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  1. Football: Reds Rising!!

    no kidding. that team is too talented to be so poor. the back line and the keeper can't buy a cleansheet. and really the attack looks weak as well.
  2. Football: Reds Rising!!

    i apologize for not being more vocal in the footy thread lately. i know you all really want the views and opinions that i have to offer. fear not, here they are! payet and west ham. sure, he has been great most of the time for the hammers but he is hardly the icon that their fans are making him out as. and furthermore i think west ham fans need to really get into tune of who they really are. your club is well supported, a strong history and has big aspirations, but in reality are just a newcastle that has only been relegated once. don't worry. this year will not be your second. there is too much shit on the bottom to hold you aloft. costa and china. wow. if this in fact happens chelsea has to win the league. if they fail to win it than this transfer will be seen as one of the most damaging move of recent memory. china is interesting to me. they have 1.3 billion citizens. it only takes 11 to field a team. if they are able through their frenetic buying of world stars and building of soccer infrastructure to get their country truly behind this game they should be able to create something that will in fact compete globally. world cup. 48 team is stupid frankly. it will water down the competition. the only pro i can see is that maybe canada can make a world cup now and my canadian wife can stop pulling for the usmnt. first let's give it to qatar. now let's up it to 48 teams. the most watched sporting event in the world continues to get shit on by the greedy criminals who run it. newcastle. yeah, they are totally coming back. but, it hasn't been easy in the championship. this same side as a premiership would be totally fucked. dwight gayle is scoring goals almost at will but was almost nobody at crystal palace. rafa will need to make some strong signings when they appear back in the premiership. there you go!
  3. Careerchat II

    you sell yourself short, mate. john, come back to dc!
  4. Careerchat II

    i will disagree with you. I have only ever always been honest about myself and my jobs. I would never expect an employer to lie for me to get a job.
  5. Netflix's December Drama - The OA

    I blame David Lynch for this.
  6. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    never even given a chance to sign a player is utter horseshit. he didn't succeed with a depleted bunch of players not even one of his own picking. crazy. zlatan! have him for golden boot!
  7. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    bob Bradley sacked after only 11 games in charge netting the team 8 points. the team was fucked since go. the american ownership were already feeling the heat from the beginning of the season. they then appoint another yankee to manager. that could not have thrilled the fans. he did pretty shit with a shit club. call Alan Pardew. he needs some work.
  8. The Drunk Thread: Too Drunk to Theorize

    last night our flight from ottawa to dc was cancelled due to weather. cool. we can work with that. this morning we flew from ottawa to toronto. seems our actually aircraft is missing. we are now drinking a whole bottle is wine, eating pizza and watching soap operas whole we wait the two hours for our aircraft to make it's appearance.
  9. U.S. Politics 2016: From Russia With Love

    facts are pointless. rhetoric, venom and a desire to be the winner is all that matters. oh, the poor forgotten white American voter forced to rally behind a greedy ignorant fascist because the American dream is utter bullshit. four years from now they will be no less fucked and the cycle can begin again hopefully with minimal wounds to society and the world.
  10. Careerchat II

    I had to field a uncomfortable phone call checking the references on a pastry cook who moved across the country in november yesterday. it was for a upper management position in a large bakery. I researched the company when the former employee sent me a text expecting the call. it looked like a good place to work. I was hopeful for my former cook. as the conversation developed I realized my former employee was quite dishonest with this potential new employer. she falsified her title, wages and whether she managed people. I always give a good reference unless someone was particularly poor and simply say 'not eligible for rehire.' I did not enjoy being put in a position I had to try to vouch for someone who lied pretty blatantly. I cannot see her being hired. had she simply been honest they may have been willing to gamble on her. certainly I know I wouldn't put someone on my management team who lied on their application.
  11. Should tipping be banned?

    5.50 an hour? amazing. he is a cock. I have a lot of anger towards chefs who think since they worked in shit conditions for shit wages on their way to success it is acceptable. I worked hundreds of hours off the clock as a young cook to learn whatever I could. it was normal for the time. keeping the service charge is greedy and shitty.
  12. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    Payet scored a free kick that a good goalkeeper would have saved.
  13. Should tipping be banned?

    tonight I saw the ugly side of tipping. my servers were unhappy that there were six of them on the floor. they were of the mind 4 could handle the night. really they just wanted to get more guests and make more money. I questioned them on whether guest satisfaction was more important than their own greed. it is a sad and brutal side of it.
  14. Convince me that breakfast wasn't a terrible act of self-harm

    at work sometimes the El Salvadoran cooks will make us a traditional breakfast of their nation. it is fried plantains, pureed black beans, crema and a salty crumbled cheese. I like it a lot. when in Iceland breakfast was smoked, pickled and chilled fishes, skyr, butter, and a sweet dark bread each morning. also very delicious !
  15. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    zlatan has crazy skills.