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  1. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    I'm notoriously optimistic, but I don't see Trump getting re-elected. I didn't see him getting elected in the first place, so take that witha grain of salt, but in my opinion it really comes down to who the Dem's can find to stand against him for election. 2020 is going to be different than 2016 because in 2016 Trump had NO political record to stand on. The only things you could throw at him were things he did as a private citizen, while there were 2 decades of public service to use against Clinton. Absurdly, his lack of experience is a big part of why he won. He hit the right notes with the right people and also couldn't be blamed for any of the things that were currently pissing those people off, unlike every other Republican contender that he defeated (with the exception of Fiorina and Carson who are both kinda weirdos and far less known than Trump anyway) and ultimately HRC. They all provided plenty of ammo by the very nature of having a public service record. In 2020, whatever happens (or doesn't happen) between now and then are going to become Trump's record as a politician, and a record can be attacked. He'll be an 'outsider' no more. If things aren't markedly better in 4 years, I really think he gets tossed. His numbers are already terrible and we're only 3 months in. Dems need to be getting smart though and find the right person.
  2. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    I really hate the word 'wonk'.
  3. US Politics: Kill (the) Bill

    Are republicans going to take the 'blame Obama for this mess' approach for an indefinite amount of time until the ACA either fails or doesn't? Are they going to use that angle on other issues as well? More importantly, is that actually going to fly with voters? They bitched about Obamacare and how awful it was for 7 years and now they are just going to sit on it? Especially since the promise of repeal and replace with something both better and cheaper (it's gonna be great you're gonna love it) came out of the president's mouth numerous times. Now the plan is that there is no plan except blame the last guy and his party which doesn't actually control anything in the government. There must be a limit to it somewhere, in terms of what the voters will accept. My take on Republicans is that one thing they all have in common is a penchant for promoting accountability and personal responsibility. This is at the core of a lot of conservative policy ideas and it's a general posturing that I can respect even if I don't usually agree with Republican policy. But at what point does it kick in that the party of personal responsibility is looking a lot like the party of passing blame? It's still so early in Trump's presidency that I don't think there are a lot of moderate conservatives out there who are willing to admit that Trump was a mistake. Yet. But if things continue the way they are, say 18 months from now when the midterm elections are looming, I can't imagine that the Repiblicans won't take some losses. I think that the time window for getting thier shit together is actually going to be pretty small. This time next year it's going to be approaching midterm elections and Republican congressman will be forced to decide to either stay on the Trump train or turn on him to stay in thier seats. And if that happens... we may actually wake up from this nightmare in 4 years.
  4. More or less agree. I give Gonzaga's half court D a lot of credit. They were a real pain in the ass. WVU did shoot very poorly, the entire game , but Gonzaga did a good job of not giving up anything easy. Was a defensive battle with neither O really clicking and WVU got edged out at the end. That last 3 from Gonzaga... even though there was still about 1 minute left it just had the feel of a dagger type shot. We were shooting so poorly overall that overcoming a 3 point deficit in the clutch actually felt a bit out of reach to me, and unfortunately it was. I think if you play that game 10 times, WVU takes half of them, but someone had to win. As to the future outlook. WVU is going to miss Adrian from a leadership standpoint, but he is the only significant loss. Meyers has been great in flashes and is super like-able but certainly not irreplaceable as a guard coming off the bench. Other than that, everyone is back next year. Carter has a shot at being the best PG in the Big XII next year. The other ray of hope is that despite a poor shooting performance last night, and a handful of other times this season, this years' team was a much better shooting team than the last one - and if you look at the youngest guys on the team - West, Bolden, Bender - they are all shooters. West killed me missing some wide open looks last night from 3 but I've seen him hit those before and he's just a freshman. He'll get better. Anyway, if WVU can maintain the same level of defensive intensity and continue to improve as an offensive squad then next years' team has the potential to be even better than this one. It'll have plenty of veterans and the young guys should help continue the trend of better scoring.
  5. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    But what Trump repeatedly promised during the campaign was a repeal and replace of Obamacare with something that provided better coverage for less money. Even if the bill passes, it is not what Trump promised. Yet his supporters will not hold him accountable for that. He'll be able to put his spin on it, as a success that everyone loves, and any opinions to the contrary are fake news from the liberal media tryin' to tear poor old Trump down. Makes me wanna pull my hair out sometimes.
  6. WVU has to start hitting some shots. Been pretty much cold the whole game. D has kept us in it.
  7. Yes I believe so. Have a feeling it could be one of those knee-jerk "he'll never leave us!" reactions of the recently scorned. And as WVU fan I have experienced that exact thing *cough* 2007 *cough*. Of course, Gottlieb is not a guaranteed failure if OSU does indeed hire him. I have to acknowledge that I can't see into the future and it could end up working out - but it just seems really risky to me. A lot of people *know* basketball, but that doesn't mean they can recruit or lead young men, and do so effectively when you are the one under pressure. I'm putting myself in the shoes of an OSU fan here. I would want someone who has at least some collegiate coaching to point to. If Gottlieb wanted to get into coaching, I think it'd be fine for him to land a gig at a smaller school with lower expectations and build up a little bit of a resume. But I think it's crazy at the Power 6 level, in arguably the most competitive top-to-bottom conference, at a program that expects reasonable success, to put a guy in there with no experience.
  8. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/18977048/doug-gottlieb-interview-oklahoma-state-cowboys-coaching-vacancy Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaattttt? Lose Brad Underwood and replace him with Doug freakin'-hide-your-credit-cards Gottlieb? Are they nuts? Guy has never been a collegiate coach and they are going to put him in charge of a Power conference program? They cannot be serious. I would honestly be furious that they were even wasting time talking to this guy if I were a Pokes fan. Gotta think Big XII coaches are licking their chops at the prospect of doling out a few thrashings to a talking head trying his hand at doing the job instead of criticizing it.
  9. http://www.aseaofblue.com/2017/3/21/15009852/lavar-ball-says-kentucky-wildcats-tune-up-ucla-bruins caught this in the college basketball subreddit. First comment: "The man is gonna be having neutrals rooting for Kentucky, an impressive feat."
  10. US Politics: Ask Fox News

