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  1. (Having everyone involved out-of-town the Monday after the first episode was, sadly, not ideal! Pesky offline life considerations.)
  2. Okay, mail should be working again. Sorry about that!
  3. There send to be a problem with sending email; Ran and I will look into it.
  4. Sorry about that. Traffic was low enough that it seemed the best time to do the database migrations.
  5. We had a replication error when I first turned everything live again, so I took us down to do a rebuild of some database data. But we should be good to go now.
  6. Okay, no, sorry. There was a replication error I had to solve. NOW we're up and running properly.
  7. And as a followup, we now have a replicated database here on Scramble (the new server), and it's up and running fine. Hopefully everyone will find things a little more zippy now. There is also a test copy of the wiki running on Scramble, which I'll leave up to Ran as to whether or not we move everyone to that one eventually. Scramble has enough oomph it might be able to take on everything.
  8. We are now running a replicated database across two servers, which should be a little zippier. The forum is still horribly ungainly, but it should be slightly less egregiously slow now.
  9. Just to add to this, as of last night, we're on the new server. We're slowly turning things back on, to make sure we don't break anything along the way, so you should see performance pick up as we do so.
  10. We're moved onto the new machine in preparation for the season. I will probably be tuning and tweaking things over the next few days, so bear with me and call out to me or Ran here if things break.
  11. Sorry for the downtime today; one of our hard drives failed overnight, and the system went into safety mode. Everything's been put back in place and data restored, and we should be back up (though until all caches are rebuilt, the server might be a little sluggish).
  12. This should now be corrected. (We've consolidated back down to a smaller number of servers again with the decrease in traffic post-season.)
  13. I believe (Ran can correct me if wrong here) that the font-face feature was actually provided by an add-on which no longer works with more recent versions of Invision.
  14. The issue is that it doesn't, per se. It potentially uses slightly different typefaces depending on which stylesheet; mobile versus desktop, etc. Even if you use the 'right' typeface for your browser and system, it may be the 'wrong' typeface for someone else. And even there, it has a fallback for if any fonts are missing. For instance, in my browser right now it's Helvetica Neue (if present), followed by Helvetica (if present), otherwise followed by Arial (if present), otherwise any system sans-serif font.
  15. Is there any formatting in the Word document you need to preserve? If not, your browser may have in the edit menu a 'paste and match formatting/style', which pastes just the plaintext version (and thus the forums will apply the formatting). Chrome has "Paste and Match Style" under the Edit menu, and Safari has "Paste and Match Formatting" in the same place. If your browser doesn't have that, open a plaintext editor (like Notepad on Windows) and paste the document in there. Then select all and copy it again, and you'll have a plaintext no-formatting version of the piece you want to paste in. If you want to paste and still need to preserve formatting like bold, italics, etc., then you're probably going to want to change the font manually. In the editor, you can click on 'Source' and should get the HTML source of your post, where you can just remove all the font face styling. That's a bit of a pain, though.