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  1. Songlian added a post in a topic How would you rate episode 309?   

    Best episode of all three seasons. I want my knees back.

  2. Songlian added a post in a topic How would you rate episode 308?   


    I thought the Sam bit at the end was dull, and the Mel bits kinda awkward.

    But the rest was really good. The wedding was hilarious. My favorites were Lena & Finn Jones. "Nobody cares..."

    And I know there are objections to how (understated) Daario looks, but I just find the actor so hot, I really don't care anymore.
  3. Songlian added a post in a topic [book spoilers]What your non-reader friends/family thought and their predictions.   

    The only two people around me who follow the show and have not yet read the books are my brother and my cousin. My brother really loves Dany and thinks she'll be queen of Westeros in the end, but is sadly rather unimpressed with the rest of the show this season. My cousin thinks Jon Snow will be king, and is waiting for Jaime Lannister to buy the farm one day. As far as I am concerned, they are both clueless about Bolton.
  4. Songlian added a post in a topic How would you rate episode 307?   

    10/10, because I'm really liking what they'r doing to the show overall and I think I'm going to stick to that grade from now on.

    But I don't know what happened to Jon Snow & Ygritte. Last season their story was among my favorites, now they're as boring as watching grass grow. And I don't know about everyone else, but I don't think I can stomach much Theon-torturing anymore.

    Dany was great, Jaime & the bear were great, and I really loved the Melissandre/Genry part.
  5. Songlian added a post in a topic How would you rate episode 306?   

    7/10 Lowest episode for me, enjoyment wise. Many parts felt like fillers, some of them were so removed from the books I'm a bit puzzled about the direction of those developments, and Ros' death... Well, now I'm just confused about her purpose in this show at all, because her killing was so pointless. Maybe the creators finally got the clue that the fanbase was not supportive of her.
  6. Songlian added a post in a topic Game of Thrones Ascent - now in Open Beta!   

    Minor resurrection because I'm so addicted to this game.

    I'm quite impressed (maybe because I haven't done FB games before.) The writing is decent and the story is interesting because it follows the events of the books/movies so closely. Overall it's just damn fun to play. I may have lost interest in the RPG after a mission or two, but this one is excellent, imo.
  7. Songlian added a post in a topic The Roose Bolton thread (book spoilers)   

    I (hate-)loved Roose in the books, and I (hate-)love Roose in the movies. I think he deserves more personal moments. The actor hasn't convinced me yet, but I'm waiting for it to happen aaaany time.
  8. Songlian added a post in a topic How would you rate episode 305?   

    10/10 , though it was more of a 9/10. Gave it a 10 because I really liked Jaime's bath scene and Robb's execution scene. I finally like what they are doing to Robb's story, finally get the feeling that he is trying to be his father, but not quite pulling it off yet, which is how I got it from the books. Grey Worm was pretty good, too. And Jesus, is Olenna-the character fantastic!

    ETA: Disliked the baby embryos whatever scene. What the actual.
  9. Songlian added a post in a topic How would you rate episode 304?   

    With great delay, I give it a 10/10, like the majority. There's not much to say. I cried like a baby during the Dany scene. But Mormont's farewell was pretty epic, too. And <3 Sandor.
  10. Songlian added a post in a topic Stannis Ruined? (Book Spoilers)