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  1. Lajaki added a topic in Dothraki   

    Dothraki Forum
    Hey everyone,

    I thought I'd let you know that we now have a forum up at for discussion of the Dothraki language. We hope to be the base for the dothraki language, and we'll pretty much be recording everything on the wiki and the forum. I sometimes feel like I wouldn't want to start a topic here about, say, Noun-adjective ordering in Dothraki. Our forum is the place to do that.

    I've talked to Elio, the master of this here website, and he said it was cool if we linked here.

    The link is here.

    Hope to see you lajaki on the Dothraki sea.
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  2. Lajaki added a post in a topic Linguistics of SOIAF   

    Ah! Someone found my youtube videos.

    Can't wait for more information.
  3. Lajaki added a topic in Dothraki   

    Language Wiki
    We've set up a wiki for the Dothraki language at, and over the past month I've read the series again and noted every relevant quote I could concerning Dothraki, and also all of the other languages in Westeros, Essos, Sothoros, and the rest. This was no small feat, and it'd be great if others took up the call, looked through it, checking for errors or quotes I might have missed. My hope is to have all of the information regarding GRRM's languages in one place, so that eventually, if HBO considers making another language, they won't have to go far to find both research and willing fan base.

    Check it out, here: <-- For all Dothraki information from the books <-- For all Other Languages from the books.

    I have still to go through and chronicle the information which David Peterson has scattered around the web, but now I have a major obstacle out of the way...
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  4. Lajaki added a post in a topic LCS: Interview w/   

    The Link to the LCS post is here:

    The link to the article direct is here:

    This is a great article.
  5. Lajaki added a post in a topic LCS: We have a fan site!   

    Awesome! Thanks for linking us officially.

    I hope to have more people from here join in with us, as time goes on.

    I've also started up the official Wikipedia page:
  6. Lajaki added a topic in Dothraki   

    Dothraki Dictionary &
    This post is meant to do two things. First, announce the opening of, then to talk about the first dictionary of Dothraki.

    So, first off, I've really wanted to learn Dothraki since before it was invented, and so when I finally caught wind of all of this happening, I talked to the guy who created, and we've co-founded as a base for fans of the language. This wasn't too hard, since Learn Na'vi has been a pretty big success as a base for the conlang from the movie Avatar, made by Paul Frommer: we've had over 10k hits a day in the first few months, international media coverage, and currently have over five thousand members on the forum (which is saying a lot, as it is essentially supposed to be just a language forum). So, hopefully will be able to fill a similar role with Dothraki, providing a base for people to learn and talk about the language. We don't have a forum up, and probably won't until the series actually starts, but there is currently a wiki that we hope you'll use to record everything canonical about the language, and there is a twitter feed, facebook group, and youtube videos that'll keep being updated as more information comes along. So that's pretty cool. There's a youtube video up there (by me) right now, explaining the current situation, but if you're in this forum currently, you probably won't learn anything new.

    Secondly, I've gone ahead and used the format for the Na'vi dictionary (Which I wrote and have been updating for the past half a year: you can see it here if you're interested) to make the first Dothraki dictionary, which I hope to keep updated as time goes on and more words come out. It's pretty rudimentary, and perhaps a bit ridiculously small, at this stage. But I'm ok with that, because it will grow. Go and see it here:

    The Dothraki Dictionary

    Let me know of any errors or anything - although I don't think there are that many currently. Hope you enjoy it.

    And that's it!

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  7. Lajaki added a post in a topic LCS: Scientific American “Fantasy TV in the service of scienceâ€� & response   

    This is a really interesting entry, thanks. I find it odd that the change-of-state verb samvolat, "to break", is in the same class as drivolat/addrivat “to die/to kill”; nithat/annithat “to feel pain/to cause pain”, and raggat/arraggat “to choke on/to choke”. Those all have different aspectual properties than break. You can choke someone for half an hour, but you can't kill someone for half an hour, for instance. Using diagnostics like prepositional phrases can illuminate a few things - and I'm interested to see if Dothraki diagnostics will show more about the nature of their verbs, and if the aspectual categories will change from our own, English ones. Does anyone know if this is the case? We've already seen that dothrolat is an activity verb, I think, and not a change of state verb - wouldn't it be interesting if the Dothraki had a verb that was the other way around? For instance, if a person 'rode', they suddenly changed their status in a change of state like way?

    Just a rambling thought.