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  1. Awesome. Awesome to the max.

    Sounds like it's all going well, Theda!
  2. The first time he was nominated: What's Eating Gilbert Grape. N
  3. Awesome. Awesome to the max.

    I start my new job as Project Manager next Monday. Couldn't be more excited if I tried. N
  4. Creepy PMs

    NOTHING is better than the Draco and Apple fic. NOTHING.
  5. Creepy PMs

    I don't think I ever received a creepy PM. (unless you count Lyanna sending me links to incredibly bad HP fanfic (random creepers:plz don't take that as an invitation)
  6. Creepy PMs

    Well, yeah, cause you normally politely request them. N
  7. Savings, Debt and Retirement

      Yes, I do.  As soon as the little was born I opened an account that can only be touched by him when he turns 18.  We put in a small sum every month and also half of what he gets as gifts for B'day and Christmas.  It won't be a stupendous amount of money (unless our fortunes change and we're able to significantly increase the amount we put aside every month) but it will hopefully help set him on his path no matter what he chooses.   N
  8. Careerchat

    I have an interview in 90 minutes.  If prepare anymore I'm going to freak out but I can not for the life of me think of any more questions that don't make me sound like a doofus.   Wish me luck, all
  9. Who sleeps in pyjamas?

      we have a super king size bed so I floated the idea of just having a single electric blanket on my side he did not go for it - he just doesn't feel that electric blankets are safe.   ssshhh, don't tell him but I may use one in the winter when he's on nights. sssshhh
  10. Who sleeps in pyjamas?

    One of the reasons I hate the summer is I can't wear pyjamas to bed.  In the summer depending on the heat it's anything from one Ser Sean's t-shirts to underwear (if it's particularly warm) - never fully naked it's just uncomfortable.     In the winter (because I'm not allowed an electric blanket or a winter heavy quilt and I don't like the heating on in the bedroom) I wear pyjamas and fluffy socks and I sometimes have a hot water bottle or a hot bag and then I cocoon myself in my quilt - this is bliss and anyone who says otherwise is wrong in the head.   Oooh, all of this talk of pyjamas makes me want to go home to bed and read a book.
  11. Flight etiquette question

    my mama lied. sometimes there are stupid questions
  12. is reading fiction beneficial?

    Why does it matter?  What sort of life is it if everything has to be worthy and full of purpose to better oneself? I read because it's fun no other reason.   N
  13. Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

    Awesome news. I will buying first thing tomorrow. N
  14. Fantasy with discussion of gender roles

      May I subscribe to your newsletter? :)    N
  15. Fantasy with discussion of gender roles

    Thank you for the link.  I've just read the essays.  I like what the author has to say on the various aspects of the world that Briggs has built and I like the hope at the end that perhaps the werewolf society is changing for the better.  However, the author's own biases has still mean that six books in (I've not read anything after River Marked) Mercy still does not have a close female confidante and is still in power plays with the other women in the pack.       Lyanna: I've not read the final book of the series after hearing of the egregiously large elf-love retconn that was going to happen.  I have my own headcannon for the book:   In the first book Trent says something to Rachel along the lines of "in the end I will have your loyalty and subservience so completely that you won't even know that I've done it to you.  And you will beg to give me more".  That's what I am telling myself has happened.  Trent has run a long con and done exactly what he said they would do when they were mortal enemies.   N