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  1. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    I don't get why this article is supposed to be a big deal. All it says is that GSW will probably make a serious effort to get Durant. Given their cap situation and KD's qualities is not surprising at all.
  2. Eligible Works for Hugo Worldcon 2016

    http://www.writertopia.com/awards/campbell   - here Weir is listed as eligible for the Campbell, probably because his book was never published traditionally in a print edition until 2014 and apparently self-publishing doesn't count.
  3. Ok Ladies, Robert or Rhaegar?

    I am not a Robert fan at all, but since the other option is dying at 16 picking him seems a no-brainer.
  4. Lady Stoneheart is actually Robb Stark

    How did "UnRobb Stark" recognise Brienne, BTW? Robb never saw her before his death.
  5. Lady Stoneheart is actually Robb Stark

    Not really. After losing her whole family in such a brutal way, Catelyn dedicating herself to avenging this and punishing the monsters responsible for the atrocities in the RW seems completely logical. She always had strong vengeful urges, but held them back to protect her family. But now that her family is gone... And why is Catelyn wanting to hang Brienne so inexplicable to you? Let's not forget that all material evidence shows that Brienne was guilty as hell of betraying Catelyn and joining the lannister. Yet she still gave Brienne a chance to prove her innocence by killing Jaime.
  6. Sunday of the New Martyrs: Soviet Persecution of Theists

    I am from a former Eastern bloc country (Bulgaria) where the communists were much more successful in decreasing the number of devout believers in the Orthodox faith and completely destroying the prestige of the Orthodox Church in the country than in Russia even though they didn't use such extreme measures as the Soviets. Even today most people here, even a lot of the Orthodox Christians, don't respect the orthodox Church since all bishops and patriarchs turned out to be secret agents of the communist secret police (and they have held the top spots in the church after the 1990 too) and the only thing the vast majority of them seem to care about it is to gain money from their position. IMO breaking the power of the Orthodox Church was one of the few positive things they did. Though it wasn't nearly as powerful here before 1945  as the Russian church was before 1917, so it was easier to do.
  7. Sunday of the New Martyrs: Soviet Persecution of Theists

    The Soviet authorities attitude towards religion was mostly self-serving. When they saw it as a threat to their own cult (because that's what Russian communism was in Stalin's time), they suppressed it. When they thought they needed to use it for their goals (Like in 1941 when Hitler attacked them and Stalin needed to use all possible ways to raise the morale of the people), they stopped the suppression policy and even encouraged it. 20 million people died but the worst part is that a lot of churches were destroyed? They quickly many rebuilt thousands of churches when Stalin changed his policy which showed that the Orthodox faith itself wasn't anywhere close to being destroyed. And even though some of the later leaders reversed the religious policy again a few times, Russia is still quite religious today from hat I have seen. Certainly a lot more than many other European countries.
  8. January Reads: Setting the Tone for 2016!

    I am currently reading The Thing Itself, Adam Roberts' latest novel. it's fascinating so far. The main idea is really interesting and original - what if it is possible to prove Kant's ideas from Critique of Pure Reason by using an AI which doesn't rely on human senses to perceive reality and then use that AI to manipulate "the thing itself" (Ding an sich) and achieve teleportaion and similar supposedly impossible feats? The blurb is quite misleading and make it sound as if it's some some sort of a quasi-remake of Carpenter's The Thing in a novel form, but actually only the first chapter takes place in Antarctica and resembles the movie.
  9. Underrated Actors and Actresses

    Tony Leung outside of East Asia. One of the very best actors in the world but barely anyone knows him. Compare him and Hollywood's Golden Boy DiCaprio in Infernal Affairs and the Departed - Tony was way better. And he has so many great roles
  10. How many points would you get for Finnegans Wake?
  11. NBA Season 2015/16 - Currying Favor

    Who on the Thunder would be able to pound the Warriors down low? They only have Kanter for that,  but he would be absolutely destroyed on D if he is on the floor when Steph plays. He is a hilariously bad pick and roll defender.
  12. Best father in series?

    Plot induced stupidity is the much more likely explanation. Martin needed Jon at the Wall so he made it happen. Plus, let's be honest, Jon isn't the sharpest tool in the drawer in AGOT.
  13. Good YA series recs?

    The Earthsea books are supposedly YA, so they have to be mentioned. The Finishing School series by Gail Carriger is really fun.
  14. What will you do if you get married to Robert?

    Aren't you the leader of that side usually?
  15. What if there was no Walkers?

    it won't be as strong, it would be a lot stronger. The whole Wall-White walkers stuff is easily the most boring major plotline in the series for me.