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  1. NBA PLAYOFFS cont'd - Riders on the Storm

    They have done the exact same mistakes in similar situations all season. Especially him.
  2. To be fair, it is not like the white people in the rest of Westeros are any smarter. Everyone on this show is about as dumb as it gets. Even the supposed masterminds like LF have been total dumbasses since season 2. Varys seems the only guy on the show with a working brain these days.
  3. That dialogue, man... How dumb is Samwell for stealing that sword? The High Sparrow stuff continues to be mindbogglingly idiotic. Why the hell are the Dothraki so enthusiastic to follow a foreign woman who murdered their leaders? Her whole speech was "I would ask of you something more than anyone before", she said nothing about what they will gained, yet they celebrated as if she had just given them some awesome gift.
  4. NBA PLAYOFFS cont'd - Riders on the Storm

    I suspected this would happen once the Thunder reverted to the idiotic "Walk the ball slowly upcourt, then waste another 6-7 seconds seconds trying to force the ball to Durant in a tough spot, then watch him completely ignore his teammates and force a bad shot" mode. Same thing happened over and over again in the regular season. Donovan should have given KD and Westbrook a few more minutes of rest, both looked exhausted in the last 5-6 minutes. All the more reason not to play so dumb, but alas...
  5. X-Men Apocalypse: continued

    My friends wanted to watch the post-credits scene so I stayed with them and had to wait for all credits. And it just brought home for me the amount of work put into this movie by all kinds of people, probably over a thousand of them. So much money and effort goes into these blockbusters, yet often they couldn't be bothered to write a half-decent script.
  6. X-Men Apocalypse: continued

    This was pretty terrible. Really disappointed since I love the other X-Men movies made by Singler. This had barely any character development, boring villain, a lot of forced melodrama which didn't work, a lot of really terrible dialogues and not nearly enough actual well shot fights. Instead we had scene after scene showing off how bad guys destroy stuff on a grand scale which got old really fast. It is a rehash of old themes only done not nearly as well as in the previous movies. J-Law looked bored and on autopilot. McAvoy was the only actor who impressed me, the rest were average or pretty bad.
  7. Thunder are finally looking like the defensive juggernaut they should have been all season with their athleticism and length. Durant in particular has stepped his defense big time. Ibaka has also looked back to his best in the last two games. And Westbrook is ruthlessly punishing every dumb shot and turnover of the Warriors.
  8. Who is the best actor on the series?

    If we are talking about best actor for their career, not just on the show, it is Max von Sydow easily. One of the best actors of all time. On the show, it is Charles Dance and Michelle Fairley for me.
  9. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    Absolutely. It is actually my favourite season.
  10. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    Do you feel the same about people who vote 10 for episodes like this one which are deeply flawed in terms of writing? Littlefinger's teleportation, Asha stealing all the good ships of the Iron Born as easily as taking candy from a baby, the terrible dialogue throughout, the showrunners completely forgetting that seasons ago they established that kinslaying is a huge taboo in Westeros, etc.? How can a 10 be justified when shows like The Wire are written way better in all aspects?
  11. [Poll] How would you rate episode 605?

    Yeah, these were excellently shot and edited sequences. Of course, then they ruined the effect of the crowning with the idiotic revelation that somehow Asha and her men managed to steal all the best ships of the Iron Born just like that and now Euron's guys will just build a huge new fleet in about two weeks or so.
  12. I wish Frye had shot so well when he was at Orlando, he is been ridiculously hot the whole playoffs. Cavs' defense seems pretty bad lately. For a guy so good at handling the ball Kyrie is a terrible passer and playmaker.
  13. So they got Max von Sydow, an all-time great actor, to play pseudo-Bloodraven but they didn't give him any actual acting to do besides stuff any half-decent actor could have performed in his sleep. Typical D&D.
  14. I would not be surprised to see some old-fashion style retaliation from the Thunder by putting some bench player on just so he can whack Draymond hard. or some sneaky elbows from Adams. He should be getting more, nobody in the league screams at the refs more than him.
  15. That jerk Draymond has become the most untouchable player in the league. What a joke.