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  1. His Dark Materials sequel trilogy: The Book of Dust

    Can't wait, i was thinking of doing a re read anyway and this is the perfect excuse. i can't believe its been 17 years, it makes GRRM seem fairly prolific.
  2. Football: fixture congestion

    It was more a comment about the fact that the new stadium is generally considered to be a fucking nightmare for West Ham. Although they have turned it around slightly recently, with 3 wins and a draw in their last 5 at - (you know what, i have no idea what the actual stadium is called).
  3. Football: fixture congestion

    is this a joke?
  4. Binge watched peaky blinders series 1 and 2. Really enjoyed it, though again wonder why the other half finds violent lunatics so attractive, especially Cillian Murphy who before this i would have said was quite a peculiar looking fella. Really looking forward to Taboo now, though might wait a couple of weeks until its finished so i can do it all in one go. Also finally gotten around to the man in the high castle which i'm finding excellent through first 3 episodes. Really looking forward to Iron Fist, it comes out on 17th March apparently, which is when i fly out on a 12 hour flight for my holiday, I fly at 10:00, so not sure i will be able to download it before i leave home at around 0600, do netflix normally upload at midnight?
  5. Trump to play Wembley possibly, with profits going to poppies or some other populist shit he can think of closer to the time. You can just imagine how pleasant the crowd will be. Almost worth giving up a Saturday afternoon off, and policing to laugh at the cretins.
  6. Football: fixture congestion

    Brighton are having a shit week. Excellent news, though i would like them to come up with us if anybody, lot of time for Chris Houghton.
  7. US Politics - Trump - Making America Grate! Bid to reinstate travel ban fails. He is a total fucking loser, literally as well as figuratively.
  8. Football: fixture congestion

    if you take out Hazard they have a number of similar style players (though not as good). if you take out Kante there is nobody who can replace what he does. Whatever he cost it was the steal of the summer.
  9. Football: fixture congestion

    Cracking draw for Sutton, no premier league ties in this round, can't believe that has ever happened.
  10. Fortitude (Season 2) [Spoilers for S1]

    that is awesome news, was planning on saving it up, but will binge the shit out of it (assuming it retains the quality). Since the 3 big stars in season one all got brown bread, do we assume Dennis Quaid is for the chop as well?
  11. Tennis Volume 6

    Mainly because Nadal has never been much good in Aus (or hardcourts in general), therefore he never got to play him much as they were normally seeded 1 and 2. If Nadal wins his semi, surely the combined ages of the winners (whoever wins M&F) will be the highest in history?
  12. While we are discussing BB, how many games would he give Brady before ditching his ass, if he was playing like Manning was in his last season. How much sentimentality does possibly 5 rings and 7 SB appearances get you?
  13. Tennis Volume 6

    Federer's black and white monstrosity of a t shirt gives me a headache. If Konta can beat Serena tonight i don't see anybody else stopping her, obviously that is a big if. Not aware of any female player arriving at the top of the womens game at that age, anybody think of anyone?
  14. Tennis Volume 6

    you'd be able to hear the creaking bones on the other side of the world. would be heavy on nostalgia, not sure the quality would be up there with their best matches though.
  15. Tennis Volume 6

    Well, i didn't see that coming. Also, Fed into the 5th v Nishikori, can't be good at his age.