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  1. Def been a barn burner, lets go Mountianeers.
  2. It's been raining all day in Austin with some noticeable gusts but I have been drinking beer and watching Netflix inside all day. It didn't seem like it was crazy enough outside here to do any damage but a few minutes ago I went outside and walked up and down the street and there are trees down all over the neighborhood including several behind my house and we are just in the outer edge of the storm. Much worse to the southeast of Austin where they've already gotten a foot of rain. Gonna do a full neighborhood expedition tomorrow and later in the week I am going to go down to the coast for work to do some aerial surveying for the aftermath so that should be interesting.
  3. I legit thought that was fake when I first read it earlier. It's laughably ridiculous, IMO.
  4. I have heard similar things about Grier, just trying to keep my expectations in check. He has all the tools, he has at least some experience (and looked pretty good), and if WVU can make a QB out of Skyler Howard I trust them to make one out of Grier. It sucks to lose both Sims and Durante because even though neither were huge producers for us last year, those were the two speed WR's expected to step up. Our WR corps is still good, I think we have the slot well covered and we've got some big, physical guys in Sills, Jennings, and White, but we might lack the burners to fill Gibson's role and stretch the field. I am excited to see the offense though and we'll see one of the better D's we'll see all season in game 1.
  5. To me this is by far the most frustrating thing about talking to far right conservatives. Most of them fully believe that nothing bad can come from true conservatism. That the Nazi's are actually creatures of the left, and so are commies, therefore all the woes to the 20th century and of today are the fault of the left. That it was Obama who created the division we are seeing in this country. And that George Soros is public enemy #1. Soros would have to be God-level omnipresent to be involved in all of the things he is accused of orchestrating. They will not assign blame or responsibility for anything to conservative politics, which is very, very rich coming from the party of personal responsibility. Trump could wipe his ass with the Constitution and they'd blame Obama for leaving it near the bathroom.
  6. It seems like many people just look at the war itself when really the couple of decades leading up to it leave no doubt as to what the key issue was. With the rapid westward expansion and admission of a number of new states, the South had been worried for some time that eventually free states would outnumber slave states to the point where the practice could be legislated out of existence, and there were many fights and compromises about that in the pre-war era. Lincoln's victory in the 1860 election without winning a single southern state sort of proved the point. While I think it is reasonable to say that Lincolns objective at the beginning of the war was simply to preserve the Union and not necessarily emancipation, the issue of slavery was THE irreconcilable difference between the northern and southern states leading up to secession and the war and the ending of slavery is the wars most important legacy.. The confederate, largely non-slave owning, rank and file generally went as their states went - and peasants fighting for the landed gentry on the basis of geography is really not any different from most other wars in human history. But there's really no getting around that fearing the end of slavery was the driving force behind secession.
  7. Kottonmouth Kings and Bone Thugs? If it were possible to overdose on weed, this is how it would happen.
  8. Replacing a lot of production at WR, but good potential and a decent amount of faith that Holgorsen has the WR cupboard well stocked. RB's are probably a top 25 group nationally. Likely an upgrade at QB with potential to be a BIG upgrade, but I'm not going to get my hopes up until I see Grier in action and the WR's prove they can get open and catch the ball. A couple key replacements on OL and DL, but the starters are not totally green. Couple of key losses in the secondary, but again, replacement starters are not inexperienced. LB's should be a solid group. While we do lack depth of experience at a few positions Holgs & Co. have done a really nice job of building depth overall and WVU should be pretty solid. Most of the rest of the Big XII is supposed to be a little better this year than last so it's hard to make a prediction. I just want to beat VT on opening day and go from there. I considered mailing Dana Holgorsen an ominous postcard that says only "GET ME THE BLACK DIAMOND". While OOC games don't matter for the conference race I think that if WVU wins that one the ceiling could be as high as another 10 win outing. Lose that one, though, and I think we could be looking at 7 or so win season. Teams that we beat to get to 10 last year are very likely going to be better this time around (specifically Kansas State, Texas, TCU), and instead of playing Missouri ooc we'll be playing Virginia Tech, so this year will be an all-around harder schedule. If we win 8 in the regular season and VT is one of them, I'll be happy. We'll return most of this years' team next year and the potential for a real run at the conference is probably better in '18 than in '17.
