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  1. You should fix your listing's title, it doesn't appear in an eBay search for "Game of Thrones" because the word Game is connected to a '-'.
  2. Seems like the seller should have mentioned that in the auction description somewhere, probably would have went higher!
  3. Sounds like Subpress are shipping Game next week! But I think I will still be in search for the MM GoT.
  4. This guy posted about 196, I wonder if that means he's the seller or would be an interested buyer?
  5. Wow, finally another one for sale. If this was listed as just the GoT, I would probably buy it to complete my set (MM CoK + All SP), even though it doesn't match. But knowing that buying it alone will also break the 196 pairing seems really rude. And there's no way I'm ponying up that much for the MM CoK 196 that is listed. Has any user here ever claimed 196 ownership of any other title?
  6. Getting excited for SP Game! Seems like it should be within a few months now.
  7. Pretty much. There is a box where you can note your number. You pay now and get the books in 6 months to a year or whatever.
  8. Finally! After that long of a wait it's finally time. Glodowski125: I'm guessing there will be a newsletter email tomorrow or soon thereafter about this. As long as you are subscribed to that, you shouldn't miss important preorder windows.
  9. That stupid SoS slipcase.... :ack:
  10. Next ask yourself why it is so hard to find the MM GoT