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  1. I was more thinking "Who's going to be in chat" but thanks anyway.
  2. I missed the first semi (just got back from Stockholm, and had the choice between newly released Stellaris and Eurovision... I picked the former) So who's on tonight?
  3. Police abuse thread 4: end police unions?

    Unionization is a right for any employee, if you want to get rid of the ability to unionize, you'll have to find some other way to take care of policing than paying them.
  4. US elections: Kang vs. Kodos

    Wait, what, people are seriously upset about Bill Clinton being at a polling place and greeting prospective voters? When his wife is running for president?
  5. The clintons are of the same generation though, and neither Bill's nor HIllary's family was part of the elite. If they're aristocracy they're a self-made one, unlike the Bushes (who have been prominent for ages, even before Bush the Elder) The Kennedys were largely 2nd. gen bigwigs as well.
  6. The problem is that because of the way US politics work, most states are actually pretty evenly split. It just looks as if they aren't because of the winner-takes-all nature of the system (so say, a 10% lead is a gigantic advantage) Disenfranchising the millions of democrats in southern states would be... Unwise. Especially if you want to win those southern states.
  7. Colonialism: ah, ye olde glorie!

    Honestly, I think lumping about 450 years of history together as "colonialism" is... A bit problematic. The concept isn't entirely vacuous, but the consequences, methods, time periods, etc. were so varied that it's hard to lump it together in one thing. The slave-merchants of the 17th and 18th century were not the EIC officials of the 19th, or were they the spanish conquistadors of the 16th centuries. I think that when speaking of colonial atrocities it's probably more useful to look at specific issues/countries rather than trying to put 450 years of history involving hundreds of modern-day countries into the same box.
  8. Books similar to "The knight of seven kingdoms"

    Beat me to it
  9. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

  10. Feminism - Distractingly Sexy Edition

    This is just One Of Those Random Observations things:   I have a dog. I walk it a lot. (as you do) sometimes children come forward and want to say hi/pet the dog. (since he's a good dog I usually let them) what I've noticed recently though is that the vast, vast majority of kids who do that are girls. Like, probably more than 90%.   It feels really weird, since I haven't really associated being fond of animals as being a gendered thing. 
  11. The question is to what extent either of these things are inherent to christianity. (I suppose unless you use it in the very literal sense of "inherited" it works, otherwise it becomes much more debatable)
  12. The Acts of Caine by Matt Woodring Stover

    I liked the books a decent amount (my kindle broke, again, about 2/3 through the fourth one though) I definitely liked the first oone the best. He kind of went off the rails later, throwing concepts out rapid-fire without giving them the attention they deserved. (and a lot of the concepts were hit-and-miss)
  13. Feminism - Distractingly Sexy Edition

    It's interesting how weird that is. The number of times I've heard anyone talk in ME multiplayer is very small. Like, I'm not surprised there was harassment, I'm surprised there was communication at all.
  14. EDIT: Also, WTF is up with the board, it keeps stalling whenever I try to post, yet the post seem to actually happen.
  15. I'm curious RE: Next of kin, can't you appoint someone to make medical decisions for you in case you're made incapable of doing so? While next-of-kin is usually the default, it's not strictly speaking required, no?