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  1. Wtf? However, our Dutch boarders know nothing is certain at this stage. If he gets through Tuesday unscathed I don't see where he loses this other than a crash. Imagine what he would do in a decent team? I see sky calling, his style is perfect for a train.
  2. That was the most boring stage, however Gaviria was immense, best sprint i've seen for a long time. At only 22 he could be dominant for years.
  3. Thomas out, which means the sky train will be (even more) ridiculous at the tour, and also lets Landa off the leash for the last week.
  4. Having seen the last 3 elections that matter to me be totally fucked by the pollsters, surely I'm due a result. That's how it works right?
  5. just seen that, but eye witnesses saying the car was driving against traffic, maybe it was a pissed person, or a confused brit.
  6. obviously fat sam is against it, prick!
  7. No idea what i've done there, cheers for pointing it out.
  8. While its too early to speculate it doesn't take a huge leap to suggest there is a good chance this could be a terror incident. Anybody can get a car, which is why this method of attack is almost impossible to be prevent or intercept, you don't need any contact with others, you don't need to buy anything that flags you. However so far other than Nice the numbers injured tend to be relatively on the low side. Unfortunately this will probably give that orange arsegoblin political capital. Apologies for jumping the gun if this turns out to be some pissed up arsehole.
  9. todays stage to Mt Baldy should be good as well, not a huge climb, but big enough to make gaps.
  10. Nothing happening until this Saturday, probably just watch the last 10km. Even then the mtf7 on Saturday is nothing special, and at the end of a pretty flat stage. Tuesday and Thursday are the days Tom D has to get through to win it all. Hoping g can rest up the next few days and give it a proper try next week to make the top 5.
  11. Kuyt retiring after scoring hat trick that won title. That is going out in real style. Just wish he had sorted his hair at some point in his career.
  12. best own goal ever?
  13. He was good for one year, the year he dropped out when 3rd in the tour and ran Froome really close in a week long race just before the tour (cant remember which one it was now). Other than that agreed, he should change his aims.
  14. I'm currently binging the shit out of parks and rec. I can't beleive I've just discovered this (There is far too much good tv now, I'm going to have to get rid of sky, Netflix or prime). I am undecided on whether this or it's always sunny is my favourite American comedy of the last 10 years. Things in the to do pile, taboo, better call Saul, American gods, veep, the last kingdom, legion.
  15. Celtics go first, a lot of options for them. With the right choices this off season they could be serious competition for the Cavs over next few years.