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  1. The next Olympic sport?

    But that seems to be mostly due to Zika concerns, not because they do not find the Olympics prestigious enough and worth the bother. Back in 2012 all the top players who were not injured at the time were at the Olympics. Same for 2008.
  2. The next Olympic sport?

    Steffi Graf has said that for her winning an Olympic gold was bigger than any Slam title: http://www.thenational.ae/sport/tennis/the-importance-of-an-olympic-gold-in-tennis And I have seen other tennis players make similar claims.
  3. The next Olympic sport?

    I am pretty sure Federer will pick the Olympics.
  4. The next Olympic sport?

    Without question. It is easily the pinnacle, much more prestigious than the FIBA World Cup.
  5. The next Olympic sport?

    That is not true at all. In the last few Olympics most elite players were present. The 2012 US Olympic team roster included all of the biggest US stars at the time who were not injured at the time - LeBron, Durant, Kobe, Chris Paul, etc. And the other countries always bring their top players. All the top players at the time were at the tournament unless they were injured or their country did not qualify for it. This year the US team is less star heavy, but that is mostly due to the Zika concerns.
  6. IMO giving up millions just to have a shot at winning a ring as a bench player is really dumb, but it is his money.
  7. David West will join the Warriors on a minimum deal. The guy is quickly becoming the most desperate ring chaser ever.
  8. Here are a few science fiction recs: Cyteen by Cherryh. The main character is female and is brilliantly written. Air by Geoff Ryman The Steerswoman series by Rosemary Kirstein
  9. Do they? NBA took off in popularity in the early 80s when the Lakers and Celtics dominated with their stacked teams. The Jordan dominance in the 90s was great for the league too. And the Heat superteam did wonders for the ratings.
  10. Harden had a crazy scoring efficiency all season and his per minute stats were great in 2012. None of this applies to Barnes. Barnes has been a slightly average player his whole career and hasn't improved at all in his last few seasons. No way he's worth the max.
  11. I really don't get this kind of claims. Durant and Zaza are a huge upgrade over Bogut, Barnes and Ezeli. I like Bogut a lot, but he played 20 MPG in the regular season and 16 MPG in the playoffs and GSW didn't look any worse without him against most teams. And Ezeli is really mediocre. And let's not forget that having Durant on the roster means GSW will probably sign a few other quality ring chasers now that they seem like having the best roster ever.
  12. I am not surprised, GSW right now are a ring chaser's dream. I wonder if David West will settle for a minimum two years in a row... Probably not, but if he's really desperate for a ring, this is the best possible chance for him.
  13. So GSW already got the good centre ring chaser for peanuts they needed in Zaza Pachulia. I expect a few other decent ring chasers to come too. They seem unbeatable honestly.
  14. Really? Not once? You must have had horrible luck. A few recs from me: The Winged Histories by Sofia Samatar The Spiritwalker Trilogy by Kate Elliott Paladin of Solis by Lois Bujold The Kate Daniels novels by Ilona Andrews I also second the recommendation of Ash: A Secret History.
  15. Durant has been a great closer his whole career. Last season was an aberration (and even during it he wasn't that bad). In the previous years he won numerous games for OKC despite their horrible sets late and the fact that teams left the likes of Roberson, Perkins and Sefolosha open and paid attention almost exclusively to him down the stretch.