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  1. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    really pissed off that nibs won, for some reason he just rubs me up the wrong way. SK not winning was a tragedy. now really looking forward to froome and contador testing each other out at the dauphine.
  2. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    poor bastard, great stage though. i hope chavez holds of nibali today, i just don't like him, and i can't put my finger on why.
  3. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    fuck fuck, fuck. he was 80/1 the week before it started. i was too busy at work and never got around to lumping on him.
  4. The Flash - Alleged Superhero

    i can honestly see about 1/3 of viewers feeling the same. i'm hanging in as a test of my commitment, nothing more.
  5. Ginola has had a heart attack. i'm sad. i'll just leave this here. now i've heard its not true. still worth another look though. also, 5 league divisions of 20 teams each, anybody care?
  6. i'm not sure saying its so, makes it so. if newcastle has a cancelled game on a sunday pretty much everyone can still get there. its not a made up thing that Man Utd fans are from far away more than most clubs fans.
  7. i read on bbc that the sturridge goal was 'all that' etc. watch the clip, deeply indifferent. a solid 6.5 at best.
  8. you don't have to sell it out, the season ticket holders get in for free. most other clubs, 95% of their fans can still get there on a tuesday.
  9. holy shit, how many empty seats last night at old trafford? it really shows how many of their fans are from elsewhere than manchester.
  10. What's For Dinner v. 6

    tonight heston will be cooking my dinner, or at least one of his minions will be.
  11. Stupid Questions: The Triumphant Return

    what is the point of 48 hour protection deodorant?
  12. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    after today Dumoulin could have 2 mins advantage, which means the favourites will really need to attack over the last 10 days when the mountains arrive. good times.
  13. Cycling 2016 - skinny men in tight pants.

    well, it looks like Dumoulin is here to play. very surprising stage, landa, nibs and valverde all looked pretty poor, zakarin, dumoulin and majka all looked pretty good. i have no idea who wins this thing.
  14. my favourite season ever was newcastle getting promoted in 1984 with keegan, beardsley and waddle leading the line. i'm alright, i just hope ashley loses a shit load of money.
  15. yes, i was. i see him as a centre forwards version of milner. a decent human being, committed, and with many attributes. but nobody is going to win a major championship with him as their centre forward, and playing him out wide is just nonsense.