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  1. I wonder if we have to bother remembering their names... I'd be happy if they (and Dorne) were cut from the show altogether. They're unbearable which is really upsetting because I liked them a lot in the books. I liked Dorne a lot in the books. Now I'm grateful for every episode Dorne doesn't appear in.
  2. I liked: - the opening scene with Bran back in Winterfell AND the whole thing being wrapped up in a flashback. Very nice - that Hodor could talk before he became Hodor - Jaime acting like a father towards Tommen - Euron killing Balon - Ramsay killing Roose (the only deed he's ever done that I applaud; I've been waiting for someone to kill Roose since the RW) - Theon and Sansa - Tyrion and the dragons - Dorne wasn't in the episode *g* In fact, I liked almost everything about this episode except the resurrection.
  3. Yes but not by how it happened but that it happened at all - not a Jon fan. Also, I thought it was pretty cheesy - it was SO obvious that Mel was going to try a couple of time, then assume that she had failed, leave the room with the others and that afterwards Jon would come back with a gasp. Thanks for the explanations re. Davos. I was a little confused that the guy who hated Mel so much would really turn to her for help in order to resurrect another guy he had known only briefly. Saying that Davos is a follower and sensed something in Jon does make sense. However, I still can't get over the fact that he doesn't hold Mel responsible for the deaths of Stannis, Selyse, and Shireen. He never had much sympathy for her and always thought she would do more harm than good. Now he just accepts that his king is dead and follows the next guy. Of course, there's not much he can do at this point. His king is dead, and he really has nowhere left to go.
  4. He loves her. Also, their relationship is a bit different in the books - in the books, it has become frostier, they are more distant, and I think he's starting to realise (in the books) that he's been played and manipulated. On the show, Cersei tells him that she told Tywin about herself and Jaime and that she wants to be with him. That's basically her telling him that she loves him - all he ever wanted. The show made Cersei not as bitchy as she is in the books and not nearly half as insane. She's a different character on the show, and while she accuses him of having been away for such a long time (S4), she comes around and seems to truly love him. I don't think she's playing a trick on him there.
  5. *lol* I like that explanation Though he seemed to be very keen on one of the Sand Snakes... I didn't even bother to remember her Name...
  6. They can act? Are sure sure?
  7. I don't think the fire could bring Jon back - even if he is a Targaryen (which I believe is true), he's not immune to fire the way Dany is. He got burnt when saving Mormont from the wight, remember? Also, he's been dead for at least a couple of hours now. Maybe not the best idea to resurrect him - he might be very changed and not the same as before. Hm. Now that I think about it... if he changes by being resurrected, maybe I could finally like him. Because so far, I don't. I never liked him in the books, and Kit Harington only made things worse. So basically, I'd be fine if Jon just stayed dead. Also, I don't see Melisandre reviving him in her current state. She seems downcast and depressed, she seems to doubt her faith, and that she has seen Jon at Winterfell in her flames - well, she has seen a lot of things in the flames that didn't happen. She was wrong about Stannis, she could also be wrong about Jon. We'll see.
