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  1. how would've tywin ''dealt with robert's brothers? ''

    Up until Eddard Stark got killed the conflict between the Lannisters and the Tullys and Starks were not unsolvable. Strange as it is to a 21st century humanist no or few people of importance had until that point been killed, like Lannisters, Starks or Tullys, and thus it would've been perfectly possible to make a peace between these three Houses. If a shadow baby is born the Tyrells will never fight the Lannisters. They wanted their puppet on the throne and they will not bled to put a king who despise and hate them on that throne. So even if the Tyrells won't fight the Lannisters it will come down to the West against the Stormlands+some Reachmen. The Tyrells will just go home and make their peace with the King's Landing, I can't possible see them making common cause with Stannis.
  2. how would've tywin ''dealt with robert's brothers? ''

    Given the parley they did hold at Storm's End there's no chance in hell that either of them will step down for the other. No, he would've faced them on the field of battle at a chosen battlefield and there contested who the crown should belong to with arms. And I might recall that Stannis and Renly still won't stand each other and that Stannis will still likely have Renly assassinated and thus split the Stormlands+some Reachmen from the Tyrells. Which will mean that Stannis will still be defeated, either by Renly if he does not kill his brother, or by Lannister-Tyrell army. The only thing that could possible defeat Tywin is if Renly is allowed to kill Stannis and thus send his army to attack King's Landing. But by that time Tywin's army is likely to have made it there and it will be a savage struggle for Renly to win the throne, although he probably would be able to do it.
  3. how would've tywin ''dealt with robert's brothers? ''

    He would probably have raised the Crownlands to add to his men as well as taking as many mercenaries with him as possible, and those sellswords who fought with Robb and Edmure might want to join a team that has a reason to give them jobs. To this he would no doubt find a good position, possibly wait at King's Landing, and there fight a battle on his own terms as he knows the Baratheon brothers will come for the capital. He would, contrary to some person notion about warfare, not charge off in a head-to-head battle and hope for the best. When he recieves news that Stannis has assassinated Renly and the Tyrells have split off he will attempt to make an alliance with them. And basically Stannis will come into an even worse battle then he did in real life and very well be smashed by Tywin before he can get to King's Landing.
  4. Would Robb make a good king?

    I totally agree with everything here.
  5. The "Bittersweet" Ending

    Well, I've grown a pretty thick skin over the years and as much as I love the books they are at the end of the day a fictional story. English is not my native language so I don't have a clue what "massive tool" means but I take it that you were trying to say something cool but I'm afraid I can't understand it.
  6. The "Bittersweet" Ending

    I would handle it fairly well. I would make a toast for the end of the Starks and I would weep for the Lannisters. But life would go on.
  7. Did Cersei murder Melara?

    I think its entirely possible that Cersei killed Melara but I wouldn't say that its certain. For one thing she does not think to herself about pushing down Melara into the well, as has already been mentioned by other posters.
  8. Relative army strengths of the Great Houses

    This is very old, but this came as a suprise to me. I thought that 50 000 would be the absolute total the West could hope to put in the field.
  9. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    I'd just like to say that thanks to the awesomeness that is Roose Bolton the Northmen can, even while dragged down by the Starks, reach a Awesomeness Rating of 56%. Thank Roose for the 30% he contribuated with.
  10. Best Hand of the King?

    I think that I'd pick Tywin as I don't know how good Bloodraven is with handeling the peace time administration, only that he was pretty good in a war. Maybe introduce some new post in the Small Council like Master of Banners to handle the crown's military matters?
  11. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    And I cast you to the Dreadfort - we'll see who gets the worse deal.
  12. A Roose Bolton Appreciation Thread

    I'd also like to voice my appreciation of Roose Bolton the greatest guy north of the Neck. He definetly deserves to rule the North to the end of his days and see House Bolton become the new rulers of the North. To bad he's stuck with Ramsay but if anyone can sort out the mess that the North is in, its going to be good 'ol Roose.
  13. The Winds of Winter is Going to be a BLOODBATH

    I've been thinking about Winds of Winter a little and I'm starting to understand that what I am mostly looking forward is for the Others to get their tight little asses moving and do their anticipated invasion. Don't get me wrong I do look forward to see how the Bolton-Stannis resolution will look like, how things will go down on the Wall after the failed assassination attempt on Jon and how things will look in the south with Aegon landed and perhaps Doran finally ready to make his move - but I am even more waiting for the Others to actually flex their muscles for real. In regards to Daenerys I have a theory that I would like to share a bit here. That is that maybe Martin is keeping Daenerys on ice in regards to the Westeros politics to prevent her from getting to involved with the various factions and instead allow her to show up as the greater savior with her dragon(s), turn the day against the Others and take the seat as a queen without a thousand strings attached to her and with half the realm holding a grudge against her. That's my thoughts of course and I am probably very wrong about it but I think that could potentially explain why Martin removed her from Mereen with a dragon and flew her out to the Sea of Grass again.
  14. Didn't know that about the change in colors. But oh well, you learn something new everyday.
  15. Create your Westerosi house

    House Name: Sassarp House Words: Never forget Sigil: A yellow griffin on a red field Castle: The Stone Nest Sword: Vengeance, a bastardsword of Valyrian steel Religion: The Seven Location: Westerlands Sworn to: House Lannister