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  1. This was my favorite episode. I did not expect the naked from Lancel, :drool: but as I've seen sitting, I wanted to see him in action! that is, having sex with Cersei. I guess for season 2, you will see the two having sex right?
  2. The chapter is very good. I understand that the budget is very high, but should not ignore the battles. I've seen the episode with a friend and was very disappointed to see that did not show the battle.
  3. You are right, but several people told me they had shared a scene. It is possible that the creators have put the scissors in the mounting.
  4. I'm a little disappointed. For those who know me a little, as you can imagine what happens to me. The series has not shown a scene of Lancel Lannister and her cousin Cersei.
  5. We 5 episodes. I have to say that from my point of view, HBO, if they are cut into the sex scenes. I fear that the chain has been limited and did not want to extended longer. Let us not deceive us, I expected more.
  6. It seems a splendid idea :thumbsup: