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  1. Gurkhal added a post in a topic Dreadfort claimers?   

    I hope that Roose and Walda's child will become lord or lady of the Dreadfort but you never know. Still if Roose losses he has kind of lost his rights by going against his liege so it will be up to the Starks or Stannis to decide what will happen with it.
  2. Gurkhal added a post in a topic Stannis, Daenerys and Viserys   

    If Stannis had gotten hold of the Targaryen kids they would die. Just like Rhaegar's children they were potential dangers to the Baratheon dynasty and if Daenerys returns triumphant with her dragons then it would rather clearly illustrate the danger of not having them killed.
  3. Gurkhal added a post in a topic What was Rhaegar doing during Defiance of Duskendale?   

    Well to be honest this kind of situation was kind of something which the prince shouldn't have been handeling himself; its bad enough that the Darklyns have the king and if they got the crown prince as well?

    However given that Tywin was sitting outside Duskendale and that Rhaegar was not the guy who went around itching for a fight it seems to me that he would be in King's Landing and potentially he was helping to deal with day-to-day affairs of running the realm. Rhaegar's big mistake was of course that he didn't get real-action experience before the rebellion by being present at Duskendale or hunting down the Kingswood Brotherhood. Although foreseeing the kind of developments that lead to the rebellion is most likely difficult.
  4. Gurkhal added a post in a topic Lets Discuss Minor Characters: Ronnet Connington   

    Never thought much about him but he strikes me as a kind of normal Westerosi knight. Neither better nor worse than most others.
  5. Gurkhal added a post in a topic How will you read the Next Book (WoW)?   

    Most likely it will be B. But there could be episodes of A as well.
  6. Gurkhal added a post in a topic which house has the most number of direct bannermen or sworn soldiers?   

    I would say that the Lannisters can probably raise more men from their own lands. This is based on the fact that no other House seems to have been, until recently. been awarded the lands of the Tarbecks and the Reynes and so I would think that these holdings went straight to House Lannister. Hence why the Lannisters are probably the strongest Great House if we discount the bannermen.
  7. Gurkhal added a post in a topic Telltale Confirms Game of Thrones Game   

    This should be interesting. I hope that they will make the best of this.
  8. Gurkhal added a post in a topic VOTE! - Your Favourite 5 Houses   

    50. Lannister
    30. Marbrand
    20. Crakehall
    10. Baratheon
    5. Arryn
  9. Gurkhal added a post in a topic The Lion & The Kraken