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  1. I'm expecting Nine Parchments in 3 hours! Already purchaced wallet founds just for this game...
  2. My bad then. I was definitely looking for something similarly magic heavy like Elric Saga or wonderful like Dragonlance. That does not mean you cant suggest something outside of my requirements, if you think my requirements class with each other. I have experience in reading in English language and card for online shopping, so place of my residence should be no issue.
  3. Well, I read this quite recently and for some reason I did not list it. I did enjoyed Uprooted. EDIT: I meant Uprooted only. Thank you all for your suggestions.
  4. Wheel is nobrainers, but I don't like to left unfinished series/books, so I left this bit later. I will definitely try Robin Hobb, but her assassin's books would be my only assassins book. I once buy wrong Robin Hobb book and was surprised how good it was. Unfortunately, it was not first in the series, so I decided to find right book, but for some reason I never did. Isn't it funny how only female author suggested is Robin Hobb... Isn't Ursula LeGuin also fantasy writer? Thank you all, I will definitely look those. I managed to find first part of Mistborn in my local store, so currently I read this.
  5. Thank you, I would look into it.
  6. Lyonesse trilogy added to my list to-read. Spiderlight is on my maybe-to-read list. Thank you Andorion.
  7. Thank you. I think I will give it a try, sounds interesting. It was on my mind lately. But, I would like more recommendations. Thank you. I will go and find description of Lyonesse, I read some of Joe Abercombe Blade itself, but it was not my cup of tea.
  8. Real life speaking, children would have heart anomalies and intelligence and mental stability isssues. As far as I know, there would be no genious among them.
  9. Elena Ferrante definitely has some secret motive for remaining anonymous. I can't help but wonder which.
  10. Requirements are: fantasy (not urban fantasy, not ever, I hate urban fantasy, and preferably not YA novel), must have it's own world and world bulding popular (not familiar with current trends, but want America based popular fantasy novel) could be little bit older, like Elric Saga, but not too old Sword and sorcery - novel heavy on sorcery, I enjoyed Elric Saga just because of this Something that has touch of magic, feeling of wonder, like Dragonlance Chronicles, but better written Preferably medieval-ish setting. Read: Stardust, ASOIAF, Lirael and related novels, which I ENJOYED, no matter it's urban-esque nature, Memory Sorrow Torn, some Elric based short stories, some Terry Pratchett books, A Dreamer's Tales, Seraphina, Princess bride. And other Croatian based works, which you would not recognise. If I have tall order, please, kindly remind me of it. Thank you in advance.
  11. A Stark must always be in Winterfell to guard the Crypts - I believe it to be true. But they guard old fortress, not caves or passages. I mean, duh?
  12. Im reading Story about New name currently and I enjoy it. I definitely want to know who Elena Ferrante is - I find that author does bring something in his or her texts, and it is interesting to compare books and motives in the books with author real life.
  13. I also dislike Tyrion. All the reasons have been already been stated.
  14. Well, Stannis is Robert lawful heir. But that doesn't mean Stannis should not try to find compromise with Robb, Lysa and Robert Arryn or even Renly. Yeah, it sucked when Renly and Tyrells got idea to usurp the throne, although it doesn't mean it's theirs just because they want it and are willing to fight for it.
  15. Jon and Ghost found cache wrapped in new cloak and buried in the ground near the fist. It's in ACOK, when Nights Watch goes searching for information about undead and Benjen. Who do you think buried it? I kind of hope it's Benjen, and I don't believe into CH=Benjen theory. I hope Benjen is still alive. It's possible Coldhands buried that package, but Ghost behaved strangely, like he recognized the smell of a cloak.