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  1. If we're wanting cheap booze, a booze-cruises to Tallinn is probably the cheapest way to do it. I can import a shit ton from Russia, my issue is just that I can't carry it on my merry lonesome.
  2. Thanks, that sounds easily doable, especially for a noon flight. Editing to ask: I am arriving into Helsinki by train from St Petersburg. All my train ticket says is 'Helsinki', so I'm assuming there is but one train station, unlike St. P. where there appears to be half a frigging dozen. If so, what is the easiest way to get to Hotel Ava from said train station. I'm sure taxi would be easiest, but also most expensive, so with a suitcase, is metro feasible? And aye - we discovered about the alcohol the hard way at Archipelacon, finding that no, the supermarkets don't sell the liqueur we wanted, and no, that liqueur store doesn't open on a weekend. lol
  3. I arrive in Helsinki at 3pm (ish) on the Allegro train from St. Petersburg, on Tues 8th and leave on Mon 14th via plane at 12noon (ish) to Manchester via Frankfurt, with Lufthansa. Which begs a question - how easy is the airport to access from Helsinki? Is it train, coach, bus?
  4. can get male and female flowers? Obviously I'm now showing that I havent done any sort of biology be it plant or otherwise since highschool, but I thought all the parts were just in one flower? And if you'd be happy to share, that would be fab; but if you'd prefer a single this year, then don't feel pressured to change. I just figured I would ask before I went ahead and booked a single myself.
  5. How on earth do you milt a melon? is entirely possible I will regret asking that. Entirely unrelated to milting, however - is there anybody still looking for a roomy for TitanCon? I still haven't booked my hotel, and figured I'd ask.
  6. I'm totally slacking. Booked my flight and membership and that's about it. lol.
  7. I think there is chatter on facebook in the Helsinki group about a third house on airbnb being hired. Not sure whether it's going ahead or not.
  8. It's not an issue at all, so if you want it, the bed is yours. So sorry, if I had room for more I'd defo say yes.
  9. Just in case people are still sorting accomm, I still have a space in my apartment. The details are: Location: Hotel Ava - we are in the 3 bedroom apartment: which you can have a looksie at here The kitchenette in it looks very basic; it should be good enough for breakfast stuff, but other meals it does like we'll be eating out. Dates: we are booked 8th August to 14th August People: Myself, Phil(MountainGoat), Dan(Targh), Johan(not sure what his westeros handle is) and Pod The bed that is available is in the twin room with myself. I personally have no issues with sharing a room with a guy, but figured you should be aware of it so it's not a surprise on the day. Price: total price for the week will be 172Euros each, and I don't mind that being paid to me, in Helsinki, in Euros. In fact, it would probably make life a helluva lot easier for me, as it would mean I don't have to worry about toting Euros around my Russia trip.
  10. Depends on the programming - in LonCon I found that there was one day where there wasn't anything I particularly wanted to see that day, so used it to go sightseeing. Of course, that was balanced by other days where I'd have needed to split myself into multiple peeps in order to see everything I wanted.
  11. i.) I'm in Helsinki 8th-14th, so pretty much just for the Con. Barring the declaration of WWIII, I'll be in Russia from 1st-8th. ii.) Defo interested in excursions. Quite interested in making a day trip to Tallinn as well. iii.) Already got accom sorted, thank you.
  12. Sonic, Shenmue/Shenmue II and Skies of Arcadia. Loved those games. Oh, and the Castle of Illusion on Mega Drive. That was such a fun game, and then they destroyed my nostalgia by remaking it.
  13. Yeah, sorry I can't help - to be honest I'm needing to fill my own apartment as well, as I've still got spaces.
  14. See you tomorrow!
  15. I land in London at 12:40 if there are no delays on the road, so I'll be about. I can't check in until 3pm, annoyingly enough. Thought it was 2, but nope, it's 3, so at some point I will have to pop back to the hotel, chck in and dump my bag and then come back, but can certainly be around earlier if other's will be.