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  1. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    95th and 96th minute goals to win it. life is certainly interesting under Rafa.
  2. Football - clouds on the optimism horizon

    Unconfirmed reports on Sky that Fat Sam has gone. Excellent news, can't stand the man, and not the right man to lead England forward.
  3. What's For Dinner, Take 7

    Was he raised in a house where the only option when it came to cauliflower was to have it boiled to the point of insanity? If so i support him. However, it can be delicious as shit if done the right way, especially in curry as it is becomes a vessel for carrying all of the flavours. Tonight i'm eating chilli from the freezer, it is hot as fuck containing carolina reaper, moruga scorpion and ghost chillies. Yet still my asbestos mouthed wife will complain that it isn't hot enough. Why does chilli from the freezer always taste better? Lobster, I don't get the fuss, deeply meh when you look at taste v cost. I'dd far rather have a crab claw.
  4. Restaurants that don't do reservations can fu(k off.

    all sensible points. the restaurants i'm talking about though tend to be mid range £20 a head type places. Burger and Lobster being a prime example, which i don't even particularly like but the wife really does. Maybe that is what really pisses me off, queuing to go somewhere i don't even particularly want to eat. On the other hand we recently had to book a year in advance to secure a table on a Tuesday night at a restaurant, that is really taking the piss.
  5. Seriously, what the f'ck is that about? No i don't want to travel for 30-45 minutes into London on the off chance i can get a table. No i don't want to stand around on the street in the rain being a pain in the arse for everyone who has to walk in the road to get around me and breathing in the smoke of a bunch of antisocial pricks. And no i don't want to go elsewhere for a drink and get a call when my table is ready, order a pint and then have to rush back because you will give my table away if i'm not there in 5 minutes. What is the point? Is it really something as simple as advertising by having a queue outside the establishment? It seems like a truly ridiculous business plan from the outside, but more and more places are doing it so it must have its positives.
  6. Football - dawn of optimism

    we are looking pretty awesome right now. rafa may in fact be a geordie.
  7. Cycling 2016 - redemption at the vuelta!

    Which is stupid, cos neither will win in July while Froome and Quintana exist. They could have success if they went to the weaker Grand Tours though, but being French they won't.
  8. Cycling 2016 - redemption at the vuelta!

    holy shit that was amazing, just shows though that cycling is not just won by the strongest legs.
  9. F1 2016

    how rubbish was that start? it looked like he had it in reverse.
  10. RIO 16 - Best bits

    the record for the 800m is actually from 1983, and is the most dodgy WR i can think of. the person who set it looks far more masculine than Semanya. she was absolutely ridiculous.
  11. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    the talk of GSP coming back just won't go away, if he does come back and fights Conor, how badly does he manhandle him, and how many ppv buys?
  12. Football - dawn of optimism

    all you need to know about this is how happy every single person on my facebook feed is.
  13. Cycling 2016 - redemption at the vuelta!

    its set up nicely. hope froome doesn't just follow wheels now hoping to get some bonus seconds and win with a huge time trial. contador is making me sad.
  14. Cycling 2016 - redemption at the vuelta!

    well, contador looked like shit today. bookies now have froome, quintana, chavez ranked above him. if valverde can win this after doing the giro and the tour he is a f'ing cycling god.
  15. MMA & Boxing 18: "I'm The World Champion!"

    aldo v mcgregor if it goes into the later rounds will be a massacre. aldo wouldn't be hitting him in the face for 45 seconds like diaz last night without knocking him out, big weight difference or not.