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  1. Lucky Shield added a post in a topic Am I Up To Date on Jon/Edric Theories?   

    Well rhaegar + lyanna = jon is a lot more accepted than the Edric Dayne theory... Did Ned really father a bastard? Hard to know.. More conclusive evidence exists regarding J = R + L but yeah you're up to date
  2. Lucky Shield added a post in a topic Manderly the likely best equipped and trained levies in the north, Pre-WOT5K?   

    I really do not believe so ...

    1) I think the series a partly at fault for making the northmen wear - what looks like flimsy armour - in comparison to the Lannisters' heavy armour.

    2) IIRC in GOT, Master Luwin tells Bran (and it's implied he's told him a whole bunch of times) that the men in the north are by no means less deadly or valorous than the men in the south. They might even get a lot more training than the men in the south because of the susceptibility of wildling raids. The consequence of these raids are that most levies are very likely better equipped for warfare than those from the south.

    3) Their fighting tactics may fundamentally differ from those in the south.
    Bron for example, is never heavily armoured and relies on speed (well demonstrated against Vardis Egen)
    Northmen are much more keen on axes (as were vikings), an offensive weapon that relies on constant aggressiveness and stamina. Heavy armour would weaken the effectiveness of such a weapon.

    4) I'd also speculate that the southerners often complain that the north is no place for them. They dislike the area and the North is often said to be a tough place to live in, a fit northener might easily be stronger than the average southerner.

    Edit : corrected Egen's name
  3. Lucky Shield added a post in a topic Did Jaime tell anyone else about why he killed Aerys?   

    I'm a 100% sure he told Cersei. How many times has he implied that she and he are one. In AFFC he even tells her that he never lied to her.

    Cersei was bound to have asked why he did it. And knowing how much he loves her, he wouldn't have lied
  4. Lucky Shield added a post in a topic Isn't Varys's next step to find Gendry?   

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  6. Lucky Shield added a post in a topic The Greatjon   

    Breaks free thanks to some members of the brotherhood without banners.

    Joins the brotherhood without banners.

    Becomes an avenger along with UNcat
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  8. Lucky Shield added a post in a topic Cripples & Rejects   

  9. Lucky Shield added a post in a topic Cripples & Rejects   

  10. Lucky Shield added a post in a topic Cripples & Rejects   

  11. Lucky Shield added a post in a topic Cripples & Rejects   

    Indeed ! both patterns both follow the same thread. I was going to go a little further in my reflexion by saying that Daenerys seems to act as some sort of "magnet" for these cripples and rejects.

    She is the mother who gathers all the unwanted in the world and care for all subjects not just the rich or the powerful.

    Obviously this idea would please the crippled heirs and IMO I think that after meeting her Victarion, Tyrion will view her as the genuine queen and the great houses will survive thanks to the cripples/rejects who have rallied around her.

    Victarion and Tyrion (both heirs) are already on their way to her.

    If Shireen is a believer in the Lord of Light (can someone confirm this?), she might view Dany as AA

    Dorne is a natural ally and control Myrcella at the moment (althouh the death of Quentyn might trouble matters)

    Highgarden was faithful to Aerys until the end, who's to say Willas wouldn't prefer a dragon on the iron thrones if something happens to Margaery?

    Arya could very well join Dany if the theory of FM/Missandei proves to be correct
  12. Lucky Shield added a post in a topic Isn't Varys's next step to find Gendry?   

  13. Lucky Shield added a post in a topic Isn't Varys's next step to find Gendry?   

    In terms of succession, you'd have a better chance turning Edric into the Lord of Storm's end. Gendry is an uneducated apprentice smith.

    It doesn't change the fact that Shireen is alive and well and is the real heir to Storm's End.

    On the other hand I don't see Aegon giving the Baratheons another chance since they were directly responsible for his family's downfall. JonCon will more likely be Aegon's choice for Storm's End
  14. Lucky Shield added a topic in General (ASoIaF)   

    Cripples & Rejects
    After re-reading the books for what feels like the 20th time. Is anyone else getting the feeling that a lot of cripples and/or "rejects" are gradually becoming lords and heirs to great houses.

    > Theon : Arguably the heir to the Seastone Chair, he was maimed and mentally damaged by Ramsay. He is not only despised by the entire north but also by his own family
    --> Some people may view Victarion as the heir but the argument stands as his hand was burnt by Moqorro and his ambitions are generally discarded by Asha, Theon and Euron for being dumb as a stump

    > Tyrion : the "true" Heir to Casterly Rock, disfigured and hated by half the kingdom for being a Lannister and by the others for being a kin(g)slayer.
    --> I know Tywin believed Jaime was the heir to Casterly Rock but the point remains that he is also a cripple and despised as the kingslayer.
    --> Since both Tyrion and Jaime are incapable of inheriting (kingslayer and kingsguard). It seems that Cersei is truly the lord of Casterly Rock and her heir would therefore be Myrcella (who has recently lost an ear!).

    > Shireen. An unpopular figure, Shireen is afflicted with greyscales and has been the true heir to the Iron Throne since Robert's ascension. She spends a lot of time "hidden" from a society that would despise her.

    > Sweetrobin is also a weak sickly boy ill-favoured by nobles and smallfolk alike. One could make a case that he is LF's heir until he comes of age.

    > Willas of Highgarden is a cripple and heir to Highgarden. He must stay at home when his father and brothers fight the war. Can't wait for him to show up in the book as he is the only man the Thorn Queen seems to approve of.
    > Bran or Arya... Bran is a cripple and a greenseer, he is the legitimate heir to Winterfell but everyone believes he is dead. Sansa is a "criminal" so the North believes Arya is the heir.. Arya Horseface, more wolf than girl, wilder than a wildling and everything Sansa is not, she never truly fitted in noble society.

    In conclusion, a lot of these "reject" characters are in a position to legitimately inherit great power. But I just find it extremely odd that the heirs to 6 of the great houses are crippled or somehow on the margins of normal society for being different from normal people. Victarion (burnt hand), Shireen (greyscales), Tyrion (dwarf and disfigured), Bran (crippled), Willas (crippled), Sweetrobin (sickly and weak).

    Regarding the Tullys, Edmure was the heir but his father's death meant that he is now the lord and his natural heir (until he gets a child) would be Bran.

    Any thoughts regarding this?

    NOTE : I am using the term "reject" for lack of a better word, but I generally mean it as a failure/a loser/an incompetent in the eyes of others Edit : Spell check and corrections
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