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  1. "Sometimes the dead bounce! Sometimes old men awaken behind the eyes of babes!" First impressions: on the whole, I felt it was great. The early chapters on on Meat, the scalded etc. were perhaps a bit long, but it built Proyas's end up so well. The dragon - a real disappointment after Wutteat. I can only imagine that it was perhaps meant to show that, unlike Wutteat, the tekne-derived wracu are programmed with the same damnation-attracting urges as the incoroi and sranc. Still no indication as to why they can't wear chorae, particularly as the Dunsult seemed to have plenty of the things. The revelation that the Consult had been taken over by the Dunyain blindsided my, and left me wondering how I hadn't considered it - it seems an obvious possible outcome in hindsight. Excellently done, and (almost?) makes up for Shaeonanra dying off-screen. I hope we get more detail on what happened in the next series, though. The description of the Ark really shouted 'evil Culture Mind' to me too. The civilisation of the Progenitors does make me think of the Culture transplanted into the Earwan universe, as I should think they would be damned... The ending could really have done with a lot more clarity. Still, as a set-up for the final series it works well. The No-God walks! Wildly crackpot theory (which may have been suggested already, I haven't had a chance to read all of treat 1 yet): previously, it seemed that the voice in Kelmomas's head was probably Ajokli. In TUC Kellhus (I think?) said it was Kelmomas and Sammy constantly switching places (which raises questions on the continuity of consciousness, and the soul, in Earwa). Could it, however, be Kellhus (via some kind of Metagnostic version of the cant Akka uses to communicate in dreams), having somehow planned on getting Kelmomas into the Carapace all along, and having done something to ensure his soul jumps to Kelmomas when he is salted? Kellhus doesn't seem to be in the Outside, provided Cnaiur at the end was possessed by Ajokli, not Gilgaol, as that would suggest Ajokli couldn't find him there. To be fair, it seems more likely that Ajokli can't find Kellhus because he can't see into Golgotterath, where Kellhus could be trapped as a decapiant. This also seems a needlessly complicated way for Kellhus to become the No-God, unless for some reason he needed Kelmomas's soul in there as well (to create a circuit of watcher and watched, or separation of object and subject, within the No-God?) On the other hand, though, if Kellhus was wearing the Ajokli-head when salted, and is still trapped in the decapiant, would Ajokli not know this? Cnair!Ajokli seemed to think that Kellhus was in the No-God at the end.
  2. Arrg. I didn't order The Great Ordeal from Amazon, as I expected to get it faster in person, from one of the several bookshops near me (Oxford, UK), which has stocked Bakker in the past. On Tuesday I found none of them had a single Bakker book, which is both rather worrying for the third series's prospects, and alas, I won't now have it until Wednesday. Frustration came swirling down.