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  1. If there's one thing that should unite Americans its a general hatred of telecommunications companies. Just goes to show you how deep partisan cheer-leading goes when one side is willing to hand them another way to gouge us all.
  2. lol, good call. But yea if I have to have a critter in the attic, owls would be high on my preference sheet. Every now and then I hear some scratchin' around in mine, fingers crossed for an owl 'cause if it isn't an owl it's probably raccoons, possums, squirrels, or mice and I don't want to have to do battle with any of those if I can help it.
  3. The general cleanliness of Sydney in comparison to a comparably sized American city was something that stood out to me when I visited there as well. Also some very kind BwB people and a killer meal of Malaysian food that I still think about sometimes. For another type of cultural exchange, and also in the YouTube vein, last week I stumbled upon a channel where these two black dudes do a listen and react/review to all kinds of different music that is outside of thier hip hop comfort zone. Most of the videos that they’ve done as far as I can tell were older metal. The War Pigs one had me giggling and they both loved it, though Slayer’s Raining Blood was a bit much for them (which I can understand).
  4. This post made me realize that I actually do not know what Doug Jones looks like since I have mostly read about this Alabama fiasco and the only visual clip related to any of it that I can recall is the one where Moore is on stage waving a gun around.
  5. With Grier done for the year I do not expect us to win another game. Beating OU in Norman was a long shot even with a full compliment of players, but with Grier out I expect us to get destroyed and probably lose whatever bowl we go to as well. Holgs gave up calling the plays this year and our offense can put up big numbers but so much of that is Grier making something happen. We have no dedication to the run whatsoever and without the star QB we will struggle to score. Not a big fan of Spavital. Holgs had us evolving into a balanced team that could grind it out on the ground and we have severely regressed in that department under the new OC.
  6. That’s entirely reasonable and the way I’d approach the issue but we have to keep in mind that hard right media is absolutely bonkers and Jones is a Democrat. That (D) will be considered something extraordinarily bad to a lot of conservative voters because being a Democrat isn’t about policy quibbles it’s about wanting open borders, taking your guns, lacking patriotism, ushering in socialism, being anti-Christian, pro baby killer, and sacrificing American sovereignty to the NWO. That’s the way this is framed in Bannonland. It won’t be guy who had inappropriate contact with underage girls vs. a guy who happens to be a Democrat, it’s guy whose been accused of liking young women (probably by liberal plants) vs. candidate who will go along with the destruction of America. Obviously this scandal really hurts Moore’s chances, but I’m not gonna let myself be taken by surprise if Alabama voters pull a collective “hold my beer” and elect Moore anyway.
  7. This is the kinda shit I'm talking about. Harbingers of the apocalypse.
  8. I'm no expert, but I would have to say not-crows is a pretty good description of grackles. Apparently they are from Mexico and have gradually spread their range into and across Texas over the last 30 years or something. New Orleans isn't too far away, so I would not be surprised if y'all are experiencing the early stages of the Grackle invasion. However grackles are definitely at least as big as a pigeon and often a little bigger (if less chubby) and they do tend to be shiny and black so almost certainly they are not your smaller-than-a-pigeon greyish bird.
  9. There is a (usually) dry creek bed behind my house and for living pretty close to the central part of the city I see a lot of wildlife back there. Austin is reasonably green anyway, but I think the creek bed serves as one of the city's wildlife thoroughfares. I've seen raccoons, possums, lots of squirrels, a GIANT snapping turtle that looked mean as shit, a couple of smallish snakes that I couldn't identify, and a number of birds that you wouldn't necessarily expect in the city. One day when there was a little bit of water in the creek I went out there and spotted what I think was a great blue heron. It was a gigantic bird. Seen a couple hawks around, too. Then Hurricane Harvey knocked down a few trees around the neighborhood, one of which was on the opposite side of the creek and it created an almost tree bridge across the creek bed that I see birds come and land on all the time now. One day I was back there and spotted a large owl chillin' on the tree no more than 10 or 15 feet away from me. I took a picture and tried to look it up and I think it was a 'Barred owl". It didn't give a shit about my presence at all. It knew I was there, and eventually I went inside and got my gf to show her the owl and it was still doing its thing when we got back and we got to watch it for another 15-20 minutes. Another interesting local bird quirk are the parakeets. They're non-native but I guess the climate suits them and enough parakeets have apparently escaped over the years that there's a colony of wild ones. I spot them every now and then around town. But I can't talk about birds of Austin, Texas without mentioning the Grackle. These motherfuckers are creepy little shit birds and they are god damn everywhere. And actually they aren't that little, they are a fairly decent sized bird. They absolutely love parking lots. If you go to any grocery store in Austin at dusk there will be THOUSANDS of Grackles. They will fill up every tree, they will line all of the nearby power lines, and they will be making a hell of a racket. They did a thing about them on the local NPR station one time and apparently a parking lot mimics their favorite natural habitat which would be an open field or plain with periodic trees scattered around so they have a nice little perch to scout for danger. There seriously must be millions of these birds in the area. I've gotten so used to them I don't think much of it anymore, but the first couple of times you see a parking lot overrun by them it feels like something out of Hitchcock's The Birds.
  10. For sure. Also a major subplot in Downton Abbey.
  11. I agree, he'll win and Senate R's will be content with themselves that they spoke out against Moore, giving them plausible distance from him should he fuck up again, but that'll be the end of it until 2020.
  12. I think Moore will win as well. They're gonna attack the media and the accusers enough to muddy the waters, there's no actual charges that can be brought and debated in court, and Moore is even looking at suing the Washington Post. And muddying the waters is all they need to do. People who are already overwhelmingly inclined to vote for the Republican no matter what only need you to plant the tiniest seed of doubt about the accusations to get over it and do what they were going to do anyway and a full scale effort to plant those seeds of doubt is already well underway. I'd be shocked if Moore doesn't win.
  13. I don’t have a particular affinity towards Louie CK, but what is he supposed to do? Crawl in a hole and die? He still has to move forward with his life, whatever form that may take. An apology does not = forgiveness or absolution, but I do think he deserves a little credit here because that is not the typical MO. Takes balls to do that, even if it’s semi-self serving, takes balls to get out there and say I was wrong and I fucked up. I can give him that at least.
  14. Well fuck, came out looking like we were gonna blow A&M out and then managed to get blown out. Fuck. I have faith that Huggs will ultimately field a serviceable team. But we aren’t playing D like we did last year and like the last several years we still can’t score. We have a couple decent three point shooters but couldn’t work the bell inside at all. If you suck at scoring and you can’t turn the other team over you are done. Can’t read too much into a first game played at midnight in Germany, but this team need to get gritty or die.
  15. I don't know I think that could be appropriate, honestly. If they're good enough they can get a second chance somewhere else after they sit out this year. When you go and play an exhibition game in another country and you're out and about you are an ambassador for NCAA basketball, your university, and your country and these guys embarrassed all three. Should at least get a hefty suspension, though it looks like they might be spending a chunk of the season in China anyway.