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  1. Since it's been a year, I thought this would be a good time to tally up the characters' win-loss records. So here's the standings again, with the number of wins, losses and ties noted: Interestingly, Jon is the only character with a perfect record, despite being in second. I also thought it would be interesting to see who's won the awards the most: Arya has won the "Lord/Lady of the Seven Kingdoms" the most, at 9 times, followed by Jon with 3. Tyrion, Sansa and Mance have won once each. Jon has won 9 "Hand of the King" awards, Arya 2, and Tyrion 1. Arya has won the most "Lord Commander of the Kingsguard" awards, with 5. Jon and Eddard have 3; Stannis, Sansa, Brienne, Aemon and Eddison have 2, and Davos, Barristan, Mance, Bran, Sandor and Robb each have one. Renly has the most "Black Cells" awards, with 8. Cersei and Yoren have 2 each; Brynden, Varys and Jorah have one each. Eddard, Barristan and Eddison each have two "Chaos is a Ladder" awards. Dany, Asha, Doran, Sam, Brienne, Aemon, Bran, Sansa, Oberyn, Robb and Theon have each won one. Aemon, Eddison and Theon have two "Chaos is a Pit" awards each. Dany, Eddard, Sam, Brienne, Barristan, Bran, Sansa, Sandor and Catelyn all have one. Finally, my votes: [1] Arya Stark vs. [7] Daenerys Targaryen [2] Jon Snow vs. [9] Asha Greyjoy [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [8] Eddard Stark [4] Davos Seaworth vs. [10] Doran Martell [5] Jaime Lannister vs. [6] Stannis Baratheon [11] Samwell Tarly vs. [12] Brienne Tarth [13] Barristan Selmy vs. [14] Aemon Targaryen [15] Brynden Tully vs. [16] Mance Rayder [17] Brandon Stark vs. [19] Sansa Stark [18] Eddison Tollett vs. [21] Varys [20] Tormund Giantsbane vs. [23] Sandor Clegane [22] Oberyn Martell vs. [24] Catelyn Tully [25] Robb Stark vs. [27] Wyman Manderly [26] Theon Greyjoy vs. [28] Petyr Baelish [29] Cersei Lannister vs. [33] Arianne Martell [30] Jorah Mormont vs. [34] Tywin Lannister [31] Yoren vs. [35] Margaery Tyrell [32] Renly Baratheon vs. [36] Missandei [37] Jon Connington vs. [38] Ygritte [39] Meera Reed vs. [40] Melisandre [41] Garlan Tyrell vs. [42] Ghost [43] Euron Greyjoy vs. [43] Jeor Mormont [43] Podrick Payne vs. [46] Ramsay Bolton [47] Gendry vs. [47] Roose Bolton
  2. [1] Arya Stark vs. [5] Brienne Tarth [2] Jon Snow vs. [9] Sansa Stark [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [10] Brandon Stark (Bran) [4] Davos Seaworth vs. [11] Theon Greyjoy [6] Jaime Lannister vs. [7] Eddard Stark [8] Stannis Baratheon vs. [13] Catelyn Tully [12] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) vs. [16] Robb Stark [14] Tormund Giantsbane vs. [17] Samwell Tarly [15] Oberyn Martell vs. [18] Barristan Selmy [19] Varys vs. [20] Sandor Clegane [21] Wyman Manderly vs. [22] Eddison Tollett [23] Asha Greyjoy vs. [30] Jorah Mormont [24] Doran Martell vs. [32] Renly Baratheon [25] Brynden Tully vs. [27] Petyr Baelish [26] Mance Rayder vs. [29] Cersei Lannister [28] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) vs. [31] Yoren 1. Jon Connington 2. Margaery Tyrell 3. Missandei 4. Tywin Lannister 5. Victarion Greyjoy 6. Arianne Martell 7. Melisandre 8. Loras Tyrell 9. Myrcella Baratheon 10. Beric Dondarrion
