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  1. Good question. I guess I'll just have to read the other two and find out.
  2. I liked the first book, and want to read the rest of the series, but there is no way this series deserves three consecutive Hugo’s for best novel.
  3. This is what I assumed as well. I liked what Villenueva had to say today. It's still frustrating it happened the way it did, but like you say nothing can be done now.
  4. I agree Dante, these protests have nothing to do with supporting the troops. Some of the players have come out and said they had no problem with what he was doing. And I literally just heard Ramon Foster say that after the player meeting Villenueva cleared it with the players that he might go out and everyone was on board. Hearing all that I now have no problem with what he did
  5. I'm not sure what to make of Alejandro Villenueva coming out by himself for the anthem. According to sources the team had a meeting and specifically decided on not going out for the anthem due to the concerns of Villenueva not wanting to be singled out for his response. Then he goes out by himself and does that.
  6. The only bias I observed was in a class on the Crusades, and the teacher was conservative. He was a great teacher and was extremely passionate about the Crusades (even made the first English translation of the Templar of Tyre), but he was also a pretty devote Christian and on rare occasions he would let that side of him out. It certainly wasn't a lot, but it happened enough that I left the class at the end of the semester feeling like this Professor strongly disliked Islam.
  7. The best part is the insinuation that people mocking Trump have no morals for doing so, and then he calls Dems not even people and DNC Chair Perez a whack job.
  8. Best wishes being sent to LoB and his friends and family.
  9. This makes me want to buy a VR system. What are you using?
  10. Wow did the Pens melt down in that first period. It almost seemed like after second goal Fleury let all his old mental demons roam free. I mean those first two goals were really flukey, and Fleury shouldn't have blamed himself. But especially on the wrap around, which was number 4 I believe, it just looked like Fleury had reverted back to his old problems.
  11. Damn another concussion for Crosby. What a shame.
  12. It looks like the stick hit Sid in the mouth, so I am hopeful it was just an extremely painful experience but no damage. Had he been woozy or out of it there is no way the Pens let him skate off the ice with no one supporting him. Once he's in the locker room I can see them being extra cautious though, and telling him he's out for game. With his history I feel like after any significant hit to the head they just have to do that.
  13. For some reason I always thought you were a huge fan of that series.
  14. This may be stupid, but have you read any Peter Hamilton?
  15. LB Jay Elliot and CB Devon House, both ended up signing with the Packers.