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  1. Shit, get well soon man. If there's anything I can do beyond sending positive vibes, someone let me know.
  2. I'm not a 'climate scientist' but I have done several projects for my job related to shoreline change and have a lot of experience with various remote sensing devices that can be channeled toward the monitoring of climate change. Anyway, when Macron made his speech a couple of weeks ago, I thought... damn, if he's serious there are certainly worse fates in life than moving to France. Mentioned it to my girlfriend and she's ready to start packing.
  3. I'm with Kal for now, I think there's a good deal of wishful thinking involved in hopes of Trump getting impeached. Further, I think in today's climate of misinformation it might actually be the worst possible thing that could happen in terms of how divided the US is politically. Get rid of Trump prematurely and we are talking about tens of millions of Americans who are going to feel completely vindicated in what Rush and Hannity et. al. have been saying for years - that it IS true that the (liberal) Washington establishment and the (liberal) news media can and will supersede our democracy. And I do believe that things could get uglier than they already are. As long as Trump doesn't go slinging any nukes around, I'm not sure what would be solved by impeaching him and replacing him with a more competent republican with regard to the shit sandwich agenda of which we are all about to take a bite. When the R's own the house, senate, and the white house Trump's idiocy may be the only thing standing in the way of steamrolling a lotta stuff that the more liberal minded among us don't wanna see steamrolled. It's not like if Trump goes we get to have an election and pick someone else entirely. It'll be Pence and we're still saying goodbye to healthcare and the EPA and the Dept. of education. I think the best hope for a swing to the left in American politics is for the Democrats to focus on getting their own shit together with a non-geriatric candidate and trouncing Trump in the 2020 election after he's blundered his way through four years of scandal and national embarrassment. Trump gets pulled before his term is up and the current political divide gets worse and will take generations to overcome
  4. I don't think even FoxNews takes Hannity seriously. He's too much of a hack to be the face of a network that wants to be taken even a little bit seriously, I think even Fox realizes that, though in these times, who knows. On another note, in perusing the more conservative corners of the internet the word 'hysteria' is the current buzz word over any kind of opposition to Trump. Likely because Fox and Rush and Levin are using that word. Most are convinced that this is all sour grapes and that we got to have Obama so it's their turn. Not many even coming close to acknowledging that the majority of Trumps problems are his own doing and could be mitigated with just a modicum of self control. Instead, today's news is the latest in a months long tantrum by liberals. So much for the party of personal responsibility. Trump was 100% right about one thing - and that is that he could shoot someone and his folks would still support him. Maybe things tighten at the margins enough that elected republicans stop supporting him, but there is going to be a sizeable portion of this country who will not believe anything other than that Trump is the victim of the liberal media and the Washington insiders and I'm not sure how we reconcile that. There really are two very different narratives being offered and we are witnessing live one of the nastier potentials of the internet bearing fruit.
  5. I more or less agree with you. The torch-wielding whacko's are disturbing and it's hard to argue that what they did was not purposely evocative of the KKK. Really, really disheartening that the trend of having this type of thing become more and more marginalized over the course of my life has seemed to reverse course in a short period of time. All just my anecdotal opinion of course, but its always felt to me that overt racists like the KKK and neo-Nazi's were decidedly on the wane all through my formative years and well into adulthood, and now its like.. where the fuck are these people coming from all of a sudden? I have a hard time not seeing the roots of this intertwined with right-wing backlash over the fact that we elected and then re-elected a black guy. Resurgence of white supremacy, Trump's election, I think it goes back to the fact that a large portion of America was not mentally prepared for a black leader. At the same time I think this is a subconscious reaction for a lot of people, and it's very difficult to combat what amounts to a racist impulse that even the person experiencing it won't recognize. Spencer and his shitbag friends aren't afraid to be called racist, but a lot of people who may sympathize with alt-right ideas would surely reject that label and become further entrenched in the belief that it is the left who are causing division by crying racism when the political winds aren't blowing our way. Kind of a maddening conundrum that Trump's shaky relationship with facts and the truth has allowed to flourish. Seems that in 2017, the truth is what you want it to be and that example is being set at the highest levels of government. The way I felt about the future of America when Obama was elected in '08 is starkly different than the way I feel about it today. A message of hope to a message of fear and mistrust. It's sad, really. Anyway re: the statues. I have never personally felt like any statue outside of a religious setting is necessarily an object of veneration. Most of them are just a part of the landscape. And in the case of the south, the statues of confederate generals are a part of the cultural history of the area. Not a positive part, but a part, and the trend of removing them makes me a little uneasy for a couple of reasons. I feel like history is history, even negative history, and I don't know that it is really particularly helpful to purge the south of Lee or Jackson, for example. Lee, being a Virginian, has many statues all around Virginia (where I mostly grew up) and I never saw any of these statues being used as a rallying point for unsavories until they started to be removed. IMO, this is an invitation for extremists to hijack the removal to suit their narrative, and being that most of the statues are known community landmarks that have always been there, those who want to resist the change because it is a part of the cultural history of the state find themselves agreeing with some right-wing nutjobs on this one thing. For most that isn't going to crack your worldview, but it gets a foot in the door for some that may have been close and needed a little push. My feeling is that it is causing more harm than good. I feel the same way about them as I'd feel about like a statue of like Caligula or something. Someone who, for better or worse, is part of the rotating cast of historical figures.
  6. In soviet Russia, emails Clinton you!
  7. Wish I could agree, but I don't think I can. I think the battle lines have been drawn on this one and if it turns out he does have financial ties to Russia and lied, Trump folks will make excuses. 'He's a businessman, of course he has financial ties all over the place! At least he's not a Muslim brotherhood member who hates this country!' I really think that's where we are at this point.
  8. Haven't met Scot, but I agree with this. In my experience nobody is exactly what you expect (except maybe chef), but most are in the ballpark.
  9. Facebook came out when I was about a Junior in college and I didn't get it until after. Smart phones were still 5-6 yrs away. I thank God everyday for that.
  10. Take it from me, there is little that will soften the viewpoint of a rural conservative like living in a big city for a while.
  11. Yep. I grew up Roman Catholic and have always lived in heavily Evangelical areas. To me one of the prime distinctions between Catholicism (and Orthodoxy) vs. Evangelical Protestantism has always been Biblical literalism. It's a really important distinction too, because non-literal interpretation leaves at least some room for science, and therefore no need to convince oneself that, for example, dinosaur fossils are a trick of the devil.
  12. I saw the same rumor in WVU circles as well! Would love to see it.
  13. Honestly, does anyone know what the hell this man is talking about? I can barely follow along. This last year of politics has seriously damaged my opinion of the American people and put a dent in whatever residual pride I had in me as a natural born American citizen. I made it through the Bush years, but the level of discourse is so much dumber and more hateful now that I don't think the flag-waving American inside of me is going to survive it this time. It's too embarrassing, and there just isn't a good excuse for why its come to this.
  14. October 2016: we are gonna build a wall and Mexico will pay for it! January 2017: I'm gonna need some funding for the wall April 2017: eh, maybe next year