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  1. Mine are all under 9 years old. I wouldn't say current practice. Current science yes. And maybe current practice some places. And some doctors. But I'm a millennial.
  2. I did a bunch of googling. The interwebs seem to agree with you. The doctors who have delivered all 4 of my children disagree heavily, but what the hell do they know. I'll side with a scientific journal over a random OBGYN any day. However, there is one point to note. Does GRRM know this? In my life, it has been "common knowledge" that strenuous activity DOES increase chance of miscarriage. This common knowledge is, clearly, wrong. However, if GRRM was under the same auspices of "common knowledge" that I, my wife, my parents, my in-laws, my coworkers, my siblings, my siblings-in-law, and our OBGYN's were under, then he could've caused the miscarriage based on the same misinformation.
  3. Then why were her feet blistered and sore?
  4. It explicitly sets a tone of her having been rough and physical. Her feet blistered and sore. Sick and weary. She'd been on a horse, and knowing Dany, she didn't plod along at an easy trot. Sure her people do things for her, but not ride for her. Not walk for her.
  5. As long as she's gallivanting about Essos, any babies she might carry will fail to quicken. It's nigh impossible to carry a baby to term with that much rough physical activity. And even if we lend the Dothraki some poetic license in their ability to do so, she is no horse lord. She is blood of the dragon, not horse woman. I do think she'll have another baby at some point, though it might kill her in bringing it to term.
  6. I think you've found something. Clear textual evidence that GRRM wanted us to believe she might've been pregnant, whether or not she actually was. I like it. Good find. Your english is fine.
  7. Facts! Who needs real ones?!?! Let's make some up!
  8. You're mixing a lot of stuff up here. Untruths, to misnomers, to outright lies, as well as the fact that it applies to everything. For one, a christian can divorce his wife unilaterally. And vice versa. 99.999% of the time, if you show up to court in America, the UK, mainland Europe, and say "I want a divorce from my spouse", you get it. It is the same in Arabic middle east. For two, if married to multiple women, all of those kids are legitimate. Those are not bastards. Same in all the various polygamist sects of Christianity, for that matter. Having multiple wives means having multiple sets of legitimate kids. Same in both religions. For three, in polygamist religions/sects/cultures worldwide, throughout history, having children with a woman who was NOT married into the family, was considered bastardy, and those children did NOT sit in the inheritance line, did NOT sit at the family table, etc etc etc. Monogamy is not required for bastardy. Islam is not required for polygamy. Islam does shun bastards. All other polygamists do as well.
  9. I believe, in this theory, it was the Tattered Prince.
  10. I'm with @40 Thousand Skeletons. Doran is not written to be foolish or stupid. Maybe some of his bannermen and relatives believe him to be, but the Dornish have no patience for plotting and scheming. Doran does. No matter what his plots and schemes are, if they aren't open war, or assassinations and murders, his people will think him weak and soft. That does not make him weak and soft, though. I don't believe his plots and schemes will play out for him in the end, but I do think he will surprise us all with some cunning and deft maneuvers that are yet to be plainly spelled out.
  11. Immediately be assassinated by someone or another.
  12. I've got one: Varys: teehee!
  13. Nah, think about it yourself. It's plain and clear and easily deduced. Bastards have existed, and have been scorned ever since.... Marriage was an institution. Can you seriously dream up a world where people swear to be together for life, swear to raise their children together, swear to be honest, loyal and noble to each other.... but where Bastards are also welcome and accepted? No. No wife would want that. No husband would want that. No child would want that. Bastards have existed and been viewed with scorn and derision, since marriage began.
  14. Naw. It'll be "... and Moonboy, for all I know."
  15. Baelish. Your question was "most fit to rule". Not, "best ruler for the people". Assuming LF can put a child on some noble woman or another to have heirs, he's the most capable ruler. Again, his rule might not be the best for each realm, each house, each kingdom.... But he'd keep it running, and keep money flowing, and hold his enemies at bay. Baelish, I say. (not A LF apologist, just being for real, here). If the question was "which house would rule the best for the smallfolk", I'd go with Tyrell. If the question was "which house would rule the best for the noble houses", I'd go with Lannister. If the question was "which house would rule with the most justice and fairness all around", I'd go with Stark. If the question was "which house would guarantee ruin and pain and destruction for all", I'd go with Targaryen.