  3. [1] Arya Stark vs. [5] Samwell Tarly [2] Jon Snow vs. [8] Eddison Tollett [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [11] Barristan Selmy [4] Davos Seaworth vs. [10] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) [6] Eddard Stark vs. [7] Stannis Baratheon [9] Jaime Lannister vs. [14] Asha Greyjoy [12] Brienne Tarth vs. [15] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) [13] Oberyn Martell vs. [16] Tormund Giantsbane [17] Mance Rayder vs. [18] Sansa Stark [19] Robb Stark vs. [20] Sandor Clegane [21] Petyr Baelish vs. [22] Catelyn Tully [23] Varys vs. [25] Brynden Tully [24] Theon Greyjoy vs. [31] Yoren [26] Brandon Stark (Bran) vs. [29] Jorah Mormont [27] Doran Martell vs. [30] Cersei Lannister [28] Wyman Manderly vs. [32] Renly Baratheon
  4. [1] Jon Snow vs. [5] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) [2] Arya Stark vs. [8] Brandon Stark (Bran) [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [6] Jaime Lannister [4] Davos Seaworth vs. [9] Sansa Stark [7] Stannis Baratheon vs. [10] Robb Stark [11] Theon Greyjoy vs. [12] Samwell Tarly [13] Oberyn Martell vs. [14] Asha Greyjoy [15] Aemon Targaryen (Aemon) vs. [16] Mance Rayder [17] Varys vs. [18] Brienne Tarth [19] Wyman Manderly vs. [20] Eddard Stark [21] Sandor Clegane vs. [22] Petyr Baelish [23] Tormund Giantsbane vs. [26] Doran Martell [24] Catelyn Tully vs. [29] Jorah Mormont [25] Eddison Tollett vs. [32] Renly Baratheon [27] Brynden Tully vs. [30] Cersei Lannister [28] Barristan Selmy vs. [31] Yoren
  5. [1] Arya Stark vs. [4] Jaime Lannister [2] Jon Snow vs. [7] Eddard Stark [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [8] Samwell Tarly [5] Stannis Baratheon vs. [6] Davos Seaworth [9] Oberyn Martell vs. [11] Brandon Stark (Bran) [10] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) vs. [12] Eddison Tollett [13] Sandor Clegane vs. [14] Sansa Stark [15] Robb Stark vs. [16] Petyr Baelish [17] Mance Rayder vs. [18] Varys [19] Asha Greyjoy vs. [20] Brynden Tully [21] Tormund Giantsbane vs. [22] Catelyn Tully [23] Barristan Selmy vs. [24] Brienne Tarth [25] Wyman Manderly vs. [31] Yoren [26] Theon Greyjoy vs. [29] Cersei Lannister [27] Doran Martell vs. [30] Jorah Mormont [28] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) vs. [32] Renly Baratheon
  6. [1] Arya Stark vs. [4] Davos Seaworth [2] Jon Snow vs. 7] Barristan Selmy [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [5] Stannis Baratheon [6] Jaime Lannister vs. [8] Sansa Stark [9] Eddard Stark vs. [10] Eddison Tollett [11] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) vs. [14] Sandor Clegane [12] Oberyn Martell vs. [13] Mance Rayder [15] Petyr Baelish vs. [16] Varys [17] Brandon Stark (Bran) vs. [18] Tormund Giantsbane [19] Samwell Tarly vs. [20] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) [21] Theon Greyjoy vs. [23] Asha Greyjoy [21] Catelyn Tully vs. [24] Brienne Tarth [25] Robb Stark vs. [29] Cersei Lannister [26] Brynden Tully vs. [32] Renly Baratheon [27] Wyman Manderly vs. [30] Jorah Mormont [28] Doran Martell vs. [31] Yoren
  7. [1] Arya Stark vs. [4] Stannis Baratheon [2] Jon Snow vs. [5] Jaime Lannister [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [7] Sansa Stark [6] Davos Seaworth vs. [9] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) [8] Eddard Stark vs. [11] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) [9] Barristan Selmy vs. [12] Tormund Giantsbane [13] Mance Rayder vs. [14] Petyr Baelish [15] Samwell Tarly vs. [16] Sandor Clegane [17] Oberyn Martell vs. [18] Brienne Tarth [19] Brandon Stark (Bran) vs. [20] Theon Greyjoy [21] Asha Greyjoy vs. [22] Robb Stark [23] Varys vs. [24] Wyman Manderly [25] Brynden Tully vs. [28] Doran Martell [26] Eddison Tollett vs. [30] Yoren [27] Catelyn Tully vs. [32] Renly Baratheon [29] Jorah Mormont vs. [31] Cersei Lannister
