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  1. lol you aren't even trying anymore. you used to at least be interesting.
  2. are you trolling me? of course you need to melt it. when in doubt the recipe calls for liquid in liquid form.
  3. yes. you have made broth. excellent work! the jelly texture is a good sign. the means you have extracted good amounts is collegen from the bones. now use that for soup, risotto, to cook even more chicken, cook rice, make a sauce, etc.
  4. I hate the smell of fear and hakarl.
  5. not you. the fucking question.
  6. that fucking sucked. shelvey not scoring that third was the real killer. if he had buried that would have buried Bournemouth
  7. it is strange. some of us inexplicably are drawn to Newcastle.
  8. there is a certain amount of collateral damage that the pro-gun folks will accept before changing their views. they are so fearful of not having guns that they will accept collateral damage to further their own selfishness.
  9. should be banned for the rest of the season and face criminal charges in Spain.
  10. pool really thought wijnaludum was a good buy when the toon got relegated. that is insanity. he was lazy and listless when in black and white. he needs a manager to send him down to the reserves for a month or so to sort his brain out.
  11. Newcastle legend
  12. because there is no God.
  13. while the banter is fresh...toon are gonna sneak 3 at home tomorrow against your boys. truth.
  14. I can pass that on. not sure he...or I...or anyone buy that though.