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  1. Be careful. You may cut yourself on all that edge.
  2. Grammar and Terminology Question

    If you want to use female, I would remove 'who is a'. That would make more grammatical sense. However, take a large pinch of salt with what I just said because the word female sets my teeth on edge at the best of times.
  3. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    I've just the read the transcript and I thought the moderator was biased towards Trump. He let Trump interrupt and respond many more times than Clinton. I think the reason it seems like Clinton was fed questions to pounce on Trump's weaknesses is that he has so very many of them. That's not being biased; that's pointing out that this is not a presidential man.
  4. Do vaccines cause autism?

    No. But I think Chemtrails do...
  5. Daily Annoyance, The Eternal

    It would be useful if my BA would communicate with me on blockers like the acceptance criteria for stories not being approved by the business more than 6 hours before a new timebox is about to start. deep breaths, Chal, deep breaths.
  6. Are Selfie Sticks inherently narcissistic?

    If I could get a decent angle that didn't make my perfect nose look hideous I'd take selfies like it was my job. I understand the need to do so, not only is it a way of self validation (and we all do that in one form or another) but you are also commemorating a moment and you are actually there instead of taking a picture at a remove from the action. Further: this obsession people have with what other people are doing with their time is frankly baffling. Couldn't care less if someone is looking at their phone and not taking in nature (and aside: would you say the same if someone was sitting in a park reading??). Why do you care. Similarly, provided a selfie stick isn't smacking you 'round the head everywhere you walk, why do you care? Also, not for nothing, it isn't lost on me that an activity that was first popularised by teenage girls is being demonised. We really don't like it when teenage girls do anything that is perceived as shallow, which is funny when you think that the overwhelming message for women from the cradle to the grave is that your worth is tied to your looks. Just something for you to think on...
  7. Cats

    Frontline stopped working for us last year (apparently this is a thing). So we've moved to Advantage which seems to working well for now. Not sure what we'll do if that stops working.
  8. I think I'm the person for whom these types of programmes are made because I tend to only binge watch programmes so I'd watched the first 2 or 3 in one evening and then I was hooked.
  9. I am currently watching Black Sails like it's my job. I'm on episode 7 of season 3. I'm having such a good time watching it and was hooked from the beginning. I'm going to be v. upset at the end of season 4.
  10. Now this I can agree with. I actually think he's a woefully inept leader but even given that this coverage just feels like punching a person when they're down and it sits uneasily with me. Ah, well, I just can't deal with the hideous state of British Politics atm it's just this caught my eye and pissed me off.
  11. The funny thing is if they treated him seriously and gave his views significant air time and treated him with a modicum of respect I think he wouldn't get elected and some of his supporters would fall away.
  12. Yeah, and I've done the same thing. Because it's all well and good finding a reserved seat that has the reservation start some stops after you've got on but it just pushes the problem to further down the line. Just to be clear I'm the one saying that Corbyn can't catch a break. And he can't and this comes from someone that doesn't particularly like him or agree with some of his positions. This is unrelenting and tiring now. And it's not like he's making things up; trains are overcrowded and expensive. Believe me when I say if he were more popular with the press the media coverage would be very very different. This whole thing makes me feel ill to be honest. A country needs strong opposition to ensure that all voices are heard and one doesn't have to leap to any conclusions about the (mainly) right wing owned media's insistence on hammering on this dude to the exclusion of everything else. Unless I'm very much mistaken: Syria is still an unholy mess (Turkish tanks are rolling in) NHS is still in danger Brexit is a mess Earthquake in Italy But by all means let's continue to do this thing.
  13. Looking at the video it seems all of the seats were reserved. Imagine if he'd have taken one and the passenger had got on and released that story. This dude just can not catch a break. And it's at a detriment to the country tbh whether you agree with him or no.
  14. Ghostbusters (2016)

    I loved both of the original Ghostbusters movie (yes even the second one). The first one is still in standard rotation in my house when I'm watching movies before bed. So when I say love, I really mean it. I adored the reboot. I thought it was funny, clever and just a riot. If I could have seen it again on the same day, I would have. I felt pure joy when the four of them switched on their proton packs at the same time. I was moved with the final scene of NY paying it's respects to the Ghostbusters. I like the beats in the film that harked back to the original without being too cloying or in your face. It was great to have a movie like this with four female leads. As a woman I don't get a movie like this often (if at all...) and I'm fully willing to admit that may have coloured my perceptions a little but I'm OK with that.
  15. you have won the lottery