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  1. Sweet summer child. I started here at 23.... I'm 38. And I'm but a tiddler compared to some long term boarders that are still about.
  2. Yes - I was listening to the news report on five live and the reporter said that she could see clear through the floor levels on the lower part of the building. The place has been gutted and I can't imagine that's good for the structural integrity.
  3. Horrible fire in towerblock. Many people trapped, a lot of people in hospital. Fire seems to have started 0054. There seems to be fatalities.
  4. RIP LoB. You were one of a kind.
  5. Yes they do. I met my husband through the board and we have a 4 year old together. Not to mention extremely good friends who I now consider family.
  6. I like the post. I would question Arkham sitting at intermediary, tbh. It's heavy on set up time which can be off putting for those just dipping a toe in more complex games . I would also ask: Why no love for the humble worker placement Euro?
  7. I am currently watching Grimm like it's my job. I'm on season 4 (NO SPOLIERS!) and loving every minute of it. It's all getting a bit intense.
  8. I was always going to get it being from Birmingham N
  9. the way the world is at the moment, I wouldn't be surprised if QEII took back the reins and told us to stop being numpties
  10. oh shit, I forgot we just backed Brass: Birmingham on Kickstarter yesterday - so excited. And two more boarders are coming to spend the weekend and play games this weekend. And we will definitely be playing Zombiecide.
  11. I'm guest starring on the most recent episode in which we cover Gloomhaven, Empires of the Void and Octodice. There are 82 episodes so I hope you'll give 'em a listen. huge boardgame enthusiasts in this house. Ser Sean and I have a lot of games and Ser Sean runs (along with Ser Barry) The Game Pit mentioned above. We're a mixed household, Seany likes your standard Ameritrash games like Arkham Horror, Castle Ravenloft. Any kind of dungeon crawler/co-op type extravaganza. Gloomhaven is the newest one to make it to the table. I'm not normally a huge fan of these games but I liked this. There's a interesting mechanic whereby not only do you have hit points but your action cards are also linked to your health and exhaustion levels. I don't believe it's an actual legacy game - you can easily reset. This is very much unlike Pandemic Legacy where the nomenclature of Season 1 and Season 2 is right on the money. Wert: I would say that if you enjoy Arkham Horror up don't like the upkeep/set up you should try something like Elder Sign or the new edition of Mansions of Madness (there's a app with it that does all of the upkeep for you). If co-ops are also your thing you should give T.I.M.E Stories a go - it's truly a co-op without having an alpha player problem that so many co-ops do. I'm more into Euro type games - favourites are Lords of Waterdeep, Aquasphere, Great Western Trails. Oh, and how could I forget, Terraforming Mars - the sleeper hit from last year's Essen. We just about managed to get our hands on a copy - they are like gold dust right now. Ser Barry saw a copy in Australia for $120. We also play a lot of boardgames with our son - he's just under five and there are some fantastic games for his age group: Spinderella, My First Carcassone, My First Stone Age, TTR: First Journey. I could go on and on and on. We are going away to the London on Board gaming weekend on 28th in Eastborne. It happens twice a year and we go every time. Highlight of the calendar year with Essen a close second. We do love us some boardgames (we bought a house with a garage so that we could hold all of our games collection )
  12. we are all going to hell in a handbasket that is all (any hope for Lib Dem to step up - I'm clutching at straws here)
  13. Considering all I knew about it was being on the Jubilee Line and told that Westminster Station was closed because of a police investigation. I whizzed merrily on my way to Marylebone and got on the train home. THEN got a phone call from himself asking if I was OK and managed to get away alright...
  14. on Reddit? it's a fair bet...
  15. This is hitting home for me right now. I've got a 4 year old who starts school in September. I recently went to a literacy workshop about how to support him in reading/writing. The workshop leader said that boys tend to have a harder time writing because of not believing that they can. All I can do as a mother is counteract as much as possible the societal pressures and get him to behave well and let him know that he is fully capable of writing... But to address it on a society wide-scale will take a paradigm shift in addressing why we actually start enforcing rigid gender expectations from the minute they pop out of the uterus...