    It could have. I know a lot of conservatives who claim to have voted, not for Trump per se, but for a conservative Supreme Court seat. In my personal opinion, I think most of those people still would've voted for Trump even if Garland was confirmed because you can extrapolate that rationale indefinitely.... maybe would've claimed they were voting for the possibility of Ginsberg's seat opening up or something. I think it's just a way for the conservatives who see themselves as reasonable compared to the die-hard Trumpists to give themselves a reason to not feel quite as guilty about voting for a known buffoon like Trump. I don't like him but, but..... the Supreme Court! That said, since Garland was stalled, the idea that in this election voting (R) was directly and immediately tied to voting for a conservative court may indeed have helped Trump get some votes he may not have otherwise gotten. Can't really say for sure, but I do think it's plausible.
  11. College Basketball: Tournament Time

    Of course recruiting is vitally important in any NCAA sport, but the nice thing about basketball is that you only need to have about 8 guys who can play to field a good team. A good team can make the tournament, and if you make the tournament, you can make a run. Unlike NCAA football where you need like 50 guys with outstanding ability, 2-deep at every position, to be consistently competitive at the highest levels. It's definitely one thing I prefer about basketball. Even if you lose a couple recruits in a transition year, plug the holes with a couple of hungry JUCO's and go from there. A lot of kids don't live up to expectations anyway.
  12. If they have taken a hammering on ratings - good. Maybe they'll get their shit together. It cannot be any more obvious that they are milking it for all its worth and it is damaging the show. Ridiculously slow build-up, entire episodes dedicated to concepts or events that could be conveyed in 5 minutes. I don't have a problem with the plot or what is going on in the show, just the execution and delivery. It feels like when they realized they were the most popular show on television they wanted to see how much they could string people along and it's getting really old. They need to quit fucking around and pick up the pace 'cause it's basically 4-5 slow episodes followed by one with some action, but you won't get resolution to that action until the next one. I think they've pushed the 'leave the viewer wanting more' concept a little too far.
  13. Whisk(e)y

    I like the Superstition, I'm not sure if I have tried Prophecy. Last week I went to the liquor store and they only had the Jura 10 yr in stock, which ended up being OK, but I like the superstition a lot better.
  14. College Basketball: Tournament Time