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  1. I had to do a double take on that halftime score. Seven points in a half. Seven. I’ve seen WVU lay their fair share of eggs in my day, but wow. Lol. Hard to not soak up the schadenfreude.
  2. Seems like there’s going to be a pretty wide range of impropriety from free dinner on one hand to Sean Miller wheelin’ and dealin’ 6 figure payouts. From what I saw earlier, for at least half of the implicated schools, it was ‘dinner’. Doesn’t mean there’s not more dirt yet to come out on anyone and everyone, but it looks to me like a good chunk of the named schools - based on what we know so far - probably still don’t have much to worry about. A few of them are def. gonna get toroedoed though. Huggins apparently commented about this today as well but the article was behind a pay wall.
  3. When I saw Texas on the list I'm thinking OK might see Mo Bamba, Jarrett Allen, maybe Matt Coleman. But its Eric Davis and Prince Ibeh? What the fuck.
  4. Oh I agree, I'm not at all hopeful this congress will do something meaningful. I'm hopeful that the lack of action will hurt them at election time.
  5. Along those lines... last year it was made legal for concealed carry permit holders to carry guns on campus at Texas universities. Yesterday I got email alerts about two separate incidents where guns were found on campus. Both owned by people with a concealed carry license who had just left them sitting somewhere by accident (one was found in a women's bathroom, another just chillin' at the business school). That's already rather disconcerting, but multiply this by the tens of thousands of schools in America and change the setting from a university campus to elementary, middle, and high schools. What could go possible go wrong?
  6. I find the suggestion of arming teachers extremely frustrating because while it *might* lower some of the death tolls in these incidents it does nothing to address the mental health problem or the gun problem. This Cruz kid is somewhat unique in that he wasn't killed (by himself or by police) in the event. Most of these folks are entirely prepared to die, and many places that have been shot up DO have armed security, so armed teachers aren't really a deterrent so much as they are one possible avenue towards reducing casualties. In an ambush style attack, it doesn't matter how well armed or trained someone is, the perpetrator is going to get off a number of rounds before someone appropriately armed can react. And that's if you're lucky. Nobody, not even highly trained people, can maintain that kind of awareness all the time. Even highly trained and well armed cops and military sometimes freeze or react poorly in a life or death situation and it is unfair to ask this of school teachers. Intensive repetitive training is the best bet for overcoming those perfectly normal human reactions to fear and stress. Teachers are already underpaid and underappreciated, and now on top of their regular responsibilities they are asked to act as security guards so that Republicans can keep that sweet, sweet NRA money rolling in. It's a really sad state of affairs that this is the solution R's and the NRA have come up with after 20 years of regular mass shootings. Shifting the responsibility for school kids not being massacred by assault rifles at school onto the shoulders of their teachers. Nobody should have to bear that responsibility and that is the entire point wanting sensible gun control. Again, maybe I'm misreading the situation but I feel like this suggestion of turning our schools into fortresses with armed guards isn't playing well. It's too obviously comfortable for R's and the NRA to be worth a damn. I think the public is ready for them to give some ground on this by banning some shit, we'll see if they can tap dance their way out of it, but I can see this hurting them at the polls.
  7. Could it be that there's real momentum on gun control this time? I have serious doubts that Congress will be able to get anything passed because of the House in particular. I think in the Senate you might see something get through because guys like Rubio have to face statewide voters, but I don't see the Republican house going for it. It's often difficult these days to decide if I'm reading the room correctly, but it really feels like people are finally done with the Republican / NRA thoughts and prayers approach and I'm enjoying watching them squirm. Failure to do anything, yet again, might really cost them this time as the ball is firmly in their court.
  8. It does seem like this group of kids is not havin' it with the typical platitudes. Will be interesting for sure.
  9. Trump's base hates Romney and Kasich almost as much as they hate actual liberals. I don't think either of them has a realistic chance at taking the 2020 R nomination. Maybe could win as an independent, but I doubt it. Trump's base will go down w/ the ship and Dem's probably won't flock from their candidate to an Independent Kasich or Romney. Sane Republicans isn't a large enough niche as a base for carrying the entire country.
  10. Yea for D1 coaching spots Austins gotta be up there. There’s only maybe 20ish major conference programs in cities of half a million plus (even less than that for football) and Austin might be one of the only ones without competition from pro sports. Actually can’t think of another one off the top of my head that fits both criteria. what happened to ASU anyway? They really went on an unexpected trajectory after their hot start.
  11. I’m not too impressed with Shaka either. I think he’s had enough time for that team to develop something of an identity and they certainly get the talent necessary to compete for conference championships. The results have been pretty sub par so far. I give Shaka a little bit of room for this year considering the Jones situation, and I think he surely deserves another year to get it together, but Texas absolutely should be better than they are. As for whether Beard would actually jump for Texas, maybe depends on whether or not he would rather live in Lubbock or Austin. I’ve often thought that it doesn’t matter much where you live if you are making D1 coaching money, but Lubbock is really damn remote and not a lot of scenery or outdoor activities nearby to make up for it that remoteness. Just speaking for myself, without family ties I’d have a hard time living in Lubbock.
  12. God what an infuriating loss. Prevent offense at the end, started trying to drain clock way to early instead of running offense. And 35-2 free throw disparity. Wtf. Not going to win a lot of games if you can’t get to the line.
  13. The main reason that R’s do not want to accept the DACA kids, and want to limit immigration in general, is because of demographic voting trends. I think they view these kids as 800,000 Dem votes and they probably aren’t wrong about that considering that it isn’t the Dem’s trying to kick them out. And cynically, I do believe this IS a part of the reason that the Dem politicians want the DACA kids to stay. If they get their way, these kids are likely Dem voters for life. It also happens to be the right thing to do, but this is another barrier to getting the right on board. It’s gone too far for the R’s to be able to take any credit if it does eventually pass. They are rightfully seen as the hold up on this issue and, at this point, might as well double down rather than make the strategic mistake of making citizens out of opposition voters. And I have to agree with those who say this won’t move the electoral needle much.
  14. I do believe that they need to stay in this realm as much as possible. I'm not sure if maybe the argument is too complex to be boiled down into a sound-byte or slogan, or whatever - but Dems need to be hammering Republicans on the deficit. Republicans have finally given up the sham of being fiscally conservative. For years now Republicans have used fiscal conservatism as an excuse not to support numerous programs that might benefit the public (healthcare, education, etc) citing budget and deficit concerns. Now that we all know that running up a huge deficit for future generations to bear doesn't matter to them they are going to have to explain to the public what the real reason is that they don't support these things. Seems to me if politicians are going to go hog wild on running up a deficit, it shouldn't be much of a choice for the average voter between whether or not they'd like to see that money spent in areas that will benefit the general public, or if they'd like to see it spent giving tax breaks to the donor class.
  15. I would rate the internet as a whole as slightly evil and social media as solidly evil. Good riddance.