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  1. is it acceptable to not cycle to work when the temperature is 2 degrees?  i'm fine with down to 4, but the difference between 2 and 4 feels massive (i have terrible circulation so my hands and feet really feel it, no matter how much i wrap them up). or do i just need to man the f up?
  2. how soon? i only got into this in december, and have now watched the lot on netflix, really need my fix.  family fight was definitely my favorite episode so far. 
  3. with my police head on, he is guilty as fuck, and he was totally framed. also the prosecuting lawyer was a full on fucking moron. 
  4. Football: gegenposting

    the bookies have finally woken up.  leicester are now the favourites for the title. we really needed that win today, and a clean sheet was a big bonus. 
  5. Football: gegenposting

    apparently China are now the 3rd biggest spenders in world football, and have the highest average spend per player.   
  6. Football: The Lame Duck

    jesus, this might get called off with the weather.  
  7. Football: The Lame Duck

    after 2 excellent results i fully expect to get back on track today with a home disgrace against villa. 
  8. Best of '15 : TV Shows

    better call saul was the only new series that really rocked my world.  Narcos best of the rest. 
  9. Football: The Lame Duck

    they should send out the under 16s in the FA cup third round. 
  10. Football: The Lame Duck

    this season is mint.  surely jose is getting sacked in the morning now. 
  11. Jessica Jones [AKA This Thread Has Spoilers]

    not finished yet so haven't read the rest of the thread.  but can anyone tell me is the jessica in the comics as fucking useless as the tv show? her power is basically being slightly stronger than normal people (except when pulling locks off doors when she becomes very strong), and having a rather useless ability to jump high.  
  12. i just heard martin allen say that the problem we have is not enough english players, 'they need more collbacks and dumetts'.  no we fucking don't, we need more shearers and beardsleys if we are having more english players. 
  13. i'm so confident i'm deliberately spending my sunday afternoon drinking in pub where the match won't be on the tv.  
  14. UK Politics - a new thread for the new board

    absolutely, exactly the sort of contempt that should be displayed.  truly bizarre that a tube station in the east end was targeted though.  
  15. Tennis V

    that was an f'ing amazing point to win the davis cup.  no one person has done as much to win a team event since maradona in 86.