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  1. No you don't. I have the base and the app on my phone, so... Also - I don't have Siri on my phone. I don't have it enabled as a personal choice. I find the amazon echo a decent compromise
  2. Except it has. You seem to be woefully uninformed on this subject and have made the post to shit on other people's choices for the discretionary spending. My Amazon Echo cost £80 (so less than $120) not the hundreds of dollars you posit up above. Mine is in my kitchen area and it's very helpful to compile my shopping list because I just have to list it out whilst moving around the kitchen instead of stopping every time to write it down. Also just call out 'alexa set timer for 5 min' which is very helpful when handing raw food, instead of stopping washing my hands going to my phone setting the timer, washing my hands and then back to food prep. Now if you can do either of those things quicker on your phone or similar then you're the fucking Flash and should probably sell your story so you don't have to worry about money. In addition you sync your music account and audiobook. Honest to god, the fucking luddite snobbery on display here makes me think you guys never left high school. If it's not bringing value to you, don't buy one, it's not mandatory.
  3. You are gonna wake up one morning and he'll be eating your liver.
  4. I have burned through Tin Star ( a Sky original) that stared Tim Roth and Christina Hendricks. I really enjoyed it but felt that parts of the story were completely removed from the main theme and can only assume it's to set up something in the second season. I always enjoy Tim Roth in anything and this is no different even given the short comings of the narrative/pacing. As a warning it is quite brutal.
  5. We've played a couple of games of Gloomhaven. TheGamePitPodcast has Seany's take on it. Mine is: I'm not a huge fan of co-ops or D&Ds however the card mechanic that serves as actions AND health is new to me and very interesting. It puts you to game changing decisions fairly often so I find that keeps my interest. We haven't really played enough to serve as a campaign but I'm looking forward to seeing how my character develops over the next few games. I'm sure we'll get some time in over Christmas to get this to the table. Can't say much more for fear of spoilers
  6. The irony in this post is breathtaking, tbh.
  7. That's yours? I was eyeing that up. There hasn't been a decent christmas game that I've seen so I've got high hopes for this and I do love a worker placement.
  8. honest to god I thought you said anal and that was an interesting mental image
  9. Upbeat thread that puts down the British accent. Good going :/
  10. "How self-indulgent do you find my top 5 posts?"
  11. Strawberry Spring by Stephen King. I've always found his short stories more frightening that his novels (with the notable exceptions of Salem's Lot, Pet Semetary and The Shining). Strawberry Spring is the one that stays with me long after I've read it. The final two sentences fill me with dread - I won't quote them because I don't want to spoil anyone.
  12. I loved the accent - it took me a little bit to place because sometimes I think the Kiwi accent sounds a lot like a South African accent (to my untrained ears). Generally, I thought this movie was a huge amount of fun and I enjoyed all of it. It had the same flaws of other Marvel movies in that the villain ends up be inconsequential because you know the heroes are going to win the day. What I did like about this, is the very real consequences at the end of the movie. That is going to be interesting in how it's handled in the next installment. I'm not a a comic book aficionado so happy with not taking itself to seriously route this one went. I'll happily see it again. Also I love a bit of retro with my movies (one thought did occur: given the success of GoTG and the retro stuff there was this a conscious effort to tap into that nostalgia?).
  13. Sweet summer child. I started here at 23.... I'm 38. And I'm but a tiddler compared to some long term boarders that are still about.
  14. Yes - I was listening to the news report on five live and the reporter said that she could see clear through the floor levels on the lower part of the building. The place has been gutted and I can't imagine that's good for the structural integrity.