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  1. Nooooo we need Theon, Sam and Davos AT LEAST!! And Ramsey.... maybe I should get those Eaglemoss models...
  2. There's also a Wun Wun to come right? And that mysterious Ghost figure I've seen, in that mystery box set thing, but I'm not paying out for that over a few months just for Ghost... I hope you can get him separately? Still hoping in this line for Samwell, Theon, Ramsey and Davos at least.
  3. Is that...... a mini Ghost?? That I saw in a photo from NYCC? Looks like the Ghost in the larger statue, just on his own... I hope it's part of the figure line, could go well with the original Jon figure
  4. Pff, try collecting 1/6 scale Weta Lord of the Rings statues!! These figures are tiny and cheap in comparison. Incidentally I e-mailed Dark Horse asking how long they intend making more figures and giving them a list of what I'd like to see. They confirmed they have a few in the works and are planning more.
  5. Oh wow, thanks! Can't believe I haven't seen that Wun Wun before now! Definately looks like it should fit in with the figures. That gives me hope for the mountain. I'd also still love Ghost.
  6. Wun Wun? Where are you seeing these pics?
  7. So the new Jon has been shown at SDCC.... any more photos? Any more brand new announcements? New figures seem to be announced at a slower rate these days, and there's still so many more worthy characters that need doing. The pop vinyls seem to get pumped out so fast with so many different characters.
  8. Hmm. If they're now aiming new fans that makes me wonder about the chances of older characters like Catelyn and Robert. But, if new fans are coming on board and binge-watching the whole series, that might actually make older characters more viable.
  9. Yeah I agree with that. Am I the only one who'd also like Ghost to go with Jon? He's big enough to justify his own piece surely?
  10. Is there usually any more announced throughout the year? SDCC maybe?
  11. Oh awesome I didn't hear about a Tormund! Very happy he's being done. I agree to an extent about wanting new characters but I would also say they DO have a different look. Although not Arya, not sure why she needs re-doing. I would've gone for queen Cersei. Maybe Arya gets a new outfit this season. But yes there's still a few new characters we need, and with two seasons to go I hope we'll see the main ones. Also that Jon bust looks epic.
  13. So, a new Dany has been revealed, and also the promise of a new Jon, Tyrion and Arya! No great surprise the main characters are getting a later update. A queen Cersei would be good too. However I probably would prefer new characters like the ones I posted above. Dont see how Melisandre is a new reveal as we knew about her already.
  14. When do you think we'll get new announcements? We really need Catelyn, Ghost, Theon, Yara, Euron, Davos, Samwell, Tormund, Olenna, Roose, Ramsey, and maybe Robert, Walder, Barristan, Edmure and the mountain!!
  15. That's an awesome video!! But my gods that music is grating after a while! Thanks for sharing with us, I love how they're arranged. That Dany and Drogon model - I know it's a smaller version of the statue, but is it in scale with the other Dark Horse figures? I'd love a Drogon and a more recent Dany to go with my figures, and this would tick both boxes. There's one on eBay UK for £66, is this a good price? I suspect it is? While I'm posting, I'll just add that I've been buying all these as they've come out, and I'm only missing Ygritte, Night King, Jorah, Grey Worm, Harpy, Stannis and Melisandre when they're all out. Anyone know if there's any more in the works? In my opinion, among the countless characters they could do, the must-haves for me include Robert Baratheon, Catelyn Stark, Davos Seaworth, Ghost, Samwell Tarly, Tormund Giantsbane, Olenna Tyrell, Ramsey Bolton, Theon Greyjoy, and possibly Roose Bolton, Walder Frey, Euron and Yara Greyjoy. I'd love to get some house sigils of some sort to display with groups of family members, but haven't seen anything that takes my fancy yet.