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  1. 50th career hatrick. He might be a prick but that us fucking impressive.
  2. $275 million opening weekend?
  3. Can you have too much of a jelly texture, or is it a case of the firmer the set the better? I tend to simmer for around 2 hours but occasionally less, occasionally more depending on what else i'm doing.
  4. someone has invented a machine that solves the rubiks cube in 0.38 seconds, awesome or a complete waste of energy and talent?
  5. Enjoying it so far. And looking at IMDB episode ratings it looks like it continues in the same vein.
  6. Finally got around to watching Weeds, its ok, nothing special so far, but pretty easy watching while i've been off work on paternity leave. I still have a huge crush on Mary Louise Parker from her West Wing days. Also watched I, Tonya, which i found entertaining but can't for the life of me see where Alison Janney won the Oscar. It was the character that was interesting, not the performance. Other films i've watched recently, Thor Ragnarok (solid 7), Justice League (not good by any stretch, but not as bad as i feared), The Disaster Artist (nowhere near as good as the book, and i wasn't blown away by Franco's performance either).
  7. I hope and expect that Joshua jabs his face off.
  8. Doubles? I reckon most players would take one singles GS over 20 doubles GS.
  9. I'd say it probably depends on the player, if you had to choose wimbledon or the olympics you would choose wimbledon, however Federer's record would probably look better with 19 - 1 than 20 - 0.
  10. Has anybody watched Save Me yet? Thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the usual lack of adherence to police procedures driving me crazy.
  11. Even though i agree with the premise that Murray is nowhere near the equal of the other three, as previously mentioned he has 2 olympic golds, but more importantly he pretty much won the davis cup by himself, so while he is by far the weakest of the big 4, he is still a member. And lets not forget his most important accolade, 3 x winner of BBC Sports Personality of the Year.
  12. I think his 2 olympic titles should be mentioned as well to be fair.
  13. Even better, apparently she did it again later on off camera.
  14. Did anybody see the womens 30km cross country f'ck up? The austrian in second skiied the wrong way and lost a certain medal, probably silver. Apparently her dad was commentating on Austrian TV as well, i'd love to have listened to that commentary.
  15. Of course Newcastle have blown the 2 goal lead. Pricks.