  8. poll

    Gave it a 3 because I was either bored or enraged most of the time - bored with the story at Castle Black, enraged at what they had done to Dorne. There were some nice scenes, though - Cersei realising that her only daughter is dead (well done by Lena - even a friend of mine who hates Cersei pitied her there for a Moment); the Dothraki conversation that strongly reminded me of Conan; Sansa and Brienne (yes!); Roose telling Ramsay that he won't get anything if Walda gives birth to a boy unless Ramsay can produce an heir of his own (in your face, Ramsay!); Jon Snow still being dead for now (I really hope he stays that way). But other than that I thought it was pretty dull resp. underwhelming and come to think of it, I have more criticism than praise. For instance, Davos, who must know by now that his king is dead and that his beloved king murdered his own daughter doesn't grieve at all? Seriously? He just sits in his chambers and only leaves them because Ghost is whining? Argh. I thought there would be more grief and despair since Davos loved both Stannis and Shireen - it just wasn't there which was a great disappointment. Instead, Davos guards Jon's dead body with a couple of men. Yawn. And all of a sudden, he seems to think very highly of Melisandre. Totally didn't buy that because he's always been on his guard around her. And now she's his only hope? Seriously? She who urged his king into burning his only child? That seemed so out of character. Dany being on the road again. Yawn. I'm growing tired of watching her to reach Westeros and failing. Maybe it's not her destiny to go there after all? Has she ever considered that? Now that her fleet has been burnt down, she cannot go to Westeros anyway unless she's mounting a dragon and flying there - which still leaves the problem of transportation for what's left of the Unsullied. Oh, and speaking of Dany resp. the Dothraki: They have heard of Khal Drogo but not of his silverhaired Khaleesi from Westeros? Are you kidding me? Dorne. Arghargharghargh. Just when I thought they couldn't mess it up any more, they did. But maybe killing off Doran and Trystane actually means they'll kill of the atrocious Dornish storyline for good. I don't want to see those stupid Sand Snakes any more, and I'm disgusted by what they did to Ellaria. Where the hell is Bronn? Did he jump ship or what? CSI Jorah - I knew he'd find that ring but when he did, it felt so... cheap. I almost expected him to remove sunglasses. Also, by now the audience should know that he has greyscale; no need to have him look at his arm every five minutes. And since when does he get on so well with Daario? Jaime and Cersei. So now they're back to normal, eh? "Normal" meaning that there are no hard feelings between them any longer. Didn't buy it. I expected Cersei to blame Jaime for Myrcella's death since she's been pushing him around all the time and sent him off to Dorne last season. Also, she blamed him for being a captive and not returning to her earlier. Granted, the Walk of Shame may have changed her but that much? I don't believe it. Also, why didn't Jaime ask what had happened to Cersei resp. her hair? He must have noticed that yet he didn't say a word. Just the old "Us against the world"-shit. I really hope the season gets better and that this was just a weak opening.
  9. This. Whatever they're doing with Dorne next, Dorne is ruined beyond repair.
  10. Thought of Conan as well and had to laugh throughout the scene even though Dany was being threatened... but it was just too funny - not only the conversation but also the looks the Khal was giving his Bloodriders. He looked pretty annoyed that they were talking back at him xD
  11. I'd prefer the second option simply because I want to see Doran redeemed.
  12. Yep. I was so disappointed when Doran showed up in S5 and turned out to be... well, I guess pathetic is a good word for Show-Doran. Still, I liked him because I've always liked Doran. Hell, I love House Martell. And now they're gone *meh* Agree on Stannis. At least he was allowed to develop over a couple of seasons. I hated what they did to him in S5 because Book-Stannis would NEVER sacrifice his daughter or even bring her to the wall. The pink letter... I still think that's a forgery, probably written by Ramsay. We'll find out when Winds of Winter Comes out.
  13. - Brienne kicking ass - yes, I know, it's ridiculous that she just happens to be there when Sansa needs help but oh my god that scene was great, especially with it being followed by Brienne swearing fealty to Sansa and Sansa accepting it. I loved that. And I'm SO relieved that Sansa didn't end up with Ramsay again. - Theon hugging Sansa and killing a man on her behalf. Looks as if he's getting his redemption arc. - Jon Snow is still dead. Hope it stays that way. - NCW was in the episode *fangirlmode* - The Dothraki discussing what is best in life - reminded me so much of Conan that I had to laugh even though Dany was threatened with rape and murder. - Roose telling Ramsay that he'll basically get nothing if the child Walda carries is a boy. In your face, Ramsay!
  14. Doran. I didn't like what they did to Stannis but at least I liked Stannis right up until he sacrificed his daughter. With Doran, I was always waiting that he'd turn into the ruler I knew from the books. They gave him nothing to do and killed him off. I'm angry beyond words.
  15. Thank you so much! This is the best summary of the awful Dornish plot. I saw the new episode yesterday and couldn't stop wondering. I mean - I thought Dorne in S5 was awfully done. I thought that it couldn't be any worse. Boy, was I wrong. I'm still disappointed and, yes, I'm angry because they messed up Dorne even more and beyond repair. By the end of the show, Dorne will probably be gone forever because Ellaria and her stupid daughters will of course start a war with the Lannisters and be wiped out - at least I hope so. I've always liked Ellaria until they started to change her last season resp. merged her with Arianne. Now I just want Ellaria and the stupid sand snakes with their stupid fighting choreo dead and be done with Dorne.