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  1. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

    Hey, guys, look at this, I found the ultimate proof in A Feast for Crows: Blatant plagiarism.
  2. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

    Now you are really grasping at straws.
  3. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

    You do realise kids can read more than one book, right? Just because you give one book to your daughter with only male characters doesn't mean much. You can buy her 10 books with female male characters next. Or better, get her a library card and let her choose herself or buy her the books she picks. Also your Ray example is a bit silly. The last movie where Luke was the main character came out more than 30 years ago. Of course modern kids don't care much for him and are likely to prefer the main character from the recent movie.
  4. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

    I really doubt modern girls will be negatively affected in any way from reading the Hobbit and won't be able to enjoy it. Yeah, there are no female characters. So what? It's a short book about a small cast who aren't even humans. And it's not like there aren't numerous children and YA adult books aimed at girls mostly, they currently dominate the market. I am a guy and I never had a problem with reading books with mostly or exclusively female characters or relating to such characters.
  5. Why are books getting longer?

    The reason in the case of books is very obvious - computers and their text editing software. It's just much easier to write, edit, prepare for printing, etc. longer books. And in the case of ebooks large page count is no problem at all in terms of convenience of reading. Again the reason is obvious - now it's very easy to binge watch a whole season in a weekend and a 5 season series in two weeks with all the streaming/DVD options, and there are also a million recap sites if you have missed an episode or two and want to see what happened. Back in the early days of TV that wasn't the case. "Today, TV shows have become one continuous story which spans 50+ episodes over many years" is a massive exaggeration anyway. There are still plenty of shows with episodic format which do mostly Mystery of the Week/Monster of the Week plots and plenty of sitcoms with static plots.
  6. Was GRRM influenced by Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series?

    There are similarities, but calling it "borderline plagiarism" is a massive stretch.
  7. Tennis Volume 6

    I am so happy for Federer. This makes up for all these painful losses against Nadal in 2008-2010. His backhand was remarkably stable throughout the match, this is the first time in a Slam match against Nadal when Nadal's tactics of pressuring Federer's backhand with heavy topspin didn't work. And Federer played the big points remarkably well in the fifth. His strategy was great throughout, he stayed aggressive, he mixed up his game constantly he never allowed Nadal to get into his preferred rhythm of predictable backcourt side to side rallies. And the serve of course was crucial.
  8. The Vorkosigan Saga by Lois McMaster Bujold

    The part in bold is incorrect. Bujold had some the main events of Barrayar sketched out before she wrote most of the other books which came out earlier but the novel definitely wasn't written that early. Here's an interview where she talks in detail about why the internal chronology of the series is such a mess: http://www.tor.com/2009/04/20/interview-with-lois-mcmaster-bujold-about-writing-the-vorkosigan-saga/
  9. NBA 2016-2017 LeBron vs Durant ( and his little helpers)

    Why the hell not? Losing one game on a blown last second call away to their biggest rival doesn't change my mind. The Warriors dominated most of the game even though Curry sucked. Durant makes them much more dangerous in the playoffs and less reliant on Curry having a good shooting day. Their defense has been great after the first two weeks or so. Their average margin of victory is much higher than last season even adjusting for strength of schedule.
  10. NBA 2016-2017 LeBron vs Durant ( and his little helpers)

    In fairness, the refs screwed the Warriors over on the last play, on replay it is a clear trip by RJ. I was rooting for the Cavs, but the refs clearly helped them there. Kyrie could well be the best crunch scorer in big games in the league. He loves the big moments. He couldn't hit a jumpshot until midway through the 4th but had a sensational last 8 minutes. And he was excellent on D too, he made 7 steals, some of them huge late in the game.
  11. Lenient? This is a country which actually executes people for blasphemy pretty regularly. Apostasy is punishable by death too. Criticizing the government in any way is dealt very harshly with too - https://www.hrw.org/news/2016/01/11/saudi-arabia-sustained-assault-free-expression
  12. NBA 2016-2017 LeBron vs Durant ( and his little helpers)

    Competition wasn't "always fierce" just because there were only 9 teams in the league. In any season nearly half of these 9 teams were usually terrible just like it happens in pretty much every team sports league. In 1962 for example there were two teams which ended with 29 wins and one team which ended with 18 wins.
  13. NBA 2016-2017 LeBron vs Durant ( and his little helpers)

    Clippers aren't a threat because of this. Blake is usually owned by Draymond. He doesn't have the length to trouble him in the post. As for the Spurs, they have Aldridge, but he's not exactly a dominant low post player either and Draymond can defend him pretty comfortably. Gasol can trouble them, but he'd be killed on the other end given how slow he is nowadays. It will be an issue, but having Durant is still more valuable IMO. In the finals the Warriors offense stalled in the last 3 games which cost them the title. They were a great regular season offensive team in the last 2 seasons, but in the playoffs - not so much. Now they can go to Durant when Curry gets cold. Also the other teams no longer can do the "trap Curry and leave Barnes open and hope he bricks the shot" strategy. Comparing across eras is pretty pointless. Also Westbrook certainly can't play 44 MPG nowadays, he's gassed after 35 minutes in half the games right now.
  14. NBA 2016-2017 LeBron vs Durant ( and his little helpers)

    Call me crazy, but I'd much rather have Durant on my team in the playoffs than Bogut and Barnes.
  15. NBA 2016-2017 LeBron vs Durant ( and his little helpers)

    Your defensive stats are almost the same as last season. DRTG is worse by about a point which is nothing given the major changes you made. In the last month you have had the second best defensive rating in the league (equal to the one from last season). A few days ago you destroyed the Clippers away with ease and held them to 98 points. So yeah, seems like an overreaction.