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  1. We're moved onto the new machine in preparation for the season. I will probably be tuning and tweaking things over the next few days, so bear with me and call out to me or Ran here if things break.
  2. Sorry for the downtime today; one of our hard drives failed overnight, and the system went into safety mode. Everything's been put back in place and data restored, and we should be back up (though until all caches are rebuilt, the server might be a little sluggish).
  3. This should now be corrected. (We've consolidated back down to a smaller number of servers again with the decrease in traffic post-season.)
  4. I believe (Ran can correct me if wrong here) that the font-face feature was actually provided by an add-on which no longer works with more recent versions of Invision.
  5. The issue is that it doesn't, per se. It potentially uses slightly different typefaces depending on which stylesheet; mobile versus desktop, etc. Even if you use the 'right' typeface for your browser and system, it may be the 'wrong' typeface for someone else. And even there, it has a fallback for if any fonts are missing. For instance, in my browser right now it's Helvetica Neue (if present), followed by Helvetica (if present), otherwise followed by Arial (if present), otherwise any system sans-serif font.
  6. Is there any formatting in the Word document you need to preserve? If not, your browser may have in the edit menu a 'paste and match formatting/style', which pastes just the plaintext version (and thus the forums will apply the formatting). Chrome has "Paste and Match Style" under the Edit menu, and Safari has "Paste and Match Formatting" in the same place. If your browser doesn't have that, open a plaintext editor (like Notepad on Windows) and paste the document in there. Then select all and copy it again, and you'll have a plaintext no-formatting version of the piece you want to paste in. If you want to paste and still need to preserve formatting like bold, italics, etc., then you're probably going to want to change the font manually. In the editor, you can click on 'Source' and should get the HTML source of your post, where you can just remove all the font face styling. That's a bit of a pain, though.
  7. (Emphasis mine.) I take care of the servers; board administration is Ran's bailiwick. However, I believe that Ran has moved a lot of older and inactive threads out of the active boards, during the time we were trying to shave the forum's resource use down. So if those posts were in threads that had not been touched in several years, they've probably been stuffed into archives instead. Ran, can you elaborate?
  8. If it's happening to you multiple times a day, there there is a known bug with Invision (the forum software we use): if you have an old Invision login cookie around and a new one, you'll potentially get logged out during certain operations. I had blocked that bug before by having Varnish eat old Invision login cookies (so even if you had one, the board never saw it), but with our move to nginx I couldn't do quite the same filtering. That might be the cause. The fix is just to clear your cookies out, and then log back in again.
  9. That's not a 'Board Issue' per se—i.e., something not working right/broken on the board itself—so probably could've gone in a separate thread in the forum. That said, changing your signature is fairly straightforward. Just go to the Account Settings page (which is also available from the little dropdown that pops off your name, from the top of the board), and select Signature from the list on the left-hand side. Et voila, an editor to change your signature!
  10. Ugh. I added some stuff to rewrite the old-style URLs into the new ones, but it doesn't work on those because those links contain a both a query path and a query string, not one or the other, and the logic is trying to switch between the two. A simple rewrite of the other form wouldn't work.. I can try to rewrite the old-URL-handler logic to handle those. Basically, instead of the ?p=<postID> on the end of the path, if we're rewriting to the method nginx uses, it needs to turn into a &do=findComment&comment=<postID> on the end, if it's using the ?/ portion at the beginning. (Alternatively, just switching back to lighttpd would allow us to use both formats, and I'm seriously considering that at this point.) Either way, I'll try to come up with a fix for that URL format later.
  11. Sorry, it's been a little insane for me at work, so I fell behind on reading the forums. (But hey, we stayed up pretty well during the episode!) I would toss the IP to both me and Ran in PM here, that's probably quickest. Reference this thread, so Ran knows why he's getting emailed a random IP (in case he hasn't glanced at this thread). Also, if you used to be able to log on from home and can't now, chances are your ISP rotated dynamic IPs around, and you used to be on a different one but now hit a tainted/burned/blacklisted one.
  12. That particular code means an IP has been banned in the Invision anti spam blacklist; either your machine was compromised or—if you're on a home network where the IP rotates around, as with most cable/DSL providers—a previous person on your IP had a compromised machine. That machine was then stuck into a net to work as a proxy for people who would try to go around and register on Invision sites, then immediately post 40 'mail-order Russian bride' or 'best video download' or 'cheap website design' ads wherever they could. Once enough Invision sites report that IP as a spammer, Invision's mothership adds the IP to the list of bad net citizens, and all Invision boards then reject that IP address (so the spammer is cut off from Invision boards as a whole). The spammer moves along to a new compromised machine as their proxy, thus changing their IP, and whoever inherits the now-tainted IP gets shafted, because anything linked to the Invision mothership figures they're a spammer and blocks them. What you'll need to do is get your external home IP address (just Google 'What Is My IP' and hit that site once you are at home), then send that to one of the admins and we'll see about adding an override. (You may also want to do a malware scan of your home machine just to make sure it wasn't you that was the compromised one, and was someone else who had your home IP previously.)
  13. Ugh. I hadn't noticed that nginx blocked path-type URLs. I've added some rewrite logic which hopefully fixes things.
  14. Aaaaaand no, apparently not. Sadly, there's still some browser out there someone is using that doesn't report itself with the standard mobile strings in User-Agent, but DOES request mobile layout once CSS is loading. So it shows up as a desktop client when we're caching pages, and mobile when the page actually loads. I will track this down yet!
  15. I think I have finally tracked down why mobile pages for the wiki were sometimes being cached as desktop pages in Varnish, as well. Fingers crossed! Let Ran or me know if you see that happening again.