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  1. I really cracked up when Tyrion attempted to convince Bronn to betray Cercei and join his side with the Lannister soldiers right there listening to every word. Speaking of Bronn, won't somebody kill him already? I can't stand him these days, he is such a writer's pet.
  2. Yeah, it's pretty amazing how their explanations make the really dumb stuff in the show seem even dumber.
  3. Varys is still in the show? He's been completely useless the whole season.
  4. Because D&D are lazy dumbasses. Was that not obvious?
  5. That's how this show works. None of the minor characters give a damn about logic, motivation, honor, and stuff like that. They follow the guy who beats or, even better, murders their previous leader. Ellaria murdered Doran and become the ruler of Dorne and everyone there was fine with it. Cersei murdered the High Septon and the Tyrells and become Queen with nobody in the capital objecting. Etc, etc. I can just see how Dany and Jon will kill the Night King and suddenly all ice zombies will start following their orders and fight for them.
  6. Any time someone on this show mentions "breaking the wheel" I cringe. It's so dumb. Just shut up, Tyrion. Arya has quickly become the most annoying character in the show. The whole Arya - Sansa conflict now is completely idiotic. Everyone in the North is aware Sansa married Ramsay on her free will and don't seem to mind, why would they give a dam that as a girl she sent a letter under duress while captive? Apparently Benjen is the only one of the good guys smart enough to use a horse. He should have told his moron of a nephew "Hey, dumbass, take a horse the next time".
  7. "Uncharacteristically lazy about the details" - my sides... This has been one of the laziest written shows on TV for years.
  8. ROFL. This is the funniest thing I've read in weeks. Anyway, nothing in this show makes sense this season. Why bother convincing Cersei of anything when she has no armies left and doesn't control anything right now except the capital? Dany could just go there, melt the Red Keep, burn Cersei a;ove, take over, and that would be it. Nobody would cry for Cersei and it will be way less of a bloodbath than the battle in the previous episode. How the hell did Tyrion got in contact with Bronn anyway? Did he write him an email or send him a text on his mobile? The whole thing is so silly. Why is LF still in the show? He is a complete waste of space. The dialogue just hurts my ears, it's that bad. It's a travesty that a show with such a huge budget which is visually amazing is so poorly written. No subtlety whatsoever, most lines are downright cringeworthy, and everything is explained over and over again as if the viewers are morons.
  9. Tyrion has a arc this season? I haven't noticed any signs of such a thing myself.
  10. I am pretty sure he was talking about her current followers. But even if you are right, it's still a dumb thing to say while Cersei is enjoying her reign in the capital after everything she did, not to mention all the other Westerosi leaders over the years who slaughtered people by the thousands, burned castles and cities and were wildly successful.
  11. That part where Jon told Dany nobody will follow her anymore if she burned castles really cracked me up. Practically everyone in her army who came from Essos follows her because she burned the Astapor slavers and then the Dothraki leaders in Vaes Dothrack. Didn't this guy at least know that Dothraki are more than fine with a bloodthirsty badass leader who burns cities and slaughters people en masse? Dany saying "enough with clever plans" was another LOL moment for me. What clever plans, may I ask? They should just kill LF already, he's become the most useless and dull character in this show. Why is Bran not revealing his treachery anyway? What is the point of his scenes? Such a waste of time. Gillen is mailing it in a blatant way and I can't really blame him, he's given atrocious material to work with. Why would Cersei want to repay the whole gigantic debt of the realm to the IB at once while she is in a middle of a massive war especially since she wants to take another loan right away? And how come the Tyrells after all these months of war and financing a huge army had enough money at their castle to pay all of that debt? I am so sick of Bron being some sort of superman who can do anything the plot requires and is shoved into any situation no matter how think the reasoning is. Where are the people who were supposed to operate the scorpion? And why did it take the Lannister army so long for someone to realise that using the scorpion is a good idea? Everyone is already mocked the Brienne - Arya scene enough. WTF was this?
  12. The writers of this show have abandoned any presence that they care about plausibility, internal consistency or any kind of logic. Practically nothing in it makes sense anymore. Why would Jon go to Daenerys without any guarantees about his freedom or life when he was unwilling to bend the knee? What did he expect to happen? And why didn't he explain the White Walkers and the Night King better? LF's speech to Sansa was some of the biggest nonsense I've heard. Just a total mumbo jumbo of idiotic buzzwords. So apparently greyscale is a deadly disease which can be cured simply by debriding the damaged tissue and applying some unguent. But apparently this is both so easy that a dude with zero experience in such medical procedures can do it successfully but so dangerous that most top maesters fail at it. WTH was the point of the whole "Jorah got greyscale" plot anyway if he'd just be cured so easily? Apparently castles are completely useless in Westeros since each of them is a cakewalk to storm. How the hell did Tyrion manage to convince the builders to create a secret entrance to Casterly Rock and don't tell anyone except him about it, BTW? And how dumb are Tywin and people in charge of defending the castle for never noticing this in all these years even during the War of the Five Kings? Sansa teaching the blacksmiths how to do their job was another facepalm moment. It seems like D&D have decided they will just ignore the fact that Westeros is a medieval-type feudal society with rudimentary logistics and technology. Armies and fleets keep teleporting around the map, castles are stormed laughably easily, nobody cares that the church leaders and the biggest temple in the realm were blown to pieces, the characters talk in a completely modern way 95% of the time and apparently it's hilariously easy for women like Olenna and Ellaria who had no Tyrell or Martel blood to just take over ruling the House. And Cersei is Queen somehow even though she has no claim and hasn't even bothered to come up with any justification. The talk between Dany and Jon showed that neither of them had any clue how the vassalage system works in feudalism.
  13. I hold a big party to celebrate.
  14. I just love the logic behind Tyrion's master plan - "If we attack the capital with a foreign army, this would look bad to the Westerosi, so we shouldn't do it. But if we attack Casterly Rock and the huge city which it protects with the same foreign army, everyone would be fine with it." And as always nobody on this show gives a damn about logistics and Westeros is apparently the size of Long Island so going around most if it by ship is super easy and fast. Jon and Sansa again failed to discuss their strategy before hand and ended up disagreeing publicly because they are dumb. Poor LF is the dumbest person in Westeros in this show. Emilia Clarke's performance was shockingly bad. She's never been a particularly good actress, but somehow she's gotten worse in the last few seasons. Her talk with Varys was hilarious. Why didn't they have this discussion before? That battle at the end was high comedy. So silly and so over the top. At least they finally got rid of 2 Sand Snakes.