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  1. We did find out that Aegon had taken Storms End, and that did lead to some discussions and speculations, but the cave part wasn't really described much in the initial discussions. "At one point Elia wanders off into a cave where they find carvings from the children of the forest."
  2. Fair enough for the reaction to just the names alone, but after GRRM tried to steer them towards the Aeron chapter...
  3. So, nearly 5 years ago at WorldCon the audience chose wrong, even after GRRM tried to get them to reconsider. Every time someone since someone has suggested they want GRRM to read it, people chime in to say it would be lame. I hope everyone has enjoyed discussing Arrianne II for all this time.
  4. So far, we have seen half of the number of sample/reading chapters for TWoW that we saw for ADwD. As long as he stays more restrained like this, I wouldn't mind another sample. The oddest choice for readings/samples before ADwD was the reading of Daenerys IX up to Drogon's arrival. That was the 53rd chapter of 73 in the final release.
  5. The apps is by Random House LLC. iPhone - George R.R. Martin's World of Ice and Fire Google - A Game of Thrones Guide Updating: Theon I Full text available in the full version of the app Arianne I Full text available in the full version of the app Arianne II (read, not published) Barristan I (read, not published) Full text available in the full version of the app & US paperback Victarion I (read, but transcribed) Tyrion I (read, not published) Barristan II (read, not published) Tyrion II (app) Full text available in the full version of the app - (listed as Tyrion I in the app) Mercy Current sample chapter on GRRM's website & Full text available in the full version of the app
  6. In Victarions POV we were left outside the cabin and heard Victarion scream when Moqorro "fixed" his arm. When Jorah took Dany inside the tent in AGoT, it said he took her in the tent, but the POV didn't go inside. I think tis is just GRRM letting the magic remain more mysterious because it happens "off-camera."
  7. The only hostage confirmed killed so far was Groleo, which happened before the bodies started being flung over the walls. The response above actually contains a spoiler from TWoW chapters previewed at readings.
  8. Those were intended to be the climax of ADwD, so he didn't intend to lead TWoW with them. I would hope that means there is plenty of other events that were intended for the next book. He is past the restructuring from removing the 5 year gap and "Mereenese knot" issues, so hopefully things will be more on track with his intended direction from here.
  9. While the way the chapter ended outside Victarion's chapter was unusual, Victarion has continued as a POV. I don't think your interpretation/theory is correct.
  11. I'm back after an extended hiatus.

  12. My one serious complaint with the Syrio scene is actually due to their costuming choices for the Kingsguard. It the show, Trant isn't fully protected from the woooden sword by his armor.
  13. That is probably going to depend on your publisher in Croatia. The US and UK hardcovers will be single volume editions. If it is the same publisher and they split ASoS, I would think it is likely they AdwD. It will be an equal sized or a marginally longer book.
  14. Since you mentioned previous occurrences, maybe you need to add in a bit of the info below. I know we are aware of it, but it will be new information for others. A Feast for Crows debuted at #1 on NYT bestseller list Dunk and Egg novellas continued: The Sworn Sword in Legends II anthology (2003) The Mystery Knight in Warriors anthology (2010) later excerpted novellas: (are they worth mentioning?) Path of the Dragon (some Dany chapters from ASoS) Arms of the Kraken (some Iron Islands chapters from AFfC)