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  1. This was the problem in Helsinki as well, which is why I didn't upgrade there, as I can't find my email stating how much I supported by. I'll have to do it online so it goes to Colin who does have access to the database.
  2. Apart from a vomity coach and soilage fees, nope. Probably not something we should be handing out on the coach, if the sweets live up to the reputation of their fruity source.
  3. I'm arriving Thursday at 3:15 @ Belfast City and leaving on the Monday at 3:40 also from Belfast City. And no coach tour?!?!?! What will we do without our Irish Goat Songs?
  4. Well there we go. Only reason I didn't upgrade in Helsinki was because I couldn't remember how much I'd actually paid supporting wise.
  5. Will be at both. I've bought my membership for Dublin and just need to upgrade my supporting for TitanCon.....which I will probably do at TitanCon. Somebody remind me.
  6. Right - myself and Wert have been looking at the schedule, and barring any additions of epic coolness that can't possibly be missed, we are looking at going to Tallinn on the Thursday. Obviously, the more the merrier.
  7. I've done the same, first name/board name. Though considering the first part of my board name IS my first name, I don't know why I bother. lol.
  8. Aye - it was like that at LonCon; there was a day where there wasn't anything I felt was (for me) unmissable, so took myself off into London to do Harry Potter touristy stuff. I'm currently using the app to try and figure out where I want to be and when.
  9. @Little Miss Sunshine You're welcome. Of course, now it needs updating. lol Suomenlinna Tour (Wed) SamanthaofHodorsfield Buckwheat Little Miss Sunshine All Men Must Rhyme Fragile Bird Adz of CCAA Peadar Pebble + Mr Pebble Padraig/Pod Johan Sporre (via twitter) Tenalpia Theda Baratheon (maybe) Mormont (maybe) @Werthead and @Fragile Bird coolios. I do hate the idea of missing a day of the Con, but as you say, I'm unlikely to have a chance in the near future of going. I was going to suggest (if we went), visiting Olde Hansa restaurant which is apparently a touristy medival restaurant and a lot of fun, but looking at the menu, the prices are a tad on the expensive side.
  10. Now that the schedule has come out, is there anybody interested in day-tripping it over to Tallinn? It would take an entire day, so the reccomendation is to do it before or after the Con, but I don't have that luxury, arriving on the 8th and leaving on the 14th, so, during the Con it is. I don't have any firm date yet, because honestly, whichever day I pick I'll miss something, so if there is anybody else interested with a particular day they can go on, I'll go with that. If not, I'll just be billy-no mates and go on my own.
  11. Aye, I've got that on my list of places to see!
  12. We have: Suomenlinna Tour (Wed) SamanthaofHodorsfield Buckwheat Little Miss Sunshine All Men Must Rhyme Fragile Bird Adz of CCAA Peadar Pebble + Mr Pebble Padraig/Pod Johan Sporre (via twitter) Theda Baratheon (maybe)
  13. Email I've received says we have to be on the 8:50 ferry to Soumenlinna.
  14. Seconding/thirding/whatever-ing as I would love a tee this year as I missed out on last year's.
  15. This year I've flown with Lufthansa; for Archipelacon I flew with FinnAir, and both are reasonably priced, though I am flying into/out of UK rather than Greece. Have you tried a flight into Tallinn, Estonia? Ferries into Helsinki seem reasonably priced and don't take that long.
  16. Awesome! We'll have a nice little group going.
  17. If you're flying in Wednesday, probably not. Worth giving them an email though - as they say, if enough people ask for a different day, they'll put another tour on.
  18. It is part of the Con - they're offering it in Progress Report 5. Let me go find the deets. .....some time later..... Wednesday morning, before the opening ceremony - another chance to visit suomenlinna The historic sea fortress Suomenlinna (Finnish for "Finnish fort") originally called Sveaborg (Swedish for "Swedish fort"), is one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in Finland. The edifice inspired the young George RR Martin to try his hand at writing historical fiction. We are arranging a private guided tour of the fortress on the morning of Wednesday August 9th. You will have plenty of time to return to Helsinki, register at the Con and witness the opening ceremony. The tour will cost about 11euros, not including the ferry charges to and from the island. Please email [email protected] to reserve a place. It is possible to arrange the tour in several languages, if enough people are insterested. Include your language preferences in the email. At the time of writing, available languages are: Finnish, Swedish, English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Norwegian, Estonian, Polish and Czech. If you would like to attend the tour on another day, please let us know. If enough people are interested we will arrange tours as needed.
  19. Has anybody else signed up to the pre-Con tour of Suomenlinna?
  20. Thank you so much!
  21. No worries Pebble - if you can't get it changed, then totally don't worry, I'll get myself sorted.
  22. Firstly, I hope you had a fab holiday! Secondly, did you manage to change to a twin? If not, no worries at all; I'll just get off my arse and organise a booking for myself.
  23. Sini - thanks very much. I shall download the app and venture forth.
  24. Yeah, I know of a few people that were looking a while back, I just wanted to check with Adz first as Phil spoke to her about it in Dortmund.
  25. I'm guessing you missed my earlier message, so I'll post it again: Also, @Adz of CCAA - Phil mentioned that you were perhaps looking for accommodation, and a bed has come available in my apartment as Phil can't come anymore. I've got it booked from Tues 8th August to Monday 14th; it is 172Euros (payable in Helsinki) for the stay. It's at Hotel Ava and we are in the 3 bedroom apartment: which you can have a looksie at here The kitchenette in it looks very basic; it should be good enough for breakfast stuff, but other meals it does like we'll be eating out. If you've got accom sorted out, then don't worry, I just didn't want you to miss out because you simply missed my post.