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  1. Totally forgot about this. Thead closed.
  2. I don't have books with me, since I borrowed them from library. When Roose Botlon comes with wolf hides in Harrenhall after hunt, is it possible one of these wolves hides were Nymeria's? Arya didn't get wolf dream after that, right?
  3. ^^^^^What he said. People would loved Dany more is she's Warrior Princess than Princess Ruler. Just like Arya was princess while Robb was alive, but do people mention it at all? Noooo. She's just a masculine girl wielding a shortsword and killing people, not sad poor girl from rich and old family struggling to survived. (BTW, Dany is girl form once rich and old family struggling to survive, just having more luck than Arya.)
  4. Yes, Dance Dany is really bad person and lousy ruler, but before fifth book, Dany was rocking. She did conquered three city and trickery counts. Maybe ruling a city isn't novel material.
  5. Just because one is feminine smart ruler, and another is adventurous tomboy assassin, doesn't mean I don't enjoy reading both of them. But to be honest, Dany is more realistic than Arya. There are RL princesses, no matter how much some readers hated idea of princesses in the novel, while Arya is stereotypical rogue of any fantasy novel/game.
  6. Anyone to recommend good female protagonist games on Humble store? That actives on steam.
  7. But Joanne is Jo-Anne, no?
  8. Interesting column, how do you pronounce Joan?
  9. I'm expecting Nine Parchments in 3 hours! Already purchaced wallet founds just for this game...
  10. My bad then. I was definitely looking for something similarly magic heavy like Elric Saga or wonderful like Dragonlance. That does not mean you cant suggest something outside of my requirements, if you think my requirements class with each other. I have experience in reading in English language and card for online shopping, so place of my residence should be no issue.
  11. Well, I read this quite recently and for some reason I did not list it. I did enjoyed Uprooted. EDIT: I meant Uprooted only. Thank you all for your suggestions.
  12. Wheel is nobrainers, but I don't like to left unfinished series/books, so I left this bit later. I will definitely try Robin Hobb, but her assassin's books would be my only assassins book. I once buy wrong Robin Hobb book and was surprised how good it was. Unfortunately, it was not first in the series, so I decided to find right book, but for some reason I never did. Isn't it funny how only female author suggested is Robin Hobb... Isn't Ursula LeGuin also fantasy writer? Thank you all, I will definitely look those. I managed to find first part of Mistborn in my local store, so currently I read this.
  13. Thank you, I would look into it.
  14. Lyonesse trilogy added to my list to-read. Spiderlight is on my maybe-to-read list. Thank you Andorion.