  8. It's been four days. Would I be able to help with the calculations?
  9. [1] Arya Stark vs. [4] Eddard Stark [2] Jon Snow vs. [5] Davos Seaworth [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [6] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) [7] Brienne Tarth vs. [8] Stannis Baratheon [9] Oberyn Martell vs. [10] Jaime Lannister [11] Petyr Baelish vs. [12] Sansa Stark [13] Sandor Clegane vs. [14] Barristan Selmy [14] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) vs. [16] Brandon Stark (Bran) [17] Asha Greyjoy vs. [18] Tormund Giantsbane [19] Samwell Tarly vs. [21] Eddison Tollett [20] Mance Rayder vs. [22] Doran Martell [23] Wyman Manderly vs. [25] Catelyn Tully [24] Theon Greyjoy vs. [26] Jorah Mormont [27] Varys vs. [31] Cersei Lannister [28] Brynden Tully vs. [29] Yoren [30] Robb Stark vs. [32] Renly Baratheon
  10. [1] Jon Snow vs. [2] Tyrion Lannister [3] Arya Stark vs. [4] Sandor Clegane [5] Eddard Stark vs. [6] Davos Seaworth [7] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) vs. [8] Oberyn Martell [9] Jaime Lannister vs. [10] Brienne Tarth [11] Stannis Baratheon vs. [12] Sansa Stark [13] Petyr Baelish vs. [14] Brandon Stark (Bran) [15] Tormund Giantsbane vs. [16] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) [17] Mance Rayder vs. [19] Samwell Tarly [18] Asha Greyjoy vs. [20] Catelyn Tully [21] Varys vs. [22] Barristan Selmy [22] Wyman Manderly vs. [24] Doran Martell [25] Brynden Tully vs. [27] Eddison Tollett [26] Robb Stark vs. [28] Theon Greyjoy [29] Yoren vs. [32] Cersei Lannister [30] Jorah Mormont vs. [31] Renly Baratheon[/b
  11. Yeah, I wasn't actually suggesting starting them with 600 points – as you say, new characters are likely to be less popular since we already chose all the really popular ones. My point was just that zero is a somewhat arbitrary number. One solution I was thinking about is to set the bias equal to the lowest total for the relevant rounds among the older characters. So for instance, if a character were added now they would start at 83.84 points; then in round 13, the bias would drop to 45.45 (equal to Renly's total for rounds 2-3, which is the lowest), and then in round 14 to 27.27. That would essentially mean new characters start tied for last place, so they can immediately compete with at least some of the older characters, but at no point would their "free points" give them an advantage over any other character. Just assigning a set number is simpler, though.
  12. [1] Tyrion Lannister vs. [2] Arya Stark [2] Jon Snow vs. [4] Stannis Baratheon [5] Sandor Clegane vs. [6] Brienne Tarth [7] Davos Seaworth vs. [9] Jaime Lannister [8] Oberyn Martell vs. [10] Sansa Stark [11] Samwell Tarly vs. [12] Eddard Stark [13] Mance Rayder vs. [14] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) [15] Asha Greyjoy vs. [15] Brandon Stark (Bran) [17] Doran Martell vs. [18] Petyr Baelish [19] Catelyn Tully vs. [20] Varys [21] Tormund Giantsbane vs. [22] Eddison Tollett [22] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) vs. [24] Theon Greyjoy [25] Brynden Tully vs. [27] Robb Stark [26] Jorah Mormont vs. [28] Barristan Selmy [28] Wyman Manderly vs. [30] Cersei Lannister [31] Renly Baratheon vs. [32] Yoren I'm more concerned about including popular characters than excluding unpopular ones, so I'm not too disappointed that no one is likely to be replaced given that there will be an expansion later. One thing I'd point out is that a theoretical replacement character might have it easier than the character they replace, since they would be matched against only low-ranked characters once the list has been "sorted" to a greater degree, whereas the replaced character had to go up against a random, possibly very strong opponent in the first round. That could be an argument for making it hard for a character to get replaced; you want to be fairly sure that the replacement will do better before you replace the character, since you don't want to replace a character with one who will only do about as well but survive due to an easier schedule. Also, have you decided how many points new characters will start with? I initially thought zero would be fairest, but I'm starting to question that* and it's clearly the worst option excitement-wise. *Consider a version of the game where instead of winning points based on their percentage of the vote, characters either won or lost points based on their margin of victory or loss. That would correspond to simply doubling and subtracting 100 from each character's score in each round, not changing the order at all, but making zero the average score. Yet zero is still to me the most intuitive starting point for a new character in that version, with lower starting points seeming to punish characters for nothing, even though zero points in that version would correspond to 50 points per round in this game.
  13. [1] Arya Stark vs. [2] Jon Snow [3] Tyrion Lannister vs. [4] Davos Seaworth [5] Sandor Clegane vs. [6] Jaime Lannister [7] Stannis Baratheon vs. [7] Daenerys Targaryen (Dany) [9] Oberyn Martell vs. [10] Samwell Tarly [11] Doran Martell vs. [12] Brienne Tarth [13] Mance Rayder vs. [14] Asha Greyjoy [15] Aemon Targaryen (Maester Aemon) vs. [16] Sansa Stark [17] Theon Greyjoy vs. [18] Eddard Stark [19] Eddison Tollett vs. [20] Brandon Stark (Bran) [21] Petyr Baelish vs. [21] Tormund Giantsbane [23] Catelyn Tully vs. [24] Brynden Tully [24] Varys vs. [26] Robb Stark [27] Wyman Manderly vs. [28] Barristan Selmy [29] Yoren vs. [29] Jorah Mormont [31] Renly Baratheon vs. [32] Cersei Lannister
  14. Yeah, that also makes sense! (Though I do want to say that I was thinking more than a couple losses would be required, as well as being at the bottom of the ranking.) And it's probably worth waiting a little to see what the exact number should be.
  15. My suggestion would have been to replace characters in the bottom X who have lost their last Y matchups, for some values of X and Y. That would allow the new characters to start from 0 without then being at a high risk of being replaced again immediately.