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  1. Cycling 2017 - warming up by going down (under).

    Done. I've been carrying an injury now for 2 months so can't cycle at all, its driving me nuts, i normally do 150 mile a week to and from work. I've ballooned in weight as well.
  2. Football: Reds Rising!!

    'Pep out' chants cant be too far away.
  3. NFL Divisional Playoffs: 3 games and Brady

    Apparently he has played more playoff games than 27 of the other teams.
  4. Looking at the odds it looks like Brady will miss out on MVP again, is there any info about how many votes non winners got in any given year? How many times has he been 2nd or 3rd (if this info exists). It seems to me like 2 MVP's is incredibly few, he seems to be in the conversation every year.
  5. but i agree, Kroy was far more sympathetic in the Heroes, being seen a lot through his daughters eyes clearly helped.
  6. That would be a surprise, since Poulder is brown bread with his guts hanging out at the end of LAOK.
  7. Waiting for the whole series to come on Netflix UK is bullshit, however binge watching the whole series is an awesome Sunday.
  8. Black Rabbit of Inlé called Richard Adams

    i'm almost finished a re read, i fuck!ing love this book. So looking forward to the remake.
  9. Berlin terror attack

    I've been worried for a very long time that terrorists would work out how much damage you can do with a vehicle, which doesn 't get you flagged.
  10. i liked everything other than Forest Whitaker, who i thought was awful. Can anyone explain how Vader went from being 'VADER', to being an old man in about 3 weeks in ANH though?
  11. No update since august on his website, so i'm guessing a while yet.
  12. Footy: Yaya Ascendant

    I don't even understand how Newcastle can be in the same division as Burton Albion. Also, fuck Costa.
  13. Netflix's December Drama - The OA

    i've been looking forward to this for a while, but my selfish wife is working really long hours at the minute, and goes crackers if i start watching stuff without her.
  14. Should tipping be banned?

    i knew i didn't trust Roux, the shifty prick. i'm pleased everyone else in your family has, or had, 3 stars and you only have 2, i hope it eats you up inside everyday.
  15. The scene with the Flatheads was in book two, in the city which Glustrod destroyed, Aulcus? as far as i can remember.