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  1. This is very old, but this came as a suprise to me. I thought that 50 000 would be the absolute total the West could hope to put in the field.
  2. I'd just like to say that thanks to the awesomeness that is Roose Bolton the Northmen can, even while dragged down by the Starks, reach a Awesomeness Rating of 56%. Thank Roose for the 30% he contribuated with.
  3. And I cast you to the Dreadfort - we'll see who gets the worse deal.
  4. I'd also like to voice my appreciation of Roose Bolton the greatest guy north of the Neck. He definetly deserves to rule the North to the end of his days and see House Bolton become the new rulers of the North. To bad he's stuck with Ramsay but if anyone can sort out the mess that the North is in, its going to be good 'ol Roose.
  5. House Name: Sassarp House Words: Never forget Sigil: A yellow griffin on a red field Castle: The Stone Nest Sword: Vengeance, a bastardsword of Valyrian steel Religion: The Seven Location: Westerlands Sworn to: House Lannister
  6. Yeah it's taken from Guardian of Order's version From what I read about the Iron Islands the Ironborn are a very martial culture where everyone except the thralls are trained for battle in some regard, and beyond being able to raise almost the entire male population there would also be a number of females joining for battle. While 20 00 MAY be seen as to much I think its pretty ok - I could possibly go down to 15 000 men but not lower.
  7. Since I've come into the possession of the A Song of Ice and Fire RPG book I thought that I would add what they have writen regarding the military strenght of each of the Great Houses. Starks: 45 000 men - a ratio of 4-1 foot and horse, no navy Greyjoy: 20 000 men - all foot, 500 longships and a handful that dips more than 100 oars Tully: 45 000 men -a ratio of 3-1 foot and horse, some Houses maintain ships to patroll the rivers Arryn: 45 000 men - a ratio of 3-1 foot and horse, no navy except for Gulltown Lannister: 50 000 men - a ratio of 2-1 foot and horse, a fleet of 50-60 larger ships and an unknown number of longships Tyrell 100 000 men - a ratio of 2/3-1 foot and horse, a fleet of 200 ships with 100 oars or more Baratheon (Stormlands): 30 000 men -an unknown but probably poor foot to horse ratio, no mentioning of a navy but of very strong castles Martell: 50 000 men - unknown foot to horse ratio but probably rather high, a small fleet
  8. I think you're wrong here. If my memory serves the Starks went south with an army into the Riverlands, saw the dragons and lifted a white flag. Wasn't it Dorn that never surrendered to the first Targaryen? Thanks! :thumbsup:
  9. Wait a minute, more Houses? I thought it was only Frey and Bolton + sworn Houses that took part in the Red Wedding. Is there any list regarding what Houses that helped Roose and Walder with the Wedding stuff?
  10. I would probably put the list somwhat along this Tyrell - Cause they seem to be able to raise a SHITLOAD of soldiers and can probalby grind down almost anyone in a war of attribution if needed. Lannister - Because they seem to have a pretty large population and with their gold they can supply alot of sellswords and freeriders to bolster the ranks Tully - The impression I've got from them is that despite being kicked around alot by Lannisters they still manage to keep themselves in fighting condition. I think the Riverlands are actually among the military stronger parts - but have very poor strategic position. Baratheon (Stormlands) - Arryn: I haven't really got a good impression at how strong they are but I'd say that they are probably around equal, perhaps the Stormlands are a bit stronger Stark - Somehow I don't think that the Starks are really that very powerful.ot They have mostly been able to keep out of direct confrontation with the more powerful Houses and had a great commander in Robb during the latest war. Dorne - While Dorne don't seem to be able to field much in the way of soldiers for offensive warfare and such they do seem to be able to make themselves very effective defensively. Greyjoy - Their strenght is the longships which means that they can dominate the seas and harass the coastlines, at least temporarily but they lack the numbers for a prolonged war and can't compete with the others beyond the coast. I think they are actually the weakest when it comes to it.