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  1. Dreadfort claimers?

    I hope that Roose and Walda's child will become lord or lady of the Dreadfort but you never know. Still if Roose losses he has kind of lost his rights by going against his liege so it will be up to the Starks or Stannis to decide what will happen with it.
  2. Will the Westerland vassals eventually fight the Lannisters?

    Most likely there will not be a civil war against the Lannisters for a few reasons. 1. All of the people that the Lannisters have pissed off are outside the West, thus no or few of their bannermen would have a real grudge to settle with House Lannister. 2. Catelyn thinks about bannermen wanting to replace their liege at one point and it is; Stark-Bolton, Tully-Frey, Tyrell-Florent, Martell-Yronwood and that the Lannisters HAD Tarbeck and Reyne. There don't seem to be any House of importance with ambitions to replace the Lannisters and we have to my knowledge never got any foreshadowing that this might happen 3. Like the Starks and Arryns the Lannisters have the tradition of thousands of years behind their rule. That kind of thing isn't forgotten in Westeros overnight. Some bannermen might get the idea to put a puppet Lannister in the Rock but to actually replace the Lannisters is an entirely different thing But as a matter of fact I do think that there will be a forthcoming civil war within the West. Although I do believe that it will be between Cersei and Tyrion rather than between House Lannister and some other House.
  3. how would've tywin ''dealt with robert's brothers? ''

    Up until Eddard Stark got killed the conflict between the Lannisters and the Tullys and Starks were not unsolvable. Strange as it is to a 21st century humanist no or few people of importance had until that point been killed, like Lannisters, Starks or Tullys, and thus it would've been perfectly possible to make a peace between these three Houses. If a shadow baby is born the Tyrells will never fight the Lannisters. They wanted their puppet on the throne and they will not bled to put a king who despise and hate them on that throne. So even if the Tyrells won't fight the Lannisters it will come down to the West against the Stormlands+some Reachmen. The Tyrells will just go home and make their peace with the King's Landing, I can't possible see them making common cause with Stannis.
  4. how would've tywin ''dealt with robert's brothers? ''

    Given the parley they did hold at Storm's End there's no chance in hell that either of them will step down for the other. No, he would've faced them on the field of battle at a chosen battlefield and there contested who the crown should belong to with arms. And I might recall that Stannis and Renly still won't stand each other and that Stannis will still likely have Renly assassinated and thus split the Stormlands+some Reachmen from the Tyrells. Which will mean that Stannis will still be defeated, either by Renly if he does not kill his brother, or by Lannister-Tyrell army. The only thing that could possible defeat Tywin is if Renly is allowed to kill Stannis and thus send his army to attack King's Landing. But by that time Tywin's army is likely to have made it there and it will be a savage struggle for Renly to win the throne, although he probably would be able to do it.
  5. how would've tywin ''dealt with robert's brothers? ''

    He would probably have raised the Crownlands to add to his men as well as taking as many mercenaries with him as possible, and those sellswords who fought with Robb and Edmure might want to join a team that has a reason to give them jobs. To this he would no doubt find a good position, possibly wait at King's Landing, and there fight a battle on his own terms as he knows the Baratheon brothers will come for the capital. He would, contrary to some person notion about warfare, not charge off in a head-to-head battle and hope for the best. When he recieves news that Stannis has assassinated Renly and the Tyrells have split off he will attempt to make an alliance with them. And basically Stannis will come into an even worse battle then he did in real life and very well be smashed by Tywin before he can get to King's Landing.
  6. Depends on what you mean with "crashing down". They may well lose the Iron Throne but to be extinguished it would require something else entirely. Only in the show. In the books Tommen was safe in Rosby by that time.
  7. Would Robb make a good king?

    I totally agree with everything here.
  8. The "Bittersweet" Ending

    Well, I've grown a pretty thick skin over the years and as much as I love the books they are at the end of the day a fictional story. English is not my native language so I don't have a clue what "massive tool" means but I take it that you were trying to say something cool but I'm afraid I can't understand it.
  9. The "Bittersweet" Ending

    I would handle it fairly well. I would make a toast for the end of the Starks and I would weep for the Lannisters. But life would go on.
  10. Did Cersei murder Melara?

    I think its entirely possible that Cersei killed Melara but I wouldn't say that its certain. For one thing she does not think to herself about pushing down Melara into the well, as has already been mentioned by other posters.
  11. Relative army strengths of the Great Houses

    This is very old, but this came as a suprise to me. I thought that 50 000 would be the absolute total the West could hope to put in the field.
  12. King in the North or Warden of the North?

    This came out a bit disorderly but I hope you'll manage it. I agree entirely and I get the impression that we hold similar views. The Targaryens are necessary to hold the piece, but a united Westeros is most likely necessary for peace as history has shown. You can of course have views on the particular form this unification has taken but I don't think that the unification itself can be abolished without going back to more warfare. Targaryens or Baratheons would really make little matter as long as there is a recognized king on the Iron Throne. In regards to the GOT series I do think that there is a big difference to the Targaryen times. There is no clear leader to hold shit together or that's recognized as such, and thus as I see it the problem is that there is no unifying power. I think the Dunk and Eggs tales gives a better picture than GOT in that regard.
  13. King in the North or Warden of the North?

    How can anyone know how the North will react to him? Its really an open question due to his oaths where he forsakes ever wearing a crown, no matter if some king wants it or not. And I can't remember it being said that a king can discharge someone from the Watch's oaths.,
  14. King in the North or Warden of the North?

    Actually...with a single ruler there was alot of less wars than before. While there were of course wars and pretty big ones at that, the situation before seems to have been a permanent WoFK with only temporary truces to break it off. That's how I read it at least.
  15. Bolton/Stark Conflict

    Thank you Snowman93 for the thread and I'm of course happy to see there's so much interest for the topic. Regardless of the exact chronology I think it probably went down something like this based mostly on my own conjecture and thus makes no claim to it being a definite fact. 1. Lots of kings in the North, among them Starks and Boltons 2. Kings start to swallow up each other, and among them both the Starks and Boltons swallow their neighbours one after one 3. The North is divided among a fair number of kings and most powerful are probably the Starks and Boltons. BUT now what happens is that while the Boltons have only the Starks as neighbour their expansion is halted while the Starks can submit the other small kings to their west, one by one 4. The Starks turns with most power of the North behind them to force the Boltons to kneel 5. Boltons makes a few attempts to either gain new independence or become Kings in the North themselves 6. The Boltons realize the futility of their case must accept their lack of freedom and cease their struggle As to the different times when I Bolton rebellion is mentioned my take on it is that the Boltons have probably revolted several times and thus there are different instances being refeered to. But I could of course be wrong. While the rebels may have had some initial success I think that few doubted how it would end, and thus supporting a doomed rebellion would not have been in the House's interests.