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  1. Yeah, this cannot be taken as evidence that there is really some kind of religion that Craster is a part of. This seems like a quip by Craster. The real reason that he doesn't turn away the Night's Watch is because they don't bother him. They have a mutual understanding, and if Craster wants to keep that going he needs to keep giving food and shelter to the Watch.
  2. Except most likely it'll be the brother killing the sister.
  3. I took Euron's speech from last season to be just a rallying speech that was exaggerated. Of course he doesn't really have 1,000 ships, it's a nice round number to say "a lot of ships." At most I'd wager a few hundred.
  4. Not to mention without a fleet. We haven't seen the Lannisters have anything of a fleet since Blackwater (actually, did they even have a fleet in Blackwater...). Without dragons, without a fleet, and without the men to hold the island, it is a waste of resources for the Lannisters.
  5. There's no way he captures them all. That would absolutely terrible writing.
  6. She wasn't asking for the children to be killed, she was suggesting they reward loyalty.
  7. I don't understand why it is laughable. It is generally agreed upon that Ned, while doing the noble thing, was completely politically clueless. Because of that he was caught and killed. Same goes for Robb. Robb was foolish to trust Theon, foolish to trust the Freys but he did and it ended with the Red Wedding. You cannot compare Sansa's actions from the very beginning of the series before any character development to the political failings of her brother and father.
  8. That's assuming she caused the situation in the first place. Unless you blame her for running away from Ramsey too.
  9. I fail to see how keeping the information from his can be considered treasonous when she was the reason they won the battle. A stupid decision, sure. Treason, no.
  10. Still not seeing how this is treasonous activity to House Stark. Especially if you want to think that Jon SNOW isn't part of the house.
  11. Funny, I hated Sophie in the first couple of seasons because she always had the same stupid emotionless look on her face. It was when she was finally out of King's Landing that I realize they probably wanted her to have that same look on her face because she was essentially faking and dead inside for most of that time. Since then I have had no problems with her acting.
  12. A perfect example of conveniently forgetting Jon's disastrous attempt at bringing the Wildlings and Watch together that ended in his death. The "only mistake Jon ever made..." I mean I know Jon is a Gary Stu, but even that is pushing it. As for Sansa, I think you are right to criticize her in the earlier seasons, that's the whole point. Sansa's arc is supposed to go from this idealistic, young, girl to a politically smart young woman. All of your points after S1 are ridiculous. Sansa does not have the knowledge that the book/show audience does that Sandor isn't a terrible person. She had no way of knowing that this drunken brute was going to actually protect her and not rape her. Trusting Littlefinger may not have ultimately been the smart move, but the alternative was staying in King's Landing and either being Joffrey's plaything or being tried for Joffrey's murder, so I'm not sure that is a mistake. You can't compare interrupting Jon with betraying Ned in S1.
  13. Hyperbole much? It sounds like you just want to blame Sansa for everything. How can you consider her a traitor to the North and House Stark when House Stark would be practically extinct if not for her actions in calling for the Vale army? As for Ramsey, Sansa didn't need to put him on trial. He raped her, she knows it. When did Ned put the Night's Watch deserters on trial? When did Robb put Karstark on trial? When did Jon put his murderers on trial? Stop trying to find things to hate Sansa for. There are legitimate reasons to criticize her character, but nothing that you said constitutes that.
  14. I don't see that at all. Jon has made so many mistakes in how he's managed things. Sansa has never had the same opportunities as she has perpetually been a victim and smaller character. Like I said before, there is a meta-reason that Sansa compared Jon to Ned and Robb, and I think we'll see Sansa proved correct later in the season.