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  1. if this had been a previously scheduled blm protest we would have had no shortage of cops.
  2. this is not about political opponents. get that out of your mind. this isn't a difference on politics. one group wishes to destroy those who are not of their same ethnicity. they see others as less than and inhuman. they cannot be reasoned with and cannot be debated. sometimes violence as unpleasant as it is has to be the answer.
  3. dude, divorce yourself from the methods and instead really think about what each group of espousing. one group is advocating, white supremacy, genocide and slavery. they don't deserve protection.
  4. and i would have told you "remember that time Chris Taylor was my kid brother ?"
  5. it was one black man's feelings on the subject. and dare i say he is hardly the only black person who may not be too excited about this as subject matter. but whatever, lets just hold judgment until it is on tv. or we could empathize with the writer who is often seen as a strong black voice on race relations in America. are we somehow a lessened society if this series is never developed?
  6. this is a good read.
  7. darvish seems to be working out ok
  8. i intend to come out of it with a murderous cult at my service. eclipses are great times to get followers for your blood army.
  9. you can swap the giants wins with their losses and they are still 10 games out of first. loved their stadium last night. it really is a great venue for baseball. can't say i didn't think of lord o bones while we were there.
  10. funny, kair and i were discussing the logistics off shipping flat packs of frozen cryovaced bags of soup the other day. stay tuned?!
  11. MAIDEN!!!!!!!!
  12. myshkin, good god damn do i love you and our amazing children, this crop of Los Angeles Dodgers! as partners, soulmates, parents and nurturers it is totally okay to lean on one another and look out on our boys, Clayton, Corey, Justin, Cody, Yasmani, Joc, Yasiel, Chris, Alex, etc and realize our love and nurturing has paid off.
  13. i can get behind a shorn sack, but i need the beard!
  14. nope. won't do it!
  15. ask yourselves if a show about the survival of slavery makes for a good tv theme to minorities who are no longer slaves but instead targets of systemic racism, police brutality, a rigged education system and a current political climate that has brought the klan from the closet.