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  1. From a purely mythical standpoint, sure. From a storytelling standpoint, no. That is information Martin would include alongside other pieces of information about the Children and Others to set up his future plot (if that was his intent).
  2. If the Others had previously been known to the First Men, had fought with the children or against the First Men before the Long Night, Martin would have told us. We have to remember that the history of the world is told to us mainly to serve the purpose of the current narrative. Now, that doesn't mean that the Children didn't create the Others before the Pact, but I refuse to believe that the First Men just forgot about fighting the Others. That then begs the question what the Others were doing for 4000 years in the North.
  3. But there is no reference to the Others fighting the First Men before the Long Night.
  4. Well then that still doesn't make sense, why would the Others first show up after being at peace with the First Men for 4000 years. Unless we're supposed to believe that the children made them during the war with the First Men and the Others did nothing for 4000 years, until the Long Night.
  5. I don't see how this could work. There isn't proof of actual time travel in the show, how would Bran be able to actually live in the past, let alone with his child-self?
  6. Sorry, didn't mean Andals, meant First Men.
  7. Does all of this fit with the timelines from the books? For some reason I thought the Others in the books predated the invasion of the the First Men.
  8. I just wonder if Trump is the nominee if they'll continue to fight so hard.
  9. A bunch of other issues really just means politics, does it not? Let's not pretend that the Senate has any concerns over the nominee or about Obama, they're holding on for the off chance that Cruz will get to make the nomination. Nothing more.
  10. I gave it a 9. It was a solid episode. All those 1's seem to be from people who are butthurt about "fan fiction" or Stannis. Stannis isn't really dead, and blame GRRM because he doesn't write fast enough. The episode itself had a lot of jumping around but it gave us good ending points for all of our characters and didn't feel rushed or too long or whatever. It was a good episode.
  11. I can't help but wonder whats going to happen in King's Landing now. Why did they make the decision to have Varys not kill Kevan and keep him alive to share rule with Cersei?
  12. Yeah, there's no doubt in my mind that Olly will still be stabbing Jon. The whole Sam "sometimes you have do to things that others don't think is right" speech was not changing Olly's mind, but pushing him further to deciding to help stop Jon.
  13. fwiw, I hated it too because I thought it was boring and Dany didn't come to any important discoveries from her rule. But the one major scene she seems to have had was at the end - and that either means she'll just start killing and burning shit in Meereen or Westeros. Either way, I'm not sure if it sets her up as your traditional savior.
  14. You may be right, but Dany had the revelation at the end of the book that she cannot win over people by planting trees, she needs to use fire and blood and I don't think that was for naught. If it was, then that's poor writing on Martin's part - to have Dany go through this scene where she's crawling with dysentery or something and seemingly dying and comes to, what seems to be, a major personal revelation - and then...nothing?
  15. You just made me realize how much more insignificant Meereen will feel in the show after we leave it. Anyway, I've always assumed that Dany's "fire and blood" revelation at the end of ADWD just meant she was going to ride Drogon into Meereen with the Dothraki and destroy it. That's a quick way for the both the books and the show to move on past Meereen.