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  1. Wanted to come, but I'm not going to be able to make it sadly. Too much else going on around that time.
  2. Aye, I'll add you in.
  3. I'll add you. Price wise, are you looking at the VIP packages? Yes, they're on the floor, but what is hoicking the price up is all the added extras rather than just the ticket itself. I think if you don't want a VIP package and accept you're not going to be directly in front of it all, then tickets vary between £46-£80
  4. Would you like me to add you guys to the facebook convo about the Belfast concert?
  5. A group of us are looking at going to the Belfast one, which goes on sale on the 5th October. Belfast, however, is on Friday 25th May so can't quite take advantage of the Bank Holiday.
  6. This was the problem in Helsinki as well, which is why I didn't upgrade there, as I can't find my email stating how much I supported by. I'll have to do it online so it goes to Colin who does have access to the database.
  7. Apart from a vomity coach and soilage fees, nope. Probably not something we should be handing out on the coach, if the sweets live up to the reputation of their fruity source.
  8. I'm arriving Thursday at 3:15 @ Belfast City and leaving on the Monday at 3:40 also from Belfast City. And no coach tour?!?!?! What will we do without our Irish Goat Songs?
  9. Well there we go. Only reason I didn't upgrade in Helsinki was because I couldn't remember how much I'd actually paid supporting wise.
  10. Will be at both. I've bought my membership for Dublin and just need to upgrade my supporting for TitanCon.....which I will probably do at TitanCon. Somebody remind me.
  11. Right - myself and Wert have been looking at the schedule, and barring any additions of epic coolness that can't possibly be missed, we are looking at going to Tallinn on the Thursday. Obviously, the more the merrier.
  12. I've done the same, first name/board name. Though considering the first part of my board name IS my first name, I don't know why I bother. lol.
  13. Aye - it was like that at LonCon; there was a day where there wasn't anything I felt was (for me) unmissable, so took myself off into London to do Harry Potter touristy stuff. I'm currently using the app to try and figure out where I want to be and when.