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  1. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    you've persuaded me to give the innkeeper series a whirl. goddamnit people! you are not helping my addiction to buying ebooks at all.
  2. Light, sexy period romance

    Just reading A Lady Awakened by Cecilia Grant. There's no firey passions from first sight but a genuine growth of affection between the main couple. It's a delight to read after the cracktastic knicker dropping from Tessa Dare. N
  3. Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance v. 3.0

    oh, I HATED the elemental assassin series. I didn't get through the first book before metaphorically throwing it at the wall (read: deleting it from my ebook).iirc the heroine and everyone around her needed a good slap and it was full of the worst UF tropes.
  4. Light, sexy period romance

    @ljkeane I would actually give Courtney Milan a try. Her Brothers Sinister series actually has a decent sub plot based on women's rights running through them.
  5. Light, sexy period romance

    @Contrarius+ I've just started Spindle Cove after reading the Castles series. So. Much. Fun. There's not one thing to take seriously in any of her books and I'm really enjoying it. Yes, it's all wildly implausible but that's what I want from my historic romance fiction.
  6. Light, sexy period romance

    I've read two Tessa Dare in as many days. They are a bit cracktastic, in fact I could see them being forms of fanfiction. Really light and a lot of fun. Need MOAR recs now.
  7. Light, sexy period romance

    I adore Jane. I just wish her hero had been a bit more "there". N
  8. Light, sexy period romance

    I love the stuff that Milan tackles (disclaimer: I've only read 4 books), but just wish it was in the hands of a slightly more consistent writer. I was waiting with bated breath for the Countess book of the Sinister Brothers but when it came to it the emotional pay off was a let down. However, the theme running through this particular series (women's rights) is worth the admission price alone. It's very rare to get a bit of substance to a light historical romance but Milan does admirably well with it. Not sure if I'll rush out and buy everything else she writes but I'll definitely keep an eye out N ps: also you are all baaarrrstards! you made me go on Amazon. There goes the boy's uni fund.
  9. Light, sexy period romance

    @Lyanna Stark You rang? I don't know if it's just because I was tired and grumpy but I could not get into Fallen Lady by Elizabeth Winston. I already hate the hero and there's entirely too much internal pondering and pontificating - give me something to work with FFS. I'm a skim reader and pages of not-dialogue and not-action bores me to tears! But himself is out tonight and I've got fresh bedding on the bed so maybe I'll give it another whirl. There's some good recs in here and some new names for me to try. I can't really understand the love for Loretta Chase tbh I've hate read a few of her books and her characters just need a cup of tea, a calm down and a reminder that they are British. There is one author that I read Julie Anne Long - her Pennyroyal series is quite good. But there's one book in there (What I Did for a Duke) that I have to rewrite as I'm reading it because the heroine is 21 and the hero is 38 and it skeeves me out - so I just age him downwards by about 10 years. N ps I quite liked Raven Prince by Elizabeth Hoyt but as is the way with these series I like or adore one book and the rest are just meh.
  10. Awesome. Awesome to the max.

    Sounds like it's all going well, Theda!
  11. The first time he was nominated: What's Eating Gilbert Grape. N
  12. Awesome. Awesome to the max.

    I start my new job as Project Manager next Monday. Couldn't be more excited if I tried. N
  13. Creepy PMs

    NOTHING is better than the Draco and Apple fic. NOTHING.
  14. Creepy PMs

    I don't think I ever received a creepy PM. (unless you count Lyanna sending me links to incredibly bad HP fanfic (random creepers:plz don't take that as an invitation)
  15. Creepy PMs

    Well, yeah, cause you normally politely request them. N