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  1.   Here's some discussion RE: How to approach harassers by a couple of different people. 
  2. Feminism - Distractingly Sexy Edition

    This is just One Of Those Random Observations things:   I have a dog. I walk it a lot. (as you do) sometimes children come forward and want to say hi/pet the dog. (since he's a good dog I usually let them) what I've noticed recently though is that the vast, vast majority of kids who do that are girls. Like, probably more than 90%.   It feels really weird, since I haven't really associated being fond of animals as being a gendered thing. 
  3. I don't think the fish would look good in Hooter's uniforms.
  4. Best Arthurian Lit?

    T.H. White is arguably THE modern version. Mists is OK for what it does, but has issues (and depending on your views you might not want to give MZB's estate your money) I'm not very fond of "historical" Arthur, as I feel they kind of miss the point.
  5. How do we decide which brutalities are worse in Grimdark?

    It's really not, aristocratic honour codes were to some extent different than bourgeisie or peasant ones, but they all more or less operated on the basis of honour and obligation.
  6. Worst Presents Ever

    Aww, I read this as "Worst Presidents ever" and was going to put a vote down...
  7. How do we decide which brutalities are worse in Grimdark?

    This is one of those memes that keeps cropping up, but depending on locality, it's just not true. Rape was definitely considered as a violation of the woman's honor. It's considered an act of violence against her and her personal honour. (people often miss out on "honor" as an important factor in people's way of thinking, eg. in medieval swedish law murdering someone face-to-face was bad, but it was to some extent acceptable, you just had to pay a fine, but murdering someone else *and trying to hide it* was dishonourable and punished by death) While honour was clearly gendered, it was considered an actual real thing, and attacks on a person's honour was concieved of as important as attacks on one's body.
  8. Greece IV - Yanis, We Hardly Knew Ye IMF POV. Seems... Surprisingly positive?
  9. Greece IV - Yanis, We Hardly Knew Ye

    The 1990's swedish banking/fiscal crisis? Mind, it also involved devaluation, and some pretty draconic terms for bank bailouts. (though IIRC only one didn't make the demands)
  10. WOT questions, advice needed and given.

    IIRC Jordan's answer was some variation of "The Pattern makes sure you end up in the "correct" body." IE: "I didn' think about it."
  11. WOT questions, advice needed and given.

    Katherine Kerr's Deverry Cycle (which is roughly contemporary with WOT; I think?) had a few homosexual characters, IIRC. (not that they were neccessarily treated in an enlgihtened fashion, mind)
  12. WOT questions, advice needed and given.

    RE: WOT. I think it is "feminist" in that it clearly tries to discuss gender-issues in a fantasy context. I don't think it *succeeds*, mind, but he's clearly trying. Now, another factor is that it is clearly written by a man who got his grounding in feminism in the 60's and 70's. He's updated some, but the basics is a fairly old style of ideas that were swishing around at the time, and a lot of which has since become outdated or superceded. Add to this the fact that, y'know, he's a man, he's not neccessarily the greatest of writers, and a lot of unexamined prejudices and you end up with the weird soup that WOT is. I'd still classify it as a femnist work though: Just a bad one. ("feminist" is not a seal of quality, or even of sanity)
  13. The question is to what extent either of these things are inherent to christianity. (I suppose unless you use it in the very literal sense of "inherited" it works, otherwise it becomes much more debatable)
  14. The Acts of Caine by Matt Woodring Stover

    I liked the books a decent amount (my kindle broke, again, about 2/3 through the fourth one though) I definitely liked the first oone the best. He kind of went off the rails later, throwing concepts out rapid-fire without giving them the attention they deserved. (and a lot of the concepts were hit-and-miss)
  15. Spider-Man actor and director announced

    This. Miles is a great character, and I enjoyed his book, but without the context of Peter Parker's life there's no Spider-man.