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  1. No matter the result I’ll be happy that the constant phone calls and texts about the election will stop. I’ve been able to vote since 2004 and there isn’t a single election in that span that even compares to the amount of times I’ve been contacted about who I’m voting for, or reminding me where and when to vote.
  2. I wanted to go to bed early tonight, but I am too amped up now for that to happen. A win for Lamb could go a long way towards making up for how exhausted I’ll be tomorrow.
  3. I'll be voting for Lamb this evening.
  4. Just heard something I've been waiting to hear for months. Ryan Shazier is walking again!
  5. I've never understood the appeal of Chick-Fil-A. It's expensive compared to other fast options and nothing about the quality of the food has ever impressed me. Although they once gave out free sandwiches before a Steelers game, and I was pretty drunk so it was good at that time.
  6. That was an awesome moment, and it almost makes up for the loss. Rock I agree with all you had to say on Ben throwing Hailey under the bus. It was a horrendous audible by Ben, who always trys to call his own plays. As for Tomlin the guy might be 2nd all time for wins in a coaches first 11 seasons, but he's no Belichek. Everything after the review was announced for the James TD was bad by the Steelers. Terrible play, no situational awareness, and that final throw to top it all off.
  7. It was tough, but a fun game to watch. I'm really happy I got to see Brady play though. I've got to see him and Peyton so I can die a happy fan. ETA: I was thinking of you and Rock at the end. It went from a perfect ending for me, to a perfect ending for you guys.
  8. I got to sit in the rain for 3hrs just to see it end like that. It was my first time seeing Brady, in person, though.
  9. So after tonight Brown just needs 491 yards in the final three games to get to 2000 yards. I don’t think it can happen, but that final game is against the Browns.
  10. I’m in PA too and you know what they say, “Philly in the east, Pittsburgh in the west, Alabama in the middle.”
  11. I’ve been very frustrated with the lack of serious updates concerning the Shazier injury. I’m not talking as a fan, but just as one person caring for the well being of another. The latest is that he had surgery last night to stabilize his spine, this after reports that he would not require surgery. On top of that, besides an initial report that he had some feeling, no updates on whether the man can walk. This is the one thing I’m pretty sure everyone wants to know. I don’t care if he ever plays again, I just want to hear he can walk. I understand if his family doesn’t want any info shared, but have the team say that. Ian Rapport just came out and said that now they are saying recovery will be in the months and that he won’t play again this year. Yet he left out the most crucial thing, can the guy feel anything? Part of me believes the NFL is hiding the fact that one of their players was paralyzed, and in a week or so they’ll admit it while also blaming the surgery for causing it.
  12. If anyone would like an update on Shazier’s condition here it is. He will continue to be monitored at UC for the next 24-48 hrs, after which he will go to UPMC for further observation. Early reports said that he had regained some feeling in his lower extremities and that he had a spinal contusion.
  13. I agree on Iloka’s hit. Had the Smith-Schuster hit not just occurred before I doubt it would have even warranted a suspension in today’s game.
  14. It is illegal to block a player with a blindsided block that includes hitting the blindsided player's head or neck with your head, shoulder, or forearm. It was made illegal the year after Hines Ward delivered a similar hit a Bengals player. ETA: CCLiT, we aren't on Twitter, so why does that matter? Yes there are terrible people in this world, but no one in this thread has said anything like that. Our actions should not be based off the lowest common denominator that inhibits Twitter.
  15. I hate Burfict and still believe we shouldn't celebrate illegal hits. Had Juju made the same block, but legally, I would be crowing with joy right now (as long as Burfict was healthy). No one deserves to be injured playing a game. I think most Steelers fans need to take a step back when it comes to Burfict. Our minds are too clouded with past wrongs committed by him and it effects our judgement of the situation. Also I don't like questioning about how real an injury is if the team doctors decide the best course of action is to cart the player off on a stretcher. I mean literally one of the reasons I hate Burfict is still to this day he claims AB was faking his injury in the playoff game in 2015. I'm not trying to compare Shazier and Burfict at all.