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  1. If Froome isn't in top shape this could be the most open tour for years. However we have to assume he knows what he is doing, and team sky is absurdly strong. Therefore I go 50% Froome, 25% Ritchie Porte, 25% the field. Of the rest I'm interested to see if Fuglsang can bring his dauphine form, and if Contador can have an Indian summer and go ballistic and mix things up. Also Aru winning Italian road race decisively means he could be a wildcard along with bardet as both like to mix things up.
  2. cycling in the oxfordshire countryside compared to london is a fucking joy, the drivers are so courteous, the roads are so quite, the scenery is so beautiful, if it wasn't for the amount of bugs i get in my teeth i would be as happy as it is possible for someone to be when they are cycling 40 miles in 34 degree weather.
  3. Luton is a shitehouse, but not what I would call rough. And obviously it has a lot of woollybacked bogtrotters.
  4. Someone please explain the talk of de Gea and 100 million plus for a 32 year old?
  5. 79 believed dead now. I still wouldn't be surprised if that didn't go higher. Fucking appaling. TM couldn't be coming across any worse if she tried.
  6. Someone on another board i frequent suggested that riots 2.0 could be coming. This wouldn't surprise me, if people were prepared to riot because a known career criminal scumbag with a gun gets shot, what should the reaction be when the ruling classes basically say, 'we don't care about your lives and are prepared to let you die to save a couple of quid'. And TM's reaction and performance has really got people angry, with justification, she has been fucking useless and heartless.
  7. Of course the daily mail have pictures of the (black) man whose faulty fridge was believed to have started the blaze. Not of the people who chose the cheaper product, or the (landlord) mp's who voted against legislation that would have made the properties safer. I fucking despair of our press.
  8. not that it will make a blind bit of difference but how much of a weight advantage will connor have for this bout?
  9. 12 confirmed, though it could take weeks if not months before the final total is known.
  10. There are going to be a load of fatalities here, if no alarms were going off the only consolation is people may have died through smoke inhalation in their sleep rather than being conscious through it. 24 stories means at least 100-150 flats, maybe 200. At that time of night everyone was probably home. It looks horrific, I thought the BBC coverage was awful but having been on YouTube they are sanitizing it.
  11. I have a feeling that is a good soundbite but not anything that has ever been empirically tested.
  12. Go to steephill, you can see all the profiles there, can't link from my phone. No cobbles, shite mountains, not enough time trial km' s. It's an utterly crap and uninspiring route.
  13. Yes. You open good wine, a bit is leftover, freeze wine for sauce/stock.
  14. is anybody watching the under 20 world cup final? Venezuela just hit the post with the longest attempt on goal free kick i have ever seen, it was literally 1 yard from the edge of the centre circle. Keeper was totally unprepared.
  15. That's a shopping list, not a meal. What did you do with them? Bacon, to trim the fat or not? Freezing wine to use in sauces, acceptable or not?