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  1. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    Blake Griffin is out for the playoffs. The Clippers must be cursed.
  2. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    I still don't get the idea that "Westbrook and Harden this season have been about equally good" got any traction. Clearly the ones who support it didn't watch these teams regularly. I think Harden has a great case for MVP, but to say his cast is equally good as Westbrook is just bizarre for me. Yeah, Harden doesn't have All-star teammates, but he has mostly very good and experienced players around him who fit well with him. He has a bunch of good shooters and Gordon and Beverley are solid ballhandlers and passers. The Rockets usually maintain or extend their lead when Harden goes to the bench. That almost never happen with the Thunder. The Thunder gave 3 rookies major minutes all season and none of them was a two-way player at all. Sabonis was horrendous offensively, Abrines is a very good shooter but just too small and weak physically to defend effectively NBA wings and Christon just atrocious at everything. He is literally the worst player in the league statistically outside of players who only play in garbage time. He shot 34% from the field, 19% from 3 and 54% from the stripe (not that he ever got to the line). He was 4th from last in RPM in the whole league. His TS% was one of the worst ever since the 3 point line was introduced. And it's not like he's much of a passer or defender. Adams has regressed defensively. Oladipo is a streaky shooter who can't get to the line at all and is pretty mediocre as a ballhandler and passer. Kanter is a really good scorer and offensive rebounder but a complete black hole on offense and what's worse, he just can't stay on the field against good offenses because he's really bad defensively. Roberson is a great wing defender but he can't shoot at all which in the modern NBA is a huge liability for a perimeter player. Gibson might be their best player overall after Russ, frankly, and he was given away by Chicago for nothing and is quite limited offensively. Plus Donovan for some reason don't play him enough. Speaking of Donovan, he's a very overrated coach IMO. He hasn't established his rotations all season and went 12 deep last night for some bizarre reason. All season the gameplan when Westbrook was on the bench was "Give the ball to Kanter and have him post up every possession" but now he decided he can't use Kanter when Harden is on the field so the bench units are completely lost on offense in these minutes.
  3. Were Mao and Stalin Actually Socialists? (No True Scotsman)

    How exactly was the Soviet system under Stalin a "dictatorship of the proletariat"? It was ruled by the party leaders who certainly weren't members of the proletariat in any sense.
  4. Were Mao and Stalin Actually Socialists? (No True Scotsman)

    I don't know enough about the China situation, but the Soviet economy under Stalin wasn't what I'd call socialist. The state owned the means of production by the average Joe had zero control over them whatsoever. The workers were exploited worse than in almost any capitalist economy - they couldn't leave their job position without the permission of authorities, they couldn't change the city where the lived, for many years they were even sent to the GULAG if they were late for work several times. And the agricultural workers at state owned farms had it even worse, they were basically starving for large portions of Stalin's rule and were forced to work for a pittance.
  5. Sansa knew about Jeynes faith

    The OP is probably confused because of the TV series where owning brothels is LF's main source of fame by far and main economic activity.
  6. Rothfuss XII: The Doors of Twitch

    Not all of them are sockpuppets. I know a guy who used to post there regularly and actually likes Stanek's books. He even convinced a publisher in my country to translate and publish one of Stanek's masterpieces and then was shocked when it was a total flop on the market.
  7. Why is Jon Snow the favourite Stark (usually)?

    Simple. A lot of readers have terrible taste.
  8. Sports novels.

    The Breaks of the Game by David Halberstam is a must if you are interested in the NBA. It's really in-depth look at how the league worked in the late 70s and early 80s.
  9. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

    Hey, guys, look at this, I found the ultimate proof in A Feast for Crows: Blatant plagiarism.
  10. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

    Now you are really grasping at straws.
  11. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

    You do realise kids can read more than one book, right? Just because you give one book to your daughter with only male characters doesn't mean much. You can buy her 10 books with female male characters next. Or better, get her a library card and let her choose herself or buy her the books she picks. Also your Ray example is a bit silly. The last movie where Luke was the main character came out more than 30 years ago. Of course modern kids don't care much for him and are likely to prefer the main character from the recent movie.
  12. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

    I really doubt modern girls will be negatively affected in any way from reading the Hobbit and won't be able to enjoy it. Yeah, there are no female characters. So what? It's a short book about a small cast who aren't even humans. And it's not like there aren't numerous children and YA adult books aimed at girls mostly, they currently dominate the market. I am a guy and I never had a problem with reading books with mostly or exclusively female characters or relating to such characters.
  13. Why are books getting longer?

    The reason in the case of books is very obvious - computers and their text editing software. It's just much easier to write, edit, prepare for printing, etc. longer books. And in the case of ebooks large page count is no problem at all in terms of convenience of reading. Again the reason is obvious - now it's very easy to binge watch a whole season in a weekend and a 5 season series in two weeks with all the streaming/DVD options, and there are also a million recap sites if you have missed an episode or two and want to see what happened. Back in the early days of TV that wasn't the case. "Today, TV shows have become one continuous story which spans 50+ episodes over many years" is a massive exaggeration anyway. There are still plenty of shows with episodic format which do mostly Mystery of the Week/Monster of the Week plots and plenty of sitcoms with static plots.
  14. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

    There are similarities, but calling it "borderline plagiarism" is a massive stretch.
  15. Tennis Volume 6

    I am so happy for Federer. This makes up for all these painful losses against Nadal in 2008-2010. His backhand was remarkably stable throughout the match, this is the first time in a Slam match against Nadal when Nadal's tactics of pressuring Federer's backhand with heavy topspin didn't work. And Federer played the big points remarkably well in the fifth. His strategy was great throughout, he stayed aggressive, he mixed up his game constantly he never allowed Nadal to get into his preferred rhythm of predictable backcourt side to side rallies. And the serve of course was crucial.