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  1. U.S. Elections: Trumpsterfire Unchained

    Milo is a very boring troll. There is nothing brave about his tired routine. Some leftists will insult him online or maybe scream at him "Get out" when he comes to the university to give another silly speech, big deal.
  2. NBA 2016-2017 LeBron vs Durant ( and his little helpers)

    Houston were 8th in offensive efficiency last season. Their offense was ugly, but effective. They sucked because their defense was terrible. Anyway, OKC's Westbrook centred offense was really good in 2014-15 after they got Kanter and Durant was pronounced out for the season. It may not be pretty if you are looking for smooth passing game and getting everyone involved, but with Westbrook being his normal self and Kanter probably getting much more minutes this season it is likely to be quite effective.
  3. NBA 2016-2017 LeBron vs Durant ( and his little helpers)

    I disagree with the first point. Sure, Durant will be missed. But Adams and Westbrook were very effective pick and roll duo last season. Sabonis showed that he has a 3 pt range in the preseason games, he's shown in college he is a solid midrange shooter and he is already a much better post scorer and passer than Ibaka (not surprising since Ibaka has always been atrocious at that), Oladipo is a much better offensive player than Waiters at everything, and Kanter is a terrific scorer. The OKC bench is full of good to great 3pt shooters (Abrines, Morrow, Ilyasova). Roberson didn't shoot much in the 2 preseason games so far, but his shot looks improved and he's also clearly improved his ballhandling and passing quite a bit. I expect them to have more problems on defense than on offense. Sure, Adams and Roberson are really good defenders, but they aren't used to playing huge minutes, and will probably have to sacrifice some of their defense for offense from Kanter and Abrines at times. Oladipo and Westbrook can be very good on this end when engaged, but they would have to save energy for offense since they are the only shot creators, More importantly, the bench is downright disastrous on defence. Kanter is still terrible at this end, Morrow can't guard anyone, Sabonis has some potential, but he's still a rookie and makes mental mistakes, Ilyasova is too slow for a PF on D, Abrines will need time to adapt to the pace of the NBA and doesn't look like defense is his strong suit. They really need to get another shotblocker IMO, they are way too dependant on Adams staying healthy and playing huge minutes and they have way too many bigs who are weak on D and mostly for offense (Kanter, Ilyasova, Sabonis, Lauvergne, McGary). His post game looks clearly improved. Apart from that, he looks the same as last season.
  4. Yeah, but the situation is completely different when the other kid is the Jon Snow. Then any bad thoughts are worse than any other atrocity against anyone else. At least according to his most devoted fan Jon's Queen Consort. After all, that's the poster who once said that Cat is a worse stepmother than Cersei even though Cersei ordered the murder of Barra, who according to the same poster in the same thread was her stepchild.
  5. The Dothraki & the "historical accuracy" of GRRM's world

    This is a total strawman. Nobody in this thread called Mongols "peace lovers" or anything like that. The Mongols were extremely destructive and ruthless. But in terms of technologies, social customs, social structure, etc., they were light years ahead of the Dothraki who are extremely primitive.
  6. That's because you are obsessed Jon fangirl for whom being mean to Jon is worse than murdering other kids.
  7. I know that's the words Cersei used. But she is a pathological liar and she couldn't exactly tell Tyrion that Ned came to her because he discovered the twincest. The king had just died and Ned knew about the twincest. Even someone as dumb as Cersei knew Ned was going to act quickly. And if she still couldn't figure it out, LF was there to tell her that. What is more, the plan to send Sansa and Arya was from before Robert was mortally injured.
  8. What "plans and secrets" of Ned did Sansa reveal? It is not like she knew anything about his plans and secrets except that her father was sending her to WF on that day.
  9. I don't get this mentality at all. Sansa made a childish mistake and this means she deserved to be a captive for more than a year and beaten? Yes, she disobeyed her father. Big deal. I disobeyed my parents almost every day when I was that age. So do 99% of children.
  10. This is wrong. She would have been captured anyway.
  11. Even in Westeros marrying 12 years old with the intention of consummating the marriage immediately (or soon after) is very much frowned upon. Even Viserys thought there was something wrong with Drogo because Drogo wanted a 13 year old bride. And it was a forced marriage as sweetsunray said.
  12. Very much so. Tyrion was very lucky Sansa is such a nice person because an awful lot of people in her position would have killed Tyrion in his sleep. Or at the very least treated him a lot more deserved contempt and hated him. How the hell so many readers have the gall to criticize Sansa for not being nicer to her enemy who married her against her when she was 12 is beyond me. "Oh, but she humiliated him in public, poor Tyrion, what a bitch." Are you kidding me? The guy was her enemy. And objectively a terrible person.
  13. U.S. Elections: Apocalypse upon the horizon

    Trump just can't help himself, he just has to double down on every blunder he makes and keep digging himself in a bigger hole instead of trying to limit his losses.
  14. She knew he hated them. So what? He still worked for them and their interests tirelessly until Joffrey's death. Sure, what kind of heartless asshole won't try to engage the guy who married her when she was 12 against her will and whose family murdered hers? He sure showed his love for women when he treated Shae like his blowup doll. Or when he murdered her. Or when he raped the slave woman in Volantis. Or when he was more angry that a woman (Cat) had outsmarted him than from the fact that he was a captive at this point. Tyrion is very ugly. That is a fact. Every single description of him in the series confirms it. He is even missing half his nose at this point. Sansaactually made an effort to get over it, but she couldn't. That's more that she should have done for an enemy who married against her will. He is also almost as ugly on the inside.
  15. Sansa asking Tyrion for help would have been idiotic. The guy is a Lannister who did his best to help his relative murder Sansa's family and married her against her will. He is also a misogynistic scumbag.