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  1. No, it doesn't. It says that almost every time Jon bested Robb at something that made Cat annoyed, not that Jon bested Robb almost every time.
  2. Cat was annoyed when Jon bested Robb in something. That does not mean Jon tended to best Robb in most (or all) things. He certainly wasn't regarded as a young prodigy like Rhaegar by his family or anyone else.
  3. The way these playoffs are going I almost expect LeBron to get the first serious injury of his career five minutes into Game 1 and the Finals to end up being a boring sweep and the cherry on top for the most boring playoffs in recent history. It's been quite ridiculous how all the opponents of Cavs and the Warriors except Indiana got key players injured early in the series against them and made the series even less of a contest. Not that they wouldn't have made it to the Finals anyway, but at least we might have seen less blowouts and some 4-1 or even 4-2 series.
  4. Did he? I have serious doubts about that, if you mean romantic love. They were supposed to have arranged marriages for political gain, and love developing in such marriages isn't that common. He was well aware that his own marriage was quite unusual for his social class. I really doubt that. Catelyn, like most nobles in Westeros, don't care much about male nobles siring bastards in itself, it's very common and seen as no big deal. What is seen is a big deal and something very much against the custom, is raising the bastard son at your castle while you are married and treating him almost the same as your trueborn children. This is what made her angry. She would have told Robb if he had asked her what to do after he slept with Jeyne and before he married him "Have 5 kids from Jeyne, I couldn't care less, and neither will Walder Frey, as long as you don't marry her".
  5. The Cavs shoot a great amount of 3s too. In fact, they are shooting 3 more three pointers per game in the playoffs than the Warriors these playoffs. Last season's playoffs they only shot 2 less three pointers per game than the Warriors. 3 of the top 5 teams in 3 points attempts per game in the regular season are in the conference finals and Houston weren't that far away from reaching them too. Anyway, these playoffs so far have been major disappointment for me. too many blowouts, not enough close games and it's blatantly obvious the Cavs and the ewarriors will reach the finals and may even not lose a game until then.
  6. Wizards' hilariously bad bench proved to be their undoing. Their starters were gassed at the end, especially Wall. Jennings was hilariously bad all series, Brooks should have given Satoranski more minutes in this series IMO.
  7. The Pop rant today about Zaza was nice to hear for all of us mad at Zaza but pretty hypocritical coming from a guy who coached Bruce Bowen for years and IIRC actually encouraged him to continue to undercut shooters.
  8. Pop got really mad talking about Zaza's dirty play today. Kawhi will miss Game 2 for sure, maybe other games too.
  9. Just when I thought we might get a competitve series, Kawhi got injured. Now even if he comes back quickly, I expect this to be a comfortable Warriors win, too much talent and they aren't rusty now. The Spurs needed to steal this one after the great start to have a shot. Also, fuck Zaza. He's always been a scumbag.
  10. Ardridge and Mills played 40+ minutes in game 5 and were great in game 6 and the Spurs looked just as tired at the end of Game 5 than the Rockets. I don't think physical exhaustion was much of a factor, the Rockets were terrible right from the first minute of this one.
  11. Such a weird game by Harden. It's one thing to have a bad game, but he wasn't even trying to either score or creating anything besides basic simple passes for 3 point shooters for most of the game. 2 shots and 4FTA in a half in which nobody else on his team was shooting well and he was barely ever doubled teamed is just inexcusable. And frankly, he should have fouled out earlier, he got away at least 2-3 times in the third quarter with obvious fouls. He was far from the only culprit though, the whole team played hilariously bad defence for most of the game and Ryan Anderson continued with his inexplicable shooting slump at home. Gordon couldn't make a shot to save his life too. The whole team clearly underestimated the Kawhi-less Spurs and couldn't recover from the bad start.
  12. I said "almost nothing" and "so far" , which is obviously true. We are 5 books in of a 7 books series and she has barely affected the main plot.
  13. Maybe for you that's the case, but that's hardly universal. Personally I couldn't care less if a character positively advance the plot or affects changes within the world, that's not how I judge them. It's not the main plot line so far. The main plot is the battle for the Iron Throne and both of them has had almost nothing to do with it. But more importantly, being involved in the main plotline doesn't make a character interesting by itself. Libraries are chokc full of deadly boring main characters who advance the plot of their books.
  14. ROFL. All of the stuff you listed has nothing to do with how interesting a character is. Stop embarrassing yourself.
  15. You are my hero.