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  1. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    LB Jay Elliot and CB Devon House, both ended up signing with the Packers.
  2. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    I think the reason the Steelers made that ultimatum is that two players who visited recently signed deals with another team either before leaving the city or by the end of the night.
  3. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    Aditi Kinkhabwala of NFL Network has been tweeting about the Steelers meeting with Hightower today. Supposedly he has been offered a contract but has been told if he boards a plane without signing then the offer is off the table. The reasoning being that they don't want Hightower to use their offer as leverage to just get a better deal with the Pats. No update yet on if he's flown out of the city.
  4. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    Whatever the case may be the Pats are exceptionally good at trades.
  5. NFL Offseason: Trail of Tears or My Cousin Kirky

    I really don't understand how the Saints traded Cooks for what they did, when Butler was rumored to be a possible part of the deal. What does Kraft and Belichick have on the Saints owners? This deal should be proof the NFL and all it's owners love the Patriots.
  6. Looking for WWI or WWII Book Recommendations

    Has anyone is this thread ever read The Sleepwalkers: How Europe Went to War in 1914 by Chris Clark? I got it for Christmas last year and have just cracked it open. Was curious what you knowledgeable folk might think of it.
  7. Graduation: did you go to yours

    I skipped any graduation that didn't also include a large group of friends graduating. So for me I went to High School grad, but I had transferred to a new school during my undergrad. I didn't have more than a few friends at the new school so I skipped that graduation. There was nothing personal I was going to gain from attending either so I just based it off who else was going. Although I would have gone to undergrad ceremony had their been an awesome speaker.
  8. Academy Awards 2017 - Oscar Night: In the Pale Moonlight

    I would react just as you have if someone called me a Nazi sympathizer. I can understand why you would be angry and take it personally. I'm also saying I think initial misunderstandings led to it becoming so heated and personal. I am hopeful that maybe if both sides think about that instead of remaining focused on what was said based off frustration arising from a misconception we can get past it.
  9. Academy Awards 2017 - Oscar Night: In the Pale Moonlight

    This is something I had never thought about, but upon reflection makes sense. It seems like an innocent enough phrase when the person making it is trying to convey they want to look at people based off their own actions as opposed to as a group or stereotype. It also unintentionally erases the experiences and advantages/disadvantages of a person's life and the group they were born into. Yet had you not articulated this just now I'm not sure I would have ever arrived at this same understanding. I can also understand why someone would feel confused about being called out for expressing such a sentiment if they did not know what you just typed out. I think something similar is happening, on both sides in this thread, concerning Moonlight/La La Land. It would never have occurred to me, as a white 30yr old, that in some interpretations a movie which expressed nostalgia for 30s/40s style movies could be rasicst. Because based off my experiences that nostalgia would not be over movies with all white casts, and showing the "good old days" of a more severe inequality. The nostalgia would be for childhood experiences watching 30s/40s movies with my grandparents or something similar. Because this is how I view nostalgia of that era I would assume the same of the director and producers of the film. At the same time if I was a LGBT POC, Moonlight could have much greater meaning to me then to someone who is not like me in appearance or sexuality. This would be a movie that finally was told from my perspective and would use people, and even a director, that could be me. Here's this unique movie that speaks to my life and is also earning acclaim and awards from everyone. This would be immensely important to me. So while I can say I believe nothing intentionally sinister was behind the Oscars gaffe that shouldn't dismish the equally true belief that for some people that gaffe was very hurtful and just another example of the disadvantages they face. I don't think either side in this is coming from a position of hatred towards the other. I think this is just a very serious issue and also very personal, so it is easy to zero in on any perceived slight and lock in your attitude right away.
  10. Academy Awards 2017 - Oscar Night: In the Pale Moonlight

    I'm pretty sure Sir Scot was addressing your idea that the lead female role in La La Land was supposed to be a WOC. After all the post he responded to was about La La Land and how Stone's accepting a role in it proved she was actively hostile to POC.
  11. Academy Awards 2017 - Oscar Night: In the Pale Moonlight

    Why do believe the female lead of this film was supposed to be a WOC? Was this how the source material was originally written? I admit I may have totally missed this information, but nothing I have seen on La La Land has implied this.
  12. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    No worries there Dante, it's the Jets after all.
  13. NFL Superbowl: Dont Waste My Overtime

    The radio also said that Revis was in the area looking for property, but said that claim came from his lawyer I think. Didn't hear anything about who hit who. Why someone would pick 2:45 am as the time to look into potential property investment is beyond me. At the same time I highly doubt it was Revis instigating especially since it occurred in the SS.
  14. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    I appreciate where you are coming from. It's not an easy problem to solve, and it will require changing hearts and minds. I don't think you are a bad person or anything like that. I initially responded to your post because I thought you were not understanding why some boarders were opposed to you. I was hoping my own explanations might help you see why you were receiving that opposition.
  15. US Politics: Deep State Solution

    First let me apologize I didn't mean to make it out that you are okay with discrimination, and if I made you feel that way it was probably due to my own failings in putting words to my own thoughts. So let me try and use a form of your example about rounding people up to be shot to express myself in a better way. Nazis are rounding up Jewish people and shooting them simply for being Jewish. Your answer to this problem is to combat it by educating the population on why rounding up Jewish people and shooting them for being Jewish is wrong. This is a solution that will take years to implement, and it might be multiple generations before any success is achieved. In the meantime more and more Jewish people are being rounded up and shot. So yes you obviously care, but how does your caring help the people about to be shot? It doesn't help out anyone to acknowledge how terrible something is and then tell them a solution is on the way, it'll just take some time so ride it out until then. To put it another way, your position worries more about possible discrimination that could happen then the real discrimination that is happening. You oppose AA because you believe it could discriminate against non-minorities. Your solution is to continue to allow discrimination, while trying to teach society that discrimination is wrong. You did say you would punish those who used discriminatory hiring practices, but have offered now solution on how you would determine this. So discrimination is wrong, but we will continue to freely discriminate against you until society as a whole undergoes a dramatic change. To put it a third way imagine this was a discussion on healthcare in the US. In this scenario you agree there should be affordable healthcare for all, but don't think this should be achieved by taxing Americans who choose to not buy insurance. The current insurance market denies coverage to pre-existing conditions among other things. The government passes the ACA, and it includes a tax for people who choose not to purchase insurance. The point of this tax is to encourage everyone to buy coverage, and also because for the ACA to work a certain number of people must buy in (in this scenario high enrollment rates are the only way to have insurance companies concede to covering pre-existing conditions). Millions of people without healthcare now have it, including those with pre-existing conditions who could die without this law. But you hate taxes, and this one is no different even if you are also in favor of affordable healthcare. So your answer is to repeal the ACA, and replace it with a new law, exactly the same except it takes out the tax. When people ask you how you will achieve the enrollment necessary to provide affordable coverage to pre-existing conditions, you answer that we will teach people to be responsible about their health and they will buy insurance because of that. However since no one believes that now, the new ACA won't go into effect until they all do. Until that time anyone with a pre-existing condition is out of luck.