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  1. So, not much interest for the final Grand Tour of the year. Froome is the obvious favourite, Nibali probably second, and then a whole host of people who could win if circumstances go their way. it also the final tour of Alberto Contador Velasco, without doubt the most exciting Grand Tour rider of his generation. Whatever you think of him, he has animated the shit out of stage racing for the last 10 years, and hopefully he goes out with his head held high and a decent result. i'd like to see Lopez make his breakthrough out of the dark horses.
  2. If I have to struggle through the debacle that is iron fist then I don't see why anyone else gets off.
  3. I remember the good old days when terror attacks used to generate some interest. Fucking awful that this thread is so late/short.
  4. 5 games for CR. Seems slightly lenient but not ridiculously so.
  5. if you got 15-16 Mahrez (which i think you would, i see him upping his game again with a move, especially to a huge club like Liverpool) and VVD for the money you got for Coutinho you would be getting a massive upgrade. Assuming the 70m that was earmarked for Keita was also spent wisely they would have a shot at the title easily.
  6. New shift pattern is causing havoc with my training, i work 2 x 0700-1500, 2 x 1400-2300, 2 x 2200-0700 and then have 4 days off. i can train after the early shift, and before the late shift, but i'm a zombie when i do nights, and feel like crap for a couple of days after them. i suppose i just need to force myself to get up and go out but my energy levels are terrible at the minute, and at 41 its not like i'm going to get used to it again.
  7. Talk of Mbappe going to PSG, i hope it happens and he turns out to be the second coming, and Neymar ends up playing second fiddle again.
  8. i wouldn't go that far.
  9. What would you like your police service to do when they chase and detain a suspect and they attempt to evade justice by swallowing the evidence? Talk me through the process you would like officers to go through in your considered opinion. We wouldn't convict someone who was dead, nor publicly accuse, but are you telling me you can't see quite clearly an offence of obstruction? The offence of obstructing a police officer is committed when a person: wilfully obstructs a constable in the execution of his duty, or a person assisting a constable in the execution of the constable's duty.
  10. Firstly, clearly someone dying is a tragedy, however for some reason people nowadays seem to think that this affects the truth of what happened, it doesn't. Whether it is tragic or not that a young man has dies, he is still dead because he was a fucking idiot, he would have got fuck all of a sentence even if the package was drugs, now he is dead of his own actions. So no, my opinion hasn't changed in the slightest, he was in all likelihood swallowing (what he believed to be) evidence and he choked on it. Whether it was class A or ground up paracetamol it was entirely his own doing. All of this is irrelevant, my point was that the riot was pathetic and idiotic, because clearly the victim was primarily to blame for his own death, not the police (the police are screwed here, try to stop him swallowing/choking and he dies - you get the blame, do nothing and he dies - you get the blame) . I'm just so bored of armchair policing, this isn't a cretin american with a gun shooting a woman in her pyjamas for no reason. Whatever the outcome of the enquiry the overwhelming evidence in this case, at this time, is that the victim caused their own death. Until there is reason to suggest otherwise setting fire to the streets and doing marches for justice is just pathetic.
  11. In a very peculiar way this has scewed world football prices so much that it may actually be a good thing. Now even Real, Barca, Chelsea, Man City probably can't afford/may think twice about trying to hoard the 4 or 5 best players in the world in one team, not if its going to cost the best part of a billion quid.
  12. Pathetic mini riot in Hackney last night. Over what? Fucking idiot was seen on camera swallowing the fucking drugs. How is that the police's fault.
  13. spiced boulanger potatoes, simple salad, griddled flat bread. Only problem with lamb for me is it lends itself less well to left overs than other meats.
  14. Sky missed on the stage win and the podium by 1 second each. Overall it was underwhelming, but the best rider definitely won. Now onto the Vuelta, where genuinely anything can happen, Froome is overwhelming favourite, Nibali should podium, after those 2 you could make a case for anyone of 10-15 riders making the podium. the 40km TT and the 13km TTT definitely gives Froome a buffer, but there are some naughty MTF as well.
  15. Unless the shit really hits the fan the final podium should be Froome, Uran, Bardet. Have to say, this has been the most boring TDF i can ever remember, even worse than 2012.