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  1. Can Jon snow conquer westeros?

    Plausibly, of course not. But Martin has never given a damn about plausibility in his plotline, so who knows.
  2. "Huge world" and "good worldbuilding" are two pretty different things. Anyway, here are a few series with good worldbuilding and character development: Eternal Sky - Elizabeth Bear Earthsea - Le Guin Riddle-Master - Patricia McKillip
  3. Last year a book consisting of one-line jokes, the vast majority of which had nothing to do with SFF, got nominated and wasn't disqualified. So probably not.
  4. BTW, it is probably not worth mentioning anymore, but I was again annoyed by Brienne being shown to be a ruthless murderer again. One of the Bolton men asked for mercy after he was beaten while lying down injured and she killed him without a second thought. I am sure D&D thought this was really empowering.
  5. Is there some sort of competition this week for the dumbest "feminist" article defending the writing on the show?
  6. The Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold

    I can't recall any such case.
  7. Ellaria said to Have Takena An Empowering Move

    Bustle.com is a total joke most of the time, sadly, and I say that a strongly feminist guy. But the Salon article is even dumber, what with lines like this:
  8. The Sad Puppies selection this year is just a list of the most recommended works on their open recommendation threads for each categories, anyone could add works there, including people with very different tastes than the Sad Puppies supporters from before. So their selection this year is quite reasonable. He wants to be able to claim a win no matter what, he is about as childish as it gets.
  9. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    Has Wiggings done it? Honest question - the few times I've watched he looked awful on D for all his athleticism.
  10. "Listen, girls! I have a great idea. To avenge your Dad, we should kill his brother and his nephew. OK, I know he deeply loved both and they had nothing to do with his death, but trust me, it makes total sense." Ellaria Sand, ladies and gentlemen.
  11. So where in the heck was Trystane?

    I didn't even notice that when watching, to be honest. I stopped expecting this show to make sense a long time ago, especially the Dornish abomination of a plotline.
  12. Vox Day and the Sad Puppies got an awful lot of their picks nominated. Though they seem more reasonable this year.
  13. Come on, MidAmeriCon II, enough with the Retro Hugo crap, nobody cares.
  14. Please refresh my memory - is kinslaying supposed to be a big taboo in the show too? Because it certainly didn't seem so in these scenes.
  15. No, but I haven't been looking for Hugo drama rumours lately much.