  9. It doesn't add too much to the thread just to chime in about Trump's astounding idiocy, but I'm gonna do it anyway. If there is one thing that Trump should understand it is that the electorate has a short attention span, he would never have gotten elected otherwise. His statement on Sunday about Charlottesville, while notably late, was a pretty adequate condemnation of white supremacists groups. So then WHY, for the love of God did he go off message at that press conference today. All he had to do was tell the reporter that he had made a statement yesterday and that he was there to discuss infrastructure. Give the 24/7 news cycle a few days to move onto the next thing. Instead he goes completely off message and walks back the strong condemnation of the day before. Sure, had he skirted the question some would complain that he didn't press Sunday's message home, but thats still a hell of a lot better than shooting himself in the foot. I know Trump lacks discipline, but this was pretty astounding. And it begs the question - why keep this (and his response to it) in the news? Why extend the life of this story? It's a strategically terrible move and makes it seem like he felt that his statement Sunday was too one-sided and he fears losing the vote of white supremacists. Trump certainly lacks situational awareness, but this was so bad that it can't be just that. He knows damn well those were Trump voters out there and just can't bring himself to condemn in no uncertain terms. Preaching to the choir around here, but man has Trump turned out to be even worse at this job than my extremely low expectations. The last couple weeks have been absolutely terrible. I shudder to even imagine what could befall this country in the next ~ 3 1/2 years under this guy's leadership.
  10. You are kind of proving my point though, consider a single word alteration of your first sentence - "Discourse does not work when Islam is the opposing ideology. If it did, wars would not have been needed to bring them down." I changed one word and that's straight off a Richard Spencer nazi sploogestravaganza, we have to be better than that.
  11. Haha, well I added the interrupting clause just to be clear. I've been around the Internet long enough to know that you better be upfront about your opposition to nazisim, 'specially if you're about to argue in favor of thier right to be dickbags.
  12. I disagree. I realize this is a time of great stress where, almost unbelievably, ideologies that we'd left for dead seem to be gaining traction. But it is our responsibility to counter those arguments and to remind people that we've been down this road before. Read your first sentence again and think about Islam and Sharia Law and you could find an extraordinarily similar tirade on any alt right sounding board. I do not believe that the answer to unsavory ideologies is to shut them down, because that sets a precident that could easily be used against you before you know it. The answer is to step up your game and rhetorically expose the weaknesses of the ideology and we certainly still have the advantage. You're never going to convince everyone, but that is the price of a truly free society.
  13. If the neo nazis are marching and protesting and speaking within the legal realm of the permit granted then they should have the same right as anyone to freedom of speech and assembly. I'm not a fan of nazis, in fact I hate them, but if they cross thier t's and dot thier i's and wanna get up there and spew thier bullshit then let them. I want to live in a county where ideas are defeated by ideas, not one where we suppress ideas we find abhorrent. I cannot abide the idea that something, anything, is so horrible that I need to be protected from rejecting it on my own. That feels like the slipperiest of slippery slopes.
  14. It is entirely possible that the least rational player in all of this is Trump. And that thought makes it hard for me to contain my anger toward Trump voters. This situation is exactly the type of thing that I dreaded when this guy won, a situation that requires thoughtful deliberation. There's never been an ounce of evidence that Trump is capable of that.
  15. War and the environment are the two main areas where I have always felt Trump could do some major damage. He failed on Obamacare recently, but Americans like war, right? Let's try that! This guy is a fucking sociopath and an egomaniac and I'm legitimately worried about all of this. I don't want NK to have nuclear weapons capable of striking the US, but it doesn't take a genius to see how a having a nuclear weapon is a deterrent to foreign meddling, that's why countries want them. The thing is though, we have like 1500 of them and NK knows damn well that we can and would obliterate them 10 times over if they ever strike at us. How is it not obvious that thier bullshit is all bluster designed to add bargaining room? Meanwhile I'm reading Trumpers on other sites blame past administrations for letting NK get to this point of imminent threat to the US when the fact is that when you talk about MAD, it isn't even 'mutual' in thier case. It's we *might* take a punch, but ALL of you are dead. All past presidents have understood that the biggest risk wrt NK are casualties in SK and Japan as well as war in China and Russia's back yard. NK understands that too, but now we have the most unsubtle, least diplomatic president in US history tweeting his way to the only thing that can cause an actual war and that is backing NK into a corner. Trump profoundly lacks an understanding of literally anything and it's completely maddening.