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  1. Ardee was pregnant with Jezal's child when he proposed.
  2. Really good reviews, bodes well. Just started and it feels so familiar already. Love it.
  3. Stupid board, anyway, universal credit hotline charges scrapped, which is obviously excellent news. It may provide help to the people that need it, it shows how insensitive and out of touch the tories are, and it shows May as weak and backtracking, again.
  4. Well kyrie wanted to be undisputed no 1.
  5. There is almost literally no object that couldn't be used to cause harm to another. I've seen someone choked to death with a slipper, and I've seen someone killed with a comb. Stop being so ridiculous. As to you bizzaro assertion despite all evidence to the contrary that restriction wouldn't have any impact on mass killings, read up on Australia post Port Arthur.
  6. I'll bite on this one. Are you suggesting that restriction of knives had no affect on knife crime is proof that regulation of guns would have a similar outcome? While quoting an article that points out that police numbers are at their lowest levels for 30 years? In addition stop and search due to said reduction in numbers, and political pressure has resulted in a fall from 250k per year to just over 150k in 2 years from 2014-2016.
  7. I'm not sure which thread I'm most enjoying them spamming up, this horseshit or the NBA one where they are adamant that LeBron is shite. What next, an impassioned defence of Weinstein?
  8. I could weep about the right wing fucks running the UK, until i come on this thread and thank my lucky stars. You poor people.
  9. This has been on the radar for a while. Starting it tonight. Pleased its getting really good reviews so far.
  10. Tablet and firestick. I love my firestick. Take it with me whenever I visit family as well.
  11. Still sore? To be fair no English fans I know are remotely ra ra. They see the national team as at best an embarrassment and at worst a national disgrace. But people from North north east are generally less into england than southerners.
  12. The world cup matches will be on at times when most Americans couldn't watch anyway, even if it was a big football watching nation. The rest of the world couldn't give a shit about watching the US (in particular).
  13. That sinking feeling when a restaurant you have wanted to eat at for ages wins some spurious 'best in the world' award, meaning you won't get booked in for a million years.
  14. Shame, a world cup where Ronaldo and Messi were sat at home watching Iceland would be priceless.