guys. I am just not on board with protecting hatred.
  11. I don't think I weighed in on that did I? why protect hate speech? what is so important about it to protect it?
  12. oh, I am quite comfortable with force. racists, sexists, xenophobes, bigots and fascists don't get a platform. there is nothing to be learned or gleaned from their speech of hatred. these people can not be talked out of their hatred. and if beatings are what is needed to silence them so be it.
  13. sorry. but no. hatred is not worth protecting. you cannot debate fascists. they need to be forced back into their hovels.
  14. do we need (in the United States) a full fledged revolution leaving piles of conservative heads on pikes as warnings? no. that isn't the way. but on a smaller level those emboldened by the current leadership to be free with their rhetoric of hatred need to be dealt with. they cannot be allowed to speak freely or safely. when they rear their heads to spew forth their ideologies against women, Muslims, immigrants, minorities, LGBT people and others they need to be met with a revolution of sorts. it should at the very least be an emphatic 'shut the fuck up' and if need be offered the same inhuman violence that they espouse. the revolution needed is localized and grassroots.
  15. perhaps that is the point. it isn't for you or me to know or to decide. certainly kids indoctrinated into all religions and in particular hurtful ones that ban medical care are not volunteers.